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Safe and Sound by Emilyinlove
Chapter 5 : Forever
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, characters, series, movies, or anything else you may recognize.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! I'm out of school so hopefully the chapters will be going up sooner! Some news in my life is that I finished playing Cinderella which was bittersweet but I loved every bit, I'm graduating from university in May, and I finished my first novel (which is awesome!!). So yeah! Here is the next chapter, and there is only two more left in this one until the next generation story starts. Please read, review and favorite!!

Chapter Five: Forever

Today was the day. After three years of worrying and waiting, Harry and I were getting married today. I wasn't nervous. I had been waiting too long for this to be nervous. If anything, I was beyond excited because I was finally going to be Harry's wife, and he would be my husband. No more calling each other boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé. Today we were going to be bound together forever.

I couldn't stop staring at myself in the mirror. I had imagined this day for years and now that it was here, nothing could have been more perfect. I looked like Cinderella in my dress. It had a sweetheart neckline accented with crystal beading and rhinestones. The bodice was then wrapped in a layer of taffeta. The skirt was huge and made completely out of glittery white tulle.

I had a beautifully-crafted tiara and a shimmery white veil in my curled hair. My make-up was done wonderfully with sparkles and all sorts of other elegant touches. I had the locket Harry first gave me for Christmas in our fourth year around my neck, and the two bracelets my grandpa had given me so long ago dangling from my wrists. I also had on a pair of white high heels. On the bottom of the shoes, I had E and P written in fancy cursive in light blue rhinestones.

"Emily, you look so beautiful," Ginny gushed, and I turned and smiled in thanks.

"You really do," Hermione agreed.

Hermione was going to be my maid of honor, while Emilie, Lindsay and Ginny were my bridesmaids. I know you might think it's a bit weird not to have my sisters as bridesmaids, but I wasn't as close with my sisters as I was with some of my friends.

The color scheme of the wedding was based on my favorite flower, blue dendrobium orchids, so Hermione's dress was dark purple with a cerulean blue waistband, and all the other bridesmaids had cerulean blue dresses with dark purple waistbands. The same went for all of the groomsmen, but with their shirts and ties. Ron was the best man, and Neville, Fred and Cormac were the groomsmen.

Harry hadn't liked the idea of Cormac being a groomsmen (we had dated after all), but he was one of my closest guy friends and he knew it meant a lot to me. But it was either him or Draco, so Harry chose Cormac.

Aidan and Nadia came running over. Aidan was in the cutest little suit, his shirt and tie matching Ron's. Nadia was wearing a tea-length dress with an embroidered lace bodice, a tulle skirt and a lace trim. Both of our dresses were inspired by Cinderella, and I thought that was really cute.

Aidan was going to be our ring bearer and Nadia would be the flower girl. They were old enough that they could do it on their own and understand the importance of it. I was so happy to be able to incorporate them in our special day.

My dad walked into the room and said, "It's time." When he saw me, he said, "Emmy, you look gorgeous."

"Thank you," I whispered, barely able to speak. Out of nowhere, butterflies started fluttering around in my stomach.

Ron, the minister, and Harry were already out waiting at the altar. Hermione, being the maid of honor would carry my train. Everyone else paired up in front of me - Lindsay with Fred, Emilie with Neville, and Ginny with Cormac. Aidan and Nadia stood behind them with the rings and a basket of flower petals.

Hermione handed me my bouquet, which was draping and full of blue dendrobium orchids, peacock feathers, and white roses.

The music started and pair by pair, everyone started walking out. When it was finally my turn, my heart started pounding but I kept walking with my dad. As soon as I was past the doors, I saw Harry standing by the altar.

He completely stopped everything and stared at me, the grin on his face saying more than any words could. I felt the same. In that moment, I didn't care if the ceremony area looked like I had planned it to look because I was too happy looking in Harry's eyes to notice anything else.

When I reached the altar, my dad kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me before sitting down next to my mother. I walked a few more steps so I was standing immediately across from Harry, and he wrapped his hands around mine.

"We are here today in the presence of family and friends to share with Emily and Harry the most important moment in their lives so far," the minister started saying. He continued talking about what marriage and love were and how lucky we were to have found it in each other. I kind of tuned out as I looked at Harry. He gave my hand a squeeze and I smiled. I mouthed "I love you" and he did the same back. "Now I believe the couple has put together their own vows."

Hermione immediately stepped forward and handed me the speech I had written. My hands were shaking like crazy as I accepted the piece of paper. I unfolded it and glanced up at Harry before starting.

