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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 16 : Chapter Fourteen
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Chapter Fourteen

The war was upon them as they say. Hermione was in full battle mode, the hours were ticking away, in very little time James would leave and Hermione would perform her final mission. What would happen after was anyone’s guess. It wasn’t concrete what would happen, a situation of time travel like this had never happened before, Hermione could only hope for the best.

48 Hours till Voldemort Arrives

Hermione paced alone in her room, James was downstairs it was his turn to feed Harry; Harry had got to that stage where he was fussy with eating food. James had more luck getting Harry to eat his food than Hermione did. Hermione was more likely to get food thrown at her.

Hermione made herself sit down and breathe in and out deeply and slowly. It would do her no good to panic like this, everything and everyone was set, she was just awaiting the last bit of information she needed, the snake. Was the snake dead? Had no one told her because it was still alive? Had something gone wrong? Had the mission failed? Was this all lost hope? Was she going to die?

So many questions with so many answers, she tried to force herself to calm down, she needed to calm down, in 48 hours this would all be but a distant memory. She’d owl Dumbledore for information but she knew it wouldn’t reach him in time, she couldn’t send him a patronus, only patronuses could be sent to them.

24 Hours till Voldemort Arrives

“I love you” whispered Hermione to her husband as they woke in the morning sunlight.

“I love you too” replied James kissing his wife soundly on the lips.

“Promise me we’ll always be together” whimpered Hermione.

James caressed Hermione’s cheek, “We’ll always be together love, I cannot survive without you” he whispered.

“What if something happens?” she asked.

“If something happens we will be prepared. I will love you till the day I die. You and Harry mean everything to me, you are my world love” he wiped the stray tears from her eyes.

“I love you” she repeated.

“If anything were to happen to us love, Harry would be well cared for, there are plenty of people out there who love Harry as much as we do” whispered James. He tried to sooth his wife by stroking her hair and murmuring sweet words into her ears.

12 Hours till Voldemort Arrives

Hermione stood in the kitchen washing up, she could see James outside in the garden with Harry. Harry was riding that blasted broomstick, Hermione still didn’t think it was safe for him to ride it, but she guessed it wouldn’t matter this one time. Hopefully he’d have many more chances to ride it and be happy with his parents. Hermione didn’t know the outcome of today but she hoped against all hope that she and James and Harry survived.

The silvery light of an arriving patronus form appeared in the kitchen next to Hermione, it’s form a phoenix. The phoenix spoke formally in the commanding voice of Dumbledore.

“The Snake is dead, Larry Trumble survived. It’s all on your shoulders now girl. He is coming. He is coming for you and you must end it” the voice faded as the patronus did.

Hermione dropped the pan she was washing into the soapy water. Her heart contracted slightly. This was the answer she was waiting for, Voldemort was free from things that could tie him to the earth, he was no longer immortal but merely mortal and when the time came he should go down for good. Why then did Hermione feel so much more anxious than she expected to feel? Perhaps it was because she was now in control of the fate of the world, which was a lot of stress to have on ones shoulders. It could be damning, it was life changing, anything could happen, but would it be the right thing or the wrong thing.

October 31st 1981 4pm

The Marauder’s apparated into the grounds the moment the clock struck four. Hermione felt like her heart had plunged from her body, she didn’t know if she could handle this, didn’t know if she could do this. She needed James, why was James leaving, why was she letting him go?

Let him go, you need to let him go. If he is here you will be distracted. He has to leave so you can protect him, he has to live. So that even if you die, Harry will have one parent left. Let him go, let him go.

She forced herself to relax slowly, she had to let him go, this was for a greater cause, for a new life.

“What are you lot doing here, is something wrong? Has something happened?” asked James suddenly concerned.

“Nope” grinned Sirius.

“We’re here to kidnap you” said Remus smiling at his best friend.

“What?” asked a confused James.

“Dumbledore called us in” added Peter – a lie of course, Dumbledore knew nothing of this plan of action.

“Yeah apparently you deserve a night out” said Sirius.

“But isn’t it dangerous?” asked James, after all they were in hiding for a reason.

“Well we aren’t just randomly picking you up; a lot of planning has gone into this. We’re taking you out for a night of fun in one of the other safe houses; it’s as protected as this one so you’ll be equally as safe”.

