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Building Dollhouses In The Sand by daliha
Chapter 11 : Chapter Ten
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Chapter Ten


            The day she was released from the Hospital Wing Katherine found a letter waiting for her on her bed. The writing was slightly slanted, she immediately recognized it as her father’s. Frowning she ripped open the letter her hands shook slightly, maybe her father’s attitude had returned. It had been the first time in years.


            I don’t know what’s so entertaining about that wretched game.


            Katherine sighed she couldn’t expect much more from her father. “Katherine there you are!” she heard Alicia’s voice call from outside the door. “Michael’s outside” she said mockingly.


            Katherine stood from her bed dropping the letter into the nearest bin.



December 1993




            She felt someone shake her. Katherine groaned feeling her whole body ache.


            “Get up you've been snoring!” Angelina hissed as Alicia shook her again.


            Katherine slowly looked up at them. O.W.L year was definitely not pleasant.  For the last week and a half Katherine had spent most of her time in the library either with her mother's journal or with her roommates studying for one class or another.


            “You're joking” whispered Katherine now stretching; Angelina sighed pushing a heavy book towards her.


            “Alicia and I have been at this for hours-”


            “Why didn't you wake me up before?” asked Katherine as she looked down at the page.


            “Well you've been awake two days straight Alicia and I thought we should let you get some sleep...” Katherine nodded at Angelina's words, she knew the thousand Galleon question was going to come up soon.


            “So what were you doing?” asked Alicia batting her lashes.


            “Research” answered the raven haired witch mechanically. “This for McGonagall right?”  she asked before they could form any words.


            Angelina threw a dirty look at Alicia “yes it is, but it isn't due for over a week so what do you say?  We call it a night.” 


            Katherine nodded shutting the book “alright but I have to go see Michael.” The girls looked at each other.




            “The Ravenclaw team's still out on the pitch” began Angelina as Katherine packed her things “it's snowing are you sure you want to go?”


            Katherine nodded “of course Angelina besides don't be ridiculous it's just a bit of snow.” Alicia grabbed her robe before she could walk away.


            “Can't it wait for tomorrow?” she pleaded pouting.


            Katherine pulled away turning her back on the girls “no” she slipped her bag over her shoulder. Alicia blew a raspberry as Katherine waved, “See you lot back at the common room.” She walked into the cold stone halls which reminded her of the castle's only defect.


            During the winter it became unbearably cold.


            She threw a glance over her shoulder before pulling out a small leather journal from her bag. The lighting was dim but Katherine could still make out her mother's writing.


            Today Gryffindor lost against Ravenclaw, which of course has the lot of us in a foul mood especially me. See I was stupid enough to make a bet with Daniel Parkinson the loser would do anything the winner wanted this without telling Gideon or Fabian.


            My reward, a public date with Thorfinn Rowle.


            Her heart skipped a beat; maybe just maybe this was what she had been waiting for. It was her mother's last year and maybe just maybe her father would redeem himself before her eyes.


            She stopped at the door; Michael could wait a couple of minutes.


            It was surprising to see how kind he could be, and gentleman like too. Even when Fabian was at the other side of the room glaring holes into his back. The large blonde wizard that sat before me certainly didn't fit Egil Rowle's description...


            He wasn't manipulative, aggressive, and certainly didn't seem like he was lying. My date with him at Hogsmeade was actually quite pleasant he even apologized for calling me a mudblood, and for poking fun at me with his friends. I wasn't stupid I didn't trust him fully but I decided to agree to his 'truce' and accept his friendship.


            Smiling Katherine stuffed the journal back into her bag and pulled the door open. Alicia was right the weather had gotten pretty awful it felt like getting hit in the face with a thousand tiny knifes and all she had done was walk a couple of feet from the door. 


            Katherine toppled forward into the deep snow, cursing she stood up listening to a couple of voices nearby.


            “Who's there?” she called quickly drawing her wand.


            “Put your wand down Roger!” yelled a familiar voice, squinting her eyes she noticed a silhouette walking towards her.


            Michael pulled her up with a smile. “Katherine what are you doing?” he practically yelled even though they were only a few feet apart.


            “I just wanted to see you” she smiled as he pulled her into a quick hug.


            The Ravenclaw team along with Katherine quickly ran inside. All of them saying their good-nights leaving Katherine alone with Michael in the entrance hall.


