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Being Human by Chesh
Chapter 5 : Young Love?
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Sunlight shone gently into the dormitory lighting up even the darkest of corners. Five, large trunks stood at the end of a bed as each girl lay sound asleep, tangled in the sheets. Until awoken by the first sound of the day.


“Lily, Lily. Wake up now” She cooed, poking the red head gently.

Lily just brushed her hand away and snuggled deeper into her blankets. Nyxie grinned; this was going to be fun.

“Wake up Lily, time to get up” Yelled Nyxie pulling the blankets of onto the floor.

“I don’t wanna…” mumbled Lily pressing her face into the pillows.

Nyxie laughed and skipped into the bathroom.

“You better get up soon or I’ll bring James to wake you up, I’m sure he would love to have the honour”

“I’m up!” Called Lily, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. They had been back at Hogwarts for just over a week, Nyxie and Lily had been close friends after two days. Seeing as Nyxie was easily an early-morning person she had found delight in discovering new ways to wake up Lily. Although Lily would complain all morning, she had come to like it as it was almost like having her very own alarm clock.

The noise from the shower stopped as Nyxie turned off the tap and stepped out onto the tiled floor. Pulling her robes over her shirt and jeans, she stepped to look at herself in the mirror. Raising her hand to her wet hair she murmured under her breath, smiling as her hair instantly became soft and silky smooth. Magic was easy when you didn’t have to rely on a wand. Satisfied with her appearance she stepped out to find a very distressed Lily.

“Where did I put it? I thought I put it down somewhere.” Said Lily frantically looking under discarded tops and books.

“What are you looking for?”

“My prefect’s badge” Lily dived under the bed in her search.

Nyxie smiled and walked over to the dresser, rummaging inside for a second she grinned and sat on the bed.

“Lily” she hummed.

“I bet you anything JAMES has taken it, being the prat he is” Growled Lily, looking positively furious.

“Lily” Nyxie hummed swinging her legs as she waited for lily to look her way.

“I still don’t get why he hasn’t given up yet. You would think after three years of rejection he would give up, but no. God that boy’s stubborn. I might have even said yes to a date if he wasn’t so full of himself, I don’t know how you stand them all, I guess Remus is alright…”

“LILY!” called Nyxie, shutting up her friend in a second. She smiled and waved a tiny gold badge in front of Lily’s nose.

“Thanks, where was it?” Lily smiled, pinning it proudly to the front of her robes.

“Where you left it last… the dresser”

“Oh…” Lily sighed smiling slightly. “Come on I’m hungry” She said pulling Nyxie down the stairs. The other girls in their dormitory had left earlier and there were few people in the common room as most students were down at breakfast.

Entering the great hall to the smell of fresh muffins and hot food they quickly made their way to the Gryffindor table. The marauders were sitting towards the end of the table and Nyxie dragged an unsuspecting Lily towards them.

“Do we have to sit next to them” Whined Lily, digging her heels into the ground so Nyxie had to literally drag her over.

“They are my friends to, you know and any way James isn’t that bad when you get to know him” She answered, before taking a seat in between Sirius and Remus. Lily was left to sit opposite her next to James.

“So what do we have today” Nyxie asked, returning Lily’s glare with a wide smile.

Grabbing some toast, she started to eat, completely ignoring the bacon.

“History of Magic is first I think” Remus quickly whispered.

“Oh joy” Murmured Nyxie, looking slightly less cheerful, chewing depressed on her toast.

“Don’t you eat meat?” Peter squeaked shovelling large amounts of egg into his mouth.

“Nope” Nyxie grinned.

Sirius choked.

“What?” he spluttered, spitting crumbs over James. Who looked completely disgusted.

“Watch it mate”

“Sorry…. why not”. He demanded looking at the girl beside him as if she was insane.

Nyxie took a sip of the juice and frowned. How to answer without giving too much away. Easy she would keep it simple.

“It makes me sick” She shrugged.

“Why?” Asked Sirius, his fork suspended in mid-air.

Nyx just shrugged. “My body won’t recognise it as a food so it’s not really a good idea.”

She finished. Fae did not eat meat or really any dairy products for that matter, not that she wanted to, it was like knowing you were taking poison. Even the smell could make her sick.

