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Scars by PotterUnited
Chapter 3 : The Train Ride Home
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This chapter is from Rose's- Hermione's daughter's- P.O.V.

For people who do not know: POTTER/WEASLEY FAMILY TREE:

Rose & Hugo- Ron and Hermione's children

Albus & James, Lily- Ginny and Harry's children

Dom, Louis, Victoire- Fleur and Bill's children

Fred, Roxy- George and Angelina (Johnson)'s children

Scorpius- Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass's son

I hope you enjoy this chapter! Please review!

DISCLAIMER: all recognisable names and the rest of Potter universe belong to the legend that is J.K. Rowling. The plot belongs to me. Sabrina the Teenager Witch belongs to Archie Comics, The WB, Hartbreak Productions and Finishing the Hat Productions.


“Where have you been?”







 I looked up to see Scorpius standing at the compartment door, running his hand through his messy blonde hair. “I’ve been looking everywhere!” He shot me a look and sort of smiled. Yes, he did smile, but it wasn’t right.







“I was with the guys, Ro. Chill.” He sat down on the seat opposite me and Dom, resting his dirty shoes on the seat next to me.







“You said you’d meet me half an hour ago!” I hissed at him darkly. “I went up and down the train looking for you.”







“Oh, relax,” he yawned. “I was right up at the other end. I take you didn’t search down there?” I ignored him and starting reading my book again.







“Ooooh… tension between the happy couple,” Dom smirked. I shot her a look.







“No tension,” I said, closing my book again. “Just a friendly discussion about where my boyfriend disappeared to for the last three hours!” Scorpius ignored me and pulled a gold object out of the pocket of his jacket. He started throwing it up in the air, and catching it before it flew away. “Is that a Snitch?” I hissed. “You stole a bloody Snitch from school!” He grinned at me, that lopsided grin that always makes my heart melt. I couldn’t stay mad at him.







“They won’t miss it. They have a billion anyway.” I rolled my eyes, picked up my book and started reading again, however not ten seconds later the compartment door was flung open and outside stood my rather out of breath, annoying, older cousin, James.







“I give up. I’m never gonna read this with you guys disturbing me.” I put my book away. “What do you want, Jay?”







“Well…” he said. “I lost my Streeler! It’s orange and slimy!”







“You lost your bloody poisonous snail on the Hogwarts express?” said Dom, who muttered in an undertone: “Are you some sort of idiot?” James quickly glanced around.







“Well, if you see it, you know where to find me.” He slammed the compartment door shut and we heard him hammer down the corridor, yelling, “DELIAH! DELIAH!”







“How did we even get him as a cousin?” I asked, shaking my head. “The rest of our family are relatively smart. But him…?”







“I wonder if that’s what he’s been up to for the last few months. Whenever I went up to his and Freddie’s dorm room I heard bangs and cries.”







“They camped out in mine and Al’s dorm one night in May,” said Scorp, scratching his head. “Apparently they were not able to sleep in there.” Dom laughed.







“So what were you and the guys discussing, Scorp?” I asked. Scorpius gave me an irritated look. I shot it right back.







“Ro, would you give it a rest?”







I stared at his blonde hair, covering his chocolate-coloured left eye. “Why? Are you hiding something?”







He leant forward. “Don’t you trust me?”







I leant towards him as well.“Should I?”





















“Shut up!” Dom yelled, causing us both to jump backwards in our seats. However she added, “Please” as an afterthought.







“We were discussing the next Quidditch season, alright? Al and I were planning new tactics. And no, Rose, you cannot know the tactics. Happy?” I folded my arms and continued to stare at him and finally nodded.







“I believe you,” I said, “For now.” I glanced towards Dom, who was staring at me questioningly. “Later,” I mouthed.







He checked his watch. “The Trolley Lady should be here soon and I want to actually get some Liquorice Wands this journey, so I’m going to go and scope her out. Ladies, would you like anything?”







“Chocolate Frogs and Every Flavour Beans, please,” I said.







