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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 9 : Voldemort becomes He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Regulus Black and a Sleepover Thingymabob with HER
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9) Voldemort becomes He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Regulus Black and a Sleepover Thingymabob with HER


I shouldn’t have tested my luck. Safe and sound. I knew I would jinx it.


The Hall was terribly silent, the only sound heard was the sipping of Pumpkin Juice and munching on toast.


You may ask why? The Daily Prophet front cover. The majority of people in school got a Daily Prophet daily, and others shared with their friends, so everyone had read the article.


I read it once more.




By Opal Androveski

11th October


The dark wizard, who has been mentioned a few times in the Daily Prophet for killing 2 Muggle families, now strikes the Wizarding World.


On the 9th October, Dorcas Meadows, one of the most senior members of the Auror department and close acquaintances with Albus Dumbledore and the Minister Of Magic, was brutally murdered. Above her house a spell had been cast to produce the Dark Mark (seeming to be a green symbol of sorts consisting of a skull with a long forked tongue) in the sky. Only one day later,  the 10th October, yesterday, Angela and Andrew Webster, husband and wife working as very skilled Aurors, went missing, the Dark Mark left over their house as well. Thankfully, their only daughter is safe as she was at Hogwarts at the time (Ella Webster, a 2nd year Hufflepuff).


Terror is running through every family at this moment, especially muggle-borns and people who have befriended them. No one is willing to speak his name. There is suspicions of a group being formed to help He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who share his beliefs, called Death Eaters. The question is who will be next? And are any of us safe?


All parents are just praying that Hogwarts remains safe, with our children still there. Many are certain, and one parent who wishes to remain anonymous says:


“I will always have full faith in Albus Dumbledore. If we cannot trust him, who can we?”


I hope everyone has faith as much as her.


Pg 13: Tips on how to keep you and your family safe


I slammed the paper onto the desk. My eyes flickered to the empty seat on the Hufflepuff table. She was so young- she should not have to go through this! I don’t care if I’ve never seen her apart from in the Sorting and can’t even fully remember her, nobody deserves that fate. It’s cruel how the Daily Prophet decided that the Muggle deaths weren’t worth the front page- it still proves even if some of us aren’t pure blood sadists, the wizarding world still thinks wizards are above Muggles. I want to spit on all those Death Eaters. I know it’s true- I heard the woman talking about it before 5th year but at that time it was just an idea. Not a reality.


It’s not shocking how quickly fear has spread. A few days ago no one would think twice about a Hogsmeade trip, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they increased supervision and tightened security- maybe even cancel some.


I was massaging my temples, when Dumbledore called attention. His usual twinkle in his eye had vanished, replaced with misery and a hint of anger.


“I am sure you have already heard about what fate have befell Miss. Webster’s parents from the Daily Prophet. It is deeply tragic, but I order that no one will dare to talk to Miss. Webster about this, even if it is to offer condolences.” The firmness in his voice was one that nobody would think about going against, and if someone did I would personally make sure they regretted it.


My priority however was Regulus. He was a git, and a very easy pushover, and as much as we didn’t get along, I knew my brother’s heart was in the right place. He was strong, but easily convinced with power and wealth- the features that made him a Slytherin.


If I could talk to him, make him understand enough so he could resist the family and other Slytherins influence. Even though Lucius, Narcissa and Bellatrix had graduated (and were almost certainly among the group of Death Eaters), there were others planning to do the same things, in not only his year, but my year as well (such as Snivellus).


I’ve got to find him. My eyes scanned the Slytherin table and landed on the boy that looked so similar to me, yet was so different in everyone else’s eyes. His eyes met mine, and I shot him a meaningful look. The relation still existed even if it was strained. He nodded stiffly to show his acknowledgement.


It was a meeting I was dreading and anticipating at the same time.




“So what do you require, dear brother?” drawled Regulus, after I spotted him.


“Come. Now,” I ordered, and he obeyed, following me to a more private and secluded area. No one should overhear otherwise his life could be at stake.


“I want to talk to you about you becoming a death eater,” I said bluntly. He opened his mouth in objection, but I looked him dead in the eye. “Don’t lie to me. I may not have met you much in the last two years, but I lived with you and your mother for years before that and know you well enough. She will have convinced you, now I am here to show you my side.”


