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Expecto Patronum by Drunaforever
Chapter 1 : Expecto Patronum
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Here's another story I have been wanting to write for  a while. Please R&R! Draco is a little OC. And note to Keeper: I think I did the spaces all weird and different again but I don't have much time for spaces so I hope you like the story anyway!


"What's your Patronus?"


Draco looks at the girl next to him. She looks angelic and he is lost in her silvery eyes for a moment.


The two teenagers are enjoying the view of the setting sun from the shore of the lake. As they lie down and talk, the sky turns darker and darker.


Draco is taken aback at the sudden question and he takes a moment before answering.


"An eagle."


Luna's eyes lit up. "Really?"


"Yea. Why?"


"Well, it's just that the eagle is the symbol of Ravenclaw, and, well, I'm in Ravenclaw." Luna's cheeks turn a light pink color.


"Well I do think of you when I cast a patronus. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me."


Luna's blush deepens and Draco smiles. Then he leans in and kisses Luna on the cheeks.


"What's your patronus?" He asks her.


"A rabbit."


Of course, Draco knew this. He knew a lot about Luna. And he had seen her cast patronuses during the Battle of Hogwarts. But he asked her anyways, just to hear her beautiful dreamy voice.


"My mother's patronus was a rabbit too."


"I guess since she is a part of you, that makes sense." Then she adds,  "I do think of you when I cast a patronus. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me." She repeats Draco's words with a smile.


"Well I'm glad."


"Hey Draco! Why don't you come over her with me? I'm better than the school's lunatic, you know!" Pansy Parkinson was emerging from behind a nearby tree. She had obviously been spying on them.


Draco had had enough. This past week Pansy had been making fun of Luna and trying to get Draco all for herself. He was tired of it.


He stood up, momentarily letting go of Luna's hand.


"I'd rather snog the Giant Squid." He said fiercely.


It wasn't much of a comeback, but his anger at her being mean to Luna hit her harder than his words.


"Fine, but you would be better of with me!" She said, looking slightly scared at Draco's expression. Then she started walking away.


"Aguamenti!" Draco muttered, waving his wand.


Pansy shrieked as she was shot with a jet of water. She turned around, looking angry, and made a rude hand gesture before heading back to the castle.


"Draco, that wasn't very nice." Luna said calmly, failing at hiding a grin and a some giggles.


He just smiled in reply.


"Expecto Patronum!" He says, just to make it up to her.


A silvery-white form of an eagle flies around Draco and Luna. The spirit-like figure makes Luna laugh.


"Expecto Patronum!" She says.


A rabbit is bouncing around on the ground, through the air, and along the tip of the lake a second after she says the spell.


The two silver animal-shaped forms chase each other around.


"Catch me if you can!" Luna says.


The patronuses fade away as their creators break concentration.


Draco chases a giggling Luna around their side of the lake.


Wow can she run fast.


They continue their game of tag until they stop and fall, panting, back to the lake shore. The cool night air feels nice on Draco's skin.


He grabs Luna's small, delicate hands in his and they watch the clouds transform from a light pink and blue to a dark purple.


Draco mirrors Luna's big smile and she snuggles closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder.


"I love you Draco."


"I love you Luna."


So there it is! Just a little one-shot for all you Druna fans. Please review!

XD Drunaforever

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Expecto Patronum: Expecto Patronum


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