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A Cannon's Harpy by st122
Chapter 14 : Dinner at the Burrow
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Ginny, dressed in a new pair of jeans and blouse she’d bought earlier the day, frowned at the clock. Her fingers tapped the side of her leg. The minute hand did not move, and still it moved too fast; they should have been here already.

“Ginny.” The voice belonged to a thoroughly frustrated Ron who was sitting beside Hermione on the couch. “Would you mind telling us what this is all about? We’ve been sitting here for an hour.”

She stopped pacing long enough to send her brother a flat look. Ron threw his arms in to the air; frustration did not begin to describe her family.

Their mother narrowed her eyes at them. Ginny did not say anything. “What?” Ron moaned. “It’s not like I’m keeping everyone trapped in the house.”

“I’m sure Ginny has something important planned.” Mrs. Weasley let her gaze linger on Ginny, the question clear. She wanted to know what was going on.

Bill stood. Fleur reached out to hold him back, but he ignored the attempt. If possible, he looked even angrier. “It’s obvious.” The harshness in his voice made every head turn. “She’s invited this boyfriend over.” Every word was filled with scorn.

The room cooled instantly as each of her other five over protective brothers contemplated the implication of Bill’s words. Almost as suddenly the heat began to rise. Their faces began to flush and each pair of eyes sparked with unusual intensity. Charlie, jaw set, punched his left palm softly. Ron recited some spell he’d learned at the Auror Academy. Fred and George schemed, while Percy looked calculating.

“Boys!” Her mother warned them dangerously. The tone left no room for argument. “You’ve done enough of that to last a lifetime.” They looked only slightly abashed. “You’re fortunate the Ministry allowed you back at the Acadamy.” Ron wilted. Hermione did not offer him any support; she merely agreed vigorously with Ron’s mother.

Small beads of sweat began to form on Ginny’s forehead. She said nothing. Anything she said now would only inflame the fires burning within. Their defiance was still written clearly on each of their faces.

“She’s been seeing this guy for months!” Their mother’s glare had not affected Bill as much as the others. Being the oldest meant he’d forgotten their mother’s wrath. Ginny straightened her back, lifted her chin, and met her brother’s glare. For a brief moment it appeared as if Bill wanted to say something more.

Charlie, who was to her left, rose to his feet. Bill had set them off again. “It’s about time we teach this…” Charlie’s mouth worked to find the right word. “Guy.” It was said with loathing.

Ron nodded in agreement. “We can’t just have some tosser come and steal Ginny from us.”

The wand, neatly tucked away in its holster, cried out to be used. Ginny had to unclench a fist. “What if it is him?” The words came out much more calmly than she’d expected. “I can see whoever I like.”

Their eyes lit with sudden anger. Fred and George began to whisper. Their hands moved about in quick short motions as they described some scenario to each other. The brief discussion ended with twin nods.

Her father cleared his throat loudly. “I will have none of this foolishness, boys.” The stern words caused her brothers to lose a bit of their bravado. “Whoever your sister invited is a guest in this house. And…” He let his last word hang in the air expectantly.

“We treat all guests with respect.” Her brothers repeated mechanically. Though restrained, she had no illusions about what they were thinking. If her boyfriend entered this house he’d be in for a rude awakening. Strangely, she could not help but grin.

“Relax,” she said to the room as her fingers played with the hidden engagement ring. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” She had to laugh at the jaws dropping. “And I’m not planning on having one in the near future.” Ginny did not add that she would probably never have a boyfriend again.

“Well that is good news indeed!” Percy said seriously. “I mean a young inexperienced girl such as yourself should not be burdened with the foolishness of boys.”

She nodded in agreement. “Boys are so overrated.” Ginny agreed. “And so immature. I’ll wait for them to grow a bit. Perhaps when they’re twenty-two or so.”

“Wise decision.” Charlie said in hearty agreement. “That’s a good age for a wizard.”

