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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 24 : Playing with fire.
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Amelia woke up happier that morning. Feeling a lot more energetic then she had felt the past few days. She stretched and looked around the room, grabbing for her dressing gown and pulling it on as she got out of bed and stood up, walking slowly out of her room, a delicious smell wafting through the flat.

“Finally awake,” Adam said jokingly as Amelia made her way into the kitchen, he was standing at the cooker pushing around the contents cooking in the frying pan.

“How long have I been asleep?” Amelia asked grabbing a glass and getting herself a drink of water.

“A good fifteen hours,” Adam said looking at his watch quickly.

Amelia swallowed and looked at him in shock.

“Wow. I can’t believe I slept for that long.”

“How lazy of you! I’ve already been to work and started dinner for us,” Adam joked, Amelia rolled her eyes at him.

“Where’s Lucy?” Amelia asked rubbing her eyes and stifling a small yawn.

“She said something about breaking up with her muggle boyfriend,” Adam told her, still stirring the contents of the frying pan. “She promised that she’d be back in time for dinner though.”

Amelia raised her eyebrows at her brother. “I did wonder what special occasion had to have happened for you to start cooking lasagne.”

Adam shook his head at his sister, but she could see a slight red tinge to his cheeks.

“We just had a talk this morning before I went to work. I just told her to come round more often because it was cheering you up.” Adam told her with a shrug; Amelia resisted the urge to smirk at her brother.

“It was a good night, I’m glad she stayed,” Amelia stated, putting her empty glass in the sink. “If Lucy’s coming around I best have a shower and get changed.”

Adam pretended to sniff her and pull a face. “Yeah I think it’s best if you do, we don’t want to scare her off with the smell,” Amelia hit Adam as she laughed, leaving the room shaking her head at him.

Amelia had spent the next week splitting her time between work and seeing Lucy and Adam with Lucy coming around for dinner whenever Amelia wasn’t working the night shift.

Between Lucy and Adams company they were helping her slowly feel almost back to normal, she had no clue what she would have done without them. Although she suspected that sometimes Lucy was coming around to see Adam. She didn’t mind though, it was entertaining watching the two flirting together; she didn’t see it being long before they began dating.

James’ mind was still preoccupied with Amelia and Adam, he hadn’t tried contacting them again, much to the chagrin of most of his family who were beginning to annoy him with their constant looks at him and talks about him. The only comfort he could bring to himself was that Amelia wasn’t replying to any of his families letters either, he didn’t know why this made him feel slightly better but it did.

“You need to start paying attention James,” came the gruff voice of his co-worker Brent Cross.

James’s eyes flickered up to his co-worker who had stopped walking and was pointing across the clearing to where a medium sized Dragon was sleeping, curled up around some rocks. The ministry had sent them down here after getting a tip off from a few wizards, that the Yellow coloured Dragon had almost been spotted by a few passing muggles who were going to be camping nearby. It was James and Brent’s job to try and secure the Dragon before the rest of the team could show up.

They edged closer to the beast that was still asleep, almost thirty feet away from them now.

‘Amelia just needed to calm down,’ James thought as his hand edged towards his pocket where his wand was located, ‘hopefully she just needed time for this to all blow over. That wouldn’t take long would it?’

James’s foot trod on a few twigs causing them to snap loudly under his feet, he felt his stomach drop as he looked up eyes wide at the Dragon who had been woken by the noise and was growling at them, more so James.

Before James could reach for his wand to protect himself the Dragon reared its head and let out a loud ear splitting roar as he blasted a stream of fire at James.

The last thing James remembered before blacking out was the unbearable pain and what smelled like his own flesh burning off.


"Can you file these papers for me please Jayne?” Amelia asked passing the receptionist a folder before looking down at her watch. “And I can finally go home.”

“Got any plans?” Jayne asked as she placed the folder on her desk.

“I think my brother and my best friend are taking me out for dinner,” Amelia said with a smile as a door burst open behind her, she turned around quickly to see a bandaged patient being wheeled into a single room, where she knew a trainee healer was preparing a room for the unknown patient they had been told a few minutes ago would be arriving. They had been told the patient was badly burnt, but it seemed all of the other healers were preoccupied with other patients.

Jayne rushed around from her desk and passed Amelia so she could grab a few notes off of the people who had transported the patient into the room they had just left.