“Get me a bit of everything,” Dom answered. “I’ll pay you when you get back.” He nodded and exited the compartment. As soon as the door slammed shut, Dom turned in her seat to face me.







“What was with the inquisition?” she asked, with her eyebrows raised.







“Well…” I said.







“Wait, do you think he’s cheating on you?” she said, slowly. “Is that why you were questioning him?” I scratched my head and avoided her gaze. “Well, do you?”







I sighed. “Perhaps I do.” Dom didn’t speak so I elaborated. “He’s missed our last two dates because of ‘detention’; however I happen to know he wasn’t in detention for either of them because Gracie was there as punishment for feeding two first years a swelling solution. She didn’t see him. He hasn’t been at dinner for the last week- except for the Final Feast and he hasn’t snuck into our dormitory in weeks.”
Dom sighed. “Oh, Rose.” She patted my arm. “I really didn’t want to have this talk but you’ve given me no choice.” She took a deep breath and straightened her back. “You see: those blonde attractive Quidditch player types are never faithful.”







“And you’re not that type?”







“I,” said Dom, flicking her long champagne hair behind her shoulder, “Am a Gryffindor, therefore, faithful.”







“Pettigrew wasn’t,” I muttered.







She leant forward and stared into my eyes. “Just dump that loser and get a proper guy!”







“You have no idea what it is like to be in a proper relationship, do you, Dom?” I snorted.







“I prefer one-night-stands,” she winked at me. “A lot of romance but you’re not heartbroken when you get dumped!”







I burst out into laugher. Dom and I clung onto each other, laughing- which sounded like the shrieks of banshees- until Scorpius returned with an enormous pile of sweets. As he had promised, he had bought a little bit of everything.







“Hey, Scorp,” I said, still giggling. Scorpius sat down and spread the sweets across the seats. We had a happy few hours eating sugary goodness; however the thought of him cheating on me never left my mind once.







So, when Dom decided to use the toilet thirty minutes after consuming the last sweets, Scorpius and I were left alone, sweetless; the tension in the room was clearly visible.







“Scorp, can I talk to you about something?” I asked, looking up at the blonde boy sitting opposite me. He was slouched across the compartment seats, hands behind his head and eyes closed. However, his eyes flew open and he bolted upright when I spoke.







“Erm… yeah,” he said. I got up and sat next to him and took his hand.







“I was acting kind of weird earlier, I know,” I said, looking him straight in his eyes. He defiantly stared right into mine. “Listen, we’re in a relationship, right?” I waited but he said nothing. “So we have to be honest, right?” No answer. “You are being totally honest, aren’t you?”







“Rose, what are you implying?” he asked. I took a deep breath.







“Are you cheating on me?” Those words echoed around the compartment, repeating and repeating. Are you cheating on me? Are you cheating on me? Are you cheating on me…







I waited. He said nothing. And I waited. And I waited. Finally, he burst into laughter.







“Wait, Ro, you think I’m cheating on you?” I didn’t laugh, or even crack a smile. I sat with my arms crossed, staring back at his grinning face. “What, you really do think I’m cheating on you?” I glanced to the door, having just seen my idiot of a cousin (James) followed by my other idiot of a cousin (Fred) run past. Scorpius took hold of both of my hands and looked me in the eyes. He looked sincere- very sincere.







“Would you just answer my question,” I said, flatly.







“No, I’m not,” he said. “To be honest, I’m insulted you even thought I would.”







“But-” I started, however he started laughing again. “Hey! It’s not funny!” I glanced around again- I thought I saw my idiot of a pair of cousins run past, again- then hissed at him. “Gracie told me you weren’t at detention when you were supposed to be. You haven’t been to any meals or snuck up to my dorm room in weeks. I want an explanation, boyfriend.” I said ‘boyfriend’ sarcastically. Some boyfriend if he was lying to me.