            “You shouldn't have gone out in such weather” he said as they took a seat on the steps. She rolled her eyes.


            “Whatever” she smiled as he pulled her into a kiss. Their three month relationship wasn't perfect she'd admit after all Michael could be difficult at times but she loved him.


            He began kissing her neck causing her to giggle as she released her school bag. “Michael we're in the middle of the hall” she whispered turning her body towards his.


            “It's alright, besides everyone’s in bed” he muttered his hands making their way slowly up her skirt.  Katherine noticed feeling a tad bit uncomfortable she stopped his hand.


            “Michael” she whispered he suddenly stopped looking up at her. He wore serious looked as he pulled her hand off his.


            The grip on her wrist was tight “listen it's too early for...” she winced pulling her hand away from his “what you want.”


            Michael sighed “Katherine I thought we went over this...”


            “We did” she said as he leaned in. He nodded as she went on “I love you it's just...”


            “Just what?” his voice was so soft she had to strain her ears to hear him.


            “I'm not ready” he closed the gap kissing her taking a hold on her hands using only one of his.


            “It's okay just close your eyes” he murmured noticing that Katherine tried to slide away. Something told her not to trust him, that it was best to call it a night.


            Despite that Katherine took a deep breath and closed her eyes. His grip on her hands tightened as his free hand slid up Katherine's skirt while he kissed her. She loved him, and she was sure that he loved her.




            In the following weeks the Christmas spirit could be felt around the castle. Already the decorations were up, the knights sang Christmas carols (sometimes with the help of Peeves), and the icicles hung from the Great Hall's ceiling and best of all were the mistletoes.


            Fred and George loved watching people's reactions to the bloody things. Some blushed, others ran, and one girl even fainted. What they never knew was the Fred, George and Lee had taken the task to charm all the mistletoes. Some gave your rashes or boils while others froze you in the spot until you were kissed. 


            “Hogsmeade is next week!” called out Heather as she walked towards them holding her books. Her long blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail with the exception of her fringes.  George sighed as Fred patted his back.


            “I know Heather-”


            “Great then” she said happily patting Fred's cheek.


            “Heather dear wrong twin” whispered Fred trying to hide his amusement.


            She giggled “sorry” Heather turned to George “so will you have a butterbeer with me at the Three Broomsticks?”


            George looked down at her taken aback. He frowned stuffing his hands into his pockets.


            “Actually Heather, Fred and I have something to do that day” he turned to Fred for support but instead found his brother staring off in another direction wearing a mischievous smile. The kind of smile one would wear when they had, what could embarrass information.


            George followed his eyes and so did Heather.


            “Oh aren't they cute?” she giggled under the mistletoe stood Michael with his arms wrapped around Katherine's waist. Her hair was loose today slightly curled at the bottom. She was smiling up at him as he whispered something to her.


            “Romantic” he said darkly. Lately ignoring them had been much harder. At first he thought they break-up pretty quickly but it seemed their relationship was solid after all her eyes lit up around him and the way she smiled.


              Katherine kissed him at this point George turned away and walked off to Lupin's class.


            He heard Fred's footsteps behind him. “You'll get over it soon” said Fred draping his arm over his brother's shoulder. George nodded hoping his brother was right after all she was his friend. 



            Something suddenly clicked. “What?”


            “You only fancy Katherine because she’s the girl who you’re closest too” said Fred sagely “it’s happened to me with Patricia remember?”


            “You were twelve Fred.” George pointed out shrugging Fred’s arm off of him. 

            Fred laughed “you really do fancy her.”




Fred took a step in front of George, he looked amused. ”Oh really you’d actually deny that-“


            George nodded “no, but I will tell you this” they walked into the classroom taking their usual seats in the back “ by the end of this year I'll have swept her off her feet.”


            “You want to bet on that?” asked Fred taking a seat next to Lee who turned to the suddenly very interested.


            “On?” Lee interjected as George took a seat next to Fred, he watched as Katherine spoke fervently to Angelina who nodded on occasion.


            Lee laughed “There’s no way you’re going to get her over prince charming.” George smirked.


            “A Galleon says I won’t break them up, but that she’ll have feelings for me by the end of the year.”


            Fred nodded “alright then boys let the games begin!”


            George watched as she pulled out her quill and ink bottle he smiled.