“What if I don’t want to listen?”


“You’ll have to.” He was silent. “Regulus, you are a good person. You are my brother, but your bastard mother is pushing you the wrong way. I know you want power, but think about doing the right thing. Your heart is in the right place, but you’re being brainwashed.”


“Mother always says there is no good and evil, only power and those to weak to seek it-“ he retorted.


“Bullshit!” I spat, my eyes lit up with fire. He became quiet once more. “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! Do you not think the way these people kill others just because of blood is right? Just because they are not wizards? Mother said this, mother said that- you control your life Regulus!”


“What if I don’t?” he shouted back, effectively silencing me. He started speaking quieter, but with just as much venom. “What if, when you left, you left me with two parents who expected me to be perfect? I’m sorry if I don’t have your Gryffindor courage, but maybe if you had even cared for me, like your saying now, you would’ve realised all those expectations to be the heir of the Black household that you complained about would become mine when you left!” I was shocked.


“But they loved you. You were their perfect son,” I muttered, confused.


“Yes, I was compared to you. But once you left they put any hope and expectations left in you onto me. I have to be perfect. They’ll kill me if I leave them.”


“They never killed me! I’ll protect you, we can work together!”


“They never expected that much of you. Anyways I can’t back out now,” mumbled Regulus. My breath hitched and eyes widened as I realised what he was insinuating.


“No, you can’t have…”


“I have. And maybe you’re right, I could’ve been good. But it’s not worth it, Sirius. I don’t deserve to be the hero- my place is as the villain,” sighed Regulus, I was still silent. I needed proof. Knowing my thoughts, he pulled up the robe sleeve on his left arm to reveal the thing I was dreading.


It was the Dark Mark.


“I… I have to go,” I stammered and ran off. I didn’t know where I was heading, and I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the fact that I had lessons. Nothing seemed to matter.


My brother, Regulus A Black, the only blood relative I had hope for, had gone and became one of them. One of the people who went around killing muggles for fun, thinking they were nothing but slime. Who took pleasure in ridding the world of muggle-borns because they had impure blood. Who thought only they were worth a knut, everyone else equivalent to dirt.


Death Eaters. My only brother had became one.


I slouched against the cold stone wall, hearing the rain beat furiously on the window. The window was the only way I knew I was not in the dungeons, a place which I definitely did not want to go currently.






I looked up to see both Prongs and Mayfield with anxious expressions on their faces.


“Lexander, Prongs? What are you doing here?” I muttered quietly, looking down at my knees which I had brought into my chest. I had never felt so vulnerable in my life.




“Padfoot what’s up? You can tell us,” he assured me, sitting on my right side, Mayfield taking the place on my left.


“R… Regulus,” I breathed, and I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke out into tears. I’ve hardly ever cried in my life, always been strong and happy, but I couldn’t do it for this. I couldn’t pretend everything was okay, because it wasn’t! I had always had hope in him, but once you got the Dark Mark that was it. There was no looking back, or Voldemort would murder you in the most brutal of ways.


As much as I despised his weakness and the decision he had made, I didn’t want him to be killed.


I was grateful that Mayfield and Prongs let me cry, I needed to. I buried my head in my knees, Prongs rubbing my back in a fatherly manner while Mayfield rode her thumb in soothing circles on my hand. They didn’t ask any questions but just let me cry.




Around 10 minutes later I had composed myself, and we were heading to the Gryffindor common room. I had explained what had happened at my encounter with Regulus and Prongs and Mayfield had said they were worried about where I was so checked the Marauder’s Map to find me in a deserted area of the castle.


“You do know you can’t talk to him anymore?” cleared Prongs, and I nodded grimly.


“I can’t even look at him in the same way. We’re on different sides now, and its confirmed. That weak bond that was there between us has also broken now,” I confirmed, telling it more to myself than Prongs.


“Lion Pride,” said Mayfield to the Fat Lady who laughed.


“Most definitely! What, with Quidditch season coming up!” All three of us smirked while we entered the Common Room. We sat down on the comfy couches next to the fire, some third years jumping off them as soon as they saw us coming.