Ginny did not miss her father’s curious glance, she had told him that Harry was older. She imagined that her eyes twinkled just slightly with mischief. He definitely suspected something.

Bill stood to give her a stiff brotherly hug. “I’m glad you’ve got this nonsense about boys behind you. A Quidditch star like yourself shouldn’t be hindered by some young idiot who doesn’t know what to do with his life.”

Ginny hugged him back. “I promise to marry a guy who has done something with his life. Perhaps you know of a few friends who fought in the war.”

Bill let go and rubbed at his rough beard, but did not look all too pleased by her statement. “Leave ze poor girl!” Fleur said from her chair.

Her brother continued to eye his sister curiously. She put on her most innocent expression. “You’re up to something, Ginny.” His voice was low and for her alone. “You’re not lying, but…”

“What you whispering about?” Ron called from the couch.

Hermione nudged him forcefully. “Ron! Manners.”

He appeared only slightly abashed, but her bull headed brother ploughed onwards. “I just want to know what they’re talking about, Hermione.”

Bill stepped back. “I was just wishing her some luck.”

Ginny folded her arms and stared down at Ron. He stiffened before settling back beside Hermione. The room felt poised as if the merest disturbance would cause the house to explode. Ginny held her breath, Harry really needed to arrive. In stillness of the stalemate the twin cracks from outside sounded loud.

Her father was first to speak. “That must be our guest… guests by the sound of things.”

Ginny and her parents went outside leaving her brothers inside to stew further. She could only hope that they were not planning a war.

The sight of Harry felt like a fresh breath of air. His oddly messy hair could only distract slightly from the bright green eyes staring back at her. Thankfully no signs of Chudley orange were visible. If there had been she would have seen to it immediately. She would not have her future husband meet her parents dressed in the world’s most vile Quidditch colour.

Beside him walked Gwenog. She wore a neat Harpies blouse, something Ginny suspected the woman always wore. To most the woman would have appeared calm, but Ginny could see the underlying confusion in the older woman’s expression.

Ginny had continued towards them, her parents only a stride behind. “Harry, Gwenog, welcome to the Burrow.” Her greeting was as would be expected.

“Thank you for inviting us,” Gwenog answered.

Ginny shook her coach’s hand. Unsure of what to do, she avoided Harry’s. He hid his amusement well, but the gleam in his eyes could not be hidden so easily. Her narrowed eyes quickly sobered him.

“Harry, I’d like you to meet my parents, Molly and Arthur Weasley.” She faced Gwenog. “You’ve met my mother before.”

Her coach smiled. “How could I forget. A pleasure to see you again, Molly.” She extended her hand to greet Ginny’s mother. “And to finally meet you, Arthur.” He shook her hand as well.

Her parents, however, seemed unsure of how to react to the mythical figure of Harry Potter; especially considering the game a few days before. “It’s an honour to be here,” Harry said finally to break the tension.

Mrs. Weasley blushed slightly and her father looked terribly ashamed. “It is we who should be honoured. The man who helped look out for our daughter is always welcome in our home.”

Ginny raised a hopeful eyebrow, but the truth about Harry might change the statement a little.

Harry held onto her father’s hand. “It was the least that I could do, Mr. Weasley.”

“But please, come inside.” Her mother tried her best to sound calm, it failed miserably. Harry was of course her favourite player. It almost rivalled her obsession with Lockhart. “I’m sure you are all starving.” Her eyes flicked across Harry and Ginny could read her mother’s thoughts.

Ginny moved quickly to her side. “He definitely does not need fattening, mother.” Even though the words had been whispered, she swore she heard Harry chuckle.

The group entered the living room. Whatever the men had been discussing the words died quickly as they stepped apart; their movements were a bit too quick to be normal. Hermione and Fleur sat shaking their heads, but not even Ginny had figured out how to stop her brothers from being brotherly.

“Blimey.” Ron was the first to say.

“Merlin’s Beard,” Fred and George inhaled together.

