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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 3 : Angry tales
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A week or so later Ron, who still had the key stumbled into Hermione's flat at eleven O clock at night and, after checking Hermione was in bed sat down on the sofa to read over the information he had been giving for Auror training. He had a lot to learn, and since he was still working for George at the shop he didn't have a lot of time. He had considered leaving the shop and focusing all his efforts on Auror training to make sure he would pass but that was before he realised he would need money. The money he had saved up wouldn't last long, especially since Hermione was pregnant. He hadn't told Hermione he was still working at the shop for several reasons; first he knew that she wouldn't be pleased that he was going to the shop at six in the morning then too Auror training at nine and then back to the shop at five until around about eleven at night. Second, she would be even less happier to hear that he was doing it because he needed the money to pay for what ever baby stuff they would need. He knew what her reply would be, he could almost hear her in his head.

“Ronald Weasley that is the stupidest reason I have ever heard, what do you need the money for. I have a job that pays just fine, you should just do the Auror training and tell George you can't help out at the shop.” Smiling to himself, he decided it was definitely better she didn't know. He lay his head back against the settee and closed his eyes for just a second.

“Ron, Ron, wake up. Ron,” Hermione shook his shoulder and he opened his eyes, looking up at her blearey eyed.

“Whatsthematter?” He mumbled as he stretched out before sitting up and looking around. He was still on the settee so he must have fallen asleep. Catching sight of the Auror training leaflets that had fell to the floor he panicked and looked around. “What time is it?”

“It's only half five, I just needed a drink and you didn't look very comfortable so I thought I would wake you. You've still got another couple of hours until Auror training, why don't you go to bed?” She smiled at him before walking into the kitchen. Ron yawned then stood up, he needed to get ready for the shop. Actually, he needed a shower and it would hopefully wake him up too. He wandered off into the bathroom and quickly took a shower, he didn't want to be late and he figured Hermione would probably want to know where he was going. With a towel wrapped around his waist he walked into the bedroom in search of clean clothes and Hermione was lying awake in the bed.

“Where you going at this time?” She asked him as he opened the wardrobe to where Hermione kept the few clothes he had here for when he stayed, which, if he was honest was every night. He didn't reply straight away, he didn't want to lie but he didn't want an argument.

“Work,” he muttered as he got dressed, not looking at her. “I should probably bring some more clothes round here, I'm running out,” he spoke up, not caring that it was an obvious attempt to change the subject.

“You don't work, you do Auror training, don't you?” She asked, confused as too where he was going and he shook his head slightly. She was never going to fall for the most obvious change of subject, instead it had probably just made her more suspicious.

“Yes, I do Auror training” he told her before leaning down to give her a kiss, if he stuck around any longer he was going to tell her.

“But, you just said you were going to work” she told him, sitting up. He just nodded before turning on the spot and disaparating leaving a very confused and annoyed Hermione to wonder where he had gone.

Hermione tried to wait up for him coming in, he should have been in around five but five O clock came and went, as did six, seven and eight O clock. Frowning to herself she wondered if he was even coming back, he could have went home to the Burrow. That's what she thought he had been doing but now she wasn't sure. Picking up the baby book she started to read from where she had fallen asleep yesterday and waited for him. She had only just nodded off when she heard the front door open. Glancing at the clock she was surprised to see it was half past eleven. Ron walked into the living room and smiled as he saw Hermione was awake.

“Hey babe, I thought you would be asleep by now,” Ron told her as he walked in and sat next to her on the couch. It was a nice change to see her but he didn't want any questions, he was too tired to try to get around them now.

“Where you been?” She blurted out, turning to face him as she placed her legs underneath her. She didn't care that she almost sounded rude, she just wanted too know.

“Work,” he muttered, not quite meeting her gaze. “I'm tired, you coming to bed?” He asked as he stood up, a too happy smile on his face.

“Ron!” She half shouted, “will you just explain what you are doing, please?” He sighed and sat back down on the sofa.

“It's just that I'm still working at the shop with George but I am still doing my Auror training.” Hermione didn't speak, she didn't understand why he was still working at the shop. Ron seemed to know what she was thinking and he sighed before continuing to talk. “Well, it's just that we're going to need money and if I'm doing Auror training for two years unpaid, we can't afford that. George doesn't mind, I just go in a six, leave for Auror training and then go back to the shop until it closes. It's less money but it's better then nothing.” Her reaction was almost identical to what he had predicted.