“You know, I know a way you can get Regulus back,” grinned Mayfield maliciously.


“Thrash Slytherin in Quidditch? I mean, he is captain this year,” guessed Prongs and Mayfield nodded.


All three of us were wearing identical evil smirks. “Don’t worry, guys. I won’t leave Hogwarts until I’m holding that House Cup and Slytherin is wiping the dirt off my shoes. Sorry, bro, you picked a wrong time to tell me about your decision…”




“What the hell is a pre-Quidditch match phase?” panted Mayfield. The team was sitting in the changing rooms after an unbelievably tiring practice. 20th October. Note the day down in fucking history. All of us were sweating like mad even though it wasn’t even hot outside, only moderate, so we had our shirts off, some, like Prongs and I, only in our boxers. Apart from Mayfield of course, as much she had the outside shell of a guy, when you peeled it off you were left with a heck of a load of woman. I knew. But I would never think of her like that- she was like my sister. Or brother probably, as we had some conversations many brothers would have, but not sisters. Horny ones to be truthful. She was wearing a thin T-Shirt (she would never wear a tank top) and some baggy, medium length, khaki shorts (never shorts or short shorts either).


“It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s the period of time before Quidditch matches, especially Gryffindor v Slytherin matches. Have you ever noticed lots of hospital wing trips occurring to team members before the match last year?” Mayfield nodded in reply to Prongs. “Well, those weren’t coincidence. As much as I am sure you are all fully capable duelers and wand workers- not in the sick minded way, though that’s probably true as well- these attacks are surprises and you will not get any sympathy if your injuries mean you miss the match. Travel in groups is the best way- some should be non-Quidditch players. Stay away from the dungeons, don’t try anything too adventurous and don’t fall into temptation such as free cakes and that shit. You’ll be shut up in the Hospital Wing for three weeks, and miss the Halloween Party, but more importantly, the match. It’ll probably begin in full swing from November after the party on the 31st, cause we have a sort of truce so everyone can enjoy the Ball freely, but don’t let your guard down.”


The Halloween Party was every 31st October, organized by the seventh years, mainly the Heads. It was a full on party, with no supervision whatsoever. It was limited to 5th years and above only, which made it all the more fun. With us organizing it though, it was going to be absolutely mental. Ever since fifth year, we’ve been providers of alcohol anyways, we meaning the Marauders. Now with Mayfield as well, we were going to have the best fucking time of our life.




Organize it well.




We do as well.


What are you doing? Have you started finishing off each others lines?




Shut the hell up.




No. Goodbye.





Right. So getting away from the voices in my head, I’m going to visit reality again.


“Wait- so you’ve never been to one of these parties?” gaped Prongs, and Mayfield shook her head.


“Hold up. This has to be the best Halloween party yet then, if this is going to be her only one. We have so much work to do!” I exclaimed.


“Never thought I’d here those words come out your mouth,” came a voice from the door, laughing. I smiled and turned to see Iris, but quickly realised the predicament we were in. We were all half naked.


“Iris, it’s amazing to see you and all, but could you… please… like, get out for a minute?” I requested. She looked offended.


“Why?” I ushered to myself and the rest of the guys, who were all hurriedly putting on trousers, and some shirts.


“But, Alex is in here,” muttered Iris.


“She’s Lexander,” I stated as if that explained everything. I was surprised when she laughed.


“Oh yeah, I forgot. Boy of the century, Alex Mayfield. I’ll be outside, waiting for you,” she said seductively, winking at me before leaving and shutting the door.


I looked at Mayfield. She had smiled before when Iris was there, but I could tell she just wanted to punch her in the face. Fabulous. My girlfriend and almost sister/brother want to throttle each other.


I left my shirt off, but put my trousers on, the rest of the team gone by the time I was done buckling my belt.


“Iris,” I called, “you can come in now.”


She came in. She was wearing a flowing dress that reached her mid-thigh, that had a strap just beneath her top area. I had actually not seen her in jeans once since we started dating- weird.