Bill had gone completely pale and Charlie tried his best to block his face from being recognised. Percy stood straight backed as ever. Ginny doubted that the man could feel any guilt.

“Everyone,” Ginny began loudly. “I would like to introduce Harry and my coach Gwenog Jones. I invited them over today so that we could sort your little… um… get together out.”

“And to meet the in-laws,” Harry whispered from behind. Ginny flushed even as she wondered how he managed to appear so calm.

Harry took a bold step towards Bill and extended his hand. “No hard feelings.”

Bill took the hand gratefully. “I’m truly sorry. I… we were all a bit anxious… my mind… wasn’t really thinking right… you know…”

Harry clapped the big curse breaker on the shoulder. “I shouldn’t have made a stupid comment.”

“Still.” Bill shrugged. “For what it’s worth, we are all grateful for what you did for our little Ginny.”

“Little!” Ginny fumed. How dare he belittle her before Harry and Gwenog.

Harry chuckled, but it was missed by her brothers who all took a step back. Harry glanced back at Ginny and did his best to not laugh out loud. It took a lot of her willpower to relax.

In order to avoid any further confrontations, Ginny began to introduce everyone individually. Ron blubbered, Percy stood stiffly, Fred and George attempted but failed somehow to prank Harry and Charlie overcame his awkwardness to be friendly. Fleur and Hermione were the friendliest of the group, but they had the least to feel guilty about.

When everyone was introduced everyone began to split apart. Bill, Charlie and her parents moved aside to talk with Gwenog. Fleur and Hermione moved towards the couch and sat. Percy strode purposefully to a corner where he could study everyone and everything. Fred and George conspired as per usual.

“Butterbeer, Harry?” Oddly enough it was Ron who offered to get a drink.

Harry faced her brother. “That would be great.”

Ron practically glowed from being able to do something for his idol.

Ginny tried to appear calm when they were left slightly alone. “Are we going to say something?”

He shrugged very slightly just before Ron returned with a Butterbeer for each of them. “Here you go, mate.” He thrust the other into Ginny’s hand without glancing in her direction.

Harry’s expression changed. It had grown odd. “Thanks.” He took a sip. “Ron, Ginny tells me you are quite the Chudley’s fanatic.”

“I’ve been ever since I knew what Quidditch was,” he sounded proud. Then he grew alarmed. “She did!”

“What do you make of the team this year?” Ginny asked in the hope of distracting Ron.

“The Cannons are as strong as ever, except for your replacement. He might be good, but there is something lacking in his flying. The man hasn’t got the same feel for a broom. I swear, Harry, you turned before you even thought about it.” Harry was about to say something. “But you’ve been lucky, mate. If it weren’t for your pure speed on a broom, you would’ve lost a fair number.”

Ginny grinned into her own Butterbeer. She would have had Harry in that last practise game if not for the man’s pure speed. “Yeah, where do you get that from, Harry?”

“Ginny!” Ron looked horrified. “You can’t ask the man that. You know, trade secrets and all!”

“Why not?” Ginny huffed. “I’m allowed to ask.”

Harry laughed loudly. “Of course you are, Ginny.” Ron looked gobsmacked. “But I can also refuse to answer. You know, sworn to secrecy and all.”

Harry nudged Ron good naturedly. This time it was Ron’s turn to laugh. “Told you so, Ginny.”

She was not pleased, but the sight of Harry trying to keep from laughing proved too much. Soon all three were fighting to keep silent.

A hand closed around her arm and pulled her around. “Hey, Ginny,” Fred whispered. “Did you tell him about our pranks?”

She shook her head. The topic of her brothers’ hobby never really surfaced. “Why?”

George appeared next to his brother. “The man’s a natural at the stuff.”

He carefully raised his palm. The words ‘To prank a prankster one needs to search the hidden ways of a true Marauder’.

Fred’s eyes were wide with wonder. “He knows.”

Ginny held up a hand defensively. “I swear, Fred, we never discussed your map.”

