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Nothing Personal by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 13 : Drive
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Chapter 13


October 30th, 4:08 P.M. –June and Stella’s flat



“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” I ask Stella for the hundredth time before I leave.

She rolls her eyes, sending a whole lot of sass my way. “Yes, I’m sure. I have a lot of important… stuff to do. Besides, I’m sure James will have plenty of other girls to keep him company,” she huffs, retreating back into her room so she can do ‘important stuff’.

Aka eating ice cream and drowning in self-pity.  


Stella’s been in foul mood since she got back from her weekend in Poland. The afternoon she came back, I found her snogging some Russian Quidditch player named Sergey in our living room. He was quite fit, but to say I was a little confused would be an understatement. I had assumed James and Stella had finally succumbed to the obvious sexual tension between them when he invited her to his match.

The two of them got slobber all over my nice couch. I was rather sad. I asked them if their snogging could involve less saliva on the furniture, but Stella pretended not to hear me and I’m pretty sure Sergey doesn’t speak English.

When Sergey finally left I asked her why she was sucking Sergey’s face instead of James’ and she flipped out on me. Apparently at the victory celebration for James’ last match, James had several scantily clad women hanging around him. He didn’t have time for so much as a hello for Stella. I believe she referred to them as trollops. Not that she was jealous.

Oh no, of course she wasn’t jealous. She just got insanely mad and stormed away to find a sexy Russian to snog because she was feeling some indigestion.

Sexy Sergey seemed really friendly, couch saliva aside, but it was hard to tell because of the language issue. I pointed this out to her, but she said they “speak the language of love” or something equally as gag-worthy. She must really have it bad for James, because he was driving her beyond her usual levels of crazy.

I want to help fix things between them, but they aren’t making my job easy. Stella hasn’t said a word to James and James isn’t trying to talk to her either. She even refuses to go anywhere he’ll be. Stell is a stubborn gal.

I personally think they are both just being idiots, but considering how pathetic I have been with my relationships up until recently, I decide it’s not really my place to judge.

“If you say so,” I shrug, heading towards the door. “Just so you know, you’re heading down the path of becoming a bitter old cat lady with no one to love her!” I say in a sing song voice. “I’m talking like, 48 cats plus you in flat for all of your angst ridden life.”

I can imagine the massive eye roll she’s giving me from the other room, “Hey, meow. I’m allergic to cats, biotch. Besides, I’d be a paws-itively great cat woman,” she pauses to laugh at her own joke. “Oh, cat puns. There’s nothing better than a purr-fectly executed cat pun.”

My laughter fills the hallway as she uses a spell to slam the door shut behind me.

I love my best friend.



October 30th, 1:20 P.M. –Albus’ flat

“June bug! How lovely to see you on this fine October day,” Fred says with a cheery smile, greeting me at the door.

I give him a grin back, noticing his rather unusual outfit. He’s wearing what appears to be a scuba suit minus the helmet and a beret that’s neon pink.

“What’s with the new style, Freddie?”

He looks down at himself for a moment, as if he doesn’t remember why I would question his choice of clothes. “Oohhhhh, right! You see, I’m stuck between being an artist or a scuba diver for Halloween, so I’m considering combining the costumes. What do you think?”

I look at his sweet, puppy dog eyes. He’s probably still mourning over Raymond, and he looks so proud of his costume. I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

I’m about to respond when Roxy yells from the living room, “You look like a real prince, Fredwin. Now get your ass back in here, we have planning to do.”

“My sister, what delightful gal,” he says happily. “But she’s right, there’s so much to plan and only one day left to do it! Follow me, my lady,” he gestures to the next room, bringing me to where several Potter/Weasleys are circled around papers.

Besides Fred and Roxy, I see James, Rose, Dominique, and Albus all scribbling away. There are piles of papers scattered on every inch of the table.

“No no no! The explosion should be bigger, and we need more fog!” Dom yells enthusiastically, frantically circling things on the paper.

Dominique Weasley is probably one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in real life. She has long strawberry blonde hair that is always perfectly straight and bright hazel eyes. She’s not particularly tall, but she has a very commanding presence that makes her seem like she’s a giant. As you can imagine, Dom is also one of the most intimidating people I have ever met. Her personality isn’t exactly cotton candy and rainbows. She’s not so much mean as she is guarded. Seeing her around her family and friends, she’s crazy and fun. But to strangers she comes off a bit cold. And everybody at school knew the story about what she did to Philip Meyer, the boy who cheated on her during their 6th year. Let’s just say it involved some very nasty hexes, and legend goes he hasn’t been the same ever since.