“Ron, that is just, we don't need the money that bad. I have a job that pays just fine, you should just do the Auror training otherwise you're going to be exhausted.” He opened his mouth to argue but Hermione beat him too it. “Ron, listen to me. You are going to tell George you aren't working there and we will find a way to make ends meet,” he shook his head.

“I am not letting you pay for everything, no way. I can work at the same time, it's not a big deal.”

“Be realistic Ron, you're going to be exhausted and I don't care weather you pay for stuff or not so I don't know why you do.”

“I just do ok, it's not that big a deal” Hermione frowned, he really didn't want to let her pay but she couldn't work out why.

“Why though, there must be some reason?” She pressed on, determined to get it out of him. He merely shrugged though and lay back against the settee. Yawning, Hermione decided to go to bed and see if he would tell her in the morning. “Night” she told him before walking out of the living room and into bed. When she woke up he wasn't there.

On Saturday night they were both lying in Hermione's bed, Ron had Sundays off and George had let him go home early.

"Hermione, are you awake?” He asked, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Yeah" she mumbled half asleep.

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to tell everyone tomorrow, about the pregnancy I mean."

"Oh, emm well if you want to but I don't think sending an owl is the best thing to do" she whispered leaning up on her elbow to look him in the eyes.

"I thought we could tell everyone when we are at the Burrow since everyone is going there for tea anyway, it would be easier” he explained, brushing her hair out of her face.

"I...You mean like make a speech in front of like everyone?" her face paled at the thought of it and he smiled to reassure her.

"I'd speak if you wanted me to; I just thought it would be a good idea. We have to tell them at some point, preferably before they start to guess. We don't have to though, not tomorrow anyway, not if you don't want too" She shook her head and smiled.

"It's a great idea, honest. Do you think they'll mind though?” She whispered trying not to think about if they wouldn't.

“I don't know but I shouldn't imagine that they would mind. Don't worry about it anyway we're 19, there's not much they can do.” She nodded as he kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her. She lay her head back down on his chest and it wasn't long before they were both asleep.

The next day they went to the Burrow and seeing as though they were the last to arrive everyone else was already seated. They were eating outside since the dining room/kitchen wasn't designed to hold that many. As they walked through to the garden and towards where everyone was seated Hermione caught snatches of random conversation. At the head of the table sat Arthur who judging by the glint in his eye, was having a conversation with Harry about a muggle contraption, who was sat directly on Arthur's right.

“So, you can talk to people, even when you are out, how on earth does that work?” Arthur's voice was filled with excitement and Hermione, catching Harry's eye had to stop herself from laughing. Next to Harry was Ginny who smiled and waved at Ron and Hermione when she caught there eye. The space next to Ginny was occupied by Bill, who was trying to entertain his two year old daughter, Victorie. Fleur was sitting next to him and talking to George who still looked worse then what Ron had said but Hermione though that could just be because he was at a family gathering.

“Ez always difficult, I member when my mamas' friend died, ma mere was so sad”

At the other end of the table sat Molly who got up to greet Ron and Hermione and she ushered them to sit on her right.

“Hermione, Ron how are you both? Ron you look underfed?” Hermione could have sworn she heard someone laugh at that last comment but when she turned around she couldn't tell. When they had assured Molly they were fine Hermione found herself in between Ron and Charlie. Charlie was next to a girl who he introduced as Rona, his current girlfriend. She was deep in conversation with Percy about his new job as a reporter for the Prophet.

“Yes, so I didn't want to go back to the ministry, not after everything that has happened but then I thought if I was a reporter I could do some good.” Rona nodded, she seemed really interested in what he was saying. She had long black hair that was flowing down past her shoulders and bright green eyes. Molly stood up and went into the kitchen where she brought what looked like enough food to feed 13,000 people not just the 13 people that were actually there. The table was soon filled with the noise of people eating and nobody spoke for a little while. Once everyone had eaten there fill, or in Ron’s case more then his fill a general low hub filled the table as conversations broke out. Hermione joined in with Percy and Rona as they discussed what was happening at ministry and Harry, Ginny, Ron, Bill, Arthur and Charlie were all talking about the latest quidditch match between Ireland and Wales.

“Kingsley is really making the Ministry a better place-

-Nobody was surprised that Ireland won, have you seen there chasers, Wales had no chance.”

“I think everyone should head inside, it's getting cold out here.” Molly shouted over the noise. Ron tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she would stay outside with Dad for a minute.

