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Reasons to Live by siren song
Chapter 2 : Julia
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a.n. hey guys, sorry this chapter took so long. The second chapter was already written but it got reject and I had to change it quite drastically. Please remember to review!
~siren song

Thank you to Idioteque @ TDA for the amazing chapter image.

"Run," whispers a voice. That's all it says as shiver runs down my spine.

The wind whips through my hair, branches tear at my clothing and rocks rip at my sock covered feet but the voice still tells me to run.

"Julia!" I scream frantically.

"Julia!"The forest echoes back at me, "Julia?"

Terror is the only thing driving me. My legs feel like cooked spaghetti and my lungs are burning.

But I can't stop. I have to find Julia and stop her.

Somewhere in the distance, I hear a dingo howl. Oh my God, what if the dingo's got Julia?

"JULIA!" I scream and hope desperately that she can hear me.

"Julia!" The forest says back to me, its tone is mocking. Even the forest knows that it is hopeless to find Julia.

I trip over a tree root and go sprawling in the mud. The disgusting taste fills my mouth and for a moment I panic and think I am drowning. I spit the sludge out of my mouth and cough. My cough is phlegmy and I know that my asthma is getting worse.

"Ju-li-a," I wheeze and then cough violently.

The dingo howls again and its jeering shriek makes me want to rip my ears out.

"Ju-" I try to call but I'm interrupted by more coughing. I try to lift myself out of the mud but my arms slip and my legs buckle.

I've been running for too long.

For all I know, I've been running in circles without even knowing. I could be a hundred metres from base and not even know.

"Julia," I sob through coughs, "Julia, please...Julia..."

I woke up find my blankets wrapped tightly around my face and for a moment, I panicked. I calmed down when I realised that I was safe and in the Ravenclaw Tower.

I shoved my nightmare into the back of my mind and tried not to think about it but it kept creeping into my thoughts throughout the day.

"Hel-lo?" A voice called at me during dinner.

"Earth to Tessa?" Another voice said and someone snapped their fingers. I jolted back into the present time.

"Oh, hi," I said and smiled sheepishly at the two blonde girls facing me.

"Hi!" The taller one said with so much enthusiasm that I could almost see the exclamation mark at the end of her sentence.

"Er, hey," I said back, smiling as politely as I could.

"Hi! I'm Freya and this is Kelly!" She said and then introduced the smaller but equally stunning second girl.

"Hey," Kelly said slightly less enthusiastically.

"Hey," I nodded back at them.

"We just wanted to introduce ourselves as we weren't in the dorm last night!" Freya said.

"Oh...well, it's nice to meet you," I said.

"Yeah, you to," Kelly said and the two blondes walked off.

That was slightly...weird. Nobody at my previous school would have come and introduced themselves. Everyone had their own groups and they stuck to them.

After dinner, I made my way up to the Ravenclaw Tower. The prefects had explained how to get in. Basically, you knocked on the door and answered a riddle.

Sounds simply right?


Only problem was that I sucked at riddles.

"How can you drop an egg three feet without breaking it?" the eagle said and I swear I could hear the smirk in its voice.

"Um...make sure it's well padded?" I asked hopefully.

"No." Damn. How do all the midget first years manage to answer these? Did Hogwarts expect all the Ravenclaws to be able to answer riddles?

"Could I have a different riddle?" I asked and crossed my fingers.


It was worth a try.

"Hey, are you going to answer that?" A deep voice said behind me. I spun around and found myself looking at the most drool-worthy guy I have ever seen. Although, seeing as most of the guys I knew were ugly as hell it wasn't saying much.

"Uh...actually, I don't know the answer to this one," I said sheepishly.

"No worries," he said and let out a laugh that lit up his already gorgeous face.

"Do you know what it is?" I asked, hopeful that maybe I wouldn't have to spend the rest of the night freezing my butt of here.

"Sure. You got to drop it from four feet," he said nonchalantly to the eagle and then pushed the door open.

I felt like smacking myself in the forehead. Of course! Drop the egg from for feet. Duh, then the egg won't break for three feet.

"Thanks," I said and smiled as the guy held the door open for me. Another thing that I already loved about him!

"No problem," he said and flashed his pearly whites at me, "It's Tessa, right?"

"Yeah," I said, secretly pleased that he knew my name, even if it was announced in front of the whole school.

"I'm Louis," he said and held out his hand for a hand shake.

"Nice to meet you, Louis," I said and felt a smile spread across my face.

"You to," he grinned back at me.

"Louis!" A boy called from the couches.

"James!" He roared back, "What the hell are you and Fred doing in here?" The first boy who called was just as hot as Louis but in a totally different way. First of all, he had jet black hair instead of blond and it was dead straight instead of tightly curled. On top of that, Louis had a friendly open look where as this guy looked...closed.

"Come meet my Gryffy cousins," Louis said to me and beckoned me across the room.

"James and Fred, this is Tessa. Tessa, meet my Gryffindor cousins, James and Fred."

