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Blame it on the Pregnancy Hormones by limwen
Chapter 1 : Pink
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It’s pink.

What the bloody hell does pink mean?

I grab the box on the bathroom sink, and inspected the back.

Only it’s in Spanish.

We are in America, why in the name of Merlin would the directions on the Pregnancy Test box be in Spanish?

“So, are you pregnant?” Rose asked from the other side of the bathroom door, I just sat there. Assuming that pink meant I was in fact pregnant, that meant I would have to tell the father, my Fiancé, the love of my life.

What if he doesn’t want kids?

We never talked about it.


……..And I guess by this point you are very confused, Merlin knows I am.

So I guess I should start with introductions.

My name is Isabella Delur; I have blond hair and green eyes. I’m 25 years old, and I am engaged to Albus Potter. For three months we have been engaged, my parents hate him, with a passion. Now that I think of it, my parents are going to kill me, a child out of wedlock. I am so dead.

You might also be wondering why I am in America, well I will tell you. The reason why I am in America is because there is an Art show in L.A California, and I was asked to display some of my work (I’m an artist/photographer) So I dragged my best friend, Rose Weasley (Al’s cousin), to L.A just to find out that I am carrying her cousin’s child.

“What does pink mean?” I ask as I open the door letting Rose in, and as soon as she enters she goes over to inspect the stick that I just peed on.

“You’re pregnant,” she stated like it was an everyday occurrence, so I just stare at her, wide eyed.

I’m pregnant.


 I’m going to be a mother.

I’m going to have a child.

Albus is going to be a father.

That is if Albus even wants children, we never talked about kids, so for all I know he could want nothing to do with the kid.

And “Taking care of it” is completely out of the question.

“You’re going to be an aunt,” is what I say after an abundance of silence. After I say that Rose’s face breaks out into a grin, and she hugs me. Like a bear hug. Like I cannot breathe kind of hug.

“What if Albus doesn’t want kids?” I asked her, voicing my fears. She just looks at me like I have three heads, or something.

“Of course Albus wants kids; he would want anything just as long as you’re happy. You have him so whipped,” she explains loudly as she leads me into my hotel room, and out of the bathroom.

I just furrow my brows in concentration, trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will be giving birth in a few months.

“You’re parents might kill you though,” she adds as she starts packing my things, why is she packing my things?

“Why are you packing my things?” I voiced my question; we still have 3 days before the convention is over.

 “You are Flooing to the American Ministry of Magic, and from there you will Floo to our Ministry, and then from there you will find Albus and inform him of his becoming of a father,” She informed me as she flicked her wand and finished packing my stuff.

“I still don’t have my head wrapped around it, Rose, and you want me to tell Albus?” I ask, my voice rising a little.

Plus side, I can just blame everything on the Pregnancy hormones.

 “No, you are going to tell Albus now, unless he won’t know for Merlin knows how long,” She stated simply, she was right of course, if I didn’t tell him now I would just put it off for a very long time.

I hate it when Rose is right.

“Fine, I’ll go. But you have to stay in my steed for the convention,” I needed someone to work my table, and there was no way I was leaving Bobby (my personal assistant) by himself to do it.

“Deal, now go, before you change your mind!” she said as she started pushing towards the fire place with a huge grin on her face.

I stock my tongue out at her before grabbing some Floo powder and saying “American Ministry of Magic,”




The American Ministry of Magic was a lot like ours, only American.

I slowly made my way though the crowds of American Ministry workers, bumping into many of them and then apologizing.

Once I made my way to the elevators I pushed the button for the third floor, which contains the Travel Department, where I would Floo to our Ministry.

I smiled at the very attractive guy who just walked onto the elevator, tall, deep blue eyes, and light brown hair. As sexy as he may be, he has nothing on Albus. Albus has dark brown hair, almost black, and deep green eyes. A lot of people think he looks a lot like his father, but I can promise you that they don’t. They might have the same hair color and eyes, but I have never met two people more different.

“What floor?” I ask the amazingly sexy man, I was standing right in front of the buttons so I figured I’d ask since he had yet to press it.

“3rd” he answers with a smile. That’s the same floor as me, what are the chances?

Once the elevator reaches the third floor, I and the sexy guy get off. He gives me one last smile before he turns towards the offices, and I make my way over to the long distance Floo stations.

“Hello, welcome to the Travel Department, what Ministry will you be flooing to today?” The receptionist asked in a fake overly cheerful voice, I smile in response.

“The British Ministry of Magic,” I inform her, she looks on a list of paper before informing me where I need to go.

I make my way over to the fire place, dragging my luggage as I go. Once I reach one of the Floo stations, I grab some powder saying “British Ministry of Magic”.


As I come tumbling out of the Floo station in England I realize that I’m about to tell Albus that I am with child, and we aren’t even married yet.

I suddenly feel like some kind of slag, I never thought I would be the women who got pregnant a month before her wedding. And yet here I am, about to tell my Fiancé that I am carrying his child.

I slowly walk towards the elevator, completely ignoring the receptionist welcoming me to England.


After I walked out of the elevator I made my way over to the normal Floo stations, grabbed some Floo powder, and said “The Daily Prophet,”



The Daily Prophet is ALWAYS a busy place, but today there was hardly anyone, which is weird. But I did not think about that as I slowly made my way to Albus’ office, I was focused on what I was there for. What I was going to do, what I was going to say, and how was he going to react?

When I reached his office door I almost ran right back to the elevator, but before I had the chance to the door open to reveal Albus. As soon as he saw me he grinned and pulled me into his office, and soon as he shut the door he pulled me into a deep passionate kiss. And pretty soon all thoughts of pregnancy’s where lost from my mind, I couldn’t focus on anything, except his lips.

But like all good things, it came to an end sooner than I would have liked.

“What are you doing back so soon, Bells, I thought you wouldn’t be back for a few more days?” Albus asked as he pulled me onto the black leather couch in the corner of his office, you could tell he was thrilled to see me, but at the same time worried as to the reason why I’m back so soon.

“I have to tell you something, and I’m not sure what you’re going to think,” I inform him slowly, choosing my words wisely.

I study his face, and I can tell what I just said only made him worry even more.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, you can hear the worry in his voice, and I can only pray that there isn’t anything “wrong”

“I’m pregnant” I stated after an (ironically) pregnant pause.

“What?” he asks, not really the reaction I was hoping for, but it’s better than running away screaming for the hills.

“I’m with child,” I decided to word it differently that time; maybe it would finally sink in?

He isn’t saying anything.

That cannot be good.

He is just staring at the picture of him and me that he has on his desk.

I really wish he would say something.

Anything really would do.

“Albus, please, say something,” I plead with him, getting very uncomfortable with the situation.

“I’m going to be a father,” It was a statement, not meant to be answered, but I couldn’t help myself, me and my big mouth.

“Yes,” I almost snap, but I’m just going to blame my snappiness on the hormones.

“We’re going to be parents!” This time a huge smile spreads across his face as he pulls me off the couch and spines me around the room, and as he does that I feel a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders as I breathe a sigh of relief.

I laugh as he spun me around and pulled me into a soft kiss, his hand on my stomach as he says under his breath, “We’re going to have a baby,”




Authers Note: Hello, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, and don't worry this chapter is only short because it was the first, I'm going to make the other ones longer. Please, feel free to review and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading,


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