“Discussed?” George frowned. “How much have you two been talking?”

Ginny almost floundered. “Not much, but we did have a nice chat at the opening function.”

The twins sighed. “Ah, we forgot about that.” Then they edged past her to join Harry’s conversation with Ron.

Ginny swallowed nervously, but there was little to be done at the moment. For now, Harry would need to fend for himself. Needing a distraction, Ginny went to talk to Hermione.

Before she could reach her there was a loud bang. Ginny rounded on her heel, ready to shout at Fred or George. Instead she heard Harry’s voice. “Merlin, I wonder what could have caused that.” Fred stood stiffly, his hair bright pink. George and Ron had leapt backwards, their hands already clutching their stomachs from laughter.

Ginny ignored them and flopped down beside Hermione. “What am I ever going to do with them?”

Hermione hid her amusement well. “They should really open that shop of theirs. It’ll burn all that excess energy.”

“They better hope Harry is not their first customer.” Ginny sat up a bit. “He is rather good at this pranking thing.”

“Worried?” Hermione glanced curiously at Ginny.

“Dinner’s ready!” Mrs. Weasley called out. The mention of food quickly turned Hermione’s attention away from Ginny. Something she was grateful for. Keeping their relationship secret was proving harder than she imagined.

Dinner passed in relative calm. No one was pranked and the food proved to be divine. With her mother in the kitchen nothing less could have been expected. But as she ate her insides turned and butterflies began to fly inside her stomach. When the meal was done Ginny knew she would need to tell the truth.

With their stomachs full the group crowded into the living room. Satisfied that they were all happy, her mother turned to head back in to the kitchen. Her guests would not be left wanting and so she had prepared dessert.

The moment had come. She glanced at Harry for reassurance. He nodded subtly and began to make his way towards her.

"Mum!" Ginny called out. Her mother stopped abruptly. "Wait, I've got something to say.”

The room fell quiet and every eye turned towards her. "Umm... this is rather difficult to say." She fidgeted with her finger behind her back before tucking a stray hair behind an ear. Harry moved slightly closer to her. "This might sound a bit strange and sudden, but it really isn't. Not really anyway.” She took a deep breath and thought of all the times it had been better to just get the pain over with. “Harry and I are engaged to be married." The words came out in a rush and her charm vanished to reveal the engagement ring.

The room went deathly quiet. "Surprise!" Ginny shouted half-heartedly to make some noise. Harry, standing beside her now, wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Every red haired person looked completely lost. It would take a moment for their minds to catch up with what Ginny had just dropped on them.

Gwenog was the first to react as she already knew about them dating. To everyone’s’ shock, except Ginny and Harry’s, Gwenog began to cry as she hurried towards Harry. Her arms enveloped him. "I'm so happy for you. So happy..." She tried to stop crying. It did not help. Ginny could only watch. "Your mother, she would've been so happy. You're father proud. Remus..." she sobbed even more. "Sir... Sirius..."

"Would've smacked me with a broom and asked why I wasn't already married to this wonderful woman." Harry spoke softly, the words were for Gwenog alone. She cried into his shoulder before releasing Harry to embrace Ginny.

"Take care of him, dear. He’s headstrong but no match for a Harpy."

"Or Weasley," her mother interrupted to emphasise that her family meant more; though she did seem completely confused. “When did this happen and what of that other boyfriend?"

Ginny grinned, while taking hold of Harry's hand. "Harry was my coach for the month before the actual Harpies training, mum. We started dating after a week." Ginny shrugged. "And here we are."

"But, what about..." Bill looked anxious, and his eyes darted towards their father. "You know... the incident."

"Harry rescued her from the bloody Chamber," Gwenog said loudly, catching on to Bill's meaning.

"You rescued her?" Bill's mouth hung open. "But..."

Gwenog huffed angrily. "Go ask Dumbledore if you don't believe me."

"He knows?" Mr. Weasley asked slowly. Then he shook his head. "Right, of course he knows." It was going to take a few minutes for everyone’s minds to start working properly again. Ginny feared the moment when their minds cleared.