“I’m going to head to class, anyone coming?” Nyx asked looking from one person to another.

“Sure, I’m done here” answered Remus, standing next to her.


“Nah I got to go get my book from the dormitory” She answered.

“You to go ahead we will catch up” Called James, smirking at Sirius and Lily. Nyx was even more surprised as Lily grinned wickedly at James, weird. The only normal thing was peter; he hadn’t even lifted his head away from his plate.

“Ok” Nyxie frowned looking from James and Sirius to Lily. What were they hiding?
Remus and Nyx turned to go.

“Behave yourself moony dearest” Called James to the retreating figures. Nyxie frowned, weird.

“That was odd don’t you think?” Nyx asked, smiling at Remus. She was amazed to see that he had gone scarlet.

“Umm… Yeah… odd” He stuttered nervously. Nyxie sighed, humans were odd creatures, and she had yet to understand them.

“After you”, smiled Remus holding the door open for her.

Nyxie smiled and stepped inside the classroom, they were the first to arrive. Professor Binns the ghost teacher waited at the front staring out the window. The two quickly took near the back of the room just as the rest of the class piled inside.

“Settle down, settle down, today we shall be talking about the witch burnings in the 1700’s, around that time Gertrude the great…” Droned Professor Binns.

Nyxie smiled as she realised that Remus was frantically taking notes, ink splashing onto the desk and his face as he wrote. Apart from Lily he was the only one doing so, everyone else was completely out of it.

Students laid their heads in their hands, while others wore glazed expressions. Two students were even playing wizard chess unnoticed by the ancient Professor. James was twirling his wand idly without realising that he was spraying sparks on his desk. Peter was snoring and Sirius was staring coolly at two girls in front of him who in turn giggled and batted their eye lashes.

“What are you doing” Nyxie whispered, gently nudging Remus in the arm. He glanced at her quickly before returning to his notes.

“Taking notes, which is what you’re meant to be doing” He answered staring pointedly at her blank piece of parchment which had not been touched.

“Why?” She asked, plucking his quill out of his hand and began to draw patterns on her corner of parchment.

Remus tried to hide his grin as he faked a sigh and looked at her.

“Well I happen to be very interested in passing the exams at the end of the year”

“You’ll pass with perfect results whether or not you pay attention for one lesson.” She said holding the quill out of his reach as Remus tried to grab it from her.

“You know I have other quills” He said reaching for his bag.

Nyxie grinned and murmured slightly under her breath. The bag jumped out of his hand and skidded over to her just out of his reach yet again.

“How…?” Whispered Remus. He was sure she had used no wand or any spell he had ever heard of, now that he thought of it he had never seen her with a wand and this confused him.

Nyxie grinned; unclasping the chain around her neck she placed it in the palm of her hand. Relaxing she looked at the necklace. Slowly it began to change and move, twisting into different shapes and patterns. It twisted slowly into a snake and began to slither across her palm. Twisting again into a tiny metal, lion that opened its mouth wide to reveal sharp teeth.

“You can perform wandless magic?” murmured Remus staring at the necklace in amazement as Nyxie moved her hand over it so that it changed one last time into a bird.

“It’s the only magic I know”

Remus carefully touched the bird, stroking it softly on its tiny head. Nyxie murmured something in a language he did not know and the birds metal head changed to soft feathers, he could see its tiny heart beat quicken as it took flight and soared through the window and into the grounds.”

“Are you two planning on coming to Transfiguration?” Asked James, walking over to sit on Nyxie’s desk, a smirk plastered on his face.

With a start Remus realised that the lesson had already ended and most of the students had already left for their next class.

“Yeah we’re coming” Said Nyxie handing Remus’s quill back to him and grabbing her stuff in the same moment.

Remus hastily stood up grinning at Nyxie. James’s smirk grew wider.

“Ah young love, first the sharing of a quill what next, marriage, kids. Slow down so I can keep up.” James said as he pretended to swoon.

Nyxie rolled her eyes at James and walked past; missing the fact that Remus had gone scarlet yet again. Remus shot a glare at James who sniggered as he watched his friend run to catch up with Nyxie.

Please tell me what you think. I don't care if you hate it, i would even like critism so that i can fix any mistakes and make it better. Remember Read and Review.


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