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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 18 : It's a love story.
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Another beyond beautiful Chapter Image created by Fayeswonderland @TDA


“I got tired of waiting,

Wondering if you were ever coming around,

My faith in you was fading.”

-Taylor Swift






After James came through the doors at Shell Cottage and everyone got over the initial shock of him choosing to stay here rather than at home, Bill greeted his favourite nephew warmly, talking loudly about the Harpies, James then greeted Victoire with a sly smile, and commented on the stain she had gotten out of one of her dresses, this made her face drop into a very unattractive scowl, He then gave Dom a hug and whispered something in her ear, she leant back, a wide smile on her face, nodding eagerly, He then strode past Dom and engulfed Fleur in a hug, she began gushing over how handsome he was, He laughed and waved it off, I began to smile a little noticing how he really did enjoy spending time with his family.


James’s eyes met mine, and within three strides he was right in front of me, I noticed the corner of his mouth turn up a little, before he leaned and kissed me full on the mouth.


I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him closer as his arms wound around my waist, we broke off, I smiled up at him, his brown eyes swirling, before I peered over his shoulder and noticed that everyone in the room was grinning.


I blushed a little peering down at my toes, letting my blonde curls cut off my face from view, I felt James laugh a little, before pulling me out of the room and into the garden.


We set of walking aimlessly down the beach, hand in hand, talking about anything and everything.


“I think she’s going to be okay you know.” I said quietly, referring to Dom.


“I know she is, She’s a Weasley.” James replied, making a joke, but I could tell, deep down he was worried about her.


“I hope Cassie gets what’s coming to her.”


I barley heard it, he said it so low.


I cleared my throat.


“She will.”  I replied.


“Anyway.” He said loudly, a smile on his face, he sat down on the beach and dragged me down with him, me landing in his lap, I laughed slightly, before repositioning myself in-between his legs, my back on his chest.


“Enough of that depressing stuff.” He said, resting his chin on the top of my head.


I looked out across the sea, the sun was just going down, illuminating the sky with oranges and reds, and perfect reflection printed in the sea.


“Didn’t your dad mind you coming here?” I asked.


I felt him shrug.


“Not really, Mums coming by later to see me and Dad’s going to be really busy with this case, nobodies used an unforgivable in years.” He said quietly.


I shuddered slightly at this.


I felt his arms tighten around me.


“It wasn’t your fault you know.” I said quietly.


I waited for a response.


It took a couple of minutes.


“I just think, if I had given her the time of day, or if I hadn’t of let her kiss me that night, it wouldn’t of happened.”


I flinched slightly at the memory.


“Sorry” he murmured.


“It’s not your problem, she wasn’t right.” I replied.




And that ended that conversation.


I shivered slightly as a cold breeze hit us.


“Come on.” He said.


James helped me up and I stood in front of him, studying his face.


His mouth was frowning slightly.


I reached up and touched his cheek, I glanced up into his eyes, which where all ready on me, before leaning forward and giving him a little kiss on the cheek.


He smiled slightly, before pulling me into a hug.







Later that night we all sat around the table, Bill and Fleur at either end, Victoire and Dom, on the left and me and James on the right.


“Can you pass the gravy.” Victoire said, giving James and expectant look.


I saw his expression change and a little smile edge onto his face.


“Say please.” He replied.


“Pass it here.”


“Say please, Vicky.”


“James pass the damn gravy.”




“James.” She muttered angrily, her voice getting dangerously low.


“Vic.” He said, mimicking her.


Dom’s face broke out into a smile as she followed the exchange.


Fleur shook her head, ignoring them.


Bill was stifling a laugh, and I was just trying to keep a straight face.


“James pas me the fucking gravy.”


“Victoire!” Fleur shouted, enraged.


“We do not use that language at the table, Oui?”


“Yes Mama.”


James, a wicked look on his face, took out his wand and pointed it at the gravy.


“Wingardium Leviosa.” He said loudly.


I felt my own eyes widen.


It rose, wobbling dangerously in the air.


“Say please.” James said again, tauntingly this time.


“James stop being such a prat.”


“Okay,” he said, shrugging.


He then sent the jug of graving hurtling towards Victoire.


I watched her eyes widen and her chair fly back.


But she wasn’t quick enough and the entire contense of the jug emptied itself on her lap.


Then the screaming erupted.




“Victoire!” Fleur shouted, alarmed.




“Vic calm down.” Bill ordered.






Fleur’s sentence was could off with laughter.


My eyes flew to Dom, who was doubled over, tears rolling down her face, unable to catch her breath from laughing so much.


I smiled, looking at my best friend.


I peered up at James, who was also watching his favourite cousin, a wide smile on his face.


Then I understood why he’d done it, if anything was to cheer Dom up, it was watching her sister make a an idiot of her self, and then I found my self laughing along with her, then James and Bill joined in.


Fleur shook her head, before standing up and summoning all the washing up.


Victoire looked around, confused as to why we were laughing before stomping out of the room.








After a good few days at Shell Cottage, the three of us arrived back at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall welcomed us back, before sending us t the Gryffindor common room.


Upon entering. I was engulfed with hugs from the entire Wotter clan.


After the greeting died down we sat around the couches.


“So how was your break?” Rose asked.


Dom’s face lit up as she re-told the story of James and Victoire’s spat.

“It was brilliant, she just started screaming.”


Freddie laughed loudly and Louis started to complain that he’s never there when things go down at home.


I was sat in-between James and Al, currently flicking Al in the arm.


“OUCH.” He shouted, acting really wounded.


“Oh, i'm sorry, you poor baby.” I said in a baby voice, laughing and giving him a sideways hug.


“Oi, get your hand off my girlfriend.” James said, jokingly.


“Aww, don’t be jealous James, she obviously likes the more manly

Potter.” Al responded, still hugging me.


“If that’s true then she’d like Lily.” Freddie shouted, laughing.


Lily then hit him round the head, which shut him up.


“I’m the manliest man there is.” James exclaimed.


“Aren’t I Elle?”




“See she doesn’t think so .She obviously went for the wrong brother.” Al said kissing me on the cheek.


I laughed, pushing him away.


“Ellie!” James said, pretending to be hurt.


“Actually, I’ve fallen for Louis, the fairest of them all.” I shouted, jokingly.


“Shuttup Elle.” Louis laughed.


“And I thought you loved me.” James murmured in my ear, obviously still joking.


It sent a chill down my back.


“I do.” I said turning to him.


“You do?.” He whispered.


I nodded, nobody seemed to notice our little exchange, they were too busy trying to work out who to hook Louis up with.


“Hmm, that’s good.” He murmured, trailing his finger down my chin.


“Why’s that then.” I whispered, looking into his eyes.


“Because..” he paused a second, kissing my cheek.


“I love you too.” he said in my ear, his breath tickling my neck.


I wide smile spread onto my face as I leant forward and kissed him.


“Get a room.” Al shouted.


“Okay.” James grinned cheekily at him, before pulling me up and pushing me towards the boy’s dormitories.


We were followed by a string a wolf whistled up the staircase, but as we entered the dorm and I shut the door, all that was left was silence.


Then he kissed me.








Sorry for the incredibly long up-date. My internets been off for ages -.-

Thanks for the reviews from the last chapter.

What did you guys this of this one?.

Rates and Reviews are as always, much appreciated.

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Cold as you.: It's a love story.


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