            “Oi Angelina!”


            Angelina turned back to Fred who smiled cheekily “go to Hogsmeade with me.”


            Angelina rolled her eyes “no” she whispered trying hard not to smile.


            George raised an eyebrow. Fred winked “all is fair in love and war brother.”


            “Now today I thought we'd work with boggarts” began Lupin as he looked around the classroom noticing how some began to whisper.


            “Professor...are we going to work hands-on with a boggart?” asked Katherine in a low tone. Normally her voice was confident, formal and even bossy at times.


            “Yes we are-”


            “But you had the third years doing that” Katherine spoke again this time without raising her hand.


            “I thought we could use it as a review for the practical section of your O.W.Ls” he went on picking up his on wand “now if you could all form a line in front this suitcase.” The suitcase on his desk was suddenly noticed by everyone, it shook violently bringing.


            Katherine bit her lip as she stood up following the others into line. She took her place in between Fred and George hoping that due to height difference she would not be noticed.  Angelina shook her head at Katherine who shrugged.


            “I believe everyone knows the spell.”


            There were several nods around the room. “Boggarts” she could almost hear the laughter in Fred's voice “can't wait to see what it'll be for good-old Montague.”


            “Probably a mirror” suggested George.


            They laughed failing to notice the sick look on Katherine's face.


            “Boggarts reveal your fears right? So what am I scared of?” she thought frantic as the line began to move. It was pretty quick and the fears were actually common.


            Spiders, mice, zombies, vampires, and even a banshee (which Fred and George kept calling Percy.)


            Angelina had just walked away from a toy mouse wearing a self-satisfied smirk “this is a piece of cake!” Katherine nodded holding on to her wand so tightly it might snap. What if the image of her father appeared? Or maybe they’d be engulfed in darkness… after all she wasn’t too fond of sleeping in the dark.


            “This is probably the best grade I’ve gotten, what do you think you’ll get Kat?” asked Alicia shaking her shoulder. Katherine pursed her lips, she watched Fred and George turn their gaze onto to her.


            “You know Alicia I’m curious to see that myself” said Fred pulled Katherine against her will to the front of the line.

            “Bad grades?” said George holding her in place as Katherine struggled to get to the back. She didn’t need them knowing what the hell her fear was.




I wish I was scared of something like Leprechauns” she thought, her eyes on the girls who encouraged her forward. 


            Katherine heard the twins go back and forth though she ignored it as Layne now walked away from a ghoul trapped in a balloon.


            She stood pointing her wand at the boggart.




            It switched shapes, she frowned. A cloaked figure? “I’m scared of a cloak?” she said aloud earning from her classmates a few stifled giggles.


“No Miss Rowle, take a closer look” said Professor Lupin as he examined Katherine boggart curiously.  She took a glance at its hands; they were pale as it walked towards her.


            “You're a disappointment!” it hissed. She swallowed pointing her wand at the cloaked figure. Katherine was going to give Selwyn the pleasure of seeing her in a weakened state. “A disgusting foul little creature!”


            “Riddi-” she stopped suddenly, it was a female's voice. Her eyes widened.


            “Miss. Rowle?” asked Professor Lupin cautiously.


            Katherine shook her head; suddenly she dropped her wand as she felt the pale fingers wrap themselves around her wrist. “You disgust me!” it murmured menacingly. 


            Her throat closed itself up. Katherine watched the skin from the pale fingers begin to rot away. The figure pulled its decaying face closer to her, Katherine’s breathing became shallow. “Professor” she squeaked as the figure laughed mocking her.


            The cloaked figure leaned down towards her. Katherine felt tears make their way up to her eyes, “P-P-Professor!”


            “Riddikulus!” The boggart had become a silver orb which deflated itself like a balloon. He walked over towards Katherine who stood there frozen to the spot.


            She knew everyone was staring. Katherine swallowed she wouldn't allow herself to cry, not in front of them.  She slowly picked up her wand.


            “I'm alright Professor Lupin” Katherine said her voice breaking slightly. Before he could speak she turned on her heel walking past her classmates back to her seat.


            “Who was that Rowle?” asked Selwyn leaning forward over her table “interesting scene it was.”


            Katherine took a glance as Fred took his turn; Professor Lupin though had his eye on them. She turned away determined to ignore Selwyn's taunting.