“Plus Hermione said you were driving her mad, so it would be good to give her some time alone with Harry to recover from your moaning” Sirius laughed as he said the last words.

Hermione came into the room at Sirius’s laughter.

“Did you tell them I’d been moaning?” James accused his wife.

She simply smiled, “I may have mentioned it”.

James looked outraged and pretended to be hurt.

“Go out love” she said, “You deserve a night off”.

“Are you sure love?” he asked he didn’t want to leave her.

“Perfectly, I’m safe here, and you’ll be safe where you are. Nothing can harm us now” even as she spoke the words she felt a dagger pierce her heart as she lied through her teeth to her beloved husband.

“I love you” he murmured and then he was gone taking the other Marauder’s with him.

Hermione was alone in the house, left only with Harry to protect. Time was drawing to a close. She held Harry close to her chest as she fed him his dinner, rocked him against her chest, burped him, changed him and tucked him up in bed. She lovingly kissed him on the head and whispered in his ear how much she loved him, and then she turned on his night light and turned off the lamp. She closed the door partway and left her sleeping angel for what she hoped wouldn’t be the last time.

The Final Hour

Hermione braced herself against the coming evil. She held her head high and waited in the shadows of the room. The element of surprise was all that was needed.

Voldemort left his castle with confidence to spare. He knew where he was going, he knew what he was going to do and he knew he was going to succeed. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he wouldn’t come out victorious. He could kill the Potter child and anyone that stood in his way, Hermione would regret the day she refused to join him when she lost everything she held dear.

How fitting that it be all Hallows Eve when he decided to hunt down the Potter’s and kill them. What a fitting way to end their lives. He would be remembered for killing those who thought to plot his demise and they would only be remembered for being foolish enough to believe they could defeat him.

When he arrived at Godric’s Hollow the lights were off and the house seemed empty and quiet. Did Voldemort think that this attempt to make him believe they were out would stop him, he would stop at nothing! He walked silently through the garden and blasted the back door away. He walked confidently and purposefully across the kitchen floor and into the sitting room. This suited Hermione perfect, he had as they say walked straight into her trap.

She had her spells ready, spells she’d created herself, spells she’d tested to success; all she had to do was use them. Voldemort walked into the sitting room unaware that Hermione was lurking in the shadows; she’d concealed herself so well. It seemed that Voldemort still wanted to assert his power regardless to the fact that no one seemed to be there to see him. Placing his hands out in front of him he used an enormous amount of power to smash every glass object in the room, glass threw everywhere and Hermione had to cover herself with her hands to avoid the glass, she couldn’t protect herself with a charm less Voldemort notice her presence.

The glass explosion woke up Harry, his cries could be heard throughout the house. Voldemort smiled in glee, it was now or never, Hermione had to attack before Voldemort reached Harry. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest, this was it this was the moment that could change everything.

“Redigo Positus Vox” she silently casted, the beauty of this spell was that while it worked Voldemort would have no idea it had been cast. He was moving swiftly through the room, she had to act.

“Postulo Artrum Ornamentum” again she silently casted her spell watching as the magic activated around the non to wise Voldemort. He’d reached the bottom of the stairs, she had to do it now.

“Redimio Somes Quod Animus” Voldemort stopped mid step, shocked as a pale blue hue appeared all around him stopping him from moving. Voldemort moved though nothing touched him back towards the middle of the sitting room. The lights flickered back on instantly and Voldemort’s eyes darted round the room looking for the source of this trouble. Don’t sit back and think he’d given up, he was currently trying to break free of the invisible cell that held him but every move he made to destroy it the more stronger it got, he didn’t understand, this was his victory.

Hermione stepped from the shadows and revealed herself, “Hello Tom Riddle” she announced with fake sweetness.

Upon seeing the face of his captor Voldemort unleashed a string of hexes and curses.

“None of that now, I am the one in control here” said Hermione, she may seem calm on the outside but on the inside she was waiting with baited breath, hoping and praying that nothing went wrong.


“Simple really, I’m known for being the smartest witch of my age, that’s why you wanted me wasn’t it. Too bad I don’t follow mad psychopathic snake men” she said calmly.

