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Made For Each Other by VeeKAY
Chapter 18 : Abduction
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Lucius Malfoy was pacing the cold, black living room of Malfoy Manor, where he was clutching the reply from Draco. His wife, Narcissa Malfoy was sitting silently on the sofa, watching her husband walk up and down the black carpet. Her son had just written to say that he was in love with the muggleborn girl, Hermione Granger, confirming the rumours surrounding the ministry.






Narcissa was greatly confused. For the past few years, Draco had spoken of Hermione Granger with nothing but distaste or malice, and now he was declaring his love for her. She was half in disapproval of her son’s poor choice, but also filled with certain warmth that her little boy had finally found someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She was careful not to show her true feelings to her husband however, as he was horrified and beyond angry that his only son would taint the pure name of Malfoy.





Lucius Malfoy continued pacing, clutching the letter in confused anger. The heir of Malfoy, and his only son, had fell for a mudblood. He had warned Draco to end things with her, but his reply was rude and insistent, so Lucius needed to take matters into his own hands. He knew the only person who could help him with this. Not his wife, she was too fond of her son to destroy him this way. No…Draco’s aunt will do just fine…





“Lucius…you called?” came the chilling voice of Bellatrix Lestrange from the shadows. “I trust this is about the mudblood your son has fallen for?” She mocked, her wild hair dancing dangerously atop her head.





“Bella…it is. My son has been unwise, I have warned him, but he did not listen…it is time we…ah…took care of things ourselves” Draco’s father replied, in his cold, arrogant drawl.





Bellatrix cackled, and her eyes glinted with mad excitement. “This will be fun…”






Hermione was running down the corridor as fast as she could. Her Arithmancy exam was in 5 minutes, and she had lost track of time…she had been in an empty classroom…with Draco. She sped along the statues and paintings of the second floor, and halted, panting, in front of the great hall, where most of the students were clamouring, waiting for the exam.





The examiners had arrived last night, and Hermione had almost died with fear. Sure, she had seen the examiners before, and Draco had teased her about this, but Hermione knew that her future and career were in their hands…





Hermione turned the paper, feeling somewhat relieved, (it was not double sided). She had completed her exam, with fifteen minutes to spare. She had checked and edited, and now she had nothing to do. She looked across the hall, past the other frantically scribbling students, in search for Draco, and she found that he had finished too, twiddling his pencil in his fingers. Hermione suppressed a small smile; he looked so irresistible, sitting there with his blonde hair falling into his eyes, sitting in a casual stance on his chair. He looked up and caught her staring at him, and he smirked, while she blushed and continued looking at her exam paper…






Hermione was sitting with Draco at the Slytherin table at dinner, ignoring all the glares from the others at the same table. Hermione was going over the exam, while Blaise and Draco rolled their eyes and talked about quidditch.





Hermione suddenly jumped up, looking shocked. “Oh my…I've left my revision notes for our next exam in my room! I’d better go get it…” Hermione gasped, looking flustered. She gathered her things and started walking away, but she realised Draco was coming too. “No…Draco…you don’t need to come with me, finish eating your lunch, I’ll only be a while.” She told him, and she planted a swift kiss on his lips. He smiled at her and sat back down with Blaise, who pretended to vomit into his soup. Draco punched him lightly on the shoulder.





Hermione was lost in thought as she walked up the corridor. She was thinking about everything…the NEWTS, Draco, Ron…she didn’t realise that she had walked right into someone. “I…oh…sorry…I didn’t…” She stopped abruptly, looking up at the cold eyes of Lucius Malfoy.





“Good afternoon Miss Granger. I must admit, it is much easier that you have decided to venture here all alone while everyone else is at lunch...” He spoke coldly and concisely. “I do apologise Miss Granger, but it is for the best of my family.” Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but before she could utter a single word, a sheer and chilling voice sang out of the shadows.





“Well, well, well….if it isn’t the filthy mudblood…” Hermione froze as she whirled and saw Bellatrix Lestrange prowling behind her. She was twirling Hermione’s wand in her hand, and her glare was icy and dangerous. She was leering mockingly at Hermione, an insane smile grotesquely twisting her once-beautiful features. “Lucius…get it over with…I want my fun to begin…” Hermione was terrified and confused, but the only she knew was that she was standing completely defenceless underneath Lucius Malfoy’s arrogant glare.










And everything went black






“Blaise…she’s not here…it isn’t like her to miss an exam…” Draco’s voiced his worries to his best friend. “I think I should go and check up on her…” Draco turned to leave, but his Blaise interrupted.





“Dude, you gonna miss the exam too? She’s probably asleep or something…” He chuckled, and followed the rest of the grade into the great hall for their charms written exam.





Draco hesitated, but he decided to go and look for Hermione. It was not like her at all to miss the start of an exam... Draco reached the dormitory, but Hermione was nowhere to be seen. He was starting to get worried now, and his suspicions increased when he saw a note on the table.





This is for your own good Draco. You’ve had your chance to end this madness.’





Draco’s heart froze, and the blood in his head started pounding. He was completely horrified by the meaning of the letter…and what it implied…? That would explain why she was missing…





Draco scrunched up the note in his hand and tore out of the room, the fear and dread wrenching his gut painfully. He burst into the great hall, despite the professors’ yells and cries. Draco’s eyes scanned the room, and they sought the only boy who could help him find Hermione. Finally, his eyes rested on the startled green ones of Harry Potter, and Draco rushed up to him, and pulled him from the hall.





“Malfoy! What on earth are you-?” Harry was cut off as Draco began explaining in a pained and rushed voice.





