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The Basic Guide on Falling in Love by inkbutterfly
Chapter 3 : Broom Closets and Tears
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A/N: I’m so sorry for the wait! Thanks to everyone who has read, and especially to those who review, it means a lot. I decided to write this from Lily’s POV, just because it seems right. Tell me what you think, it might be permanent, or just a one off sort of thing.

Warning: Sensitive Issues in this chapter! (I previously had no warning up, but the plot changed and that is why it is up now...)










Usually I love potions, but today I couldn’t wait to get out of there and run.





Yes, I am a Gryffindor. That doesn’t mean I am brave enough to face the wrath of Alice. Hell, even the Dark Lord would be running from her.





I snuck a glance at her while I chopped up some roots. She was leaning over the desk, talking to Mary and Clare, brandishing a knife. Her eyes were narrowed and her hands kept making the same stabbing motion with the silver knife. I couldn’t hear her, but I knew who she was talking about.










Alice would force me to tell her.





NO! There is nothing to tell, but that is more than half the problem. I mean, I said that Potter is a good kisser.





What? He is.









I looked up again to see Potter and Black talking to Lupin, and just as I turned towards them Potter glanced up at me and caught my eye. His mouth instantly quirked up into a lopsided grin. He ran his hand through his already ruffled hair and started walking towards me. His shirt was untucked and his sleeves rolled up showing his toned and tanned arms.





Nice arms.





Wait! What. The. Bloody. Hell.





Did I just think that any part of Potter is actually nice? That boy is the epitome of arrogance and  immaturity. In no way is he nice.





Not even the way he smiles with those little dimples on one side. Or the way his eyes are not quite brown or hazel, but have little flecks of everything swirled in them. Especially not the way he looks while riding on a broomstick, his face glistening with sweat and his bare back smooth and oily.





O-kaay. Hopefully nobody here is a Legilimens, because it would rather hard to explain how I have noticed all those not nice things about Potter.






He arrived at my desk and leant back on it, folding his arms against his chest.





Will. Not. Look. At.  Potters.  Arms.





“Hey.” He said softly, his lips twitching up into that infamous smirk. I just looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He just kept on looking at me and didn’t say anything else.





Maybe if I waited he would just leave.





Probably not though, he was weird like that.





“What do you want Potter?” I sighed wearily. His eyebrows shot up.





“Still on last name terms are we?” He drawled.





“Why wouldn’t we be?” I asked him.





“Without me you would still be hungry and hurt, at the bottom of a staircase.”





Okay so he had a point there. I stirred the potion, counting in my head. When I was done I turned to him.





“You’re not the only person who would have done that for me. I don’t think that being a half decent wizard once makes up for all the time you’ve been an arrogant toerag.” I glared at him and he rolled his eyes, holding his hands up in mock surrender.





“Should’ve guessed.” He growled “No matter what I will always end up being the one in the wrong.” He shoved his hands into his pockets and strolled back to the desk where Black and Lupin where frantically adding things to a horrible looking potion. Dark smoke rose up from their caldron and I winced but not only because of their horrible potion making skills.






The rest of the lesson went rather quickly, my partner ignored me for most of the time, and chatted with her friends. The end of the lesson came far too quickly and before I knew it, I was desperately trying to protect myself from an onslaught of crazy girls.





“LILY!” Clare screamed right in my ear. That girl is metal I swear. “WHAT THE FUCKING HELL! WHY I AM THE LAST TO KNOW ABOUT THIS? YOU ARE A COMPLETE SHIT HEAD!” She hit me on the head and grabbed my arm, pulling me away from the curious students watching us. She shoved me into a broom closet, smashing me against the wall and holding me down. Alice followed us in, smiling sweetly and twirling her light brown curls. Mary walked in after her and closed the door, looking rather bored.






These are my darling friends; Clare, drop dead gorgeous, completely mental, swears far too much and is a bit of a slut. Just don’t say that too her face though.





