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Map of the Problématique by Hermiohninny
Chapter 2 : Never Underestimate a Malfoy
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Map of the Problématique

Chapter 2:

Never Underestimate a Malfoy


"Hermione?" Ginny's voice echoed slightly around the bustling crowd she saw. Hermione gave a sheepish nod and even she admitted her disguise would be a lot better if she wore something else other than a muggle jacket with the hood up and some sunglasses covering up half of her face. Ginny chuckled slightly at her pathetic attempt of disguise. I mean honestly? It was seven o' clock. Who in their right of sane mind would wear sunglasses in the black of night? Hermione lowered her sunglasses and gave a mock hurt face. They both giggled until Luna showed up. Hermione stopped giggling when she realised what she had been here to say. To get help? No, even help wouldn’t fix anything. Did she really want to tell anyone?

"What? It was the only thing I could find," Hermione said solemnly. Ginny stopped laughing when she heard the sudden change of mood from Hermione. Her eyebrows furrowed, what had happened? Was it Harry? Her train of thought was interrupted when Ginny quickly caught Luna's platinum hair shimmering in the light of the moon. The hugged quickly and Hermione expression changed as she looked cautiously around her.

"Luna, Gin; follow me quickly," Hermione whispered consciously. She looked around and continued going throughout the tangle of people and roads wondering near to the entrance of Knockturn Alley. Ginny and Luna looked at each other- what was she doing taking them there?

"What's going on?" The two girls asked in unison. Hermione just nodded at them and dragged them through the throng. They stopped at a very empty cafe, to whose only (quite elderly) waitress in sight was listening to a portable wireless. Hermione went inside and sat down furthest away from the door.

"Ginny, Luna; I need to tell you something - important," Hermione concluded with regret. She would have cast a Muffliato but she decided not to, as no one was in sight at the time; so no one else except them would hear.
"What is it?" They both looked worried.
"I don't know... Just leave it," Hermione suddenly reacted. The two girls groaned in frustrations as Hermione tried to change the topic to the cold weather outside. Luna and Ginny exchanged worried glances and went back to arguing with Hermione to spill the beans. Hermione however was hopelessly replying with completely out-of-the-topic discussions. In the end, they decided to use their instincts and find out.
"No, it seems important," Luna argued back. She and Ginny were no way letting go of this, Hermione was never this serious. Only if something terrible happened would she ask them to meet up in secret. Hermione looked down towards her lap and fiddled with the hem of her t-shirt.
"He'll go mental if he finds out I told you," Hermione whispered, half choking up into tears.
"Who will go mental Hermione- and why? And just so you know - we aren't leaving until you tell us." Ginny finally said. Were her suspicions of Harry right?

Silence filled the table. Hermione thought up in worry, she prayed in her mind to God to get her out of this mess she had caught herself up in. Hermione suddenly decided that she wanted to tell someone, and if it wasn't now – it was never.

"Harry... Harry has been doing stuff to me, and Mum - she has cancer," Hermione's whispers turned quickly into sobs and Luna and Ginny's faces etched into ones that made them seem like they had been given the Dementor's kiss.

"What has Harry been doing 'Mione?" Ginny asked with her eyes full of concern. Hermione gave them a pained look and rolled up her long sleeves and trousers. Ginny looked absolutely murderous and Luna's usual expression of dreaminess had suddenly been cut through by the look of anger and fire in her eyes.

"Really?" Luna asked dubiously, not knowing about Harry’s change of sudden characteristics. Hermione nodded. Hermione kept on sobbing while Ginny and Luna exchanged furious looks. That son of a-! What did Hermione ever do to even deserve it! HE hadn’t changed then, Ginny thought with gritted teeth.

"But don't judge Harry on that, I mean I understand what he's been through and everything, so give him a break," Hermione cried. Tears started rolling down Ginny's eyes and she remembered when Harry's temper flared; it was terrible. Ginny was thinking of advice she could give to her best friend, and the only thing she could think of was what she had done a little over three years ago. Why had she been so idiotic? She had thought that Hermione being his best friend through everything, she'd get treated better - but no! He was the same abusing idiot he was ever since he became head of the Auror department. Ginny's thoughts were interrupted by Luna's attempts of trying to console Hermione.

"Hermione!-“ they both exclaimed in exasperation to their best friend’s cluelessness to the seriousness of the situation. “We can't do that, he's abusing you! That's why you had so many bruises on your arms and legs!" Ginny cried in disgust. Ginny comforted Hermione slowly and was careful to avoid her various cuts and bruises whilst Luna said several different healing spells to clear up her skin, but faint scars were still there; showing her months of pain and sorrow. Out of nowhere a loud thud came up from out of the next table and an angry Blaise popped up out of the metal chairs. The look on his face was ravenous, it was blatant that he had seen and heard everything that was said, all by a simple disillusionment charm. Their annoyed looks took effect on his angry face.