“My father’s taken Hermione because he does not approve of our relationship. He left me a note, and I think he’s taken her back to the Manor. I have a feeling that my aunt is helping him…” Draco choked, tears of shock and fear filling his blue eyes.





Harry felt sick. Last time Hermione and Bellatrix were together, the mad woman had tortured Hermione endlessly…there’s no telling what she would be doing this time…





“What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Harry yelled desperately, and the two boys ran as hard as they could out of the castle and into Hogsmeade, where they could safely apparate to Malfoy Manor.






Hermione screamed in pain and terror. Bellatrix was laughing madly as she played with the Mudblood in the dungeons of Malfoy.





“Crucio! Filthy mudblood, someone like you doesn’t deserve a pureblood wizard!” Bellatrix cackled in joy, basking in the resounding screams of the girl at her feet. “And you can say goodbye to your wand, since muggles such as you shouldn’t even have one!” Bellatrix blasted a hole in the wall and lobbed Hermione’s wand as far out as she could.





“You won’t ever understand the true meaning of love Bellatrix…” Hermione gasped, a hint of pity in her voice as she writhed on the floor. Her cheek earned her another wave of pain from the cruciatus curse…






Draco was deathly pale. He and Harry had just apparated to the vast grounds of Malfoy Manor, and there was something dangerous and looming about Draco’s home. Perhaps it was the presence of the girl he loved inside…being tortured? Sickened by the thought, Draco turned to Harry and waved his wand, disillusioning him. “Let’s hurry up. I think I know where she is…”





Harry nodded; his face was pale too. He loved Hermione, even if it wasn’t in the same way as Draco. She was his best friend and sister, and it was torture for him knowing Hermione was in pain. The two boys ran silently along the edge of the enormous mansion, until Draco stopped suddenly. He cautiously walked towards a spot on the ground, and bent down to pick up something.





“Hermione’s wand…” Draco murmured, anger and pain searing in his heart. Hatred for his father and his aunt glinted in his eyes, and he motioned quickly for Harry to follow, before tearing towards the wall which hid the dungeons.





They had been running for a few more minutes before Harry heard it. He had heard the unmistakable sound of Hermione screaming and crying. Draco must have heard it too, because his face was contorted in pain. The two ran forwards and slowly peered into the dungeons using a small hole in the wall. Draco watched in terror as Bellatrix Lestrange advanced enjoyably on Hermione. She was just torturing her for pleasure now, not for punishment. He heard Hermione growl something back at her, which resulted in another dose of the torture curse. “Stop talking Hermione…stop…” Draco pleaded silently, tears now streaming freely down his face. Harry was also crying softly beside him, and they watched helplessly as Hermione was subjected to blinding pain.





Hermione was slumped against the wall, near unconsciousness. She could dimly hear Bellatrix leering and laughing madly in front of her, but she ignored it. She was thinking about Draco. She hoped that she wouldn’t come…she hoped that Draco would stay at Hogwarts, and stay safe…She would rather die than see Draco being tortured as well…





“Had enough mudblood?” Bellatrix taunted, smiling insanely, sweeping towards her. When Hermione didn’t answer, Bellatrix slapped her across the face, and bent down to look her in the eye.





“I’ll be back soon mudblood. Don’t get used to the absence of pain” She cackled, before skipping out of the room, holding her wand up like a spoil of war.





Hermione was just drifting into the pain free heaven of unconsciousness, when a loud bang brought her to her senses. The back wall had exploded, revealing two boys watching her fearfully, tears in their eyes. One was a blonde, with beautiful blue eyes, while the other was dark haired, with emerald green orbs. “Harry…Draco…” Hermione breathed, struggling to stand up.





“Hermione… I’m so sorry…I won’t let you away from me ever again…” Draco stumbled forwards, enveloping Hermione into a warm, comforting hug. She relaxed against his touch, and she wrapped her arms around his waist.





“Uhm…I think we should go, they ought to have heard us breaking in by now…” Harry said awkwardly, holding Hermione’s wand out to her. She took it gratefully and held Draco’s hand. Draco stared into her eyes, and she stared simply back. They shared a silent, yet private moment, and the connection seemed to say a million things.





“Let’s go…” Harry whispered, but as he said this, the dungeon door burst open, and no more than five death eaters came running over the threshold, Bellatrix and Lucius in the lead. Bellatrix laughed in delight, while Lucius sneered at his son. “Worthless son…you’ve tainted our blood line-”





“I couldn’t care less about that. You know nothing of love, and I didn’t either, until I found Hermione. If you ever touch her again, I will personally hunt you down…father.” Draco growled, glaring with fury and anger towards his aunt and father.





“TRAITOR! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO YOUR FATHER LIKE THAT?” Bellatrix screamed deliriously, her entire frame shaking with fury. “YOU AND YOUR FILTHY MUDBLOOD GIRLFRIEND CAN GO RIGHT TO-”





“There’s no need for that kind of language Bellatrix” Harry spat coldly, and the death eaters’ eyes widened as they registered the presence of the boy who had killed their leader. The chosen one.















Harry, Draco, and Hermione raised their wands simultaneously…


A/N: Eeep! Don’t kill me for this cliffy please :3 I’ll update as soon as possible! X) Hey, I have internet now! Yayy! Internet for me = more updates for you x) Please review, lets try and get the reviews up to 250 before the end of the story (5 more chappies). Thanks for reading, remember to review! :) until next chapter then… -Vicky


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Made For Each Other: Abduction


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