"Your cousins?" I asked sceptically. After all, Louis was golden blond, James was dark and brooding and Fred was obviously at least half black.

"Yep," Fred said proudly.

"My mum was Fred's and Louis's dad's sister," James explained.

"Oh. Well that...makes sense." Not. Louis let out a loud laugh.

"You don't understand," Louis said, trying not to laugh, "Fred' mums black while my mum is Veela."

"And mine was a ranga," James said sourly.

"There's nothing wrong with red-haired people," I said defensively as I thought of Julia.


Poor poor Julia.

"Wait until you meet all my uncles and aunties," Fred said excitedly, "Not only is my Dad ranga, but so was his sister and five brothers."

"Five?" I gulped.

"Yeah, it's a pretty big family. Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Louis asked me.

"No. It's just my mum and me."

"What about your Dad?" James asked.

"He...died," I whispered.

"Oh..." James said awkwardly.

"Yeah...anyway, I better be going," I said and made a quick escape.

Unfortunately, when I reached the dorm, my escape plan collapsed.

"Hello," I said to a girl reading on her bed. I hadn't seen her before which was quite an achievement.

"Hi-i," she stammered.

"I'm Tessa Greene," I said and took a step toward the bed but she seemed to shrink behind her book so I stopped.

"I'm Jamie Deen," she said softly, so softly that I almost couldn't hear. I felt like laughing so hard. I mean, come on, our last names rhymed!

"Nice to meet you Jamie," I said and smiled broadly but she shrank back again like I was going to eat her.

Inwardly, I sighed. The next two and a half years was going to be a long time.

"And so the Goblin Revolution was put into motion..." Professor Binn's voice droned on and on and on. His dead boring voice made me want to slam my head against the desk to give myself concussion to escape.

Suddenly, a balled up piece of parchment landed on my desk. I looked around for the thrower and found Louis smiling at me. I gave him a small smile back and then unfurled the parchment.

Hello Tessa!
Welcome to History of Magic, officially voted last year as the Most Boring Subject.

Anywho, you're induction is tonight in the Room of Requirement at 8pm exactly. Don't be late.

From Louis

Ps. you're not allowed to ask anyone or speak of it to anyone. Oh, and don't bring your wand under any circumstances.

My heart jumped into my throat as I read the word 'induction'. What would I have to do?

And no one said anything about an initiation! I didn't realise I'd stepped into a stereotypical American film about sororities.

"Louis!" I run after him when we are dismissed, "Since when do I have to do an initiation?!"

"Tut tut, Tessa. You're not supposed to talk about," James said from Louis other side.

"Yeah but you guys can't just tell me to go. I mean... I won't!" I protest meekly.

"Tessa, we all had to do an initiation," Louis explained gently, "We Ravenclaws do it to all the first years. Fifth years take the responsibility for all the new students- I guess that includes you too." I huffed loudly but didn't say anything.

"Besides, there will be five wee little first years who will be joining you," James shrugs and leads his friends away through the crowd. Louis turns around and gives me a small wave but I stick my tongue out at him instead of waving back.

I made my way to the Library with the hopes of being able to study in peace.

No such luck.

"Tessa!" Kelly and the other girl called me over to their table. I racked my brains for the other girl's name. Merlin, usually I was pretty good at names!

"Hey," I smiled and looked at Whatshername trying to remember.

"Has Louis told you about your initiation yet?" Whatshername asked, way to enthusiastically if you ask me.

"Yep but where is the Room of Requirement?" I asked.

"Well," Kelly said and fidgeted a bit, "That's the thing, we can't tell you. It's all past of your initiation." I stared blankly at the blonde.


"We can't tell you," she repeats more loudly, "You have to find it yourself."

"So what if I don't find the Room of Requirement?" I asked.

"Well then you don't pass," Whatshername said matter-of-factly.

"And if I don't pass?" I ask, slightly apprehensive of her reply.

"We kick you out of Hogwarts," Whatshername shrugged, "But that won't happen. I'm pretty sure no one has failed. Yet."

Talk about pressure.

I pushed open eagle's door and stepped out into the chilly night air just before 8pm.

I'd tried to talk to Jamie about the Room of Requirement but she just stammered something that sounded like "I can't say".

I walked aimlessly around the hallways for what felt like forever.

"Hello? Does anybody know where the Room of Requirement?" I called down the hallway.

"Hello...hello," the hallway echoed back to me. My mind quickly flicked back to Julia but I pushed it out of my mind. What was I getting myself into? I mean, was Ravenclaw some kind of cult?

I walked quietly up a few flights of stairs and thought about turning back and just face getting humiliated by a bunch of first year Ravenclaws. I came to a dead end and sighed as I had to turn backwards.

As I turned down the hallway, something glimmered in the corner of my eyes. I turned to the glimmer and watched as a huge doorway revealed itself. Curiosity took the better of my and I pushed the door open. I peered in and found at least ten people in pyjamas looking back at me.

I had found the Room of Requirement.

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