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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven
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By the time I finally reach the library I am completely out of breath. You would think being on the Quidditch team, I would be used to running around and have built up some sort of tolerance, but no. It probably isn’t helping that I have the temper of a recently insulted hippogriff and am fuming my entire way up the stairs. Anger and fatigue don’t mix well for Weasleys.



I throw the library doors open with so much force they bang against the wall and I earn myself a hazardous glare from Madam Pince. Shooting her a quick “I’m sorry” face I quickly spot Lysander, who just so happens to have his back towards me, charming books to fly into their proper places on the shelves.



It takes every ounce of restraint I have to not curse him now and make him spend his holiday in St. Mungo’s instead of Egypt. However, my father warned me to never attack someone when their back is turned or else he’d turn me into a ferret. Why he chose a ferret is beyond me. I stopped trying to understand my dad’s threats ages ago, especially since they hold no merit with me.



Lysander can I have a word with you,” I say in an overly cheery voice as I approach him.



He immediately looks like a deer caught in headlights (it’s a muggle expression). I notice he steals a glance at Madam Pince. Apparently he thinks I am about to make a scene.



“Roxanne…hello dear…I figured you would still be in the great hall. I was just about to come and have dinner with you,” he lies quickly.



“Is that when you planned on telling me about your plans to visit Egypt? At dinner; the night before you left?” I ask.



“Look, I’m sorry..”



“You’re SORRY!” I yell and notice Madam Pince has jumped up from her table and is making a beeline for us.



Lysander grabs my arm and drags me out of the library before she can reach us. He mumbles something about not needing a detention and inappropriate behavior.



“I don’t care about getting a detention!” I tell him angrily and pull my arm out of this grasp.



“Of course you don’t care,” he snaps.



“And what’s that supposed to mean?”



“It means you only care about yourself.” I start to protest but he just ignores me and continues, “You could care less if I ruined my chances of becoming Head Boy. You wouldn’t care if I was banned from the library, causing me to fail all my classes. As long as you got a “good laugh” out of it, you don’t care who gets hurt,” he yells at me.



“Oh your right!” I scream back, “I should be more like you. I should ignore all my friends to get ahead in life. I should never have fun, look down on those who happen to get in trouble occasionally (he scoffs at my choice of words), act like a pompous arse and then blame it on school.”



“That’s rich..” he starts to say before I cut him off with another tirade of words, “Not to mention completely ignoring my girlfriend for the past few months, fighting with her every second I do get alone time with her, and then to top it all off, plan a trip to another country and not even mention it to her. Oh but of course, I would tell her cousin, for reasons unknown,” I add quickly.



“Lucy is the one who told you I would be traveling?” he asks in a shocked sounding voice.



“No actually, it was Stephanie. Because for some bizarre reason her boyfriend, your brother, thought it was important enough to tell his girlfriend where he planned on spending the next two weeks.”



“I didn’t tell you because I knew you would act like this,” he says and starts to rub his temples (dramatic much?)



“Act like what? Hurt?”



“No, like you’re the only person who matters. Do you even know why I’m going..” he starts to ask.



“NO! BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME YOU WERE GOING!” I scream at him, causing him to wince.



“Lucy’s father thinks it will be beneficial for me to visit the pyramids in Egypt. Percy said he traveled there right before his last year of schooling and would recommend it to anyone who was serious about an education. And unlike you, I am very serious about mine.” he tells me matter-of-factly.



I ignore the insult and focus on the beginning of his tirade. Since when did he start calling Uncle Percy by his first name? Last I checked he calls my dad “your dad” or “Mr. Weasley.” Suddenly Lucy’s father (the git) trumps my dad? I don’t fucking think so.



“What’s going on with you and Lucy?” I ask suddenly.



“Oh bloody hell Roxanne, are you serious?”



“Yes I am. Don’t roll your eyes at me. You spend every second with her! You told her about your vacation. You partner up with her in classes. And apparently now you’re taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to her dad, or should I call him Percy as well?!”