Needless to say, I was terrified to officially meet her when I joined their family over the holidays my 7th year. She’s even more protective of her family than she is of herself, and I didn’t want her to hate me. But oddly enough, she liked me quite a bit. Said that she was glad there was finally a girl who wouldn’t put up with her baby cousins cheek.

“June!” Dominique shouts, looking up from the paper. “So glad to see my cousin managed to stop being a git long enough to get you back. I always liked you more than any of his past girlfriends. They were all so boring…” she trails off, mind already back on the paper. “Now, how can we incorporate more blood?”

Another thing about her—she speaks what is exactly on her mind. Much to Al’s chagrin, who is turning a rather violent crimson.

“Your charm is endless, Dom,” he says, his mouth in a thin line. He becomes even redder when all she does in laugh in response.

Albus walks over to me and I kiss his flushed cheek. “Don’t worry, I already knew I was better than your old girlfriends,” I whisper into his ear, teasing him.

He shoots me a sly smile and kisses me soundly on the mouth, “Obviously.”

“Less kissing, more planning!” Rose admonishes, laughing when Al and I each kiss one of her cheeks. “Eww, cooties!” she giggles, swatting us away.

“Rose is right though, it looks like there’s a lot of work left to do,” I say, gesturing to the mess on the table.

Every year, Mr. and Mrs. Potter put together a fancy dinner on Halloween for family, friends, and about one thousand members of the ministry. That, of course, has been planned for weeks. What’s being planned today is the real party.

Once the dinner is over, the fun begins back at the Burrow. The cousins set up a huge tent and their Uncle George supplies them with the coolest and scariest decorations imaginable. Any Hogwarts alum is able to attend that’s still young enough to want to party. Unless you’re Philip Meyer and you’ve done something to make one of the cousins hate you.

This is the first year that Al, Rose, and I are able to attend, so I’ve volunteered to help plan and make it the best year yet.

Al looks at his watch and grabs my hand, “Actually, I need you to come with me to pick some stuff up from the store. Everyone else can handle the planning for now.”

I look at him oddly, but allow him to lead me anyway. “Did my lesson teach you nothing? I thought we covered how to shop…”

He leans in to whisper, “The shopping thing is just a cover up. What I really need is for you to help me. You see, Scorpius told me what his big favor is going to be, and I’m going to need your help.”

I give him a glare; tasks involving Scorpius are hardly ever easy.

I wait for him to say what the favor is, but he just stares at me with big puppy dog eyes. This must be a mighty big favor because he doesn’t usually pull the puppy eyes card. He knows I’m useless at defending myself from their persuasive power.

“Oh, alright,” I groan, hating that he has to be so damn adorable. “You’ve worn me down you git. Now, what am I helping with?”

Instead of answering, he simply beams at me, “Brilliant! You’ll see when we get there.”

This certainly won’t turn out good.




October 30th, 2:01 P.M. –Abandoned parking lot 


We arrive to our destination and I see an odd sight. Al’s taken us to a parking lot in the middle of nowhere. I glance around and see that there is a single car and a man waving at us like crazy.

As we get closer, I realize who it is, and I begin to come to the horrifying conclusion of what we are doing here.

That’s Scorpius.

With a car.


Scorpius doesn’t know how to drive, and neither does Al. But guess who does?

Oh, Merlin. Please, no.

There’s no way this is reality right now. I must be dreaming. Because only in my nightmares would I be expected to willingly get in a car with Scorpius Malfoy, and teach him how to drive us to our untimely deaths.

I look at Albus incredulously, “Do you want me to die, Albus?”

“Of course not! I just want you to teach Scorpius how to drive,” he says as if dying and helping him were not mutually inclusive. “He really wants to learn how, and I can’t teach him because I don’t know how either. I tried to see if there was something else he wanted, but this is the only favor he wanted done. Will you please do it, pretty please?” he bats his eyes at me, pretending he’s not asking me to put my life in grave danger.

“Teaching him will kill me! Is that why you used the store cover up? So that in case I die you have an alibi?” I ask, trying to buy some time before giving an answer.

He looks shiftily over at Scorpius, “Well, I didn’t think Rose would be too happy to hear we were helping him. She’s still a bit sensitive about their breakup.”

Yeah, sensitive is a word for it.

Well, if Scorpius doesn’t kill me, Rose certainly will when she finds out.

“I promise she doesn’t have to know! It will be our little secret,” he says as if reading my mind.

I roll my eyes. We both know that nobody has to tell Rose things for her to figure them out. She’s basically an all-knowing being. It’s rather frightening, actually.

“I haven’t even had time to write out a will!” I sigh.

Albus laughs, putting his arm around me. “Don’t be so dramatic, Junie! I had Molly put every safety spell there is on that thing, and she’s basically the smartest person in the world besides my Aunt Hermione.”