“Hi,” she smiled, sitting next to me. She buried her head in my neck, and I wrapped my arm around my waist. “How are you?” This is how the conversation always was. We’d always say we were fine and then just sit in silence and snog a bit. It was nice, but it was so different to the relaxed feeling we had as just friends. I didn’t want to say anything, because Iris loved it. She found it perfect, this relationship- just what she wanted, and I didn’t want to break her heart when she was willing to snog, and nobody else was on my mind.


She leant over to me and we began snogging once the small talk had finished. It felt so damn good. It was slow at first but soon got rougher, my hand slipping up her dress that was not really covering much of her lower half now. She was straddled on top of me, one hand tugging at the belt buckle of my jeans, the other wrapped around my neck.


She took the hand on my neck to where her other hand was, and tugged ferociously on the belt whilst biting on my lip. I didn’t even realise she had taken to unbuckling my belt. My hand went further up her dress (more like a top now) to her lower back. Too distracted, I didn’t even care about the fact she had opened the button of my baggy jeans and was slowly pulling them down.


Then a jet of let hit us both in the face. More appropriately on the mouth. I spotted a flash of a messy black bun and a laugh I could not mistake before we were left, just Iris and I again. We shrugged and tried to break apart, but couldn’t. We tugged and tugged but our mouths wouldn’t separate. My lips were aching now, and we were having to use our noses to regain the breath we had lost.


Mayfield was dead.


I got up and buttoned up my jeans, forgetting my belt. It could wait. I had pulled up Iris with me, her eyes wide with fear of humiliation when we went in the castle.


Well what else could we do? Oh, Mayfield is going to die in the most painful way possible, I tell you, but only after she reverses this spell.


I tilted my head towards the pitch, and we shuffled out onto the pitch, gradually making our way to the castle. We entered in, and were getting many weird looks, some laughs (to which I gave the finger back at) and disgusted looks from some prudes.




I don’t know how we did it, but we had somehow made our way up the billions of stairs and were nearly at the Gryffindor Common Room where I knew she’d be.


“Disgusting manners. Password?” reprimanded the Fat Lady.


Shit. The password. What to do, what to do, what to do?


Idea! Thank god I knew some good spell work. I used my wand with a Sparkler (a type of muggle firework that was like a stick with a glowing and sparking end) charm that the Marauders had invented in fifth year that unlike the muggle version left the diagram of whatever you drew glowing till the person wished to remove it. Basically like drawing on air! I drew the words ‘Lion Pride’ after making sure nobody else was around with my wand, and the Fat Lady accepted it, and for that I was thankful- I would never make fun of her singing again. Well, I’d try not to. We squeezed ourselves through the entrance and my eyes immediately landed on Mayfield, who looked innocent to any outsider, but to me, I knew she was smug.


Oh, she was going to get it.


“You!” I shouted pointing at Mayfield, but it came out more as “Mmm!” since I had my lips attached to someone else’s. They were getting really dry now. Everyone in the Common Room was now looking at Iris and I but I couldn’t care less.


Mayfield suddenly broke out into fits of laughter, Prongs joining her. Git! He was in it too? He’s meant to be my best friend- not hers!


“I’m sorry,” laughed Mayfield, “I can’t even lie. It was me- but you should’ve seen you two!” she exclaimed in between her gales of laughter. “You were going at it like tigers, nearly fucking each other and your trousers were coming off!” I went a deep shade of scarlet as everyone in the room chuckled. “So I thought since you two were snogging so vicariously it wouldn’t even matter if I joined your lips together! Heck, I did you a favour. You should be thanking me!” The whole room was in hysterics apart from Iris and I. I just looked at Mayfield laughing so hard and smiling so widely that I couldn’t help but grin as well. I started laughing, but Iris glared fiercely at me when some of my spit shot into her mouth. She wasn’t complaining about my saliva going into her mouth when we were snogging. Sheesh. Girls and their odd, freaky sense of hygiene.


I prodded Mayfield on the shoulder, and she composed herself. I looked at her pleadingly. She knew what I was asking, I knew that, and she stroked an imaginary beard as if pondering on the idea. She pointed her finger down and I glared at her. She was going to do this in the most humiliating way possible. I kneeled on the floor, forgetting Iris, who was tugged down with me. She glared, I looked at her sheepishly. Eh. We were sideways on to Mayfield who now looked very evil and smug. Slytherin woman.