Another string of swear words and hexes came out of Voldemort’s mouth, he may be caged but she should know how powerful he was, she would die soon and he would rule.

“You won’t get out of the cage, you’re trying I can see but it’s pointless. Now why don’t we have a chat?”

Voldemort glared at her.

“Come now, don’t you want to talk to me, I hold all the cards after all. I can tell you the answers to things you wish to know. Are you still missing Nagini?” she asked slyly.

“Talk now girl before I kill you” he spat in return.

“Tut tut tut, none of that now” she wanted to see how far she could push this but also needed to get the job done.

“Nagini is dead by the way” her comment was met by silence. “Ahh no tears to shed for your dear snake friend” if looks could kill she’d be dead.

“It was rather foolish of you to make Nagini into a horcrux” Voldemort’s eyes widened at that one word, “Yes I know about your horcruxes, Nagini was the last to be destroyed, you are all human now Riddle” she smirked to his disbelief.

“Oh but you want to know all about how I knew about your secrets don’t you” he didn’t reply but she could see the anger in his eyes.

“I was sent here to kill you, everything I’ve done has been in preparation for your demise and you will die by my hands Riddle”.

Voldemort’s anger hit a new level and the shield containing him turned red for a momentary second before disappearing. The shield was still there, Voldemort’s attack had failed like she knew it would but it was fun watching him all the same. How pathetic to be taken down by a young girl.

“You cannot win Riddle. Shall I tell you where I’m from?” she leaned in close to his face, “I’m from the future, twenty years in fact. That’s a long time to be planning your demise isn’t it! Oh don’t get any false hope you were dead in the future as well, I just came to kill you earlier to save the lives of others, aren’t I a nice person” she added.

“You are a foolish child, no one can destroy me. You say you destroyed the horcruxes but are you sure you destroyed everyone; perhaps I hid one from you. You cannot keep me locked up in here forever, once I’ve free I will destroy you and everything you hold dear” he spat.

“Perhaps you didn’t hear me correctly, I am going to kill you” she repeated slowly.

“Perhaps you didn’t hear me, you have no idea if you have destroyed all the horcruxes and you don’t have the darkness to kill me”. As Voldemort spoke Hermione made several sweeping motions with her fingers alerting certain people that it was time they returned.

“Your diary, Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, the necklace, Hufflepuff’s cup, Ravenclaw’s lost diadem and Nagini are the six horcruxes you made, you were getting ready to make your seventh one but you hadn’t had the time. Do you know how I know all of this, yes, I destroyed them in the future as well. So this begs the questions dear Tom Riddle now that you are mortal how to you expect to live”.

“Do you want remorse for my crimes, you won’t get it” hissed Voldemort, he was worried she could tell from his voice.

“No you aren’t capable of that. I will kill you and you know why because you don’t have to be dark to kill if you have enough to willingly sacrifice for the survival of others” she whispered.

As Hermione raised her wand to the snake faced Voldemort she heard the distinct sound of apparition pops around her, she ignored them looking directing into the eyes of living evil one last time.

“Avada Kadavra!” she screamed watching as the spell left her wand, moved straight through the invisible barrier and struck Voldemort directly into his empty heart. The force field around him dropped the moment his dead head touched the floor. His body disintegrated before her very eyes, there wasn’t enough humanity in him to save him from his fate, he didn’t deserve to be buried a long side the innocents that he killed, no his fate was left to those of a higher power as his ashes were carried away on the wind.

The spells Hermione used were of her own creation, the first was; Redigo Positus Vox which translates to reduce positive power. Dark Wizards may not realize it but in their souls while their controlling magic is dark there is also good magic trying to take control. This spell basically removes all the positive magic from the Wizard, thus making him weaker straight away.

Postulo Artrum Ornamentum translates to contain dark weapons. Basically designed to be used against Dark Wizards. It contains their dark power in a ball, preventing them from using their powers like a weapon; for example to cast spells that would inflict harm upon another

Redimio Somes Quod Animus translates to bind body and soul. Used to bind a person in body and soul, much more powerful than a body binding spell, it contains the witch or wizard in a bubble of power that they are unable to move from. Their own magic will only strengthen the field around them when used in an attempt to destroy it. 

~ Zyii

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