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Hope for the Hopeless by WeepingWillows
Chapter 1 : Tom Riddle
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Authors Note: Hi! This is the first story to this short story collection. This story collection is to help raise awareness of bullying. Bullying is a huge issue and recently there has been many suicides in my area due to bullying. I've also been a victim of bullying and it's important to always stay optimistic and think of better days and remember that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

I dedicate this story to those who know or who have been a victim of bullying and to those whoa re currently being bullied remember, there's always hope for the hopeless.


Hope for the Hopeless.

Chapter One: Tom Riddle


Tom Riddle didn't always used to be evil. In fact, once he had been just a boy. A boy that did not fit in and that enjoyed the silence and being by himself. He didn't make new friends easily, for he always feared that they would leave him feeling unwanted and alone just like his family had done. So Tom kept to himself.

He had never liked the indoors of the orphanage; it wasn't the children that he minded, he rather liked their laughter, it's the coldness of the orphanage that disturbed him the most. The fact that he new deep inside, that no one in there really cared about him. That he was just another unwanted child in the midst of several others. He was no one special. He's just a boy, that's all.

He enjoyed the outside the most. Especially sitting underneath an old willow tree that hovered above the pond. It's not a magnificent pond. It doesn't have any fish in it and the water dirty and green. Tom liked to by this pond though because it was the one place where he could truly be left alone with his thoughts. He liked it most when it was windy. The wind would cause the water to create small ripples (almost like waves) and he liked the sound that it would make as it brushed against the rocks. It reminded him of the ocean.

It was a beautiful fall's day. Fall leaves were beginning to fall. Tom found himself sitting at the bench that laid next to the pond. He would wistfully watch as the leaves gracefully fell and eventually landed on the pond. He liked to watch the leaf as it would begin to float but then it would sink down in the water.

Tom felt sorry for the leaf. It once had been beautiful with vibrant colors (shades of red); now it laid at the bottom of an old pond, no longer to be seen or recognized.

It was on this particular day, that Tom met his first friend.

It slithered out from the bushes. He stared at it with some interest before returning his gaze to the pond. Most children were afraid of snakes, but not Tom. He sometimes wished that he could be a snake. To him it would be fun to slither in and out from places to be small and unnoticed. He didn't like being noticed, for when he was noticed it brought him nothing but pain.

Except for this time. He was noticed for the first time, by a snake.

“Why do you look so sad?”

Tom had darted his eyes away from the pond and had looked around him trying to see where the voice came from. After looking around and not seeing a single child or adult he brought his attention back to the pond.

“Hey! I know you saw me. Come on, look down. I'm by your feet.”

He gasped. Surprised at first but then with fascination he looked down. He snake was staring – no – looking past him. After all, snakes don't stare at people unless they're looking for someone to eat.

“BOY! Quit being stubborn and talk to me. I know you can understand me.”

“But how?” Tom finally spoke aloud.

“You're special. You can talk to snakes. Not many wizards can do that.”

“I'm not a wizard!” He cried out defensively. “I'm no freak.”

To his amazement (Tom must surely be losing his mind) the snake chuckled. Now he was having an argument with a talking snake that chuckled.

“Right. That's why you can talk to me.”

Shouldn't snakes hiss? Tom has never heard of talking snakes before.

“What's your name?” Tom demanded rather boldly.


A snake by the name of Travis? What an ordinary name. Tom was debating with himself whether he should go and check himself into the loony bin when the snake – no – Travis slithered up and sat by him on the bench.

“You know Tom, you're destined for great things.”

“Great things, I'm no one. I'm just Tom,” Tom said apprehensively.

“You are destined to be king. You'll see, one day you'll rule.” Travis told him confidently.

At this Tom began to laugh. King? Rule? This had to be a dream. A very preposterous and lucid dream.

“You're not really here you know, you're imaginary. I'll wake up soon; on this bench and you'll be gone just like everybody else is. After all, you don't exist.” Tom said with a sigh. “You must be a dream because no one ever believes in me.”

“TOM!” Barked Mrs. Morrison.

Tom sighed.

“I have to go,” he said. “Time for chores. You know, duty calls.”

“Come back.”

Travis' voice is almost pleading. Tom stared at him sympathetically. It must be awfully lonely to be a snake.

