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Finding Hermione by NaomiMiller
Chapter 5 : The Beginning
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A/N: Whew!  Seems like it took forever to get this chapter out compared to the others.  DISCLAIMER: You know the drill, any thing, one, or place you may recgonize belongs solely to JK Rowling. I claim only the thoughts in my head that led me here.           


        The Weasley’s Quidditch pitch was perched on a hill to one side of the house.  A shed containing all their brooms and equipment sat at one end of the pitch and a section of makeshift seating was placed at the other end.  It was towards the equipment shed that George was leading her. 

                “George no, you know I’m terrible at flying.  I can’t even get the broom off the ground,” Hermione protested, trying to break free of him.  It was impossible though, his grip was like iron.

                “I know, which is why I’m going to go with you.” 

                Hermione continued to protest all the way to the shed.  What she hadn’t told George was that the last time she had been flying was to escape from a Fiend Fire creature created by Crabbe, one of Draco’s cronies, in the Room of requirement.  Quite frankly, the flying had terrified her more than the fiery monster pursuing them.

                George literally dragged her into the shed and began pulling out brooms and pads.

                “George stop it!” Hermione finally yelled, exasperated with the tall red head.  “I don’t want to go flying!”

                He paused in what he was doing and turned to look at her.

                “What was that Granger?” he asked pointing at the spot where his ear was missing.  “My hearing isn’t quite as good as it used to be.  It sounded like you said that you wanted to go flying.”  He gave her an impish smile.  This was the joking George Weasley that she was used to.

                “I know you can hear perfectly well out of that ear,” she retorted, planting her fists on her hips.  “I do not. Want. To fly,” she told him, enunciating each word carefully to get her point across.  George let his shoulders sag in defeat.

                “Alright fine,” he said in a tone that reminded her of a child that had just been chastised.  She didn’t have much time to linger on that thought however, since George took that moment to hook an arm around her waist and toss her over his shoulder while his free hand grabbed a Nimbus 2000 from the rack.  Hermione screeched in alarm, pounding her fists into her captor’s back, but he didn’t pay the slightest attention to her.



                “George put me down!  Put me down right now!” she shrieked.

                He pretended not to hear her despite the fact that her voice could have rivaled a banshee’s at the moment.  Instead, he settled himself on the broom, put Hermione down behind him and kicked off from the ground, quickly gaining altitude.  The moment their feet had left the ground Hermione had latched her arms in a vice grip around his waist.

                “Hermione, can’t breathe,” he wheezed over his shoulder.

                “Good,” she shot back, “Now get me off this bloody broom!”  She may have been angry at him, but her grip did loosen enough that he could breathe easier.

                “Really Granger, language,” he said.  He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this happy.  Her only response was a glare that could’ve frozen everything within a ten kilometer radius.

                “Alright fine, I’ll set us down,” he finally caved.

                “Really?”  George could hear the skepticism in her tone.  He guessed he had proven earlier as to why exactly you should never trust a Weasley twin.  Well, if you’re in for a penny, you might as well be in for a pound as Fred would have said.      

                “Really, but we’re going down my way.”

                Hermione shifted to look at him over his shoulder, “Your way?  What’s you-“ 

                George cut her off by going into a barrel roll before shooting straight up into the air.  He could feel Hermione’s arms tighten against as they reached the top of their climb.  He stopped and took in the view, giving Hermione a chance to unwrap herself enough that she could see it as well.

                “This isn’t exactly down,” she pointed out, glancing at the ground that was a long ways beneath them.

                “Really?” George looked around him in mock astonishment, “I had no idea.  I thought the ground was getting farther away.”  Hermione smacked him.  He simply ignored it, continuing, “You have to admit that the view from up here is much better than down there.”  Indeed it was with its rolling hills of farmland and forests.  A shining, silver, ribbon of water meandered its way through the patchwork.

                “It is beautiful ,” Hermione agreed after a long moment as she took the scenery in.

                “Views like this are one of my favorite things about flying.”  Hermione was silent for a moment before replying.

                “You know what my favorite part of flying is?” she asked him.



                George chuckled, the girl was persistent he’d give her that.

                “Okay, this time I swear we’ll be landing.”

                “We better or else I’ll hex you from here to China,” she warned in a serious tone.

                “Yes ma’am,” he said.  He knew for a fact that Hermione was a witch who could, and would, carry out her threats.

                “Thank you,” she breathed in relief.

                “Don’t thank me yet Granger,” he said before pitching the broom into a steep dive.

                Hermione screamed, holding onto George for dear life.  George grinned as he pulled up just short of the ground.  He settled them on the ground and as soon as her feet touched the dirt Hermione flung herself off the broom.

                “George Weasley, if you ever try a stunt like that again, I will not hesitate to hex you!” she exclaimed before storming off towards the house, brushing past Mrs. Weasley who had come out to find the source of all the yelling.

                “George what did you do?” his mother said turning to him with an expression that the Weasley children had learned to fear over the years. 

                “Nothing mum, just having a bit of fun, trying to get Hermione to lighten up a little,” he said with a shrug.

                “From the way she was screaming it sounded more like you were trying to kill the poor girl,” Mrs. Weasley said dryly.  “I know you want to help her, but maybe next time you could try a little more subtle way than terrifying her half to death.”

                George looked down at his feet, chastised, “Yes mum.”

                Mrs. Weasley regarded her son for a long moment before heading back into the house.  George smiled as he went back to the equipment shed to stow the broom.  He had gotten Hermione Granger riled.  He had forgotten how beautiful she was when she was angry.  Her anger was also an encouraging sign that she wasn’t completely gone.  The old Hermione Granger that he had fallen in love with was still in there somewhere.  That was a good start.  Now to start finding that Hermione.

A/N: Alright people I know more than just two people are reading my story so REVIEW please!  Also be on the look out for a new One-Shot coming soon with another pairing that I'm trying on for size.  Again please review, they're much appreciated!  Love it, hate, it, whatever?~Naomi

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