            “Let me guess family issues?” she went on using a baby-like voice.


            It took all her strength not to grab Selwyn's hair “you should keep your nose out of my business!” seethed Katherine leaning towards her as Selwyn smirked.




            It was a challenge.


            “Or I'll make you” whispered Katherine her voice taking a sickly sweet tone. 


            She felt someone pull her away turning she found herself facing Angelina Johnson who shook his head “c'mon you'll just get detention.”


            She scoffed picking up her bag from the floor “then tell her to keep her nasty nose-”


            Angelina lifted her hand “alright easy” she pushed Katherine down into her seat, taking a glance at Selwyn Angelina went on “you know she's just doing it-”


            “To piss me off!” whispered Katherine tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear. “I know Angelina...”


            “Then don't give her the pleasure.”


            “Since when have you matured?” she asked crossing her arms over her chest.


            “I’ve always been the mature” she gave her a small smile. Fred and George came walking towards them both of the boy imitating Warrington’s shriek when he saw his gnome boggart.


            Katherine smiled shaking her head. She'd never understand them, always with high-spirits Fred and George Weasley.


            She felt an arm wrap itself around her shoulder, Katherine flinched. “Shit!”


            “Sorry!” She turned finding herself facing a bewildered looking George Weasley. Her mouth formed a perfect 'O.'


            “Sorry...bit of a er dirty mouth” she smiled weakly touching her shoulder gingerly.


            George cracked a smile “Kitten everyone knows you're a foul-mouthed-”


            “Oh shut up!” she chuckled all her anger seemed to have melted away. Katherine found herself staring at his smile while hers faded.


            “Stop it!” she yelled as his grip tighten on her shoulder. Katherine felt her knees buckle as she bit her lip her eyes on his wand.


            “Then stop lying to me!” Michael's dark eyes bore into hers. It was like staring at another person, she scoffed standing her ground.


            “I haven't slept with anyone! With no one at all!” she cried as she pushed herself off the wall  “I swear!”


            He sighed “I’m sorry…I love you”Michael leaned in to kiss her. “Katherine looked at him, his eyes had softened. “It’s just-“


            “It’s okay” she whispered standing on her toes to kiss him.




            She snapped out her daydream staring at George his eyes gave her a worried look.


            “You promise?”


            She shook her frizzy head “of course you dimwit! I'd never keep a secret from you!”


            George smiled pointing his quill at her “good because friends don't lie to friends!”


            Katherine smiled as she read George's timetable “honestly Divination?!”


            “It's an easy class!”


            “And useless!” he laughed as she fussed over his timetable.


            “Guess you'll never change eh?”



            Katherine bolted out of the room. It felt like someone had just stepped on her chest the pain had suddenly become unbearable.


            Stupid Katherine. Stupid, naïve Katherine!

            To give herself a way to a boy who'd only hurt her, and yet to love him so blindly. Michael was sweet, caring and loving. He loved Quidditch and had a passion for school that was admirable, although he was jealous and insecure.


            To lie to the one person that had always been there, to the one person that she had allowed in.


            She ran down the hallway her footsteps echoing against the walls. Her heart ached, since when did talking to George become so difficult?


            “No” she said to herself as she ran up the stairs.  Besides one word and knowing George Weasley he'd kill Michael.


            Katherine walked into the empty common room throwing herself onto the empty couch.  She felt herself begin to shake slightly “silly wasn't it Katherine?” she whispered mockingly as she pulled up her wrist to her face “stupid to think anyone could feel anything towards you...”


            Her tears escaped her eyes as she laughed. It was still surprising to think that she was stuck in a stupid cycle with Michael Blackwood.


            For the first time in her life Katherine couldn't wait to go home, back into her bed where she knew no one would bother her.  She began to count the days as they crawled by, each tougher then the last.

            Even the trip to Hogsmeade had been an unpleasant experience. Michael dragged her to the Three Broomsticks where Katherine was forced to endure her friends questioning looks and whispers.  Only Alicia Spinnet had been brave enough to sit with them for a while.


            Katherine packed her things in silence knowing that at any moment her roommates would come in to question her. She knew Michael's behavior was beyond rude, but Katherine also knew he did it out of spite.


            The door burst open though Katherine didn't bother to turn. “Already packing?”