“Rose,” he said, snorting, “I seriously think you should be an investigator. You’re too inquisitive for your own good.” I glared at him. “You want to know where I was. Fine, I was organizing something- for you, actually.” I didn’t believe him, so he sighed and continued. “It’s big, alright? I was thinking we could go abroad to see a Quidditch match on our own this summer.” My mouth fell open. Was he being serious? “Where was I during meals? Finding out the Quidditch game times; that’s where I was. Where was I during detentions? In Gringotts exchanging galleons into Muggle money and at the Ministry, arranging a Portkey to take us abroad.”







“Where is it and who’s playing?” I whispered, in shock.







“Spain,” he grinned. “Mum and Dad have agreed to it- it’ll only be for a night after all.”







“Wow…” I whispered and then grinned. I was happy again. My boyfriend wasn’t cheating on me; in fact, he was even more amazing than I could ever imagine.














The Hogwarts Express arrived at Platform 9 ¾ about 30 minutes later. After kissing Scorpius goodbye, I, Dom, Al, Fred and James all walked down the platform, pulling our trunks behind us. Turns out the Streeler had made its way into Al’s compartment; they had found in cowering in a corner. Luckily it hadn’t hurt any innocent bystanders, though.







“He said he’s not cheating on me,” I whispered to Dom, walking slightly slower behind the boys. “He said it sincerely.”







“So you believe him then?” said Dom, who hung back with me.







“Why should I not? Nobody is that good a liar- especially when they are cheating on you.” I glanced at Dom who avoided my eyes. “So you don’t believe he’s faithful?”







“Well…” said Dom, “All I really mean is: be careful. I remember what happened the last time a guy cheated on you. You had to go to therapy for six months.”







“I’ll be careful,” I smiled at her. “At least I’m ready for it this time, right?” Dom sighed.







“Look, I’ve just seen my parents. Owl me when you get home, okay? Just be careful.”







“I will do- besides; I have something to tell you!”







She gave me a fleeting hug and ran towards her parents, who were standing a few metres in front of my dad. I waved at them (my aunt and uncle) as I walked past. My dad was waving manically at me. My brother Hugo was standing behind him, looking thoroughly embarrassed at our father’s behaviour.







“Hey dad,” I grinned. He embraced me in a bear hug.







“Hey Rosie Posie,” he said. “Welcome back to England, Kiddo!” I laughed. No matter how much I loved Hogwarts, it was nice to be back at home in England; much less drama but still with the delicious meals.







“It’s good to be home,” I said. “Hey Hugh,” I said, grinning. He gave me a nasty look and hoisted his trunk up and stormed off towards the direction of the car park.







“What’s his problem,” ask dad, in an undertone. I shrugged.







“He’s been like that since we came back to school after Easter,” I replied, not too worried about his behaviour.







“Oh,” said dad, worried. He obviously didn’t agree with me.







“Perhaps we should just get home,” I said. “May be lack-of-playing-Nintendo-Wii-3- syndrome.” I picked up my trunk and we walked through the station to the car







On the way out we past many of my relatives (I have hundreds), James, Al, their sister Lily and their father Harry, (“Remember I bought tickets to the Chudley Cannons next Saturday, Ron”). We also passed Fred, his sister, Roxie, and their parents. Their dad, George, owns a joke shop, so for every Christmas and birthday, I receive joke items from the shop. Lastly, we passed Dad’s brother, Percy, however dad muttered something about not wanting to speak to him. We put our heads down and rushed forward with the trolley, through the barrier into King’s Cross and out into the station packed with Muggles. Ten minutes later, we were driving back to our home in the small village of Ottery St. Catchpole.







Hugo was listening to the Muggle iPod he had received for Christmas (however he could not take it to Hogwarts because of the whole magic messing with electricity problem). We could hear the music blaring out of the headphones, something which sounded strangely like country. I looked around at Dad. He kept on asking us questions, however I realised his eyes kept darting left and right and he would never catch my eye. He also looked rather shifty.







“Dad, are you alright?” I asked, shocked at his abnormal behaviour.







“Yeah,” he said, quickly. “Of course I am. Why would I not be alright? Why would you ask me such a question Rosie?” He was obviously ranting now so I stopped him before he could go any further.







