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Actually... by starkidpottergal16
Chapter 1 : Falling
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Lily Evans remembered the day she fell for James Potter. It was her fifth year. She didn't like to admit she fell for him then, but it was true.

It was May. A beautiful, warm, sunny day. Lily was sitting under the tree by the Black Lake with Maggie. Professor Slughorn let them out early because it was such a nice day and he didn't want to keep them inside.

  Lily had a huge fight with Severus a few weeks ago. So he wasn't sitting with her. Maylea had gotten really sick and was still in the hospital wing. So it was just her and Maggie, watching tiny waves roll across the lake.


“Yes Mags?”

“What do you think of Remus?”


“Uh… yeah…” Maggie said blushing.

Lily looked over at her best friend. “Mags, just tell him you like him. It won’t hurt…”

“I never said anything about-“

Lily smirked.

“Subject change!!” Maggie shouted, “So Lil?”

Lily didn’t like where this was going.

“When are you going to say yes to Potter?” Maggie said with a smile, “The whole school is dying to know…”

“I uhm… uh…”

"Evans!!" came a voice behind her.

She sighed. James was extremely annoying. He had been trying to get her to go out with him since the beginning of the year. Frankly it was getting on her nerves. But she was glad for an excuse to get off the subject.

She sighed, "What, Potter?"

"Wanna play tag?" Sirius Black piped up from behind James.

"Tag?" Lily said, "What are you? Five?"

  "Come on! We need two more!! It'll be fun!!" Sirius wined.

"I'm perfectly okay NOT playing." Lily huffed.

 "I'll play!!" Maggie said standing up.

"What?" Lily snapped.

  "Yeah!  I haven't played it in forever!!"

James smirked down at her.  Lily knew what Maggie was doing. If Lily played, she’d have to be close to James, if she didn’t then she would never hear the end of it from Maylea.

Lily sighed, "I'll play..."

  "Yes!!" Maggie said helping her up.

  "Okay." Sirius said. "One... Two... Three... NOT IT!!"

  "NOT IT!!" Lily and Maggie shouted at the same time.

 "NOT- ugh." James huffed.

  Lily bolted up the hill away from James who ran after her. Sirius ran past James in the other direction and he reached, unsuccessfully at him. Lily was at the top of the hill now. Watching James' face as he noticed Maggie had climbed the tree.

  “THOMAS!!! THAT'S CHEATING!!" he shouted up at her.

  "SHOW ME THE RULEBOOK!" she snickered.

  Sirius ran past him again and turned to run up the hill. James noticed Lily just standing there and turned to tag her. She turned and ran down the hill. But suddenly her foot caught on something and she fell face first down the hill. She rolled fast, screaming. Twigs and thorns scraping a new place on her arms as she rolled. She kept rolling headfirst until she fell in the lake. Cool water rushing over her head.

  "Lily!" James shouted.

  Lily popped her head out of the water, she was soaked head to toe and the mud under her feet sank one of her shoes. The cool water stung the bleeding scrapes on her knees and her arms.  James was the first one to wade out to her.

"Oh my God!! Lily are you okay??" he gasped, "Oh, you're bleeding..." he said looking at her arms, "let me-"

"It's okay, Potter, it's just a scratch."

  He knelt down getting his entire body wet to pick her up. He carried her onto shore and set her in the grass.

  Lily looked up at him and her mind went fuzzy. He was gorgeous... His sopping wet shirt outlined him perfectly. He looked absolutely beautiful silhouetted against the May sun. His hazel eyes shone brightly behind his glasses as he looked over her longingly. Suddenly Lily became aware that James wasn't the only one with a wet shirt.

She blushed and struggled to get up.

James grabbed her hand and helped her up. She looked up at him and smiled. Immediately her breath lost her. His expression changed to something Lily had never seen before, and she found herself staring at him desirously. Before she knew it she saw him moving closer, his perfect lips coming closer to hers. Her eyes fluttered for a moment, until her common sense started screaming in her head.

Lily Evans! What are you doing? You hate his guts remember?!? And now you’re two seconds away from kissing the prat! Leave NOW before he kisses you!! I know you love him on the inside but DON’T KISS HIM!!

She stepped back. Looking at the confused look growing on James’ face. She turned around, grabbed her bag, and pushed past a disappointed Sirius and a furious Maggie.

She bolted to the castle still unaware of the bleeding scrapes on her arm. When she got into the common room she was greeted with many confused looks. She looked at them furiously and walked up to the dorms.

Not long after she had changed into dry clothes came the sentence she was dreading.


She opened the door and Maggie grabbed her wrist. For such a seemingly fragile girl she was very strong. Lily knew where they were going. To only one who knew what to do, even if she was sick.

“Madam Pomfrey, can we see Maylea please?” Maggie asked sweetly.

“oh god…” Lily muttered.

Madam Pomfrey led them over to a bed being occupied by a pretty brunette whose blanket looked like it was made out of used tissues.

“Lavone, you have visitors.”

Maylea  put the book she was reading down and looked over at Lily. Lily’s hair was still wet and she had Band-Aids all over her arms. Maylea gave her a puzzled look.

“Explain.” She said pointing at Lily.

“Well,” Maggie said sitting on the bed, “Me and Lil were playing tag with Potter and Black-“

There was a momentary sparkle in Maylea’s eye; she quickly hid it, “Tag? What are you? Five?”

 “Shhh!!” Maggie hissed, “We were playing tag and Lil fell in the lake.”

Maylea nodded as if it was all part of one of her stupid schemes.

“And Potter, being the extremely handsome hero he is, went to save her. So he carried her to shore-“

Maylea wolf-whistled and Lily hit her.

“So he helped her up, and all this whole time I’m holding Black back from helping Lil-“

Maylea and Lily looked at her like she just said she was a polar bear.

“Okay maybe the other way around… But!! Lea!! Get. This. Potter leaned into kiss Lily and…”

Maylea’s eyes filled with excitement and Lily blushed. She didn’t realize how much her friends cared about her love life.  It made her feel kinda bad she didn’t kiss Potter.

“Don’t get too excited Lea, you might explode into a snot-filled display.” Lily said

“I want every. Single. Detail. Maggie.”

“Fine,” Maggie replied know-it-all like, “The wind was warm, blowing south-south-west. A lone leaf flew over the heads of four teenagers, two of which-“


“She walked away. He was literally a half-inch away from snogging her and she walked away!!”

Maylea’s emotions disappeared, “Mags, I need to talk to Lily… alone.”

Maggie swallowed hard and walked out of the hospital wing.

Maylea turned to Lily, “You fell for him.”

“What?” Lily sputtered.

“Oh, don’t play coy with me chica, you wanted to kiss him. But the part of you keeping up the act got the better of you.”

Lily swallowed, “D- Did I?”

Maylea hugged her, “He’ll catch you.”

***                                             ***                                        ***

That night, Lily laid in her bed staring at the ceiling. One thought kept racing though her fragile mind.

Did I really fall for him?

Opposite her dorm were the boy’s and in the boy’s dorm laid a heartbroken James. He was staring at one particular name on Marauder’s Map. His heart skipped a beat as he saw her move about. His mind held on to one thought.

Did she really fall for me?




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Actually...: Falling


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