“Massage my feet.” The room was silent. She has got to be joking. Me? Massage? Her feet? I don’t think so. “Do it, or the charms not coming off.” I thought about my poor lips again. I guess my hands and dignity would have to make a sacrifice for them. I nodded and took off her shoes, and began massaging her feet. No one dare say a word, they had never seen Sirius Black so controlled by someone apart from James Potter, his brother basically. They were rough and a bit stinky, but they weren’t unbearable. Apparently, Iris found the smell intolerable though, as she pinched her nose shut. Then realised she couldn’t breathe, so let go again, and ended up with just having a permanent cringe on her face.


It was an ugly cringe, let me tell you.


“I think that’s enough torture for now,” grinned Mayfield and my eyes lit up. She waved her wand and without saying a word we were apart. “Why didn’t you try basic charm spells?” asked Mayfield curiously.


I smirked, licking my lips, “I knew you wouldn’t use a basic one. It’s probably incredibly rare.”


“You know me so well,” mock-sniffed Mayfield, wiping a fake tear, and putting an arm around my shoulder. I suddenly realised I should be angry with her so pushed off her arm and I could see Iris smile smugly. “What was that for?”


“You pranked me!” I pouted, folding my arms in front of my chest in a very childlike manner.




“It was mean!”


“It was funny!”


“Nuh uh!”


“Yuh uh!”


“Nuh uh!”


“Yuh uh!”


“Yuh uh!”


“Nuh uh!”


“Ha!” I laughed, victoriously.


“Damn. Yes, so it was a bit mean. But, you can’t stay mad with me,” whispered Mayfield widening her eyes.


“You do know you’re puppy dog eyes look more like demon eyes?”


“All the more reason for you to forgive me cause I’m so awesome,” she grinned, winking. I shook my head but gave her one of those man hugs you give to anyone you consider to be a brother.


“Of course I can’t be mad at you Lexander. I’m proud, though someone will have to moisten my dry lips,” I explained, but stopped once I realised how wrong that sounded. Iris gaped, but the Marauders (including Mayfield) and I just laughed, knowing about my terrible talk-without-thinking syndrome. It was almost as bad as Mayfield’s case of it.


“Probably your girlfriend,” sung Prongs, and Mayfield shoved me towards her.


“I’m sorry, but I think I won’t be able to snog for a while now- my new case of Snogaphobia has overridden my hormones,” I grumbled.


“Yes! I was the one who stopped Sirius Black from being a man slag! Gave him a case of Snogaphobia so he shall never satisfy his freakishly large hormone desires!” declared Mayfield, standing on the couch.


“Get down from there, Alex, and stop acting like such a twat,” snapped Iris. Mayfield got down looking at her oddly, and I stepped in front of her defensively.


“Don’t talk to her like that!”


I’m your girlfriend Sirius! Are you forgetting that? You’re meant to be on my side!” trilled Iris.


“What happened to you?”


“What happened to me?”


“Yes!” I shouted back, my temper rising. “Ever since we’ve started going out you’ve been acting like one of those bimbos or those prissy, over protective bitches!”


“So you’re calling me a bitch?”


“Yes! You know how much friendship means to me and I thought you’d be the same funny, cool girl I used to know, but now, god knows who you are!”


“Who am I? You’re the one who’s acting all buddy buddy with girls!”


“It’s only Lexander, and she’s a fucking brother to me.”


“Fine! I just don’t see how you can forgive her so easily?”


“It’s something called friendship! Haven’t seen Holly lately, have you?”


“No wonder your parents didn’t want you! You are so stubborn and selfish- never wanting to do whatever anyone else wants, or make any sacrifices!” I was silent at her words. My emotions were mixed between anger and sadness. How could she go there?


“Don’t you even think about talking shit about what you don’t know,” snarled Mayfield, stepping in front of me.


“Oh, so you know so much about him?”


“Yes I do! I’m one of his best friends- like a sibling!”


“Oh yeah? So where were you the last 6 years of his life? There must have been he reason he didn’t get to know you sooner. Maybe he didn’t want to know you, maybe he forgot you on purpose when he found real friends!”


