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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : Finding out
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Hey there, it's been a while, sorry about that! I've finally gotten around to finishing this story, and with help from ScorpiousRose17, I hope to finally finish it. I'll be putting up a chapter about once a week, for the chapters already posted I'll be putting up beta'd versions and from then on there will be new chapters.

Hermione was just about to go to bed when a knock at the door made her jump. Wondering who on earth would call at this hour, the grandfather clock had only just chimed 11:00pm, she walked the length of her small hall to answer the door.

"Hey babe" she instantly recognised the voice and smiled as she took the chain off the door. Of course, she shouldn't have been surprised it was Ron at this hour, they had only been dating for a month but somehow Ron had managed to turn her flat into his home away from home. After the war they had decided to just leave things as friends because they both had a lot of things to do and deal with but after two years of being apart Ron was sick of it so he turned up at Hermione's flat one night and by the next day they were dating.

"Hey there, do you want anything to drink or eat?" she asked him.

"Hmm, well if you don't mind could I have a sandwich?" She nodded as she lead the way into the living room. Ron took a seat on the cream settee as Hermione walked into the kitchen.

“You been to work?” She called through to him.

“Yeah, George had a huge order that came through so I stayed and helped him sort it out. What you been doing today?” He had been helping George out at the shop, it wasn't amazing money but he was saving it because when he stared Auror training he wouldn't have time for another job so he would need something to live off. That was a small part of the reason he hadn't done his Auror training with Harry, he would have liked to but he simply couldn't afford it.

“I've just been cleaning up the flat and doing a bit of paperwork.” She came back into the living room with a chicken sandwich for him.

“Thanks babe, you're a gem.” He smiled as she sat down next to him and curled her feet underneath her. “I thought today was your day off though; why were you doing paperwork?”

“Work doesn't stop simply because I'm not there. Anyway it was only a bit of paperwork for some old case, just finishing it off.” Hermione was working for the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures to try and help house elves. She had jumped at the chance when Kingsley had offered her the job and she was loving it, it was long hours but she didn't mind a bit of hard work if it meant that House elves could be better treated.

“You work too hard” Ron stated spraying crumbs all over the couch. Hermione just shook her head, she was used to Ron telling her she worked too hard.

“Honestly Ron I've seen Victoria eat neater then you and she's only a year old.” Exclaimed Hermione watching Ron get bread crumbs all over the couch and floor.

“It'll clean, don't worry about it.”

“Maybe but I doubt it's going to be you is it.” She only laughed as he went to protest, he never did anything remotely like cleaning.

“Have you even washed the dishes before?” She asked as she picked up his plate to take into the kitchen.

“Of course I have, anyway what were you doing before I got here?” He replied vaguely as Hermione just laughed to herself, re-appearing in the living room.

“I was just about to go to bed, I’m knackered and I’ve got to be up early for work."

"Oh, sorry for keeping you up.” He frowned slightly, “you should have said.”

“It's ok, I don't mind.”

Mind if I join you then?" he teased. She smiled and nodded. They made their way to her bedroom where she lay beside him, cuddled into his chest. It wasn't long before they were both asleep.


The next morning Ron awoke with a start. Hermione had leapt from the bed, slamming the bedroom door against the wall in the process. She ran to the bathroom where she promptly heaved all of last night’s dinner into the toilet. It wasn't even a minute later when she felt soft, warm hands gently removing all her mattered hair from her face and neck. Hermione turned her head and saw Ron standing there. She made to get up but her stomach had other ideas and she quickly turned her head towards the toilet before throwing up again. Taking a deep breath she stood up and brushed her teeth before leaning against the sink.

"Hermione, are you okay?" question Ron, worry obvious in his voice. She nodded.

"I feel fine now, thanks.”

"All the same maybe you should take it easy for now." She shook her head as she started to walk forward.

"No honest, I feel fine it must have just been what I a-a..." She trailed off into a whisper, her eyes widened and she stopped walking.

"What is it?" Ron asked taking a step towards her. She shook her head taking an automatic step backwards. Hurt flashed across Ron's face before he covered it but not before she saw.

"Sorry,” she walked towards him to show him she hadn't meant anything. “Emm, maybe you're right and I should take it easy today. Would you mind telling the ministry that I won't be in today." Ron just looked at her until she smiled reassuringly at him.

"OK, I’ll pop over there before work, you sure you're gonna be okay?" She nodded.

"Ok well I’ll come by later, love you." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Ron, love you too.” She gave him a hug before he disaparated out of there. The minute he was gone she put on the first clothes her hands touched and disapareted to the nearest pharmacy.


Later that night when she was lying on her couch, her head resting on Ron's chest, she kept staring at the light blue wall; when she had painted the living room she thought the blue would be therapeutic but now she just felt like she was drowning. Suddenly she felt Ron kiss the top of her head. She twisted her body round and kissed him back on the lips.

"So, how you feeling now?" he asked her. He kissed her again but the minute he had asked her how she was feeling her whole body had frozen.

"Is everything ok?" he gently sat up, trying not to disturb her too much, and tried to look at her face. She nodded.

"I'm grand, why wouldn't I be?" her voice had taken on a high pitched noise and to Ron it sounded like she was fighting back tears.

"Hermione...” Just then she promptly burst into tears.

"Hermione, what’s wrong?" he tried to hug her but she shook her head before running to her bedroom and locking herself inside. Ron quickly followed but all he could hear were her sobs coming through the door. He knocked.

"Hermione, what’s wrong? Talk to me?"

"There’s nothing wrong, just leave me alone."

Ron was utterly perplexed, he considered apperating inside but then decided against it; if she wanted to see him she would open the door.

"Honey, it can't be that bad whatever it is. Just talk to me." Just then he heard the lock click. Slowly he opened the door and saw Hermione sitting on the bed her arms wrapped around her knees. He went and sat on the bed next to her, but when he went to place his arm around her she shrugged it off. They didn't speak for a couple of minutes and it was only when Hermione had stopped crying that he attempted to speak.

"Hermione, are you sur..."

"Ron, I'm pregnant." Several minutes of silence passed until Hermione couldn't stand it any longer. "Ron, please say something, anything?"

"Are-are you sure?" he finally managed to stutter out. By way of reply she reached into the draw by her bed and pulled out the muggle pregnancy test. She laid it on the bed where he could clearly see two blue lines. Their eyes locked together.

"How do you feel?" she asked anxiously. No reply.

"I'll j-just leave you to your t-thoughts" she stammered out. A single solitary tear made a silver track down her face as she stood up and made to walk towards the living room door. It was this more than anything that seemed to make Ron come back to reality. His arms reached out for her and he pulled her back on to the bed and held her close while she cried. He pushed her hair out of her face and rubbed her back. She managed to stop crying, again, because just lying there in his arms everything felt all right. She sat up and looked him in the eyes. He managed a small smile which she, in turn, managed to returned.

"Sorry I was so quiet; it was just a shock at first. You surprised me." When she didn't reply he reached for her hand and entwined his fingers in hers before continuing. “I know it wasn't planned and we haven’t been going out that long but if you want to keep it I’m not going to run off and abandoned you. Honestly, I love you. Always have, always will."

"I-I want to keep It." she whispered, Ron squeezed her hand.

"Then it looks like you’re stuck with me” he smiled.

“I think I can live with that." He let out a small laugh before pulling Hermione into a hug. She pulled him down onto the bed where she lay beside him, cuddled into his chest.

"I love you too you know" she told him.

"I know you do" was all he replied. It wasn't long before they were both asleep.



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