“All right,” Tom agreed before returning inside.

And so Tom does. After all, Tom decided, snakes must live an awfully lonely life. Travis tells him tales of his travels. About his time at a zoo (where he saw all sorts of interesting animals!). About his family and about his friends. Travis explained to Tom that he had lost track of his family during his travels and that he was determined to find them.

“Who needs family?” Tom said as he kicked a rock with his shoe. “All they ever do is abandon you.”

Travis sighed. “If you only knew what having a family meant then you would understand. These muggle's – these people that you live with. You do not consider them family?”

Muggles? What an odd term.

“No,” he admitted. “No, they're just people. People who watch over me. Once they don't have to they'll leave just like everyone else you'll see.”

On this very same day, Tom returned inside to find the boys of the orphanage staring at him. Some were snickering, some were pointing and whispering.

“Did you see him sitting out there? Talking to himself?” One boy named Oliver said.

“He must be a freak, only freaks talk to themselves!” Gerald stated.

“I am not a freak,” Tom said defensively.

“Yes you are,” Gerald insisted. “You don't even speak normal when you're outside. You speak in tongues. In some sort of strange language.”

“Maybe he's part amphibian?” Oliver suggested cruelly.

“I think I see scales!”

Tom hurried upstairs, hiding away in shame. It's in his room that he decides if he was ever made king that the world would be crawling with amphibians and he would make sure that Oliver and Gerald were the first victims on their list to be eaten.

However, Tom knew that such a world could never exist, after all, there was no hope for the hopeless.

It was a day like any other when Tom found himself walking outside to the pond. To his surprise, he found Oliver and Gerald sitting by the pond. Travis was dangling in their hands.

“Look what we have Tom!” Oliver teased.

“What should we do with him?” Gerald asked looking at Oliver.

Oliver grinned sinisterly.

“I have an idea.”

“Tom!” He heard Travis say with a hiss.

To Tom's horror he watched as the snake was dangled above the water and watched as he was placed in the water.

“Looks like he's going form a swim!”

He began to shake.

He just wanted the boys to stop. He had done nothing to them. Had always kept to himself. Tom didn't know what Travis had ever done to the boys to deserve such treatment. He was just a snake who had been Tom's friend. His only friend and now Tom watched as he was being drowned to death.

“I'll find your family for you!” Tom promised, his eyes were beginning to burn with tears that were threatening to fall. He watched as Travis become lifeless.

“Look, the freak is crying!” Gerald teased and the boys left laughing. They left Travis' body laying on the edge of the pond.

Tom had given Travis a proper burial. It was out of respect for the snake. He felt pity for the now lifeless snake, since Travis had never been able to find his family. Had never gone on that journey that he had been looking forward to going on.

“I told you,” Tom said with a whisper as he placed a dead left (for there were no flowers that were growing during this time of the year) on top of Travis' grave. “That everyone eventually leaves.”

It's been years since that incident but Tom kept his promise to Travis. The boys all now feared him (to his delight); just as they should. After all, he was always meant to be king.

Tom is now eleven. He had just finished his first year of Hogwarts. When he returned to the orphanage that Summer, he brought the boys back a souvenir.

He returned carrying his trunk. On top of the trunk was a box.

“Hey Gerald and Oliver!” Tom greeted pleasantly. “I don't know if you remember... but you know that snake that you killed? His name was Travis and he had a family that he always wanted to be reunited with. You kept that from happening.”

Both of the boys looked at each others with mouths opened and their eyes were huge.

Tom picked up the box. Beginning to smile, he lifted the box lid.

“This is Nagini, she's Travis' mum and she wanted to say hello.”

As she began to raise from the box. Both of the boys began to whimper in fear and began to slowly back up. Tom began to stroke the large snake tenderly.

“Look who's crying now Nagini? I know you must be famished after your long journey.”

Maybe Tom had been wrong after all. Maybe there was hope for the hopeless.

I do not own any of these characters, all is rightly owned by JK Rowling. Lyrics in Summary and also title is by A Fine Frenzy! Reviews and commments are appreciated, do not that this is the non-edited version and that it's currently being edited. :)

Please please please please PLEASE review. I'd love to hear your opinions!

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Hope for the Hopeless: Tom Riddle


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