Oh no. She did not go there. Mayfield looked like she was about to break.


“Get the fuck out. Now. And don’t think about talking to Padfoot again, he’s breaking up with you, nor Alex. No one mucks around with my friends, and I don’t care if you were one of them,” demanded Prongs, before I could do anything hasty. Thank god for him.


“Who are you to say he’s breaking up with me?”


“Do you really want me to answer that question?” replied Prongs in such a low voice it could scare away Voldemort. Iris was obviously frightened and knew she should leave, so she sniffed once more and ran up the stairs to the girls dormitories.


“What you looking at?” shouted Prongs at the onlookers to the event. I shuddered as I repeated the words she said.


‘No wonder your parents didn’t want you!’


She went exactly where my insecurities lie, whether it was meaningful or not. I was always afraid of that. That maybe I wasn’t just a good person in a family of bad, that’s why my family didn’t love me. Maybe it was because I was such a bad child and so stubborn and selfish that they couldn’t love me. I always feared the stubbornness of mine and brattyness was the reason they never looked at my point of view. It’s ridiculous, I know. I mean the Black family would never change their point of view for me, but it still hurt. And she did the exact same to Mayfield. Mayfield. The idea was ridiculous! Of course I wanted her in my life! But it was still hurting her, I could tell.


“Guys… Alex, Paddy… We should go to the dorms,” muttered Prongs, seething. Both of his friends were just insulted in the most horrible way possible- of course he was angry. He put a hand on each of our backs, guiding us up the stairs to the dormitories. Moony was in the dorm and immediately came over to us when seeing our plight. Prongs sat us both down on my bed, before whispering a brief summary of what happened into Moony’s ear. Fury was evident in his eyes, but luckily he had enough self control (the full moon was a while away) to push it away. He grabbed two glasses of water handing one to each of us but neither of us took it. We were frozen with shock.


“Come on guys, drink some water. It’ll make you feel better,” he begged. We listened to the tone of Moony’s voice and couldn’t help but take the water and drink it. He was right, like always. It freshened me and cleared my mind so I could think better. It seemed it had the same effect on Mayfield.


“All I can say Lexander, is that all the thing she said about me wanting to forget you was utter bullshit. You don’t know how happy I was when you came into my life this year, and I could tell the younger version of me was overjoyed when your younger self was around. I don’t know why, but I know I would never purposely try to forget you.” She nodded, and I could tell she accepted it truly in her eyes, and I was grateful for that.


“And whatever she said about your parents was bullshit as well. You are not with them anymore because you picked the right side and went against what they wanted. You are the least selfish person I know- you’d do anything for your friends, I mean, you became an Animagi for Moony and well, I think every Gryffindor is stubborn. And that’s a good quality.” The sincerity in her voice and the fact it was her saying it made me truly believe it and I was so glad to have her.


“I feel really tired,” I muttered, yawning.


“Me too,” said Mayfield.


“Let’s do a sleepover thingymabob,” I suggested, with as much eagerness as a tired person can give.


“Let’s do it,” grinned Prongs, who I could tell also wanted a break.


“Early sleep? I’m in,” mumbled Moony, and we laughed.


“What’s a sleepover thingymabob?”


“A Sleepover Thingymabob is the name we christened to basically joining four of the beds using magic, getting the house elves to bring us a supply of snacks, and just talk, sleep for a bit, and if we wake up in the night then we just talk some more and play pranks on each other if we can be bothered,” explained Prongs.


“Sounds good. Can I sleep while you get it all ready?” grumbled Mayfield, eyes already closed, and her breathing steady.


“Oh dear, she’s already asleep!” I laughed.




Shit. Shitty Shit Shit.


When I agreed to this I forgot about Mayfield’s ‘night mode’, and it seems she was so tired, she forgot about it as well. I had someone poking my arm and I had no doubts as to who it was.


“Sirius? Snuffles?” came a voice from beside me. She was going to wake everybody up and I don’t know whether she would mind about Prongs and Moony seeing her like that. Plus, she might say some things she wouldn’t ever say in real life and say a lot about her home. It’s only fair if she got to explain the situation with her mum when she wanted to, and when she would be able to remember it.