 Alice is sweet and cute (from the outside at least...) She has light brown curly hair, large blue eyes and is always smiling. Protective and stubborn, she always gets what she wants.





Mary has long dark brown hair and heavy lidded eyes. She always looks bored and un-interested, as if nothing bothers her at all. She is the biggest pessimist ever and her first language is sarcasm.






Clare grabbed my face and pushed it so I was looking in her eyes.





“Now.” She hissed menacingly “You better tell me everything. Every fucking thing, Lily Evans, or I will find out and make your life hell.”





I gulped and tried to squirm out of her grasp. Alice appeared at my side and held onto my arm. Clare let go.





“Fine.” I groaned “I’ll tell all.” Alice smiled sweetly and patted my arm.





“Of course you will, honey. Didn’t you say something about a certain someone being an amazing kisser?” She said her voice soft and calm.





Now why the freak did I have to mention that?





I began to tell my little story, pausing frequently for their endless comments and questions. I thought that it was going alright, until I got to the part where Potter and Black turned up at the staircase and brought me to the kitchens.





“It’s like fate!” Alice gasped “You two a meant for each other.” She had this adorable smile on her face and Clare nodded enthusiastically. I almost smiled at them, but remembered we were talking about Potter here.





Serious face on, Lily. You have a reputation to hold here.





Right, what are they saying? Me and Potter, fate? Hah! That’s pathetic.





I scoffed at them and rolled my eyes.





“You sooo like him!” Clare burst out, grinning at me and waggling her carefully plucked eyebrows. I however, almost choked on my own saliva.





Somehow they seemed to take my coughing fit as proof. I spluttered and coughed loudly, ever the graceful one and they jumped up and down laughing.





Well, Mary just stood there and smiled.





“No.” I said loudly once I had recovered. “No way. Are you mental?”





Well, of course they are mental.





“Yes!” Clare said, suddenly serious. “Of course you like him.”






























“Fuck you, just grow up and admit it.”





Really Clare? Swearing doesn’t help. I smiled at her.





“Got nothing to admit.”





“You do.”










“Prove it.” She growled.





Oh yeah, she growled like a dog. Weird, but very intimidating.





“How?” I asked, trying to back away from her. She smiled smugly and glanced at Alice, who twirled her hair and looked up at me with her big blue eyes.










Alice took a step towards me, her lips quirking up at the corners. She was so pretty and her hair was always curled so perfectly. She had this thing with Frank who was in our year, and they were just so cute and OH MY GOD SHE’S ON ME!





Alice grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down, so she was basically sitting on me while I lay on the ground of the dirty broom cupboard.





“What the fuck Alice! This ground is disgusting and my hair was clean!” I screamed at her. She leant forward and hissed at me.





Oh god, first growling, now hissing.










“You want to prove it?” She asked me sweetly. I nodded.





How can she be so cute yet so scary AT THE SAME TIME? I wondered suddenly. Merlin, it was scary.





“Well, darling.” Alice was saying “Promise to do whatever we say then.” I looked up at her but nodded anyway.





She jumped off me and pulled me up. Mary pushed the door open, and we all tumbled out of the broom closet and right into a group of people, knocking them over so they fell onto us.






“Oh my god!” I screamed, trying to untangle myself from the pile of bodies on top of me. “I can’t breathe!”





“I know I’m breathtaking, but you seem to be affected pretty badly Evans, anything you want to admit here?” A familiar drawl sounded right above my ear. I froze and slowly turned my head.





“Ah.” I said. “Fuck.”





Sirius chuckled and tried to roll off me, but just landed on Clare. She raised an eyebrow and he smirked.





Then the weirdest thing happened, they just started kissing!





Like guys, we are in the middle of a corridor, and there are about six other people lying next to/ on top of you and you just decide to start kissing? Sounds like a plan, I’ll just start snogging Potter, who is basically on top of me anyway.