Mrs. Weasley said nothing as she made her way across the room to hug Ginny. "It seems you've met someone special. I want to say something about being too young, but your father and I were married at the same age."

"Thanks, mum." Ginny held onto her mother. "Once you learn who he is then you'll understand why I love him."

"I'm sure we will," her mother replied giving Harry a more critical look than earlier. There was going to be a lot of explaining to do in the coming days.

From there confused, but delighted congratulations poured in. It surprised Ginny. Bill and Charlie were fighting internal demons, but she could tell Harry’s proven record of looking after their sister helped. Ron was too busy worshipping the floor on which Harry walked to think anything negative. The twins saw Harry as an equal and friendly rival, not some enemy to torment. Percy stood pensively, he would be the hardest to sway, but that was Percy.

Her father approached and placed a gentle but firm hand on Harry’s shoulder. He led Harry from the room. At first Ginny thought her father was angry, but his eyes were soft.

She made to follow. “Wait, dear,” he mother held her back. “He just needs to talk.”

The Weasley brothers began to discuss matters amongst themselves while all the women in the room converged on Ginny.

“Ze ring,” Fleur whispered anxiously. Hermione grabbed Ginny’s arm before she could even react to the question. Four voices sighed dreamily.

“It’s beautiful,” Hermione whispered.

“He could’ve given me a piece of string and you would still have said it’s beautiful.”

Hermione shrugged. “But it is, Ginny.”

“Iz perfeek,” Fleur shrieked. “Ringz like seez iz rare.”

Ginny brought it closer to her own face. It sparkled like magic.

“It’s wonderful, dear.” This time it was her mother’s voice.

Eventually Ginny managed to free her hand. Her brothers still stood scheming amongst themselves and even from the far side of the room she could see their confusion and mixed emotions.

Ron split away from the group with a nod to his brothers and pulled Ginny aside. "You sure about this, Ginny? These celebrity types..."

She raised an eyebrow. "I'm one now too."

"Yes, but you're different, Ginny..."

"And so is Harry. In time you and the rest of the family will begin to see that."

Harry and her father entered the room. They both looked relaxed and happy. Ginny smiled.

Ron, not seeing a thing, nodded absently. "Just as long as it is more than some hero worship."

"Oh, it's a lot more, Ron. I don't think there will be anyone else for me."

"You seem very sure considering you've only known him for two months."

"I only really needed a single glance into his eyes, Ron." She faced her brother again. She could still see the moist eyes of Harry after the Quidditch final all those years ago. "Everything I need to know about him is in them."

Ron shook his head, not understanding a word, but she knew his mind worked differently. He loved Hermione in his own special way. "As long as you know what you're doing and if he loves you."

She smiled up at her brother. "He does, maybe even more than I love him."

Ron glanced across at Harry, eyes narrowed slightly. "Then I will go over there and give him my blessing."

"Thanks, Ron."

He rolled his eyes and walked across the room towards Harry. He pushed his father aside and immediately began an intense drilling session on Harry. Ginny beamed with pride. Ron was standing before his hero, the man whose shirt he could barely hold without stuttering, and badgered him on her behalf. It was adorable in a rather frustrating brotherly love sort of way.

"So he really is someone special," Hermione said handing Ginny a drink. They clinked their glasses. “I tried to guess.” She shook her head. “But this was beyond my wildest speculation even after the small article in the Witch Weekly about him talking to you at the function.”

"He’s more than special, Hermione."

Ginny considered the brief meeting they'd had with Dumbledore before Harry went to Gwenog. She together with a grumbling Harry had burst into the Headmaster’s office. She’d demanded more answers from Dumbledore. Professor McGonagall had joined the conversation as well and together they confirmed every word Harry had spoken about his past. The fool had just left out a million other acts of heroism. All those little details that would have made him look good. The stories still rattled in her mind.