I look at Albus, and then back at Scorpius, who’s got a hopeful grin plastered on his face. Everyone knows I’m going to cave; I suck at saying no to people. It’s just a matter of time before I say…

“Fine! I’ll do it. Just tell Stella she cannot take my favorite sweater when I die. It was expensive and she’ll just spill Chinese takeout on it like she did with my old favorite shirt,” I cringe, remembering how much I loved that shirt. It made my chest look fantastic.

“I’ll be sure to pass on the message,” he assures me before turning to Scorpius. “She’ll do it mate!” Al shouts, causing Scorpius to leap into the air.

I just shake my head, walking to the car.

Why do I allow myself to agree to these things?

“Thanks, June!” Scorpius says, pulling me in for a bone crushing hug.

He was really sweet about helping with our date, and I did punch him in the face that one time (an incident he thankfully does not remember). So, all things considered, I guess he does deserve a favor in return, even if it does mean I might die in the process.

I take a deep breath and say my silent goodbye to solid ground before we hop in the car. Al waves goodbye and wishes us luck before heading back to help his cousins.

“Okay, Scorp. Do you know what to do first?” I ask calmly, trying to get into teacher mode.

He scratches his chin and contemplates for a moment, finally taking keys out of his pocket. “Aha! I need to use this key!”

I smile, “Correct! Off to a good start.”

He then proceeds to stab the key into the center of the steering wheel.

 “Uh, close Scorpius,” I say, stopping his hand. “The key goes into the ignition. This little circle right here.”

Yeah, this might be more horrible than I imagined.

He simply smiles and puts the key in, “Silly me!”

After a few futile attempts, Scorpius successfully gets the car on. I explain the basics of needing to wear a seatbelt, using his mirrors and whatnot. He nods vigorously, but I think he’s too distracted by all the buttons to really pay attention. It’s not that Scorp is an idiot or anything, he just is oddly enthralled by muggle things—a hobby his father was not too pleased about. I swear, if he wasn’t training to be an auror he’d be following in my Granddad’s footsteps, working with muggle objects for a living.

He interrupts ever few seconds to ask if he can turn on the radio, insisting it will help his performance.

“No. For the last time, no! You don’t need any more distractions,” I say firmly. “Now, are you ready to go? Do you know how to put the car in drive?”

He laughs, “Of course, I did my studying for this.”

He reaches for the lever and I brace myself, reminding him to go nice an easy. Instead of slowly proceeding forward, however, we end up speeding violently backwards.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” I scream, looking frantically at Scorpius. My screaming alarms him and causes him to scream in return. “DON’T JUST SCREAM YOU IDIOT, HIT THE GOD DAMN BREAKS!”

His foot slams down and we jerk to a stop inches away from a pole, both us both to jolting forward. Thank Merlin I remembered to teach the seatbelt lesson first. I instantly grab the lever and put it back in park while sending him a very nasty look.

“I thought you said you know how to put the car in drive?” I seethe, trying to keep my breathing calm and my fists away from Scorpius’ face.

He points wildly to the dashboard, “I thought I did! I put the lever on R, for Ready to drive!”

I groan, “R is for reverse, you bleeding git. You’re supposed to put it on the D.” I run my hand through my hair, exhaling loudly. “It’s become rather clear that you didn’t prepare at all for this. So, either you’re the worst student ever, or you had an ulterior motive to this crazy plan.”

Scorpius smiles guiltily, “Well, now that you mention it… I kind of seriously need your advice.”

“You know, you could have just asked. The possibility of losing my life chatting in your kitchen is a lot smaller than it is currently,” I let out a small laugh, still annoyed but immensely relieved that this lesson doesn’t have to continue.

“The driving lesson was just going to be an added bonus. I figured my natural tendency towards awesomeness would kick in and I’d be a natural. I’d drive us all over London as you explained to me the ways of the universe,” he explains, dramatically looking into the distance.

I lightly whack his shoulder, bringing his mind back to the present and out of the crazy dreamland where he’s good at driving. “I’m not sure I know the ways of the universe, and your awesomeness seems to have failed you today.”

He rolls his eyes, “I would have gotten it eventually. But, I digress. I was hoping to get your advice about Rose.”

“What about her?” I ask skeptically. Their relationship is so complicated that I’m not sure how much help I can be at this point.

“I obviously still love her. You know that, Al knows that, the whole bloody world knows it—with the exception of her, of course. I’m sure you know why I broke up with her in the first place, Al’s got a tendency to tell you things.”

Now it’s my turn to look guilty, “Yeah, sorry. I wormed it out of him. I’m rather persuasive.”