What should I do?




Capsy. That. Is. Genius!


Really, him?


Yes, him! I’ll take her into the bathroom, where it was so far away they wouldn’t be able to hear her! The gigantic bed was much closer to the door than the bathroom. And that way, in the morning I’d be able to put her back into the big bed before anybody realised!




Will do, Capsy, will do.


I picked up Mayfield, not willing to take the risk to see her try and get to the bathroom herself silently, and she shut up for that moment, seeming to be comfortable in my arms. She was heavy, but not so much that I couldn’t carry her with moderate ease for a short distance. But then again, I was ripped.


I opened the bathroom door quietly, and slipped inside with Mayfield, and closed the door behind me. I let out a sigh of relief. The bathroom door was pretty much sound proof, so unless both Mayfield and I screamed we shouldn’t be heard.


Mayfield had gone back to sleep for now, but she would half wake up in less than half-an-hour most likely so I’d probably have to stay awake. I laid her in the bath tub, then realised it was pretty big so laid in it myself as well. Not in a sick way thank you very much- like. a. brother. She took off her jacket and trackees like usual (leaving her in a tank top and short shorts that was basically underwear) snuggled into my chest. I pulled the curtains so it was closed just in case.




I woke up when I felt the prodding again, but this time I heard something else and felt something. The shower was on. And most likely Mayfield had put it on. It was soaking wet, and I was only in my boxers, so my skin was all wet. Similar case with Mayfield but she didn’t seem to mind and she looked a bit dazed meaning she was definitely in her ‘night mode’. I then heard something that scared me even more. It was too dark for me to see where the shower off button was, and I heard the bathroom door open. It was Prongs and he was awake, because he was singing, not mumbling in the way that tired people do.


Really, Prongs? You needed a jizz now? I quickly put my hand over Mayfield’s mouth to stop her from talking, but it just produced these moaning sounds instead. I scampered around for the off button now the light was on, but my haste made us slip to the ground. Luckily it wasn’t loud, but now I was on the floor of the quarter filled bathtub with my Mayfield straddling me and no way to get up. My hand was still on her mouth, but she bit it making me let out a moan and growl with pain. Mayfield bent down to me, I think to tell me something, but before that the curtain opened and a scream came from outside the tub. Then Mayfield screamed. Then I screamed.




“I can’t believe you’re fucking in the bath tub! I can’t believe you’re shagging each other in the first place! What happened to all that shit about ‘she’s like a sister’ and she’s your first aswell! You could’ve told me! Though I think I’m mentally scarred- put some clothes on!”




I felt the strange desire to laugh madly.


Prongs thought we were fucking each other!


Well, it was justifiable. I mean, I was only wearing boxers that were hidden under the water, and Mayfield’s thin tank top was practically transparent as it was so wet, and the shorts were hidden under the water as well. Also we were in a very compromising position, with Mayfield straddling me and her bending down to my face as if about to kiss me.


“We’re wearing clothes Prongs! We weren’t shagging each other!” I laughed.


“Yeah right. Then what are you doing having a shower. Together. And you’re not handcuffed together!”


“Look, come outside and I’ll explain,” I muttered, stepping out the bath tub. “Lexander, stay here please.”


“Okay, Snuffles, but come back soon,” she said smiling like a little child. Prongs looked at her oddly but before he could open his mouth I took him outside.




“So this happens every night?”


“Depending on what’s on her mind. Usually she’s troubled about something and reveals it in the night. Like venting,” I explained. I had gave him a brief summary of what had happened and why. I didn’t want to say too much, but I’m sure Mayfield wouldn’t mind me telling Prongs about this- she was pretty close with him now. I didn’t tell him anything about her home situation affecting it though- that was Mayfield’s to tell.


I had switched off the shower, and dried Mayfield off, putting her in a top of mine and some trackees of mine that surprising did not drown her. The top was a bit big though, but the trackees’ length was alright, and only a little bit wider, but it’s alright, as they came in at the bottom.


Finally, sleep. I looked at the clock- for two hours only. And we had Halloween Party planning tomorrow!


The Halloween Party. Now that should be interesting…


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