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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 9 : chapter 9: A run in with trouble
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 Chapter 9: A run in with trouble

Before breakfast the next morning Ginny woke me up and demanded the details of our date. I told her everything, the date, the dinner, the talking and finally the kiss. She squealed, threw clothes at me, still dictating what I wore and demanded I get ready for breakfast. I grabbed the clothes, and since classes were beginning my robes as well, and retreated to the large bathroom to shower. When I saw what Ginny had picked out I shook my head. I was expecting a sundress, but no, she picked out the darkest colored denim in my closet, which happened to be a pair of tight skinny jeans, three inch heeled back boots, and a light baby blue t-shirt. None the less I got dressed and put my robes over the outfit. Headmistress McGonagall was still considering disabling the current dress-code, but old habits die hard. She was making up her mind today.

I walked into the common room to find Blaise Packing his backpack and my backpack.

“Serena! My dear, sister, Peace offering.” He said and handed me my bag.

“Thanks. I don’t know why we need peace though.”

“Ummm. Probably because I told Harry Potter that you would speak with him today.”

“You What?”

“I’m sorry sis.”

“You will be when I get through with you.”

I stormed out of the common room and down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Draco stood outside waiting for me, but I never made it.

“Traitor.” A dark voice sounded behind me. It was Ron.

Harry stood behind him silently.

“You wanted to talk?”

“Yes.” Harry replied.

“Talk then.”

“I wanted to apologize to your Herm, er, Serena. It was wrong of me to assume that you were in on the dark side just because of your rightful birth. It was wrong of me to call you terrible names and worse of all to be unsupportive of you when you needed your best friend the most.” Harry looked at his feet. I wanted to be angry with him, I tried to be, but apologizing didn’t come easy for him and I could feel his shame. But before I could open my mouth to reply, Ron spoke up.

“You idiot! Why are you apologizing you know what she is now. A traitor, a death eator and you are taking her side. You apparently have a deathwish, but I’m not going to die alongside you. Both of you stay away from me.” Ron Shouted at Harry.

“Harry.” I said and he looked at me.

“I forgive you. I have missed my best friend.”

He smiled and looked down again so I wrapped my arms around him.

Draco came up to us then, his wand drawn pointing it at Ron.

I shook my head.

“Ronald, Get off your High horse and see what’s good for you. You are losing your friends because of your fear. I miss my best friends, please don’t do this. I’m not a death eater, I promise.”

“Stay away from me filthy blood whore.”

“50 points from Gryffindor, and a detention for the rest of the week.” Is aid simply handed him the slip and walked away.

“Harry. Come sit with us at breakfast today.”

“Uh, Serena, I’m not exactly sure I’m ready for that right now.”

“Okay. Well I’ll see you in Newt potions then.”

I walked to the Slytherin Table with Draco.

“Are you alright?”

I smiled up at him.

“Yes. I’m just Fine.”

We ate breakfast and right before we were going to leave Headmistress McGonagall spoke up.

“Students, I would have announced this at the welcoming feast but I had not yet made the final decision. I feel that with the ruins of the battles we fought and have not yet finished fighting, that the robes you wear only bide your true selves. I also feel that since last year there were several incidents of students who were death eaters among us, that these robes hid their true identities from each other. That is why, as of this year I am banning the use of Robes. Hogwarts will have free dress this year, as long as it is appropriate. Ladies, you must wear shirts that cover your shoulders and back, and show no midriff. You may only wear skirts that will reach the ends of your fingertips in material. If it does not it cannot be worn in classes or at school events. Gentlemen, you must wear pants that will fit you.Furthermore, If a student breaks this dress code the will be issued a detention and will be placed in a robe for the remainder of the week. I ask that Our Heads and Prefects wear their badges visible pinned to their shirts above their heart. Thank you that will be all.” She stepped down from her podium and immediately chaos erupted in the Hall. Students ripped off their robes and ran around screaming. The Headmistress Looked as though she were to speak out again, so I took of my robe, placed it in my bag and pinned my badge to my shirt. I then stood on the Slytherin table and whistled loud. It grabbed everybody’s attention.

“Listen up! There may be free dress this year but that does not mean you can behave like infants and run around screaming about it. Now please remove your Robes and place them in your bags and exit the Great Hall for your classes. If anybody does not follow this request they will be issued a detention and an immediate deduction of 20 house points.” I said from my spot on the table, I stepped down and my request was followed by the students and praised by the Headmistress with a nod and a smile.

Draco smiled at me and took my hand and we waked out of the Great Hall and towards the Dungeons for Potions with professor Slughorn and the Gryffindor’s. 

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