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Fairytaled by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 6 : Demands
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Well, here it is, chapter 6!! :D 

Hope you guys enjoy it. :)

A huge thanks to those who reviewed the last chapter so far, Harmonia, mairi ÜÜÜ, natajess, slytherinbadgirl, and Annalisabet. You guys are awesome. :) 

A huge thanks to Bella Bug for being my Beta and friend. You're amazing and I love you.

Disclaimer: As usual, I do not own Harry Potter and I'm not JK Rowling. I also do not own Beauty and the Beast, that story belongs to either Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve or Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont.


I continued to stare at the door long after Malfoy had left. I didn’t understand how a flower could be so special. Why did I have to take care of it? It was just a rose… right?

I got out of bed slowly, my head hurting slightly, though not as much as I would imagine. It was now a minor throb every so often, as bad as a minor headache. I made my way to the bathroom and over to the sink. I turned the faucet on and put my hands under the cold water, smiling to myself as the water ran over my fingers.

I cupped my hands and splashed my face several times, hoping it would allow my mind to focus more. I grabbed a small towel from the side of the counter and dried my face off. I realized there was a small white hamper under the counter and I dropped the wet towel into it before turning the faucet off and making my way back to the bedroom.

The cold water had done the trick and my mind immediately went into overdrive. I made my way to the desk and found a small notebook before grabbing a quill and ink. I began to make lists of what I knew and what I didn’t know, finding the results to be quite disheartening.

What I knew:
-Harry, Ron, and myself were separated.
-I was at Malfoy Manor.
-I apparently had to take care of this bloody flower.
-Malfoy was being far too kind.
-I was almost entirely cut off from everyone I cared about.

What I didn’t know:
-Where exactly my parents were and how they were doing.
-How the whole situation with my parents would end up.
-Where Ron and the rest of the Weasleys were.
-How Harry, Ron, and the rest of the Weasleys were really doing and what they truly thought about my situation.
-Why the bloody flower was so important.
-Why I’m suddenly cursing so much.
-Why Kingsley agreed to putting me here of all places.
-How long I would be stuck here.
-How to get answers from Malfoy.

I read the lists time and time again, my eyes scanning the words for something that didn’t seem to be there in a vain attempt at finding some scrap of hope. I grew more and more angry with each reading, realizing exactly how little I knew.

I wanted to scream and break something. I was beyond infuriated at this point. How could they just throw me into all this without information? Kingsley knew me and knew how desperately I needed information and knowledge to function.

I stood up from the desk and walked over to the bay window, unsure of what else to do. I knew that I needed to calm myself down before I did anything rash. I stared out the window and into the garden, an attempt to clear my mind.

I watched as the peacocks made their way around the garden with that effortless grace and elegance. The ponds glistened and the trees shimmered in more shades of green than I’d ever imagined. A light breeze blew through the yard, making it come to life before my eyes. The trees appeared to be glittering. The flowers below bent and swayed, causing the entire garden to explode with color. It was truly one of the most dazzling sites I’d ever seen but I soon found my mind wandering to my parents’ garden.

I stood up from the bench, tears had begun to force their way up and over my eyelids, spilling down my cheeks. I needed to come up with a plan to get information, and fast. My only choice was to try Malfoy.

~*~* 2 hours later ~*~*~

I paced back and forth across the room, still unsure of whether or not I should go ahead with my plan. Everything seemed to be far too irrational at the moment but something needed to be done. I wanted… no… needed answers, yet Malfoy hadn’t seemed to keen on giving them to me. Maybe a demand for answers would work better.

I closed my eyes, already regretting my actions as I snapped my fingers. Dinkie immediately appeared before me. “Why hello, miss Granger!” she broke off and curtsied, “What can I do for you, miss?” She looked up at me, curious but eager to do something.

“I want you to bring me Master Malfoy. Right away, it’s very important.” I kept my voice steady though I was starting to panic. I realized there was no backing out at this point.

“Yes, of course. Right away miss.” A crack sounded as she disappeared. I took a deep breath and went over the plan several times in my head as I waited. Within a minute, the familiar crack sounded and Dinkie stood before me, an exasperated Malfoy in her grasp.

“Thank you Dinkie, you may go now.” She nodded, looking somewhat disappointed but obeyed, disappearing at the same time Malfoy looked me in the eyes. He looked intrigued but somewhat anxious upon seeing my own expression. I was now glaring at Malfoy, hoping it would make it easier to get answers.

“I. Want. Answers.” I said forcefully, feeling the anger roll off my tongue as it filled me more and more with each passing second.

“Granger, stop. Demanding and begging for anything isn’t an attractive quality in anyone, least of all you. I’ve already told you everything I can for now, I can’t tell you anything more.” My eyes were still locked on his, keeping the hard look. I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“I won’t take no for an answer, Malfoy.” I said harshly.

“Well, you’re going to have to. I’m not giving you answers, Granger.” He shot back, a smirk playing on his lips while his eyes remained calm.

If demanding hadn’t worked, I needed to do something to get his attention. Slapping or punching him wouldn’t accomplish anything, something I’d learned our third year.

I closed the distance between us in a few swift steps, my glare never ceasing. My brain was acting faster than I could control. I grabbed the back of his head, bringing it down towards my own as I kissed his lips.

Electricity seemed to spark where our lips met and I jumped back, nearly shouting. If he had felt the same thing I had, then there was no way that had failed in getting his attention.

Soooooo... what'd you think?! :D 

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, I apologize for it being short. Let me know how you liked it. Let me know what I should change, what I need to work on, what you liked and disliked, all that good stuff. :P 

Until next time,

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Fairytaled : Demands


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