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Changing for you by TigerLilian
Chapter 1 : I did not expect this to happen
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Changing for you
Chapter one
I did not expect this to happen

It had been really sucky day so far. First there had been bunch of First years, which had been trapped into dungeons by some Slytherins. Then there had been that huge explosion in third floor, caused by an unknown source, most probably the Marauders. Then there had been a complete mayhem in Charms classroom when Peeves had decided it would funny to light the whole room on fire. Stupid pyromaniac. And after that a food fight had erupted in the Great Hall at lunch and the whole place had ended up soaked with all kinds of food. Nobody got punished for that as it wasn’t like they would put the whole school in detention.

And now, now we had our first Potions class of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Potions. But the thing is that our beloved professor Slughorn had decided to do us Heads a favour by putting us to work together. Throughout the whole – bloody – year. I mean, seriously! James Potter was of course ecstatic. To him it was like Christmas had come early and he had gotten me as a present. And believe me; he was taking everything out of it. The thing was it wasn’t only the Potions class. Most of the teachers seemed to think that now that we were Heads together it would be only fair to let us work as a pair in everything else also! I mean really, like I wouldn’t get enough, no, too much, of James Prat Potter when I had to see him all the time outside the classes! No, now I had to see him inside of them too! So that was the reason I wasn’t in the best of the moods right now.

“So, Evans, what we exactly are doing right now?” James asked me, arching his eyebrow and leaning back in his chair. He didn’t seem to care even the slightest about what was going on. It had actually surprised me at first as he was very attentive in other classes, but when I had asked him about it he had just shrugged and said he didn’t really like Potions. He had just taken the subject so he could have a shot in the Auror Academy. And now he was taking it easy and asking stupid questions. Like the one he was asking right now.

“Really? We have been here an hour and you stillhave no idea what we are doing? How thick can you get?” I asked, irritated by the whole situation and asking myself what I had done in the past life to deserve this punishment. James shrugged. I was feeling this weird need to kick him in the place where it hurt or something equally pleasing. Too bad I really couldn’t do that. Instead I took a deep breath and tried to calm down before answering. “It’s called Changing Solution, alright?! You should know that and you should actually help me do it! And what are you doing? Lounging in your chair and enjoying annoying me!” I hissed at him and glared for the good effect. He sighed, let his chair tip back to four legs and ruffled his annoyingly messy hair. I would really have liked to introduce a concept of a comb to him.

“Well yes, I would do that, but do you realise that if I’d try and help you, you would just tell me to stop it and let you do the potion as you are way better at them than I am and I would probably just ruin the whole thing by intervening in your brilliance?” James asked raising his eyebrow and looking at me like he was waiting an argument. Which never came. You see, this is one of the most annoying things he does. He retorts my arguments and overall sentences with these sentences of his own which usually will contain not only the witty retort, but a complete truth about the situation with subtle or not-so-subtle compliment on the side. So it leads me to knowing that I really can’t argue back without both lying and insulting myself. How unfair is that?!

You’ll probably go right about now like “oh so you hate him then?” or something. Well, hate to burst your bubble, but I don’t. Strongly dislike, maybe, but not hate. And not really even that anymore. I used to say I loathed him because he was big-headed and overly arrogant idiot and bully, but I’m not blind. I know he has changed, I know he’s not that idiot anymore. But I still won’t budge. I can’t just let him win, for starters! What would happen then? I have kind of grown to the fact that James Potter will always be there annoying the living hell out of me and at the same time making me feel better – not that I will admit that to anyone. I like the way he always compliments me. And I like the way I feel I’m in control when I say “no” to him in various manners. I enjoy our bickering; I enjoy shouting at him for stupid and irrelevant things. I enjoy his overall presence, just because I know he will be there to pay attention to me if I want to. And well, even if I don’t. He’s pretty much my anchor keeping everything in place, preventing all the things shattering.

So in reality, I am just afraid that if I were ever to say “yes” to him, I would lose that forever. And I don’t want to lose that. I don’t want to lose him and become just one random girl who was a challenge, but who got run over like the rest of them did. I would be mess after that, I am sure of it. So I couldn’t say yes. I could never say yes. That would just ruin everything. Even though I will never, ever admit that to anybody. It’s not like he has really any feelings for me. I’m just a challenge, maybe a brief infatuation at most. That’s it. And I intend to remain as a challenge, so my life will keep its track and I can continue enjoying him annoying the living life out of me. It’s weird, I know, but it just works.

“So, what it will be then, Evans? Do you accept my help or what?” James asked a little too eagerly and glanced at the cauldron before me. It contained blood red liquid at the moment. It just needed a few more things before it was completely ready. I sighed deeply.

“Alright then. Just go and get some Foxglove and pulverise it, will you? I’ll need it in a moment,” I said resigning to my faith and rolling my eyes when James jumped up and strolled towards the ingredients cupboard, disappearing there. I rubbed my forehead before grasping the ladle and starting to stir the potion, first three times clockwise and then once counter-clockwise. It would do the trick. Counting carefully, I repeated this twenty times before the potion suddenly took bright pink colour and started to make little bubbles, which floated into the air. Finally something was going right!

I watched James walk back to our table and start to pulverize the Foxglove, slight, focused smile on his face when he crushed the flower and then, glancing at me for permission, threw it in the potion. Again it changed, taking now a vivid green colour and starting to swirl oddly. Ah, that was exactly what was supposed to happen! I let a little, content smile to take over my face and I realised that James looked really happy about it. He had always been eager to please, to me anyway. Even when he had been constantly attacking He Who Shall Not Be Named – no, not Voldemort, Severus! – he had always wanted to please me. I liked it. It was good to know for sure that at least someone listened to me and thought about me still.