Potter is on top of me. Damn those Quidditch abs.





Ah, hell. Don’t think about abs!





“Right!” Alice screamed. “Take your filthy hands off me and move!” I twisted my neck at an awkward angle, to see what was going on. All I could see was Alice’s hair, and Peter Pettigrew with his face bright red.





I shuddered.





I didn’t mean to, but I did.





Potter made a strange noise and I looked up at him. His face was basically straight above my chest and he was trying to get up.





Aww, that’s sweet, at least he wasn’t looking straight at them.





Then I realised, fucking hell, that if he couldn’t hold himself up any longer, he would face plant straight into them. Joy. I tried to twist out from underneath him but someone was on my legs. I craned my neck to have a look, and saw Remus, who weighed a lot more than I thought he would.





“Everyone has to move!” I screamed. “Get up!”





Slowly, we all untangled ourselves and stood up.





We looked at Sirius and Clare who were still on the floor, snogging passionately.





“Um.” James said “Shall we leave them here?”





“There’s a broom closet right there.” I pointed out. He laughed.





“The one you burst right out of?”





I nodded slowly, realising how weird it would seem to have a group of four girls jumping out of a broom closet and barging into you.





“Sorry.” I muttered. I didn’t like apologising to anyone, Potter included.





Fine, especially Potter.









I looked around for Alice, who was pressed up against the wall, with her eyes shut. She was hugging her knees and looked really scared. I rushed over to her and knelt down. Mary was already next to her, and Remus was hanging around awkwardly, worried but not wanting to intrude. Potter came and joined him.





“What’s wrong?’ I asked Mary. She just shrugged and me and continued stroking Alice’s hair.





I sat down next to her and she buried her head into my shoulder. I didn’t say anything, but put my arm around her and held her tight. I could feel tears leaking out onto my shirt and a flare of anger hit me.





“What happened?” I murmured softly.





 “It’s nothing.” She shook her head.





It obviously wasn’t nothing, as things didn’t usually affect Alice at all. I glanced at Mary and could tell she was as worried as me.





“You can trust me.” I said and she started to sob.





I was shocked. In all the time I knew her, Alice had only cried a few times, for real good reasons. She was the strongest person I knew and it hurt me to see her like this.





I glanced up at Potter and Remus who looked curious, but worried. Potter ran a hand through his hair and looked at me questioningly.





“Get Clare.” I told him. He nodded and I focused back on Alice.





She grabbed my hand and held it tight, as if she was really scared. I rubbed her back and leant my head on hers.





“He touched me.” She whispered. I didn’t say anything, knowing she would explain if she wanted. “Peter. He had his hands on my chest, and he did it on purpose.” I sat perfectly still, shocked and angry. Alice sniffed and kept talking. “It wasn’t much, but it reminded me of George, and everything I have been blocking out. I pretend that it’s okay, but it’s really not.”





“What’s going on?” I heard Sirius ask and I felt Clare sit down next to me.





My head was spinning and for a moment I felt really weak. Then a surge of anger rushed through me and I stood up, letting Clare take my place.









How could anyone do that to Alice? She was the sweetest, nicest and most caring girl I knew.





But she was sensitive, and what Peter did had brought back bitter memories.





George, he had been her boyfriend in 5th and 6th year. She loved him and was so happy, until the night he asked her to go all the way.





She refused, she wasn’t ready, but he forced her to anyway.





For months he was abusing her, and she didn’t dare to say anything.





When she finally told us, she was a wreck. We spent nights sitting up with her, trying to tell her everything would be okay.





Peter had brought back these memories, and already Alice was starting to go back into her shell.









I started to walk.





“Where are you going?” Potter asked. I looked straight past him and continued walking.





“To find Peter.” I spat.





“What for?” He asked.





“To kill him.”





I started to run.

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The Basic Guide on Falling in Love: Broom Closets and Tears


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