"That's really messed up Gin," Blaise concluded, looking guilty as compared to every one of the girls surprised faces.
"Blaise-" Ginny shot him an evil look, then turned towards Hermione and watched her beautiful features freeze in shock. Meanwhile she continued, "- were you spying on us?"
"Well, you see; it's quite a funny story..." he chuckled nervously. Ginny and Luna threw daggers and he continued. Hermione's expression had not changed whatsoever and was starting to worry the three of them. Continuing staring at Hermione, Blaise continued. "Well, we were doing some Auror investigations; and I saw you walking into here. I got a bit worried and followed you in through the back. The lady-" he looked cautiously towards the old lady behind the till "-quite honestly looked like she had no sign of life, so I sneaked through," Ginny looked at him and Hermione suddenly spoke much to Luna and Ginny's awe.
"B-Blaise; you must promise not to tell anyone - anyone at all," she whispered quietly in between hushed sniffles. Blaise nodded and walked silently out of the door. After Blaise had surprisingly overheard their private conversations, Hermione swore to herself she would cast the Muffliato charm before she spoke privately in public places.

"Did you find out?" Draco asked Blaise while sipping his coffee. Blaise nodded discreetly and turned to leave. "So you found out - but you're not going to tell me?" Draco questioned.
"Draco, I don't think I should be going round telling people's private lives - it's not fair," Blaise replied.
"Well you know, you did sneak after them and eavesdropped on the whole conversation," Draco retorted back at him. He did seem to have a point. Blaise argued back anyway. The things he'd seen today; were a true mark of an insane and cold-hearted man. To be perfectly honest, that was no man, it was a monster, whether Hermione realised it or not.
"Well, I wouldn't have thought it would've been that bad, now did I?" Blaise whispered. Why did he need to know anyway? I mean Draco did spend all 6 years of their Hogwarts life calling Hermione 'mudblood'. After second year, Blaise had admitted that it was getting old and he should stop, but unfortunately to no avail and he just carried on as if he were superior to any muggle-borns.
"Well I can't answer that unless I know what you are rambling on about!" Draco shouted, spilling out his coffee all over the carpet. Blaise turned to leave, furrowed his brows in annoyance towards his best friend and slammed the door behind him.
Draco glanced quickly at his watch - Merlin, it was already seven! Draco knew perfectly well that Hermione would not show up on his invitation, so decided to go and visit her at her 'humble abode'. It was half past seven, and there he was leaving his office and Apparating to Potter's apartment. He prayed to the Lord and sighed in frustration.

Draco knocked patiently and waited.


He knocked again.

This time he heard shouts. He pressed his ear to the door like his 12 year old self would do. He pulled away, annoyed at his childish side.


There was a scream of pain. Draco furrowed his brow in curiousness. Another yelp of pain filled his ears.

"Do I have to repeat what I said?" Harry's voice asked bitter-sweetly.

"I was out," a small voice cried.

"With who, may I ask?" Harry asked through what sounded like gritted teeth.

"Gi-in-ny... And Luna," the small voice replied. Another cry of pain and Draco was wondering if a TV was on; because the scene he had just heard sounded a lot like a muggle horror film. Or a thriller - by the sounds of it; either way, it didn't sound pleasant. Then he realised... Who was getting hurt by Harry? Harry is respectable enough not to hurt a woman. It blatantly wasn't a man; he doubted a man would sound that... Feminine was the appropriate word. He winced at another shriek of what seemed unbearable pain. Then it struck him – it was Hermione! I mean who else did he send Blaise to spy on?

He was so stupid it was unbelievable.

"No wonder I never made Ravenclaw," he muttered to himself. He diplomatically concluded that the 'right thing to do' would be to get in there before it turned into a gore film. He Alohomora’d the door and walked in a surprisingly cool composure.

Harry looked at him like he'd just Crucio'd someone into oblivion.

"What. Are. You. Doing. In. My. House. Malfoy?" He spat.

"It would help if you didn't spit on my shoes, you know they're Italian?" Draco added, staring at the spit ridden shoes. Harry gave Draco a look of anger and said, "So... You burst into my house, and then tell me not to spit on your shoes?"

Potter had a point, Draco thought. Getting to the point would be much more suitable.Draco simply nodded and Hermione ran in to the corridor, came out seconds later with a large duffel bag and floo'ed away.

"Something you want to tell me, before I assume things and tell the Wizengamot?" Draco asked coldly. This time his tone was not false, he genuinely meant it.

