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Trapped. by MyMyMiss
Chapter 1 : Sucking.
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Pulling his coat tighter and loosening his scarf, Seamus turned and walked down the busy streets of Diagon Alley. Ignoring the accusing fingers, whispers and occasionally odd glances, Seamus trudges down the long, narrow cobbled street, wishing that the publicity would just evaporate into thin air.

It is no secret to the Wizarding world that Seamus Finnigan, one of Britain’s greatest Lawyers was caught in the middle of a raging war between Zonko’s and The Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. The battle between businesses had been brewing for six months and it was only recently when Fred had called Wallace’s wife a walrus that the rift had escalated and the summons for every flaw that the Weasley twins had and their business; had finally arrived.

False advertisement of products, Copyrighted products, stock and inventions, selling children harmful inventions, verbal assault, and the list went on and on. It was one of the largest summonses Seamus had even seen, and when Fred and George walked into his office the day after the case had been issued Seamus nearly had a heart attack.

For him and Mr Simmons, the lawyer overseeing the Zonko’s case, they were completely beside themselves. Every Lawyer in England had practically been hiding in their offices from moment the argument began.

It was hell to be on the receiving end for both parties.

Sighing, Seamus pushed the thought out of his head and quickened his pace racing against the cool breeze that made the hairs on the back of neck stand on edge. The shop at the end of Diagon Alley stood bright and tall with its flashing neon lights and in-appropriate signs that glistened in the distance and drew your attention, no matter what sort of person you were. Seamus laughed at one of the sayings flashing at him through the window and watched as, what he thought was the last of the late night customers, bid farewell to the owners.

However, when the flow of people continued out the door carrying bags and boxes, while screaming at their partners or friends to hurry up, Seamus had to step aside and hold the door open so the remaining customers could squeeze themselves through the wooden frame. Seamus laughed at how badly Zonko’s plan of suing the twins had backfired.

Actually, to say that Zonko’s plan had backfired on him may have only been a slight understatement. Business for the twins had only once been slow; it had always moved at a steady pace and had always seen that the twins had a roof over their heads and food on their table. As well as applying a large sum of money into their parents vaults every week, but Zonko had never seen it coming, otherwise Seamus would sure he never would of pursued to sue.

Business was, to put it lightly, booming. The twins hadn’t seen so many customers since they very first re-opened the shop. When the war had ended the twins had been so quiet that the thought of going into debt was almost rolling off the end of their tongues. However, as soon as the news of Zonko suing the twins for everything he possibly could, finally made it into the daily prophet, business came rushing through the door and in all shapes and sizes.

Fred and George had once commented to Seamus over a lunch that the only thing they would ever have to thank Zonko for would be for his business, and capability of driving customers away from his own shop.

Seamus smiled at two young boys as they exited the shop, while giving him an odd look the two raced out of the store and continued up the street with their bag of goods. The way the boys giggled at the objects in the bag reminded Seamus of when Dean and he had raided the shops in Hogsmeade, examining each purchased item again just to clarify its sheer perfection and genuine thought that Zonko’s had put into his inventions.

But that had been a long time ago, and now things were different, very different.

Opening the shop door, Seamus waltzed inside while flicking his wand so the sign on the door would switch from a happy face to a sad one, officially declaring the shop closed for the day. The first impression Seamus got when he turned around was that some kind of bomb may have gone off, or that a mad crazy women let loose on the twins and tore up the shop out of rage.

The shop was practically empty.

The majority of the shop had been cleared of all stock and inventions. Empty boxes had been piled upon other empty boxes in the corner of the store, broken toys lay on counters and partially vacant shelves due to lack of concern for the products the twins were selling or parents saying no to their children when asked to purchase the item.

The small serving counter at the back of the shop was the only thing not covered in stains, boxes or broken inventions. The two young men behind it were simply glowing in the last of the sunlight streaming through the upper windows.

“Seamus, come in,” Fred said, removing his magenta coloured jacket and throwing it over the back of the chair behind the counter, “we’re just closing up.”

Seamus laughed at the sarcasm that rolled of Fred Weasley’s tongue before attempting to make his way carefully through the labyrinth of chaos. Seamus moved from left to right, edging his way further into the mess that had been created from the shoppers of the day. Seamus twitched with a little envy at the brothers; they had it all, but were still care free without any stress. Why could things never go that way for him? He would love to be stress free, without stacks of law suits and divorce papers piling up upon his desk, but he was Seamus Finnigan, and nothing ever went right when he was involved.

Shuffling past a tall shelve of love potions, which were about the only product in the shop that were half full of stock, Seamus felt his foot collide with something circular. Suddenly becoming unbalanced Seamus lurched forward grabbing the ledge with the love potions for support.

Cursing to himself, Seamus bent down and picked up the offending object turning it several times in his hand.  The glass bottle sparkled in the dim lit light as he ran his hand over the neck of the bottle. He noticed that the bottle was made up of green shards that where etched into the bottles clear clean glass, but the green was so light that it was almost as clear as the rest of the glass that it was made up of.

Running his hand over the bottom of the bottle, Seamus read the faded, cracked label under his hand. The colour was not the only thing intriguing about the beauty of the bottle, but also the words. The label’s writing had almost become invisible, but Seamus could make out the writing by running his index finger over the words.

The Soul Bearer.

The words that were underneath the title however, were a little harder to understand. The words, albeit gone, and the label torn almost completely off the bottle, he could still make out the words Weasley and Thomas, which made his mind twitch even more with curiosity.

Frowning, Seamus moved forward with the bottle in his hand, studying the cork that had been pushed down into its top. He knew better, of course, than to snoop in anything that the Weasley twins made, and he was fully aware that it meant a life or death situation when the pair invented something, however he was Seamus Finnigan and curiosity was his forte.

Finding his Gryffindor bravery, Seamus placed his thumbs under the brim of the cork and pushed upward sending the cork bouncing all over the shop. It hit the wall, then the window, bouncing up toward the landings above before finally stopping on the front counter. Breaking their concentration and uninteresting conversation about their staff, the twins stared at the cork on their desk before looking up to find Seamus standing with the clear bottle in his hands.

Before Seamus had a chance to hear Fred yell no and George raise his hand to say stop, Seamus had already peered inside the bottle. A strong gust of wind flowed out of the bottle like a clear liquid, bringing with it a thick haven of green fog. Seamus felt his stomach twist as his body slowly started to get sucked inside.

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