She leaned closer to her friend. "I shouldn't be saying this, but I know you can keep a secret, Hermione. Harry's life is one big secret, but I spoke with Dumbledore and McGonagall." The truth was so big and Harry's sacrifice so great, she couldn't keep his secret anymore. Not now after hearing it all from Dumbledore. "Harry killed Voldemort."

Hermione's eyes widened, first at the name Ginny used and then at the meaning. "You're joking."

Ginny shook her head. "No, deadly serious. There is a long story that I can't talk about nor remember in detail. But he did end the war at the Battle of Hogwarts."

"Explains the wandless magic at the game." Hermione nodded thoughtfully. "You had to have heard the uproar it caused at the Ministry yesterday. Quite the excited buzz."

"Oh," Ginny squeaked. "I almost forgot." She raised her voice. "Harry, didn't you have some other news to share tonight?"

He and Ron stopped laughing at some or other joke. Ginny briefly wondered when and how the interrogation turned into a laugh, but she was not going to complain. He ran a hand through his black hair.

"Now?" he asked. "It feels a bit..."

“Well if you won’t,” she cut him off. "Harry has signed to play for the Cannon's for the rest of the season," Ginny said loudly.

Ron threw his arms into the air. "Who we are going to support now?"

Fred groaned loudly at Ron’s question. George slapped the back of Ron's head. "Harpies of course, except for this blighter."

"Not fair," Ron grumbled. "I support who ever I like and if they meet in the final then I'll support Ginny." He shuffled his feet about slightly and mumbled. "Sorry, Harry, but she's family. Got to support her you know."

"I'd be worried if you didn't," Harry chuckled. "But as the league works we can only play each other in the semi-final or final. So it’s still a few months away."

She walked across the room to Harry and slipped her arm around his middle. "Love you." She whispered. He squeezed her tighter. "Want to go see my room. I want to show you something that meant the world to me."

"I'm coming too," Ron said eyeing Harry critically.

"Relax, Ron." She pushed her brother away. "Honestly."

She opened the door to her room, thankful that it was tidy, and led Harry in. She left the door open just in case her brothers decided to be stupid. Like she would do anything at the Burrow when they could just Apparate to Harry’s flat.

"Nice room," Harry said. "Warm and comfortable." Ginny blushed when he noticed the old poster of him to the side of her bed. Then his eyes widened. "Is that?" he pointed at the scarf. "Did I?"

She gave him a puzzled look. "You gave that to me after the final. I was sitting alone thinking about being a Harpy."

"It was Victoria’s scarf." He pointed at the emblem. "Those, as you know now, are only stitched onto the players’ kit."

Ginny's eyes widened. "I'd always thought it was just a normal scarf."

"But you still treated it as something more."

She sat down on the edge of her bed. "You gave me the motivation to become the best Seeker I could be. I always kept the scarf with me. It reminded me of what you said."

"And you achieved your goals." His weight shifted on bed. "There was something about the red haired girl sitting alone by the pitch. Perhaps I recognised you from the Chamber, but I felt the need to talk to you."

"You did?" Ginny asked in surprise.

"I was walking out of the stadium when I saw you sitting there. At first I just watched over you. A young girl sitting by herself. Then... I don't know... I just talked."

"Why'd you cry?" She rubbed the back of his hand while waiting for him to reply.

"The love you showed for your father," Harry whispered. Again his eyes began to grow moist. "And now I see the love you have for your family. Having a family has always been my greatest desire. Then you mentioned that it was not about getting my card, but about your father wanting you to find one." He wiped at his eyes. "You cared more about your father than you did about yourself. I really liked that about the young girl." He laughed. "And she had a desire to be a Harpy. How could I not leave her the scarf I'd just traded mine for?"

They spent another hour chatting in her room before it became time to go socialise again. Eventually Harry said his farewells, kissed Ginny good night and disappeared along with Gwenog.

"A remarkable young man," Ginny's father said.

"If you only knew half of what he's done."