"It's none of your business-"

"Well technically if you don't tell me, since I do actually work as the head of your girlfriends-" he smirked at the word, "-department, which just so happens to be the Department of Law Enforcement; I will take it into the Ministry. And another notice Potter, I don't care if you defeated the Dark Lord or not, I can send you to Azkaban- faster than you can say 'abuse'." Draco finished with his infamous Malfoy smirk. Harry looked at Draco as if he had just slapped him fully across the face and he stood there gaping and Draco would not under any circumstance wipe the smirk of his face.

"Well, Malfoy; I don't think you can officially summon me to cour-" Harry said, being interrupted by Draco with a bemused look on his face. "Well obviously Harry, you obviously underestimate me. I'm capable of a lot more then you're aware of.” A pregnant pause then followed.

"Draco, since we are on first-name basis; the only reason you are powerful, is because your Father-" he chuckled."-was a Death eater, as I recall," Draco's smirk soon turned to a face of anger and coldness.

"Well Harry, you're right. My father was a Death Eater. But if you have been reading the Prophet. And also, Harry-" he forced the name out between his teeth, "-my so-called Father went to Azkaban what? Six years ago?"Draco finished. Harry opened his mouth, but shut it just as fast.

"Well if you're that interested, go ask the little-“ he refrained from using bad language. “-yourself. She's clearly been cheating on me; so that's why I've been getting my revenge," Harry replied with ice in his voice.

What was Potter’s problem?

"Actually, Potter: Hermione has not been cheating on you whatsoever; I know that because she asked for early leave to meet her friends. As in Luna and Ginny,-" Okay so maybe she hadn't asked him for early leave, but seriously it never hurt to back someone who had just been beaten up by her boyfriend. "- and you're the one to talk! I always see you in clubs with other girls so I don't understand how you can abuse someone else with that same reason,. She could easily use any of the three Unforgivable's on you; but no she doesn't. Because she knows the law perfectly well. No, maybe you don't curse or hex her, but you do equally that much damage to her," Draco said calm as the sea breeze. He sometimes wondered how he always managed to keep himself so calm in these situations.

Harry was about to start shouting, but Draco Apparated to Ginny's flat, to see if Hermione (AKA Harry's victim) was there.

For the second time that night, Draco knocked on the wooden door. Ginny opened it and gave the same weird look Harry had given him fifteen minutes ago.

"What do you want Draco?"Ginny asked, sighing.

"To see-"

"Blaise isn't here; he's out at the bar-"

"Hermione," Draco continued, ignoring Ginny's twenty-second explanation.

Ginny looked at him strangely, and then let him in. Luna was there comforting Hermione on the sofa while clearing up some visible bruises on her bare arms.

"Hermione, I need to talk to you, in private Draco said quietly.

Hermione led him to a large bedroom, probably Ginny's or hers in that case and gave him a gesture to explain.

"I need to know how you got those bruises," He explained quietly. Hermione gave him an odd look and asked quietly, "Why?" Silence filled the room and Draco cursed under his breath. How in Merlin's name was he going to explain this?

Considerations rushed through his mind. 'Hey Hermione, well pretty much I sent Blaise to spy on you because you wouldn't tell me what's up in your office and he didn't tell me – so I went to your apartment and heard him abusing you, but then you left when I came in and he wouldn't tell me, and because I'm your boss I kind of need to know?'

That seemed reasonable enough. Just edit it a few bits here and there and that would be fine.

Draco rubbed the back of his neck and replied, "Well in your office, you wouldn't tell me what was going on, and trust me; from Hogwarts, I can tell when something is wrong and when something isn't-" Hermione thought carefully, why would he know when there was something wrong? Was he a stalker? "-and so when I went to your apartment, I overheard certain things-" he stumbled inconspicuously at the word 'certain' and continued, "and when I went to see what was going on, you left. Then Harry and I had a bit of an argument, and he wouldn't tell me what was going on, so I came to ask you," Hermione looked at him blankly. Her eyes showed sadness, and then anger and fear mixed together.

"Of course he wouldn't tell," Hermione muttered. Slowly she sat down and lifted up her trousers and on display were bruised and battered legs. A sudden rush of anger flowed through him, and he was thinking of hexes to attack Pott- Harry with. She then left the room and sat back down on the sofa.

"Luna, don't heal all of her bruises," Draco said quietly. Hermione glanced at him with a small smile and his face remained blank. Luna gave him an understanding look and Draco left the flat with thoughts overcrowding his mind.


Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or anything that is recognizable.


A/N: I am sorry for not updating, I thought no one had read it really! This story is already posted on fanfiction, so if I sign it with 'siriuslypheonix', that it my fanfiction name. Thank you and please review!



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Map of the Problématique: Never Underestimate a Malfoy


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