“So, what’s next?” James asked after a short while I had spent on staring contently at our awesome and perfect potion. He seemed he really wanted to do something more, but there really wasn’t anything to do. Not in this precise moment anyway.

“We wait. You see the green colour here? We need to wait until the potion has boiled enough that it transforms into dark green and then we will add these and stir a little and then it’ll be ready!” I said gesturing towards random ingredients I had already readied before even starting the potion. It was very crucial that they had been ready, so I wouldn’t need to spend time with them at this point. If I had known James’s eagerness though, I might have just left them for him. But alas, the Foxglove had been the only thing not ready as it needed to be pulverized right before adding it.

“Oh,” James said and flopped down on the table, starting to stare at the potion and will it to change colour. It didn’t. He sighed. “Well, this is just boring,” James said ruffling his hair again and taking a look about the classroom. Nobody else had gotten in the point where we were yet. In the corner Severus was scowling murderously at the partner he had gotten, a Hufflepuff who hated potions and had only just gotten into the N.E.W.T level. I never really got why exactly the Puff had taken the subject after O.W.L.s in the first place.

“So what does this potion do?” James asked after a while and looked at me expectantly. I think he only asked because he had nothing better to do. I sighed. Again.

“It’ll change stuff into other stuff. It depends really how you make it. This alteration for example allows people to experience other people’s feelings. See, when this is ready, if we were both to drink it at the same time while our skins touching each other, it would change our feelings into what the other is feeling. Like… Let’s say me and Annie Johnson were to drink this together. Then I would feel her crush for Black like she does and she would feel my... passion for potions. And of course every other feeling we are generally having about stuff and people,” I tried to explain it so it would be easy to understand and upon seeing James’s face, I think it got through. His hazel eyes were glinting and enthusiastic grin was taking over his face when he looked directly into my green ones.

“We should definitely test it after we are ready,” James announced excitedly and glanced at the potion with whole new respect. I nodded slowly. It would be nice to know precisely what James felt about me, but then again he would get all my stupid half-feelings I really couldn’t figure out. Maybe it wouldn’t be worth it.

But the funny thing was we never got to try the potion out. Well, at least not in a way we thought we would. The thing is Sirius Black had suddenly decided that it would brighten the mood of the Potions dungeon if he’d take and curse Severus from the other side of the room. Both I and James were startled when suddenly something bright flew over our cauldron and hit Severus square in the face. Dark boils started to erupt everywhere from his neck and up and at the same time Sirius started laughing like a maniac. Needless to say, Severus went to a revenge immediately and soon there was full out duel going on between the two boys, other snarling and other guffawing like nothing would be more funnier and exciting.

We really never had time to react when both Severus and Sirius sent some spell at each other at the same time and the two beams of light collided. Right on top of my and James’s cauldron. Both spells changed abruptly directions; Severus’s shot to the ceiling and Sirius’s directly into the cauldron now containing smoothly darkening green liquid. There was a loud bang and the cauldron exploded, soaking both myself and James, who had grabbed my hand to yank me unsuccessfully out of the way, with our incomplete potion. The smoke erupting from the explosion obstructed my view and suddenly I felt very lightheaded. I felt like I was lifted up and moved around a little before suddenly I felt completely normal again, save for coughing furiously because of the toxic looking dark green cloud of smoke around us.

“Oh dammit… You guys okay?” came Sirius’s slightly panicked voice from outside of the cloud.

“Yeah, I think we are,” I answered. I immediately noticed I sounded weird. My voice seemed a lot lower than it was normally, but I just thought it was because of the slowly fading smoke. Lifting my gaze to check if James was actually okay too, I met very curious sight before me. Instead of a seeing tall, messy haired boy sitting there coughing, my eyes landed on a small and petite redheaded girl with emerald green eyes. For a moment I thought somebody had put a mirror in front me. And then I lifted my hands before my eyes and gasped dramatically. I wasn’t looking at my own hands. Instead I was looking rather calloused, very male hands, which were definitely a lot bigger and rougher than my own. Panicking, I lifted them to my face and cried out in despair upon finding a pair of glasses there. Lifting my hands higher, they met fairly soft hair, which was definitely way too short to be my own hair and felt like sticking up in every single direction. I didn’t need to gaze up to see my fringe to know the hair was black and not red. The me in front of, well, me, was doing the same kind of examinations before lifting her green eyes to me with horrified expression on her face.

“Lily… I-I think we changed bodies!” I heard my own horror filled voice whisper to me after she leaned a little closer. I stared at my body, which was now in the control of James Potter, with same kind of horror-struck expression on my face.

Well, crap. This day just got a lot worse.

A/N: So, what do you think?
This plot was originally in one of my other unpublished stories, but I decided to cut it out and make it its own story as I felt like it would work better as its own. I also thought I write it Lily’s point of view instead of third person so it wouldn’t be so confusing about to who I am referring to every time. To make it clearer, Lily is thinking James as James and “him” in the future even though James is technically a girl now (as Lily is a guy) because of the body change. xD Hope you can keep up with that! R&R, I would love it!

Oh, and just so you know; this chapter is overly short because it's an introduction for a story! The coming chapters will be at least twice as long!

Disclaimer: Really? If I were JKR, do you really think I would be here writing a fanfic? No, I would be writing this to a book. Pfft.

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