"Come now, Ginny," her mother laughed. "Isn't four Quidditch cups and saving your life twice enough."

"More than," Ginny replied. "But it doesn't begin to tell his story."

Her mother raised an eyebrow. "I'm guessing you're not going to tell us."

"Not tonight, mum, sorry." Ginny yawned.

"I don't really know him," her mother began as they walked back into the house. "But he does seem to love you."

"He and I are very alike, mum. And yes, he does love me, as much as I do him."

The radio crackled noisily. "Potter... Ah Mr. Potter. Do have a minute?"

"Not really, Bobby, but I'll answer a few questions."

"Great. I know some of listener's are eager to hear about why you decided to join the Chudley Cannon's again."

"The end of last season was a difficult time for me off the pitch, Bobby. I, unfortunately, cannot go into the details at this point in time. However, those issues have been resolved. So when my old coach owled me to ask if I would be willing to play again, I was all too happy to say yes. I had to ask the permission of a very special young lady, but she agreed."

"Merlin, Potter! I just heard the hearts of thousands of young women breaking around the globe."

"I'm sorry to all those out there, but I love this lady very much."

"Is she the reason for the trouble or the resolution to your problems?"

"I did not know her last season, but she definitely helped resolve my problems in a very unforeseen method."

"I'm sure we can all guess, hey Potter."

Harry laughed over the wireless. "I'm sure you can't, Bobby."

"Uhh... well alright. So what did you think of today’s game? I'm sure you came to study the young Harpies Seeker again. She has shown some flare."

"I think she has a lot of raw talent. Much of which is still untapped and I eagerly look forward to a very exciting game later on in the season."

"Indeed. If going on current form it looks like we will be seeing the Cannons and Harpies in either the semi-final or final at the end of the season."

"I'd like nothing more. The Harpies have always been special to me so I would love to have a good game against them later."

"So you can crush them, hey Potter?"

"Of course." Harry laughed. "But I must be off, Bobby."

"Just one more question. Who is this lovely young lady who’s helped change your life?"

"I'm sure you'd like to know. But at the moment we are trying to keep our private lives out of the Prophet and Witch Weekly."

"Well ladies. Harry Potter has found himself a witch. What do you make of it Peter?"

"First I've heard of it, but she must be quite the girl to have snagged the heart of such a man."

"Yes, I'm sure the Witch Weekly will be all over this news. But I think we need a quick roundup of the results before we end this broadcast."

"All Group A games have finished. The Catapults closely matched the Appleby Arrows with the Quaffle, but the Arrow's Seeker out did himself and the game ended at 270-160 for the Arrows. The Montrose Magpies dominated the Falmouth Falcons, but they failed to catch the valuable Snitch. The Magpies, however, still came out ahead at 440-330.

"Then of course the last game of the group was played tonight. The Harpies dominated the game and a brilliant ploy from Weasley caught the Ballycastle Bats' Seeker completely by surprise allowing her a take comfortable catch. The game ended convincingly for the Harpies at 450-260."

"It was a good round between eager and well-practised teams."

"Indeed, Bobby. As it stands now, the Harpies are still tied for the lead with the Arrows on six points. It's looking more like a two horse race in this group, with the closest competition, the Magpies and the Bats trailing on only two points. The Catapults and Falcons are barely hanging on with a single Snitch each this season so far leaving them with one point a piece."

"Seems like we are in for a nail biting race for the top of the log in this group, Peter. As our keen listeners would know, the Arrows are scheduled to play the Harpies in the fifth and final group game in January."

"Which we all know, Bobby, will be an important game as the winner of Group A will play the second placed team in Group B in February."

"Well that's it folks. Thank you for listening to our broadcast. Tune in again next weekend as we bring you more games from the second round of the Quidditch league."


I really hope you enjoyed the chapter, sorry for the few days delay. The chapters I have written from here on are a bit more rough and require a bit more work.

Thank you for reading. Please take the time to leave your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it.

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