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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 17 : Chapter Fifteen
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Chapter Fifteen

The deafening silence of the room lasted for what seemed like an eternity before the newly arrived occupants broke out in cheers and woops. James couldn’t care less for the happiness and cheering as he made his way over to his wife, his love, his family and his home. He took her up in his arms and held her tight, unable to believe what he had just seen and unable to believe that his wife was still alive, the threat to the Wizarding world had gone and that they could all move on peacefully with their lives.

Time moved slowly, Hermione learned what had happened while she was conversing with Voldemort. Apparently he had up and left his castle unexpectedly telling no one where he was going, thus leaving the castle unprotected. It was easy for Dumbledore to launch an attack to take down the castle and its occupants. Nearly all the Death Eaters had been killed or captures and were awaiting trial in Azkaban.

The Ministry was triumphant at this large amount of captures as it restored hope in the magical community – at this time Voldemort was still working behind the scenes and the Ministry wasn’t attached to any bribery schemes. Dumbledore had told Ministry Officials that the war would soon be over but had refused to disclose any more information. The Ministry waited in anticipation of the final result.

“Is this why you wanted me out of the house” murmured James as he followed his wife to fetch Harry.

She was silent for a moment, “Yes” she whispered, picking up Harry and cradling him close, he acted like a barrier between James and herself.

“What the hell were you thinking, you could have been killed!” he almost shouted.

“I was thinking that I was doing my mission, I was saving the world from a great evil, I was saving lives” she replied.

“But you could have died!” he countered.

“So could you, I had to send you away to make sure you were safe. Then if anything did happen to me Harry would still have you” she whispered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have let me do it if you knew” he shook his head, he would never willingly put her in danger.

“Is there anything else?” he asked.

She nodded slowly, he sighed.

“But it’s something that needs to be told to everyone. We must go downstairs now” she whispered.

There was quite a congregation waiting for them downstairs, Dumbledore was there with Dorea Potter and Charlus Potter, the Longbottom’s were there (having not been tortured due to the arrests of their potential torturers). Hogwart’s professors were there as well as other Order Members, Larry Trumble had come alone having made a full recovery. Moody was there not looking as bad as he did in her old time. There were several Ministry Officials who were also members of the Order. As well as a Newspaper Official from the Daily Prophet here to record the events but only as commanded. He was only allowed to write certain things.

“Well my dear” said Dumbledore to Hermione, “It is your turn to talk I’m afraid” he added.

Hermione took a seat in front of everyone, cradling Harry on her lap. James refused to sit with the others and took a seat up next to her. It was better this way, where she couldn’t see his face.

Hermione took a deep breath and began.

“You all know me as Hermione Dumbledore, and now Hermione Potter but Dumbledore only because my supposed Grandfather to help my cover. You see originally I was Hermione Granger. I was dropped out of time only to resurface again. In 1998 Voldemort died but too many people had died as well. I started school at Hogwarts in 1991. I am a muggleborn, I made friend with Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter. The Harry of that time wasn’t this courageous little boy here. No that little boy was the creation of James Potter and Lily Evans who both died at the hands of Voldemort. Harry lived and Voldemort spent the next eleven years searching for a new body. He couldn’t die you see”.

“Harry came face to face with Voldemort when he was eleven and Voldemort was after the philosopher’s stone which Harry stopped him from getting. In our second year the Chamber of Secrets was opened, I was petrified and Ronald’s sister Ginny was taken to the Chamber. Again Harry risked his life to save another, he could speak parseltongue you know. It was in the Chamber that he came face to face with a young Tom Riddle preserved in a diary for fifty years. Again Harry triumphed over Voldemort”.

“In our third year we rescued Sirius from the dementor’s kiss. You’d been locked away in Azkaban for twelve years because Peter had betrayed James and Lily’s hiding place to Voldemort and had then framed you for his own murder”.