            “Yes Alicia” answered Katherine dropping in the final contents “we leave in two days.”


            “Katherine-” began Angelina as she walked past them.


            “Sorry I have to go-”


            “Where?” yelled an outraged Angelina, Katherine ran down the steps ignoring her words.


            “Katherine wait!” came Alicia's voice followed by footsteps. Katherine reached the bottom step only to be held in place by pair of arms.


            “There you are!” He smiled calling over his twin brother.


            “Oh Fred please don't!” she begged looking up at him, Fred frowned taken aback.


            “You look-”


            “Weird...yes” she whispered as George pushed his brother onto Lee Jordan who stood behind him.


            Before George could speak they heard Angelina and Alicia run towards them. He raised an eyebrow turning to Katherine who tried her best to smile, but turned back towards her dorm silently.




            She bit her lip, it was his fault.  That would be the last time she would see George Weasley at school. She did her best to avoid him even if he did manage to turn up in the weirdest of places.  Katherine would not speak to him even on their way to the Hogsmeade station she managed to get a seat with the girls and Michael who kept a tight grip on her hand, Angelina's annoyance was more than evident.


            Alicia meanwhile shot Katherine worried glances until the carriage stopped. Only then did Michael release her hand to open the door. She jumped out walking towards the train, from afar she could already see the twins arguing with Percy.


            George shook his head rolling his eyes. Katherine smiled as she watched him smile wickedly at his brother, even while she tried her best she couldn't walk past him one last time.



            The train ride had been pleasant enough considering the fact that Katherine sat alone. Michael had run off with Roger Davies and she was too embarrassed to sit with her housemates. She had to admit though the silence was quite peaceful allowing her to get some sleep before having to face Selina.


            Once the train pulled into the station she made sure to get off before Michael showed up. Once off she knew it'd be easy to find Selina in this crowd. She'd probably be wearing something furry and black.


            Katherine pushed past the crowd hoping to get a better view. Efficiently there was Selina in her favorite winter coat talking admittedly to a tall elegant man. “Pierre Delacroix?” she said with a slight frown.


            He didn't seem the type of man to run around with women like Selina Rowle. “Oh Katherine there you are dearest!” Selina pulled her into a tight hug. “I've missed you-”


            “So much you haven't written” finished Katherine with a sweet smile, she turned to Pierre who nodded.


            “It's a pleasure to see you again” he said with a smile his hands in his pockets.  Katherine gave him a small nod.


            “I invited Selina to lunch today” he began answering Katherine's unspoken question “ Selina said she had to pick you up and I thought I could come along-”


            “A gentleman you are!” Selina smiled at him her blue eyes gave her the look of a lovesick teen. Pierre though was staring at the red steam engine with a longing look.


            “Of course” his eyes flickered towards Katherine “I'll see you in a few days?”


            Katherine nodded as he took Selina's hand.


            “It was a pleasure Selina.”


            She nodded and whispered in a sweet voice “no Pierre the pleasure was all mine.”


            Katherine rolled her eyes turning to the opposite direction. She faced a small group of red haired people a small plump woman hugged a small girl.


            A tall balding spoke to Percy who seemed to be going on about school stuff. Behind him Fred and George pretend to yawn and made faces much to their father's annoyance.  Katherine found herself smiling as George threw his arm around Percy.


            “Come Katherine it's time to go!”


            Without another Katherine away with a small knot a bottom of her stomach.


            * * *


            Selina threw her winter coat onto the stand. Katherine walked into the estate behind her. Inside as usual it was dark and gloomy. The candles lit the halls which was adorned with large portraits of all of the estate's previous owners.


            “Well super should be ready soon” Selina walked up the stairs “shower and get dressed Katherine, we're having guests.”


            Katherine tucked a piece of her dark hair behind her ear. She ignored Selina's words as she walked into the hall looking up at the portraits. Some were asleep; others glared at her while some greeted her.


            “Well what's this?”


            She turned facing the portrait of a man with a sharp looking black beard and small squinty brown eyes.  Underneath his portraits was plaque. : Erlingr Rowle  1860-1970


            He tilted his head as Katherine looked up. “Egil's daughter?” he asked interestedly, taken aback Katherine shook her head.


            “No” she answered with a scowl “Thorfinn's.”