“Okay, you’re alright,” I said, abruptly. After that we sat in awkward silence. I had decided not to mention the Quidditch game until we got home; dad dislikes Scorpius; I don’t think he could stop himself from blowing up the house if mum wasn’t there to stop him when he found out. Well, until we got stuck in traffic jam and dad decided to ask Hugo:







“By the way Hugh, what was that red thing on your neck?” Yep, the silence just turned from awkward to downright agonizing. It’s called a love bite, dad, I thought, cringing inside.














When we finally arrived at home, I literally bolted out of the car and ran down the path of our front garden. Let me give you a description of our house. The first thing to say is that our house is MASSIVE. Okay, admittedly not as big as the Potter house; that size is pretty hard to beat, however ours is big as well; and that is without the side extension. The walls are made of stone (as is common in the English countryside). Five shuttered windows on the top floor at the front of the original house, three windows wide; two ancient chimneys; one fireplace in the lounge and one in the kitchen at the other end of the house. The plot is surrounded by trees and both the front garden and the back garden are massive. We have an extensive drive, one hundred metres long.







So I run down our drive, leaving dad to get my trunk (he did embarrass us in the car.) I arrived at the large white front door and started knocking on it hard, the thumps most likely ringing through the whole house. I started knocking even harder when it started to rain, drops falling down from the sky. “Open the bloody door!” I yelled.







The door swung open and standing inside was my mother, looking rather flustered, with her hair tied back and wearing a flowery apron. “Mind your language, Rose Amelia Weasley.” However, she grinned at me and embraced me in a tight hug. I could hear Hugh and dad walking down the drive now.







“My music wasn’t that loud, dad!” Hugo yelled. “Stop over-exaggerating.”







“Hugo!” Mum pulled Hugo into the hug. He’s got so tall recently, so my head was crushed on his chest. “It’s lovely to see you two again.” I pulled myself away from the hug and ran into the house. I pulled my coat off and flung it on the coat hanger. Then I ran into the lounge, jumped onto the sofa, grabbed the TV remote and started channel hopping. Sometimes a girl just needs to slouch on the sofa and watch TV when she’s just got home from a busy school year. A good thing about my mother being Muggle-born is that she knows all about Muggle technology; therefore we get a television; a massive 40 inch HD 3D television. I settled on reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, about a sixteen year old who finds out she's a witch and who goes to live with her aunts who house a talking cat. Yep, decades old and totally inaccurate (you need a wand to perform magic- you can’t just use your index finger, and cats can’t talk- full stop) but it is such a good show. And a talking cat seriously makes my day, no matter how unrealistic it is. And so, for the next few minutes, I watched the television and did nothing else. I wasn’t going to tell my parents about the match until tomorrow; no reason to bother them with that.







I was fifteen minutes into the episode, when mum walked in and sat at the edge of the sofa. “Listen, Rosie,” she said. I glanced at her quickly then starting watching the TV again. “We have to talk about something.” I nodded to show I was listening. “Rose?”







“Yeah?” I said, and then roared out laughing. The cat had just said something witty.







“Rose, are you even listening!” Mum snapped. My head bolted round.







Of course, I am! It’s just that Salem the cat is pretty witty.”







“I get that.” I had gone back to watching TV. “Rose would you turn the volume of for one minute, please?” I obliged.







“Well, you know how I work with youths who have no families, right?”







“Yeah,” I said.







“And youths who have a family but who cannot look after them?”







Get to the chase, mother dearest.







“Well the thing is-” However, she was interrupted by someone walking into the room. He was a sandy haired boy, medium height, gorgeous to die for chocolate eyes, wearing a hooded jacket and black jeans.







HOTTIE ALERT! No, I can't think like that. I have a boyfriend.







“Hermione, where do you keep the…” However he stopped talking and stared at me. My mouth fell open.







“Rose, meet Keegan, who is going to be staying with us for the next few months. Keegan, meet Rose: my daughter.”







Now I know why dad was so anxious in the car.










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