“In fourth year a Death Eater named Barty Crouch Jr. entered Harry into the Triwizard Tournament under the polyjuiced form of you Moody, you had to be seventeen to enter and Harry was only fourteen. I spent hours with him teaching him spells that would help. He survived all rounds of the tournament, the last task was a maze in which the cup was placed at the center. The cup was a portkey it transported Harry and another Hogwart’s contestant – Cedric Diggory – to a Graveyard. He met Voldemort again at the graveyard. Voldemort had found a way to bring himself back to full life and he used Harry’s blood so that he could touch him. You see when Lily died, her blood ended up protecting Harry and up until that moment Voldemort couldn’t touch him. Cedric Diggory died that night”.

“Fifth year, the Ministry starts interfering with Hogwarts, placed an awful woman Dolores Umbridge as the high inquisitor, she set up so many rules students could scarcely move. If you were given lines they were done with a blood quill, students were left with scars. It was this year that Voldemort learnt of the connection he shared with Harry and he opened it up he planted a false vision of Sirius being tortured by Voldemort at the Ministry in the Hall of Prophesies. Harry had been learning Occlumency that year with Professor Snape, Snape hated Harry because he reminded him of you James and the girl you had taken from him. Incidentally upon yours and Lily’s death he changed sides and became a spy for the order. He didn’t deserve the life he had then but I suppose he does now”.

“Harry forced us all to the Ministry, by us all I mean him, myself and members of the D.A. which was a group we started up that year to defend ourselves from Voldemort, it stood for Dumbledore’s Army. We found out it was a trap very quickly, Voldemort wanted The Prophesy but needed Harry to get it for he could not walk in to the Ministry and get it himself. The Prophesy was broken that night so Voldemort never heard the whole thing. Sirius, you also died that night, your cousin Bellatrix did the honors and later Voldemort tried to possess Harry and failed”.

“Sixth year, Voldemort marked Draco Malfoy gave him a mission = kill Dumbledore. Dumbledore started training Harry. Told him of the horcruxes Voldemort had made and explained that Voldemort would be unable to die till all the horcruxes had been destroyed. Dumbledore died at the end of that year, not by Malfoy but by Snape. It had been planned all along”.

“Seventh year, Harry, myself and Ron didn’t return to Hogwarts where Snape was now residing as headmaster. Voldemort had overtaken the Ministry and no one was safe. We went on the run to track down the horcruxes and destroy them. The diary and rink were already destroyed, we had the locket but no means of destroying it, we hadn’t even worked out the rest yet”.

“We were captured by snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor. Bellatrix recognized me and the sword that was supposed to be in her vault, she tortured me for information, used the cruciatus curse on me for long periods of time but I never broke. She calved this into my arm, the scar that never fades” she held out her arm and showed them the scar on her arm that clearly read ‘Mudblood’.

“We escaped with the help from an exceptional elf called Dobby, he died helping us escape. We then broke into Gringotts and found the next horcrux – Hufflepuff’s cup – we’d destroyed the locket with the sword but we no longer had the sword as we’d traded it for entry into the bank. We escaped Gringotts on the back of a dragon, and we flew on her safely to Hogsmead”.

“When we arrived at Hogsmead an alarm went off but we found help in the form of your brother Aberforth. We’d learnt about what had happened with your brother, sister and the rest by the way” she looked pointedly at Dumbledore, “He gave us safe passage into the school were we found all our friends waiting to battle. Harry found Ravenclaw’s lost diadem after talking to the Lady Grey and we had to destroy it and safe Malfoy from the Room of Requirement when it went up in flames”.

“We thought there was only one horcrux left the snake but we hadn’t managed to kill it and Harry went to his death alone without telling anyone. Voldemort killed him that night but the unthinkable happened something no one but you Dumbledore had guessed. Harry was the horcrux he never meant to make, when Voldemort sent the killing curse toward Harry, it didn’t kill him but rather the piece of Voldemort’s soul that lived inside him, thus severing the connection. Harry was alive and Madam Malfoy vouched for his death”.

“Voldemort walked triumphantly up to the castle with a supposedly dead Harry carried in the arms of Hagrid. It was a terrible moment but then suddenly Harry was no longer dead but walking around challenging Voldemort. In the ongoing confusement Neville Longbottom had managed to kill Nagini thus making Voldemort mortal again. When it came down to it and Voldemort cast Avada Kadavra and Harry cast Expelliarmus, Voldemort’s curse rebounded, he died and Harry Lived”.

