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when life gives you lemons. by marauder134
Chapter 1 : chapter 1: dragon
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"will hurry up!" my annoying little brother yelled while pounding his fist vigoursly on the bathroom door. "i have to pee!"

i rolled my eyes. if you get a chance to have the bathroom to yourself from six boys, you will take your own sweet time. usally i dont take an hour to get ready even though i am a girl. i usally slip on some less dirty jeans, a wrinkled tanktop and flip my long brown hair out off my face and i am good. i guess that is what you get for living in a house full of boys.

"if you shut up i might take you offer to mind!" i yelled back at him. i heard him stomp downstairs to complain to dad, so i looked at the person standing before me in the mirror. long shoulder length brown hair, brown laughing twinkling eyes and a permenate crooked grin.

i grabbed my bottle of silly string kicked open the door and walked into the hallway. i held up my can and waited for the slightest move. out of the corner of my eye a figure moved into the room next to me. i spun around just as kyle and vinny jumped out, silly string in hand and evil devious grins on the faces.

"eat string, kyle!" i screamed and shot him in the face with string he fell back. vinny attacked my hitting me in the stomach. the he ran over throwing me over his shoulder and running down the hallway to johns bed room. he threw my on the bed.

today we were having a silly string war. kyle, vinny, john and dad against me, david, tyler,and tony. we take our wars really seriously.

"dragon is in cage. i repeat dragon is in cage." he said into his walkie talkie.

"dragon? really?" i asked him. he shrugged.

"i dont make up the codes,john does." i rolled my eyes and thought out my best escape rout.

i felt around in my back pocket for any weapon. i felt my wand and slipped it silently out. vinny was looking at himself in the mirror trying to make his brown hair flip to the side. i muttered a muscle spasm curse and he fell on the grounb in a fit of giggles and snorts.

"i am so going to show this to dominique." i said taking a picture on my phone dominique was his secret crush which was really gross because she is one of my best friends. i laughed and slipped into the hallway.

john would be here any minute. he was the ultimate capture the flag. well next to me. all i needed to do was find the flag and knowing john it was probably were you had to fly to get to.

i grabbed my broom out of the closet and flew out the window and out onto our enourmous land. i soared over our mansion and scaned the yard for their flag which is usally one of their underpants. yah, pretty easy to find pink pokadotted underpants out here.

i looked over the lake and saw it in the middle floating in the light breeze.i pulled out my bottle of silly string and soared castiosly over to it, expecting an attack.

i stopped about 10 ft away from it and looked around. nothing.

i gracefully flew a couple more feet. then seeing nothing moved closer.


Dung boms exploded everywhere, green smoke clogging my vision and making my eyes water. i swerved to aviode some while holding my breath and quikly made my way to the floating underwear. my fingers barely touched the pink underpants when i was blasted of my broom and into the water.

a cold shock blasted through my body as i broke through the waters surface. i moved around paniking trying to figure out which way up and down. i shot one direction and out of the water gasping lungfuls of air. i swam to the bank and still clutching the underpants. sloppily i made my way to land and shook the water of my body. muttering a spell i dried myself as my brothers and my dad came running out.

i held the sopping flag in the air triumpthly and grinned.

"another win for Will Parks!" dad said slinging me on his shoulde. "this calls for cookies."

"aye, aye!" my brothers cheered as we made our way back to the house for cookies. i sat at the table grinning as my brothers ate their cookies and laughed about our war.

"yah she tilcked stunned me, when i wasnt looking." vinny explained making up excuses for what his little sister had done. seriously, i couldnt blame him if you got schooled by a girl you would be making excuses to.

"yah because you were to busy staring at yourself in the mirror!" i replied while he turned a slighte shade of red. i love messing with people.

"you were looking at yourself in the mirror while you were on watch!" john said still angr at loosing. "you made us loose you-"

befroe he could finish our owl slamed into the window carrying a hanful of letters. david walked over and pulled in the mental owl in the house. he read who the letter were adressed to while the owl snuck bits of his cookie. me and kyle snicked as the owl bit his finger.

"ow! timmy! bloody heck dad we need a new owl this one has rabis!" he screeched. even though timmy was really stupid, he was good for a lugh everyonce in a while.

"no daddy timmy is an angel you cant get rid of him!" i told daddy in my best i-am-daddys-little-angel voice. i grinned as i remembered all the time i had gotten out of trouble with that voice at hogwarts.

"will were are not going to get rid of him. now david what did the letters say?" dad asked changing the subject. i stuck my tongue out at david and he glared back then read the letters.

"dear parks family this year at hogwarts you will need...." and he went with the potions and books and blablabla. i sipped my milk and completely shut off what he was saying when he said.

".....this year at hogwarts we will host the Avalon games and ........." i stood up and spat out milk at vinny.  i snatched the letter out of his hands and read it about three more times.

the avalon games. the new and improved games from the goblet of fire. where insted of one contestant there is two a boy and a girl that compete for there school.

this was going to be an exciting year at hogwarts.



2 weeks later.


i'm sure, you the person reading this, has had some hard days in your life, we all do.

but the worst day is the day we all go either back to hogwarts or work. where there is tears, laughing, and good ol'  resling (usally for either the last peice of toast or whatever other food we had for breakfast),

i sat on top of kyle and let drool drip down from my mouth. he screeched and wiggled around trying to escape. the my dad walked in and ruined all the fun.

"wilma renea parks! do not spit on your brothers!" i sighed and scrambled off kyle and grabbed the last biscut. i slowly ate it savoring the delisious food and rubbing it off in kyles face.

"kyle i need you to help me with the bags, will go help john with his dragon." i groaned and slumped outside to the barn. john was a dragon keeper he cared for hurt sick and pregnet dragons, which is really disturbing to watch.

i walked into the barn while john was rubbing blue stuff on an air devil. i gently strolked his nose and he huffed out smoke through his nostrils.

"whats this guys problem?" i asked john. he wipped off the blue stuff on a rag and threw it over his shoulder.

"she was abused by some dragon dealers. wipped pretty bad.' he shook his head in discust. i nodded slowly, sadly there are people like that in the world.

"need any help?" i asked after a sad moment.

"hm? oh no i think i am good, i am just going to apparate him to the ministry." he smiled at me i gave him a unenthusiastic smile back and turned and walked twords the door.

"will!" i turned, "good luck."

i grinned my devious grin.

"thanks but i dont need it."



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