“Don’t worry about it. I was actually counting on him telling you because that cuts out about fifteen minutes of explaining. So, you know my predicament. I didn’t want to hurt her and cause problems with her family, but it’s killing me, June. I clearly ended up hurting her anyway,” he says with sincere desperation. “And when I saw her with that bloke at the coffee shop…” he says with a jealous edge in his tone. “I had to use every ounce of will power not to hex the wanker. I don’t want her to be with anyone else, but being with me isn’t good for her either.”

My heart fills with sympathy for him as I place a consoling hand on his arm. “Rose isn’t exactly the president of your fan club at the moment,” I say, the image of her throwing darts at his pictures vividly coming to mind. “But I know Rose, and I know that she still loves you, too.”

He looks at me hopefully, “You think so? Because to me, it seems she is dead set on hating me for the rest of eternity.”

“I know so,” I say with certainty. She may be furious with him, but she hasn’t stopped loving him. “If you’re serious about getting her back, you should reach out and try to talk to her. She may hex you the first couple times you try, but eventually she’ll come around.”

He sighs, “But even if I get her back, that doesn’t make the family problem go away. Weasleys and Malfoys don’t really mix well.”

“I know you don’t really want to hear this,” I begin carefully, not wanting to make him mad. “But do you think maybe you’re using your families as an excuse?”

“An excuse for what?” he says a bit harshly.

“It’s just that things were getting really serious between you, which is a scary thing. So, do you think that maybe you used the family excuse to avoid any real commitments?” I ask, trying my best not to sound harsh. “I mean, I know your families aren’t exactly best mates, but I can’t help but feel there’s more to it than that.”



Scorpius crosses his arms fiercely, “I am not afraid of commitment.” He steps out of the car and slams the door shut angrily.



I want to follow him, but I decide to let him cool off. I knew that wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but I’ve been thinking it for so long that I felt it needed to be said. I know Mr. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy probably wouldn’t be thrilled if there kids ended up married, but they’d get over it. They both love their children enough to deal. Well, I don’t really know Mr. Malfoy, but he and Scorpius never seemed to have a bad relationship. And Mr. Weasley could never be mad at Rose for long—she’s a complete daddy’s girl. Considering all this leads me to believe there has to be another reason.



I’m not judging him for being scared. Hell, if people started throwing around the idea of Al and I getting married soon, I’d probably have a heart attack. But fear is no reason to give up what they had.



He paces in the parking lot as I wait patiently for him to return. At first I thought he might apparate home, but he stayed. After quite some time, he returns to the car and quietly sits back down.



Scorpius remains silent for a little while longer, eventually letting out a loud sigh. “You’re right about me being afraid,” he beings. “I’ve been trying to deny it to myself, but I think I’ve always know deep down I was making excuses. But I’m not afraid for the reason you think. It’s just… what if I’m not good enough?”



“What do you mean?” I ask, relieved that he’s not furious with me



“What if I’m not good enough for her? Imagine if we ended up married someday and I was the worst husband and father ever. Or what if in the future I proposed and she said no? Or, she said yes but then figured out there was someone better? I don’t think I could handle something like that,” he says with flushed cheeks, embarrassed to be talking so candidly about his feelings.



My mind whirls frantically trying to come up with a good response. I know I’m supposed to be good at advice, but this conversation is turning into a doozy. I don’t want to say the wrong thing. “I think that’s a part of being crazy enough to love someone in the first place. You can’t know if it will work out, or if the other person will love you as much as you love them.  You have to take that risk to get the reward, you know?”



A small smile plays at his lips, “I was hoping you’d say I was being foolish and that no one in the world could ever deny Scorpius Malfoy. But being the wise person you are, you came up with a real answer. If only love could be less complicated than that.”



“If only,” I say returning his smile. “If it’s any consolation, I don’t think you’re going to be the worst husband and father ever. Maybe among the top ten worst, but definitely not the worst.”



Scorpius laughs loudly, “Glad to see you have such faith in me. But seriously, June,” he says, looking at me intently. “Thanks for talking me through this. I still don’t know what the right thing is for Rose and me, but I know I need to talk to her. She’s worth the risk.”



I squeeze his hand, “I’m more than happy to help you anytime, Scorpius. Unless you ever try to ask me to teach you to drive again, because then I’m going to have to decline.”



We both laugh as he turns bright red once again, “I just need a bit more practice!”



“Whatever you say, Mr. R for Ready to drive.”






A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I know it has been way too long since I've updated. I blame school and homework for taking over my life. I've already got a good chunk of chapter 14 done though, a good old fashioned halloween chappie :) And what do you guys think of my new banner? Let me know in your reviews!

Thanks for sticking with me!


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