“It went hand in hand with the fact that Voldemort was in the possession of the Elder Wand when he wasn’t the proper master of the wand so it wouldn’t work accordingly, Harry was the proper master of the Elder Wand. We had won but at what cost?”

“Remus was dead, Peter was dead, Snape was dead, Fred Weasley, Lavender Brown, Padma Patel, Colin Creevey, Moody, Dumbledore, Sirius, James, Cedric, the list went on and on, the world went into mourning as people tried to pick up the broken pieces”.

“I’d always felt lost in my time, like I didn’t fit. I was always protective over Harry but in such a strong motherly way that it confused me and I always felt a strong connection to James just from photos I’d seen. I went to see Dumbledore to tell him of my confusion and theories. He smiled at me like he’d been expecting my arrival. He sent me back in time with nothing more than two letters one for his past self and another for Minerva. He wanted me to change the future by changing the past, he believed I had a strong connection with James he just left me to figure it out for myself. I understood what he meant, I figured my mission out very quickly”.

“I was surprised how easily I fitted into the seventies almost like I belonged. I was amazed at how different memories of your time had been. It was like everyone in my time had lied through their back teeth. I was sent to change time so I was going to change everything. I started with Peter as you know, he needed the friendship and closeness so he would stray under fear to those in Slytherin and I was surprised, Peter you’re a wonderful person full of intelligence, you completely rocked again everything people had said about you in my time”.

“After Peter I worked on James, I’d worked it out long ago the reason for my attachment to him, my magic was calling out to his begging to be noticed, he is my soulmate after all. But I had to wait, had to watch, had to get hurt as he tossed me aside for Lily. I couldn’t interfere he had to come to me off his own accord, which he eventually did” she smiled fondly.

“I had to ask Peter, Sirius and Remus to take an unbreakable vow with me that would be resolved after the first birthday of my first child. You know now why I kept so much from you. It wasn’t my mission to fall in love with James or have Harry, that was destiny or fate or whatever you want to call it, soulmates are a sacred thing. My mission was to kill Voldemort so that the world would be free of him before it plunged into darkness”.

“I kept my plan hidden and close, Dumbledore had been destroying the horcruxes right up until we all graduated Hogwarts. It was around that time that I discovered that I was actually born in 1960 and somehow transported through time, I can only guess it was to prevent me from doing what I did but I have no desire to investigate further”.

“I just had to bide my time until tonight. I sent James away just in case anything were to happen to me at least Harry would still have his Daddy to care for him. Thank you Larry for killing the snake, I know it was a great personal risk for you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a true hero. With the snake dead Voldemort was at my mercy. The spells I used to bind him were of my own creation, I was often called the brightest witch of my age, I guess now you see why. Voldemort didn’t believe I could kill him because he made one little mistake, he assumed that people of the light didn’t have the power to kill someone with such a dark curse, he underestimated my power and that was his downfall”.

“Now that is my story, Voldemort is dead by my hand and the world is safe once more. Many of you will be angry at me for keeping all this from you but I only ask, what would you have done?”

James stared at his wife in amazement, indeed everyone in the room was staring at her in wonderment. He knew he should be angry at her for all she’d done and all she’d changed but he just couldn’t bring himself to be that person. The things she had suffered and the Harry of that timeline was certainly a poor little boy. So many lives had been saved by her selfless decision to come back in time, she’d sent him away because she knew there might be a possibility that she wouldn’t survive and she wanted to leave Harry with one living parent. He knew his wife would go down in history as the witch that defeated Voldemort and right now through the confusion, worry and happiness he couldn’t be more proud.

As he thought about all that she said, he wondered, what he would have done in her shoes…


The sheets covering Harry felt sticky and heavy, he tried to move but was unable to. His toe was really itchy and he wanted to itch it but found himself unable. The more he moved the hotter he became, he huffed in annoyance.

“Sweetheart are you awake?”

Was that Mum he heard?

“Come on son you’re making your Mum worried”


“James honestly!” murmured the voice of his Mother.