            “Sorry dear let me get my glasses” he reached into his robes pulling out a small pair of round spectales. “Ahh now I see the resem-”


            “What resemblance!” she shrieked “Besides blind you're mad!”


            “Now little girl watch your tone! I'm you're great grandfather!” he snapped almost losing his glasses in the process.


            She looked around making sure Selina wouldn't suddenly appear. “What?”


            “You heard me you-”


            “Then you saw my father grow up?”


            “Of course I did!” Erlingr began “ever since he was a kid! Him and your uncle Egil” he shook his head.


            He stopped catching Katherine's curious eyes. Before he could go on she heard the front door open itself and a voice begin to speak.


            “Nome!” he called, Katherine bit her lip. “now where the hell is that bloody elf?!”


            “Go child I'll speak to you later.”


            Katherine jogged towards the front door stopping a few feet from her father.


            “Where were you?” asked Thorfinn holding his coat his voice had its usual icy tone. Katherine took a glance over her shoulder.  Thorfinn noticed.


            “Which portrait were you speaking to?”


            “Erlingr...” she whispered taking a step back as his eyes narrowed.


            “Father...I swear I didn't go into your study or any of the other rooms” she shook her head “I simply-”


            Thorfinn took her by the arm pulling her towards the stairs “I'll decide that! Now upstairs!” He let her go turning towards Nome who appeared at the door.


            “Yes master?”


            “There you are! Take my coat, and bring me a bottle of firewhiskey to the study!” barked Thorfinn as the small elf nodded vanishing form sight.  


            He walked away leaving Katherine to walk up into her room. “Not even a damn hello, or hell even how did your stupid train ride go” mumbled Katherine angrily as she watched him walk away. “Hell even an I hate you would be nice…




            Dinner was a pleasurable; their guest had been a shop owner who wanted Thorfinn to invest in his products though he never spoke much about them in front of Selina and Katherine. After dinner Katherine was forced to go to bed leaving the adults to talk about business.


            She scoffed walking over to her closet, opening the door a small bag fell. “Shite!” she caught it before it hit the ground.


            “Damn I thought I put this away” she whispered opening the small bag inside Katherine found a basin and several vials with a clear liquid in them. It was Egil's pensive...


            Katherine laid the basin on the floor looking through the vials; some were labeled while others weren't. She knew it probably wasn't wise to look through them now but one couldn't hurt after all...


            Katherine uncorked an unlabeled vial pouring the contents into the basin, the silver substance swirled around for a second. She stared taking a deep breath; from what she read all she had to do was stick her face in...


            She took on last look around the room. One look couldn't hurt.


            Katherine stood in the all too familiar Gryffindor common room, she turned shocked after all Egil was a Ravenclaw...


            On the couch sat a young woman with long brown hair that fell gracefully around her face. She scribbled down in a small leather book that seemed oddly familiar. Katherine took a step towards her as she looked up. Her eyes were slightly almond shaped, smiling she closed her book gripping tight to her chest.


            Katherine blinked as she felt her chest swell up with emotion.. From the portrait came a pair of loud voices.


            “Elizabeth!” called on of the boys, both of them identical.


            “Mum?” Katherine wiped her eyes smiling at the young woman who rolled her eyes at the boy.


            “Fabian! Where have you been?” she asked smacking him with the leather book.


            “Ouch! Outside with Gid!” answered the sandy haired boy pointing at his brother who laughed as he walked towards the dorms.


            “I'll leave you two lovebirds alone!”


            “We're not love birds!” Elizabeth and Fabian called back yet their eyes were giveaways. At the sight of each other they sparkled.


            Katherine felt a knot at the bottom of her stomach as she watched them share a kiss.


            The room faded leaving in the darkness for a few moments. Katherine now heard lighting and before her appeared a dark street.


            Elizabeth was leaning against a wall wearing only a coat her hair stuck against her face. Katherine walked towards her as she sobbed, Katherine gasped.


            Elizabeth was covered in blood; she looked scared as she kept looking to the sides as if expecting someone.


            “There you are...”


            Like Elizabeth, Katherine turned at the sound of the voice.


            It was Thorfinn Rowle.



AN: Thank you for your lovely reviews guys and of course for reading! See I love you guys so much I left a cliffie for you! :P ANywho if you have comments or questions there's that tiny grey box and of course my MTA page which is sorta lonely I guess.

Anyway have a great day!


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