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Ship of Dreams by Gin_gin06
Chapter 1 : For a Lifetime
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Hope you enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

This is the story of how I fell in love with someone, among other things. It's long and it's not for those of you who can't stand becoming a bit emotional. If you think this is happy, where the boy meets the girl and they somehow end up happily ever after without pain, without death, without tears, I'd advise you not to read.

Like in all good stories, it does actually start with a boy meeting a girl.

I was eleven, first year extraordinaire, and ready for my first year of Hogwarts. I had my whole life planned out for me. Go to school for seven years, find a respectable girl to marry, work as some sort of CEO, live my entire life in the Manor. It was a simple easy to follow plan.
In my family, things such as marrying for love were uncommon, just the same as most arranged marriages were. We were purebloods, and even though we respected muggleborns and half bloods, we weren't allowed to marry them. Only purebloods to keep the old magic coursing through our veins and the veins of our heirs pure, or at least that's what Grandpa says.

When I went to Hogwarts, I knew very little of love- except for maybe the love that my mother and father showed towards me. Butterflies riddling my stomach and even a mild case of sweaty hands because of a girl was completely foreign to me. No, I was Scorpius Malfoy, and I didn't believe in love for myself. I was probably going to marry one of the Zabini twins. I was never going to fall in love. I knew it.

Until, that is, I saw Rose.

She was with her family- a very large one, especially when compared to mine. Her reddish brown hair was tied back by a muggle hair band, and she was already changed into her robes. Her full lips were pulled into a smile. The kind of smile that makes you believe heaven exists, because the one smiling must be an angel. I could only imagine that smile being directed at me.

My dad eventually caught me staring and looked over as well. He turned stiff, gave the family a nod of sorts. I thought he might say she was pretty and I should grow some dragon balls for Merlin's sake, and go talk to her. But when he spoke, and was through grinding teeth. "You are not to associate with that family, Scorpius."

Right then and there, eleven years old in the middle of a bustling crowd I learned what the words heart broken meant, and I couldn't do a damn thing about it.

Let me try to explain this in a way that doesn't make my father sound like a bastard. You're familiar with the muggle play Romeo and Juliet? It was a romantic play about forbidden love between two important, yet feuding, families- the Capulets and the Montagues. Their heirs, pitted against each other since birth, fall in love, so much in love, that by the end of the tale commit suicide because they couldn't live without the other.

You see, Rose was a Weasley, and I was a Malfoy. It was exactly like saying Romeo was a Montague and Juliet was a Capulet. she was my forbidden fruit the one thing I would crave and love til the end of the world, and I would never have her.

We had never spoken to each other civilly in the five years of going to Hogwarts, and yet, every single time we had spoken, I had been awestruck by her intelligence and her beauty. Even when nothing but hatred shine in the baby blue eyes of hers.

I had given up every hope of being with her of course, but that hadn't stopped me from falling in love with her.

And believe me, I had tried. I had tried with everything in me to get over her. But Rose was like the plague. Once it touched you, you were forever captivated for a lifetime, or even longer than that.

I would catch a glimpse of her smiling, perhaps over a joke or getting lost in a good book, and the tiny, unstable walls I had built would crumble like dust.

It didn't make matters any better that I really couldn't stand her cousins, and was rude and often cruel to them as I was to her. I don't think even if there was a grudge to uphold I could ever make peace with the Potter boys. They were lazy, prejudice, and had no respect to any one, apart from their family.

"Are you going to quit glaring at them and possibly pay attention to me?" I turned to my left, where my girlfriend of two and a half years, Maria Nott, was sitting.

I had left guilty for carrying on the relationship for the few first months, until I learned she was only using me as a cover for her real boyfriend, a Hufflepuff muggle born that she was forbidden to see. I tried to be angry with her, but how could I if I was only dating her to stop my Dad's constant urges and prodding?

The truth was I couldn't. Call me a Hufflepuff all you want. I am be a Slytherin, but I was not a hypocrite.

So Maria and I arranged a sort of arrangement between us. She could continue to date the Hufflepuff and we would pretend to date but only after I told her about my feelings for Rose. I, of course, had begun protesting that there was no one, but she insisted, saying her womanly intuition told her I was in love. Damn that womanly intuition.

I grabbed hold of her hand, lacing her short thin fingers with mine, and let her lean on my shoulder. To the outside world, we probably looked very much in love. Well, at least the ruse worked on our friends.

"If you start snogging my sister, I will personally hex your arse off." Maria's older brother, Theo Jr, threatened.

If he only knew. "Piss off Jr.! No one asked you for your in put so piss off." Maria huffed.

Theo just flipped her the bird, unaffected by his sister's outburst. His eyes were trained on me though, telling me he wasn't joking about the hexing. If I really was her boyfriend, I would have been afraid of him.

Just as Maria opened her mouth to say add something, we all heard a blood curling scream. We rushed out of the compartment to see what was wrong.

There was nothing in the hallway, but out of the corner of my eyes, I saw something move in the window of the next compartment. I signaled the others over.

Quietly, Theo opened the door. We rushed inside. And then we froze.

A guy, he had on Ravenclaw robes, was on top of a girl, I couldn't see what who the girl was. He stopped when we came in. His eyes darted to the door, but there was no way he could've even tried with Theo and I there.

I couldn't even move. I started shaking, and then Theo threw the guy in the compartment to the other side of it. When I looked back to see who it was the guy was attacking, I nearly threw up.

Rose was curled up, still screaming and shaking, tears along with the little make up wore running down her face.


Okay so what do you think? You likeyyy? Please review! They make my day, my life, my world. They're like hot fudge brownies! Or bunnies! :D So please tell me what you think and what you want to see for this! Thank you.

I also do not own Romeo and Juliet, Harry Potter, or Titanic. They belong to the brilliant William Shakespeare, J. K. Rowling, and James Cameran. Once again the lyrics for the summary belong to Celine Dion.

Much love,


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Ship of Dreams: For a Lifetime


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