Harry slowly opened his eyes to the scene before him. His Dad sat on one side of his bed, his Mum on the other, she was gently stroking his hair. He felt the eyes of others in the room, his Godfather Sirius, Remus, his Uncle Peter, Dumbledore and his sister Mia.

What was going on here, how long had he been out of it for?

He couldn’t remember anything but a haze of blurry memories.

“What happened?” he asked.

“You collapsed, gave us all a fright, you’ve been out for a couple of days” said his Dad.

His Mum had tears in her eyes, he wondered why.

“Mum?” he asked.

“My gorgeous boy” she whispered, “You’ve come home at last” she added through her tears.

Harry understood the first part, she’d been calling him her gorgeous boy for as long as he could remember but he didn’t understand the second part she made it sound like he’d been away on holiday or something.

“Let him breathe love” said his Dad.

“Sorry” mumbled his Mum releasing her hold on Harry.

“It’s ok Mum, I didn’t mean to worry you” he replied sincerely.

Harry was a complete gentleman and he held his Mum in very high regard, not just for the famous deeds of her past but for the incredible woman and Mother she was as well.

Looking over Harry’s head to her darling husband’s the worry she’d felt all these years had finally come to an end. After the fall of Voldemort at her hands it had taken a while to track down his remaining Death Eaters and lower ranked followers before all were given trial and sentenced. Hermione was rewarded greatly for the death of Voldemort; this included a large sum of money, an estate with a title and an Order of Merlin First Class. Her opinions were taken very seriously but she never abused her power, people had wanted her to run for Minister but she declined, opting instead to spend time with her family and open her own special advanced magic branch that specialized in teaching wandless magic and spell creation.

Following Hermione’s explanation of everything she’d been prepared for the fire and anger that came from lying but was surprised to find there was none, apparently everyone had taken it to heart when she’d asked that important question; what would you have done? No one could fault her on her actions, she was far braver than most of them.

Through the years the fear for safety evaporated and the Wizarding World went back to normal. Peter opened a Herbology and potions store, Remus found and married Tonks, Hermione and James had their second child, a girl called Mia. Harry grew up to be a fine young man, oddly enough he ended up falling for Luna and not Ginny – which was interesting.

Dumbledore resolved his differences with Aberforth, classes were changed, added and taken off the school curriculum, Sirius finally looked like he was ready to settle down, Dorea and Charlus continued to live, somehow they bypassed dying as they did in the old timeline. Larry Trumble went on to gain fame and fortune. Fred and George Weasley were going into business with Harry, Ginny was off searching for ‘the one’ and Ron wasn’t jealous of anyone anymore.

None of it mattered, all the changes, all the saved lives, all the chances taken, all the spontaneous moments, all the loved up announcements, all the awards, the trials, the tribulations, it was all life. Life was moving as it should forwards, not backwards. The life of Voldemort was becoming a distant memory that was no longer spoken with fear but with joy for the witch who defeated him.

In the moment when Hermione and James saw their son wake up, James could see the relief in his wife’s eyes and Hermione; well she was just happy to have her gorgeous boy back.


I really hope you have all enjoyed this story, I know it’s taken a while to write it, It’s true I lost a lot of motivation for the story early on but I persevered, I know there are quite a few of you who have been enjoying this story so I hope I’d done it justice and that you’ve enjoyed it. I started writing Chapter Twelve Part Two earlier this morning and I continued to write all the way up to the end – it’s now 1am. I wanted to get the story done while I had the chance, the words were just churning out of my mind and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to get them down. With this story finished, I will be focusing on Queen of Gorgeousness and will see that through to the end before I start any others. I am extremely happy with my work on this story, especially since it was such a hard write, I liked the way the story progressed and how each character had its role to play. I enjoyed Hermione’s use of her own spells I think that played out quite well. While I was writing Chapter Fourteen my heart was thumping in my chest the whole time, I don’t think I could have stopped writing if I tried. It was so intense to write and I could see everything play out in my head.

The other spell I made up was: Animus Materia translating to soulmates.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I now have and I hope I haven’t let anyone down ~ Zyii 

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My Gorgeous Boy: Chapter Fifteen


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