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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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Here's chapter 14! It's quite short compared to other chapters but I hope you enjoy it and please leave a review on your way out!On with the story...

It was a Saturday and rather than lounging around the school or common room they were in the Room of Requirement practicing spells with the DA. It was basically a revision lesson just to recap what they’d done so far and fill in any gaps and fix any problems.

It was then it became clear to George that whilst he’d decided that telling Hermione was the wrong thing to do it meant she was free to other boys. And he had to face that she wouldn’t wait forever for him to ask her out and that if she did like him it wouldn’t be long before she got bored of it and moved on. The thought was killing him. Seeing her with Krum last year had been when he realised he had feelings for her and he’d been jealous but since then  his feelings for her had progressed and now he’d want nothing more than to murder any boy who came near her.

Right now his insides were screaming as Terry Boot flirted with Hermione. What made angrier was that Hermione was laughing and smiling.

“Go on mate, get in there! You don’t want Boot going after her he’s in Ravenclaw they have intelligence in common,” Lee said coming up behind him and Fred.

“Oh, thanks Lee and what I’m stupid?” George asked.

“I didn’t mean it like that it’s just... you’re smart but he’s Ravenclaw smart,” Lee said.

“I told you-both of you,” he added glancing at his twin, “I’m not going to tell her and that’s final.”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t ruin Boot’s chances,” Fred suggested shoving George in their direction.

“Hey George,” she greeted him.

“Hello Hermione,” he grinned, “Terry,” he acknowledged with a nod.

“Hi George,” Terry said enthusiastically.

“How are you Terry?”

“Fine thanks you?”


“How was your Christmas holiday?” Terry asked.

“Great thanks Fred and I are in the process of buying a building for our joke shop. Hermione helped a lot.”

“That’s great. I’m looking forward to seeing the shop.”

George frowned. Terry was really nice and he felt bad he’d come over here to ruin his chances with Hermione.

“I’m going to go, see you guys later,” George said.

“See you George,” they both called as he walked away. 

After the meeting was finished everyone left to their House Common rooms.

“So did Boot ask you out Hermione?” asked George.

“Excuse me?” she asked with wide eyes.

“Oh come on he was flirting and I could see it! So did he ask you out?”

“No!” she answered quickly, “Even if he had I would have said no. I mean he’s great but he’s just a friend and I kind of like someone else.”

‘No Hermione!’ she thought to herself, ‘what were you thinking? Why tell him that? He’s going to ask who! Just play it cool Hermione, play it cool.’

“Oh really? May I ask who exactly it is?”

“You can ask but I won’t tell you!” Hermione grinned.

“Please! Hermione do I know him?”

Hermione’s smile widened, “I’d be very worried if you didn’t!” She laughed of course George didn’t understand what was funny but Ginny who’d been listening had laughed too and her and Hermione shared a knowing look.

“I’m so confused,” George shook his head though smiled to himself because by what Hermione said it was still possible she was talking about him which meant one thing... the last thing she said was hilarious! Of course he knew himself!

“It isn’t odd for you to be confused, you’re about as smart as a post,” Ginny pointed out.

“Ginny,” Hermione scolded.

“Yeah well I’m not lying!” Ginny pointed out, “but of course you’d defend him...” Ginny trailed off with a smirk.

“She defends me because she likes me more than you,” George teased.

“You wish,” Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Maybe I do,” George shrugged causing both girls to give him odd looks.

“I like both of you equally,” Hermione told them.

“She’s just saying that to protect your feelings Ginny,” George said.

“Oh I see it the opposite way my brother, she’s far too kind to admit she finds you stupid and annoying! But she’s lucky I’m here to say it for her,” Ginny said.

“I don’t think that he’s stupid and annoying!” Hermione protested.

“Yes you do... just about Ginny not me,” George grinned.

“I heard stupid and annoying,” Fred said joining their conversation, “so what are we saying about Ron?”

“Ha ha Fred,” Ron said sarcastically.

“We were discussing who Hermione likes better me or Ginny,” George told them.

“Not entirely sure but I’m probably the favourite out of all of us,” Fred grinned.

“Come off it Fred, you know she loves me,” George gave a cheeky grin.

“Maybe so but she loves me more,” said Ginny.

“Please she only even talks to you lot because we’re friends,” Ron said.

“Well I was friends with her first, Ron,” Harry smiled joining the conversation.

“Would you all stop you know I love you all equally,” Hermione said with a smile. ‘Liar,’ she thought to herself, ‘I do love them all! Equally? Well not exactly...’

“Fred you ready to go to dinner?” asked Angelina as she walked into the common room with Alicia and Lee.

“Sure Angie,” he said leaping up, “you lot coming?”

“Yeah,” said Ginny, Harry, Ron and George.

“Not hungry,” Hermione said with a shrug pulling out a book as everyone left.

“You’re not seriously going to sit here alone are you ‘Mione?” asked George.

“I’m not alone,” she told him waving the book in his face.

“A book’s not company Granger,” George said shaking his head at her.