“Arthur, would you come down here please” He nodded and made his way down to where Ron and Hermione were sat opposite Molly.

“Hey kids, is everything ok?” He smiled as he took a seat next to Molly.

“Hey dad, yeah everything's fine. There's something me and Hermione need to tell you though.” Ron started as both his parents turned to look at Hermione who managed a small smile before dropping her gaze back to the table. “Well the thing is me and Hermione…” He stopped and looked across at Hermione. “Well emm, what I’m trying to say is that well Hermione is pregnant.” The silence that followed was deafening. Ron felt for Hermione's hand under the table before entwining there fingers and squeezing her hand.

“How do you feel about that, both of you?” Arthur spoke, breaking the silence.

“Ok I guess,” Ron answered “it's not exactly perfect timing but since when is anything ever perfect timing.”

“Hermione, what about you?” Arthur asked her as she looked up.

“Well, emm the same I suppose” she said her voice barely higher then a whisper. Arthur just nodded.

“Well as long as you're both happy, that's the main thing” Arthur shrugged a smile on his face.

“Mum, what about you, what do you think?”

“It's your choice son, I can't tell you what to do but you're both so young and you haven't been going out that long. Are you sure you know what you're getting into?”

“We're both 19 mum, and yeah I know it's not exactly ideal but what can we do? It's not a bad thing.” Ron spoke up, defending himself and Hermione. Hermione's head was stooped and she was quite close to tears, upon seeing this Arthur asked Molly to come inside with him. She nodded and both her and Arthur stood up and started to walk inside.

“Don't spend too long out here, it's getting cold” Arthur told Ron and Hermione as he shut the back door. Ron nodded and squeezing Hermione's hand again motioned for her to come down the garden with him. When they reached the bottom the tears started to cascade down Hermione's face.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked, worry evident on his face "You're not hurt are you?" She just shook her head.

"I'm s-sorry" she managed to stutter out, trying to stop the tears from falling.

"What? Why?" he asked confused as he placed a hand on her cheek, wiping away a tear. She took a step backwards and turned to look up at the stars.

"For everything; the baby, and if your parents are upset imagine what everyone else will be like?" The tears had stopped and he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She sighed and lent back, her head resting just under his shoulder.

"You, Hermione Jean Granger, have nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I don't care what they think, its got nothing to do with them; we're both adults.” She turned around to face him, managing a small smile.

"I know you're right it's just...” she trailed off.

"Come inside, you're freezing and just ignore them if they say anything." She nodded and followed him inside. When they reached the Burrow there was only Ginny, Harry, Molly and Arthur.

"Hey," said Ron squeezing Hermione's hand. Ginny waved them over and they sat on the sofa opposite Molly and Arthur.

"Where did everyone go?" asked Ron.

"Bill and Fleur had to take Victorie home and Charlie went back to his place with Rona, George and Percy went upstairs." answered Ginny smiling at Hermione who tried to return it but didn't think it had worked very well.

"Oh right." Nobody spoke for several tense minutes. "Well I guess there's no harm in telling you, Hermione's pregnant." Ron spoke looking at Hermione who just nodded not daring to look at anyone.

“Really? That's great news!” Remarked Ginny, a grin on her face as she got up to hug Hermione.

“Congratulation's mate,” Harry told Ron though neither of them moved.

“Thanks, but we should probably be going, Hermione?” She looked up towards him and nodded. She made her way towards him and he took her arm. They were about to apperate back to Hermione's flat when Molly suddenly spoke up.

"Wait, please." They both stopped and stood still. "I'm sorry for what I said, it wasn't my place to say that and I’m sorry. Hermione, I never meant to upset you I’m really sorry." she apologized.

"That's okay,” Hermione replied, she was upset but it wasn't because of Molly. Molly didn't reply, instead she just pulled Hermione into a hug.

"Ok mum but we really have to go." smiled Ron. After saying goodbye to everyone, and arranging for Harry and Ginny to come round Hermione's the next day for dinner and a catch up, they finally disaparated to Hermione's. Neither of them spoke as they got ready for bed and Hermione went off to get some water before coming back into the bedroom and placing the glass on the bedside cabinet, alongside her wand.

"Well, that was... unexpected." said Ron as he climbed into bed and pulled Hermione closer.

"Yea and we've got it all again tomorrow at my folks..." she mumbled before falling asleep mid-sentence. Ron just smiled before kissing the top of her head. It wasn't long before they were both asleep.

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