“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the vacation, but it really isn’t that big of a deal.”



“Apparently to you it’s not. I do know that I would care if I hurt you though. I would make an effort to make you as happy as possible, and try to make you feel better. Let you know that I am actually sorry..”



“I just tried to apologize, your to ignorant to listen! Perhaps your dad’s stupid products finally got to your head making you incapable of shock there…I always expected..”






Lysander is looking at me in shock as a perfectly shaped red handprint starts to spread across his face. My vision is starting to blur from the tears that are welling up in my eyes.



“Enjoy your holidays. Don’t bother writing to me, because I won’t reply,” I finally choke out the words before sprinting away.




I don’t stop running until I reach the kitchens. I wasn’t even sure where I was going, but my feet led me here. I shouldn’t be surprised. Everyone knows that food heals heartbreak. Chocolate, more importantly, can heal anything. Even dementor attacks. I reach up and tickle the pear through my blurred vision and grab the door handle that appears before I lose my sight completely.



I am immediately engulfed in the arms of two people. I let them guide me to the closest table and sit down with a loud thump. Of course they knew this is where I would head after an argument with Lysander. It’s where I always go, always accompanied by Andi.



“Lily, go get us some cauldron cakes,” I hear Andi whisper as she wraps her arms around me and lets me cry into her robes.



A few minutes pass before I get control of myself and angrily wipe away the tears that are running down my cheeks. I smile appreciatively at Andi as she hands me a cake and watches me shove the whole thing in my mouth. As soon as the chocolate touches my tongue a warm feeling spreads through my body. I told you chocolate cures everything.



Andi shoots Lily a concerned look before turning her attention back to me.



“Roxanne, sweetie, what happened?” Andi asks me in an overly sweet voice making me laugh. This only causes them to look even more concerned.



“I think we broke up,” I whisper.



Lily gasps and Andi pulls me into another hug. It takes me another few moments before I can tell them about our argument. I left out the part about me slapping him for now. I lost my temper, but he has disrespected my father’s career one to many times and I was sick of it. After all, it’s my future as well.



“Do you think I overreacted?” I ask Lily.



“Honestly, I think you underreacted. I would fly off the handle if that happened to me Roxy. He should have just told you about his plans,” she tells me.



“Not to mention all the hurtful things he said to you! I’ll tell you right now, I know you care about him Rox, but if he insults the joke shop one more time I am going to hex him.” Andi retorts.



I laugh. “Ugh, I might have slapped him and then ran away after he said that,” I tell them, knowing they wouldn’t judge me.



“What is it with the Weasley family always trying to duel like muggles?” Andi asks, causing me and Lily to laugh.



It feels good, and I already start to feel better. Perhaps me and Lysander can talk about what happened later and decide where to go from there. Of course I still want to be with him. Show me a couple who doesn’t fight. I’m sure we can fix this. It will be a hard two weeks without him, but surely I can manage. Or maybe it’s better if we do end things. It really wouldn’t be much different to the relationship we have now.



“Technically I’m a Potter,” Lily says, pulling me back to reality.



“But you’ve got the Weasley temper,” I remind her.



“I’m very lucky I made friends with the remaining three Weasley girls here or else I’d be terrified of getting beat up every day,” Andi jokes.



Three Weasley girls. It is then that I notice Lucy is missing. My stomach churns at the realization.



“Umm guys…where is Lucy?” I ask quietly, not wanting to hear the answer.



Lily and Andi exchange quick glances that don’t go unnoticed.



A/N: I know this chapter is super short and rushed and I apologize, but it was either this or nothing. Thoughts? I know the ending was pretty lame, but I kinda wanted to leave you guys guessing. Is there something going on with Lucy and Lysander? Do you think Roxanne overreacted? Are they going to remain a couple? Leave me a review and let me know! Thanks for all the support! :)

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Unexpected: Chapter Eleven


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