“Isn’t there dinner you should be eating right about now?”

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were trying to get rid of me,” George said slightly hurt.

Hermione snapped. She couldn’t take this anymore and before she could stop it words were pouring from her mouth, “well, it’s not easy to constantly tell yourself ‘no’ or that you can’t or that it won’t work when your biggest problem who is also your biggest interest is always around and always there and always being the perfect friend!”

George was taken aback from her mini-rant. It was very unlike her to just snap. What she’d said hadn’t registered in his head all he knew is he needed to help her. But having not understood what she’d said that was going to be difficult...

“Okay...I’m sorry what?” George asked.

“You didn’t understand any of that?” Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.

“No I didn’t understand! Care to explain?”

“No but I’m sorry!” Hermione said quickly giving him a hug and walking out of the Common room.

“Where are you going?” George called after her running to catch up.

“Dinner,” she smiled. “A mini tirade makes a girl hungry you know?”

George laughed and walked with her to the Great Hall.

Fred looked across the table as his twin sat down, that same goofy grin on his face that spread to his eyes. The same look that had been there for as long as he could remember but recently that extra sparkle was there in his eyes. The only thing it meant was he was in love. Fred shook his head at him and at Hermione as she sat beside him. It was blatantly obvious to anyone who bothered to look that they loved each other and surely then love could with stand a long distance relationship. Couldn’t it? He wasn’t going to lie they were faced with some serious problems but wasn’t an opportunity for love worth taking a chance? Sadly his twin didn’t see it that way.

George caught his brother staring at them and just rolled his eyes before saying, “No Fred, I told you already... it wouldn’t work.”

Hermione was talking to Ginny and didn’t take notice of the small exchange between the twins.

Week by week went past and students were getting more and more irritated with Umbridge. It was one evening after dinner Fred and George were in detention with Umbridge. George had hid the horrors of Umbridge’s detentions from his twin and concealed the slowly fading scars with a charm and because they were so amazing at breaking the rules had managed to avoid punishment from the ‘toad.’ Up until yesterday that was when they were caught vandalising her wall of proclamations.

They got back to the Common room late. Arguing loudly in what they thought was the empty common room.

“George, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Fred ranted, “That’s why you looked so pale earlier! This hurts like hell man!”

“Fred I’m sorry! I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to feel bad for me! Or to think it was your fault. I know it hurts. I also didn’t tell you because I knew you’d want to get revenge but I didn’t want you to go through the same pain I did,” George told Fred.

“Well thanks for trying to protect me. But seriously bro, there’s no problem with a little revenge as long as you don’t get caught,” Fred told him.

“Agreed... but can we wait a while because this is killing me!” George said gesturing to his hand.

“Again?” came a voice from the sofa.

“Hermione!” Fred and George exclaimed.

“Bloody hell, you scared the life out of us!”George said clutching his chest.

“Didn’t realise a fifth year girl could scare the ultimate pranksters with one word,” Hermione smiled but the smile soon faltered. “Come here,” she said to them softly.

They sat on the sofa either side of her. She grabbed their hands and inspected them they had identical lines cut into their skin. The same as they had been for George the first time. ‘I must not misbehave,’ as the first line and the second ‘my pranks and inventions are stupid.’

Hermione sighed, “Stay here, I’ll be back,” she called disappearing into the girls’ dormitory.

“So you told her but you didn’t tell me?” Fred asked shaking his head at his twin.

“One I told you why I didn’t tell you and two I told her I had detention with Umbridge she worked the rest out. She had a detention with her once you know?”


George nodded his response as Hermione came into the Common room.

As she’d done the first time she set out the various vials and bowl and poured in the contents of the vials and mixed them in the bowl. Once the green mixture was finished she looked at them seriously.

“What did you do? More importantly how did you get caught?” Hermione asked.

“We were damaging toad faces’ wall of proclamations and she picked the wrong time to walk round the corner,” George shrugged. 

Hermione shook her head, “your hand.” 

George allowed her to take his hand and rub the mixture of the cuts. She then did the same for Fred.

“Hermione you’re an angel,” George grinned.

“We owe you one Granger,” Fred agreed.

“No you don’t. Just let the scars heal before you go for revenge,” Hermione smiled.

“Thanks Hermione,” they said in unison.

“You’re welcome, night boys,” she called heading off to bed.

“Good night,” George said watching her leave before sighing deeply. “Fred, should it hurt so much to love her?”

Fred offered a pitying look to his twin as they left for bed and he had absolutely no idea what comfort he could bring with an answer.

Okay so what did you think? Please let me know in a quick review because I'm really curious as to what you think!

Also very recently I was lucky enough to visit Harry Potter Studios in Leavesden and I really found it was an amazing experience so if you've been I'm sure you will agree! But if you have yet to go all I can say is you are in for the treat of a lifetime and personally I know I will be going back! It was truly brilliant it made me feel very nostalgic and as if I'd just stepped into one of the books or films!

Anyways like I said tell me what you thought! Drop me a review please! Jenna :)

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