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The Pain We All Call Love by PotterheadTillTheEnd
Chapter 2 : The Invitation
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 It was Albus

“Hey Caitlyn” he started

“What?” whoa that came out wrong. He looked a bit taken aback.

“Umm…. Its my birthday this Saturday…. And im taking a few close friends to Hogsmeade… it would be nice if you could come….” He offered

My heart skipped a beat. Oh-my-god! Did the hottie of my dreams just ask me out?! Well not exactly, he just invited me to his birthday party- no biggie.

“Uhh…. Yeah sure, I’ll be there” I smiled

His relief was clear. It was written all over his face. We walked up to Divination discussing his birthday party. By the time we reached the north tower, class had started. There were two empty seats at the back so we silently slipped in and took them. I couldn’t seem to concentrate at all. He was too distracting. No, like not naughty distracting- it was his presence. just his physical presence, his scent and his eyes, that was all I needed to make my day. We didn’t speak much, he kept staring in front where Alison and Tory were sitting but towards the end of class, he turned towards me and started-

“Umm.. Caitlyn… I wanted to ask you something….” God, his eyes are hypnotizing.

“Okay class, you are dismissed” Alison and Tory ran up to me just as James and Jake ran up to Albus.

“Well that was dull” said alison

“Not for some people,” Tory sniggered

“What?” I asked in as innocent a voice as I could muster

“Ummm hel-loww! You were sitting next to prince charming, how could it NOT be great?”

“Who?....... Albus?” I asked her

“No man, the desk!” Alison replied sarcastically. Tory laughed

“It was alright” I said modestly

“Yeah right” said Tory as we reached to the Quidditch ground. It was a free period and most people decided to spend it playing Quidditch.

“Now, Quidditch lovers, trials are coming up and I want each and every one of you to fly to your utmost potential” two Ravenclaw guys started punching and shoving each other “WITHOUT BREAKING THE RULES!” Madam Hooch finished. Gosh that woman was old! She had taught my Dad, Uncle Harry, Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione, AND Professor Longbottom- AKA. Neville. And with that we mounted our brooms and took off.

I’m not sure if it was lucky or unlucky for me that Albus was just as good at flying as I was. He was Seeker on the Gryffindor team- people say he got his talent from his dad and his granddad who died when his dad was only a baby. I was Keeper, I got it from my dad, Oliver Wood- he was Keeper on the Gryffindor team too, when he was at Hogwarts. I was so absorbed in my own thoughts that I didn’t notice Albus fly beside me until he spoke.

“Hey umm… Caitlyn… I wanted to ask you…”

“Hey Cait! Come on were playing a match” Alison called

“Al! get here man! Were having a race to see who can catch the snitch the fastest” Jake called Albus

Fate hates me.

There WAS truth in what Tory and Alison were saying……… what was Albus trying to tell me?......... Does he like……….. no no, he can’t. why would he like an ugly loser like me?

I usually play Quidditch with my heart and soul in the game but today, with all these thoughts racing through my head, I just couldn’t seem to focus. All of a sudden, the Quaffle came flying out of nowhere and hit my head!

“OW! FUCK THAT HURT!” I glared at Andrea, a wacko fifth year Ravenclaw who had thrown it.

“Bitch- Can’t even apologize.” I muttered under my breath

Just then Madam Hooch blew her whistle indicating the end of the period. We landed, put our brooms in the cupboard and ran up to Defense against the Dark Arts.

 Hey guys! this is my FIRST story and i would appreciate your support and feedback!! Please leave a review thankss


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The Pain We All Call Love: The Invitation


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