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When One Story Ends, Another One Begins by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : Where It All Started
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A/N - A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO The_Seeker12 who came up with the plot, I am just making it come to life and Another BIG THANKS to Erinn1197 who is the Beta for this story

"Mummy, mummy" came a small voice.

"Sapphie‘s trying to tickle me" came another.

The voices belong to Sapphire and Henri Weasley, my two amazing children, who came running into my bedroom. They turned 8 years old today. My children are my life and I would do anything for them. That just happens to include running away from my entire family (except Al) and their father.

Let's rewind my life to 8 years ago where this whole story begins......


"Holy mother of Merlin, I got the job!” Al yelled, dancing around my living room with the letter in his hand.

I stood up and hugged him.

"That's great news Al, I'm happy for you" I said, smiling the best I could.

The reason why?

Well, today my life has changed. I am no longer 20 year old Rose Monica Weasley who doesn’t have a care in the world. I am now 20 year old Rose Monica Weasley, the girl who got knocked up.


It had
happened at Brenda's going away party. Since it was just after the Christmas Holidays, there was still some mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. It's not my fault that he looked so bloody irresistible and handsome, and that I seized my chance to talk to him. Just to let you know, I was completely unaware of the mistletoe.

We started chatting and then he leaned in for a kiss,
 mumbling something about mistletoe. Being me, I said that it was probably full of nargles. I completely ruined the moment but it didn't put him off and it also lead to other things. He asked me if I wanted to go back to his place to talk and get to know each other better.

I nodded and we left.
He had a small flat that was overlooking the River Thames. He poured two large glass of wine for each of us. We had already had so much at the party that I didn’t even refuse. We got talking again and I realized that he was different. So different from what I had heard about him

I am clumsy at the best time, not to say even more when I'm drunk. I accidently sloshed some of my wine down his white shirt
when moving about on the sofa to get comfortable.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry. You should get that off before it stains."

"It's ok,
honestly" He replied.

He stood up and unbuttoned his shirt. Oh my god he's got a six pack. He is so yummy. He threw his shirt into the washing machine with some powder and turned it on.
Oh my Merlin. He's house trained? He sat back down next to me, his hands on my  waist. I guess he thought he was lucky cause he leant in and kissed me. It was full on the mouth, so soft, gentle and tender.

I kissed him back. We must have been kissing for a while, his one hand running its way up and down my back. It gave me shivers, making me go all tingly inside. We broke apart.

"Do you know how long I've waited to do that? " He whispered in my ear.

"Too long." I replied.

He pulled me up and we went down the hall and into a room, his bedroom. I have to say it was pretty tidy for a
guy. Okay,so there was a chair that was piled high with clothes but at least you could see the floor.

We made our way over to the bed. I kicked of my heels and pulled off my top. He unbuttoned his trousers and took them off,
throwing them on the chair. We sat kissing on his bed instead of being soft and gentle like before it was more heavy this time and heated.

His hand went down to the
button of my jeans, I leaned back in the middle of his king sized bed. He unbuttoned them and yanked them off, tossing them on the floor. We were both in our underwear now; he was on top of me, breathing hard. Soon our underwear had disappeared as well, flung away as it was not needed and so we made love with the moonlight shining in over us.


"Rose, are you there?" Al yelled.

I jumped , muttering ‘huh?’ while I shook my head.

"I said why do you look so worried?" He asked.

"I … I was thinking." I said.

Al looked at me. He knew it was a bad thing when I zoned out or day dreamed for a while to think. I always though about bad things or in this case, good things that lead to bad things. 

“What were you thinking about?” He asked. 

I…I’m pregnant.” I whispered.

"Holy fuck. Oh my Merlin. Holy fuck." He hugged me. “Congrats Rose.”

And that's when I broke down in tears.

"Hey, don't cry Rosie" He pulled me onto the sofa and sat next to me "What you crying for?"

"I, I, I don't know. It was one night, how could it have happened. We've barley spoken to each other before.

"Come on Rosie, chin up. You'll have a little one soon."

I love Al I really do. He's great with kids but his last girlfriend hated them. They broke up after two years all because one time Al mentioned that he wanted kids.

"I'm all alone and I doubt he's going to want anything to do with me or my baby." I sobbed.

"Hey don't think like that. I'll stay with you, Rosie and I'll help you" 

"No, take the job. You deserve it Al. Take the job and go meet some pretty American girl. Have kids with the girl you deserve. Don’t let me burden you.” I sobbed out.

He smiled. "Always putting others first. Listen, I’ve got to go now Rosie, but I'll call you later ok? Promise me you'll take care of yourself."

I nodded and dried my eyes. I spent the night curled up on my sofa with a bowl of Ben and Jerry's, watching Grease. When suddenly, I had a brainwave. I needed to phone Al. But before I could put down my ice cream, the phone rang. Ironically, it was Al.
How creepy was that, how had he known that I wanted to speak to him?

"Hey Rosie. You ok now?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm fine now that my two boys have cheered me up ."

He laughed. "Let me guess. Mr. Ben and Jerry?"

"Why indeed you’re right."

"Listen, I'm going to turn the job down. You need me more. You and your baby are more important. Another job will come along." He sounded serious.