"I met you for the first time on the train to Hogwarts, and that was only because I tripped and fell on you. But as soon as I looked into your eyes, I knew you were the one. A lot has happened over the years. When everyone else gave up on me, you were still there to tell me I was amazing, and to tell me that I was worth all the trouble. You have no idea how much that meant to me,” I said, starting to tear up now. Harry reached over and wiped the tears away from my eyes, smiling at me and crying himself. “We’re not perfect – we’ve had our rough patches, and with you and me, those could never be simple. But we made it through and we are most definitely stronger as a couple because of all of it. Now here we are, five years after we met with the most beautiful twins anyone could ask for, the cutest and most wonderful godson anyone could be blessed with, the best friends either of us could ever ask for, and more importantly, we have each other. And from this day forward, we will stand by each other’s side for the rest of our lives, and I can’t wait. I love you so much, Harry, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am when I’m with you.”

Harry was smiling so widely I’m surprised his face didn’t crack. Tears were falling out of his eyes. I was glad he liked it. It had taken me forever to figure out the right words to tell him exactly how much I loved him.

“I remember the first day I met you, when you fell on me on the train to Hogwarts. I had never seen you in my life, but as soon as I had, I wanted to see you all the time. You were different than anyone I had ever met before, from your beautiful golden blonde hair right down to your Canadian accent. I don’t think I could have been luckier that day. From that moment on, we got to know each other better and finally, one of your friends told me to get the courage to ask you to the Yule Ball when I asked her for advice,” Harry said. I smiled sadly. That had been when Hannah had still been good. “I’ll never forget the Yule Ball because I got to walk in there with the prettiest girl in the school. Even though I kept thinking I would chicken out, I asked you out and you said yes. Then we saw that we were standing under the mistletoe so we kissed, and then you burned me.” Everyone started laughing hysterically as I turned bright red, but tried to smile anyways. “Don’t worry, she healed it right after, but I thought it was incredibly cute.” I smiled. “I knew I loved you from the first moment I looked in your eyes. I loved you so much that sometimes all I could think about was what Voldemort what do if he got the chance. What he had done to you. I never wanted you to feel that hurt, Em. I wanted to protect you from everything and I failed. But you never acted like it bothered you. You kept going as if it was something that happened everyday. You are the strongest, most beautiful person I know and I thank Merlin everyday for letting me have you. For letting me be the one that you love.”

I was crying again. Holy Merlin, it was a good thing I had cast a waterproofing spell on my make-up, just in case. It was really useful right about now.

Then it was time for us to repeat the official vows after the minister.

“I, Harry, take you, Emily, to be my lawfully wedded wife. I promise from this day forward to be your faithful husband, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as I shall live.”

“I, Emily, take you, Harry, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise from this day forward to be your faithful wife, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as I shall live.”

“With this ring, I wed thee. I shall love you, honor you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live. This is a symbol of my undying love for you,” Harry said while putting the ring on my finger.

“With his ring, I wed thee. I shall love you, honor you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live. This is a symbol of my undying love for you,” I repeated, nervously slipping Harry’s ring onto the right finger.

“By the power invested in me,” the minister said, “I now pronounce you bonded for life. You may now kiss your bride.”

There was no hesitation once the minister said for us to kiss. We kissed with enough passion to last a lifetime, which I think was our excitement for the day coming out. Our friends were hooting and hollering in the audience and we both pulled apart and laughed. We practically ran down the aisle to go get in the limo that would take us to the park we were getting our pictures done at, and then the reception. We took all of our pictures, splitting it up so I had some with my family, my bridesmaids and other friends, while Harry took his family photos with the Weasleys, and with his groomsmen and friends, and then we took a whole bunch of Harry and I alone and then with Nadia, Aidan and Teddy.

When we got to the reception, the DJ announced us and we were greeted with thunderous applause and bright camera flashes. We mingled for a bit, thanking out guests for being here and then the DJ announced our wedding party, starting with the bridesmaids, then the groomsmen, the best man and maid of honor, the flower girl and ring bearer, and then us. We settled in for a few speeches from Ron, Hermione, Lindsay, Ginny, and Neville. Then it was time for dinner which was delicious. Soon we were being whisked away for our first dance.

We stood in the middle of the dance floor, a spotlight now aimed at us. We slowly moved to the music, Harry pulling out a few moves he had learned over the years and I couldn’t stop smiling. When the full dancing began, Andromeda took the kids home so that it was left more to the adults. Only a few people actually had alcohol, Harry and I opting not to drink. We danced like there was no tomorrow and we knew that at the end of the night, we’d be flying away to some tropical destination for our honeymoon.

My life couldn’t have been more perfect.

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