Here’s where my plan comes into play. "No Al , you listen. You are going to take that job and you are going to move to America and you are going to take me with you, okay?"

"What! You want to come?" He questioned.

"Yeah. I need to get away from here for a while, a change of scenery will be perfect ."

"You sure?"

"Hell yes! Now go and tell them that you accept. Bye Al."

"Bye Rosie and thanks"

Well, at least he sounded happy. Even I felt truly happy. I am going to move away from here and this life and start a new one in America with my favorite cousin (just don't tell the others I said that or I might not make it to America alive)


Two weeks after finding out , I had gone to the doctors for them to actually confirm that I was pregnant. Dr. Berridge told me that I was 12 weeks along. As she checked my baby's heartbeat, her eyes grew. I looked at her with a worried look.

"Is everything ok?" I asked.

"Yes, Miss Weasley. I want to send you for a scan to make sure, but I'm pretty sure that I can hear two heartbeats. I think its twins, congratulations"

Oh my God. Holy Mother of Merlin. It might not be just one but two babies. Holy shit.

My appointment for my scan was two days later. I made my way to the hospital, accompanied by Al. I haven't told anyone else yet, not even my parents. I just want to make sure that my babies are ok and healthy before anyone else knows.

Since I had gone to my muggle doctors, Al and I were now sat in the waiting room at the local muggle hospital. A tall woman with black hair who looked like she was in her early 30's called my name and we followed her down the corridoor Unitl we stopped outside a door.

She knocked and we entered a small room. It had a bed, two chairs, a desk with a computer, and a TV screen on the wall above the bed. There was also a man with blonde hair who sat behind the desk.

"Good morning Mrs. Weasley. I am Dr .Wilson and I will be you doctor through out your pregnancy. This…" He gestured to the woman who had brought us back here. "Is Kath and she will be your midwife. If you have any questions please ask away Mrs. Weasley"

"Um… can you call me Miss Weasley please since I'm not married"

He nodded. "Of course, sorry about that. If you would like to hop onto the bed we can do this scan. In your notes it says that Dr. Berridge could here two heartbeats so let’s have a look ."

He squirted some gel onto my stomach. I closed my eyes and then this amazing sound filled the room. I re-opened them.

"If you look on the screen above. You will be able to see your babies and that noise that you can hear is their heartbeats"

Both Al, who been sat next to me holding my hand, and I looked up. There on the screen were my babies. They looked like little aliens to me.

"Wow," I whispered. "Can I have a picture please?"

He nodded and looked at Al. "Would the proud dad like a copy as well?"

Al's face looked horrified.

"I… um, I'm…I'm not the father" he stuttered.

"He's my cousin." I said, giggling

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry Miss Weasley. I apologize, it’s my mistake. I should really learn not jump to conclusions."

"It's okay." I told him while still giggling.

"Here is a picture of you babies. They both seem healthy as do you. Do you have you any questions?"

"Um well when am I due? Is it also okay for me to fly? I'm moving to America in three weeks." I asked him.

"I would say you are due around 10th of October and yes, it is safe for now. But as it is twins you should not fly anywhere after 32 weeks,  no matter how short the journey is. May I ask is it for a holiday? If it is, then there are some special things you must do."

"No, I'm moving out there with my cousin" I pointed to Al. "His girlfriend and my boyfriend. He couldn't get the time off work to come so I had to bring my cousin" I said lying through my teeth. 

Well only half of what I said was true so I'm not really lying, am I?

Al looked at me and frowned. I hit him when Dr .Wilson and Kath weren't looking.

"Oh, well I guess this is a hello and goodbye then, Miss Weasley" He said.

"Sadly yes. I'm sorry we don't get to spend more time together." I joked.

Dr . Wilson apologized once more before we left.

I nodded. "Thank you for everything today."

I left feeling much happier.

Once we were outside ,Al asked…

"Why did you say that?"

Pretending like I didn't know what he was on about I said


"You know perfectly well what. ‘I'm moving to America with my cousin, his girlfriend and my boyfriend and that he couldn't come.’That was a load of bull shit" He mocked.

I shrugged. "Not really. The first part was true. Besides, how do you know that I haven't got a boyfriend and that he was working?"

"Well for one, you aren’t with the father as far as I know. Two, you haven't got a boyfriend and haven't had one for the past two years. Three, you’re doing that thing where you rub together you fingers when you lie. Which is a sign that tells me you are lying.. "

Damn, I stopped rubbing my fingers.

"Bring up the past why don't you, Al." I muttered.

"So why lie?" He continued.

"Because I didn't want him to think that I was a single mum. I already told him I wasn't married. I wasn't going to admit that I'm not with the father or that I haven't seen or heard off him in two months"

"Fair point but you shouldn't have said anything apart from that your moving to America and that it was for his work." He shook his head.

"Al you are a genius, why couldn't I have thought of that like half hour ago?"

He laughed "And your meant to be the smart one.”
I hit him again before saying goodbye. I made my way to where my car was parked. I got in and pulled out my scan picture and looked at it.

These little aliens are going to be the start of my new life. Maybe I will be able to get on with my life and maybe , just maybe, I will be able to finally get over him.

A/N Hope you enjoyed it

I Don't own Ben and Jerry's ice-cream or the movie Grease


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