Jayne’s eyes flew across the page as she got the details of the family she would need to contact or the next of kin, as Amelia walked passed her already sanitising her hands with her wand and pulling some gloves on, knowing she couldn’t leave a trainee to deal with this on her own.

“Amelia!” Jayne called after her, her eyes wide and her face paling. “Amelia! I can get someone else...”

“Don’t be silly Jayne this is my job!” Amelia said as she walked into the room to help the trainee, she had to tend to the patient before their family began arriving.

She walked over to the patient and looked down at them to assess the extent of the wounds. She stopped dead her hand flying to her open mouth as tears filled her eyes quickly. The patient was covered in bandages that covered most of his torso, the white being tinged with a darkening red, and a thick paste was covering half of his bruised and blistered face leaving him almost unrecognisable, but she would recognise that face anywhere.

“James!” She choked out; the trainee healer was staring at her awaiting instructions on what to do next and wondering just why Amelia was being affected this way.

“Healer Campbell-Price what should I do?” the trainee asked.

But Amelia was shaking her head, she was only vaguely aware of Jayne telling the trainee something before the trainee rushed from the room.


“What happened to him?” Amelia asked, she had quickly regained her composure enough to fall back into healer mode. Ignoring the tears falling down her face as Jayne looked down at the notes.

“Mr Potter’s co-worker said that a Dragon fired a jet of flames at Mr Potter causing him to be blasted off of his feet into the rocks. Which were described as being over fifteen feet away, the large tear in his torso was caused by this trauma. He was knocked unconscious as soon as the fire hit him.”

Amelia nodded waving her wand and causing more liquid to cover James’ face before moving to the bandages covering his chest. Whoever had done the first aid at the site had done a very good job; if they hadn’t then James would more than likely have bled to death.

Her hands shook as she removed the bandage revealing the true extent of the damage to James. She felt her head spinning as she tried to stem the bleeding as much as she could from the large gash, before attempting to seal it with a spell from her wand.

She tried to take in a breath as her hands began shaking more violently as the wound began slowly closing and the blood flow stemmed. Her tears were beginning to cloud her vision.

“Amelia?” Jayne asked worried as Amelia took a step back from James. She was shaking her head as she tried to regain control of her breathing, it was becoming too hot.

She needed air. She needed to get out of this room.

She was trying to tear her gaze away from James whose breath was becoming shallow. He was hurt and she couldn’t take it. What if he was seriously hurt? What if he never regained consciousness?

Amelia managed to move towards James again, calming her shaking hands as much as she could. She was a Healer; if she didn’t tend to James then things could get worse. She blinked quickly so she could see and took in deep breaths. A pink paste began attaching itself to James’s wound.

“Healer Campbell-Price,” Said a voice behind her, Amelia turned to see the head of the burns unit Jeremy Spelling.

“You may step out I can handle this,” he told her before moving over to James. Amelia all but ran from the room. As she exited the room she tore the bloodied gloves from her hands and disintegrated them with her wand before shoving it back into her pocket, but it still felt like James’s blood was on her hands.

She took in deep breaths as she felt herself slowly begin to fall apart. Leaning back against the wall behind her she hung her head and covered her face with her hands as she began sobbing loudly. She would never forgive herself if James didn’t recover.

As she sobbed she heard what sounded like a group of people running down the corridor and over to the reception desk which Jayne must have returned to.

“I need to see my son!” demanded a panicked voice, Amelia looked up recognising it, she didn’t bother wiping her eyes knowing that more tears were going to fall. “He’s James Potter, I got a floo saying that he had been brought here!” Ginny’s distressed voice carried around the room; Amelia began walking slowly over to her quickly.

“I’m afraid you can’t see him yet, the healer is with him now,” Jayne told her.

“I want to see him!” Ginny Potter demanded angrily.

“I’m sorry, I can’t let...”

“Look,” Harry said walking forward as Ginny seethed and threw her hands in the air in annoyance, Albus and Lily were glaring at Jayne who was recoiling, Amelia could see that Albus was looking pale and Lily looked like she was about to burst into tears. “I want to see Amelia our daughter in law, Healer Pot... I mean Healer Campbell-Price she can let us know what’s happening.”

Amelia felt a few more tears fall down her face at Harry’s words, to hear Harry still refer to her as his daughter in law after everything that had happened made her heart swell slightly.

“I’ll just get her,” Jayne muttered taking a few steps away from her desk.

“Harry...” Amelia choked out through a sob, the entire Potter family and a thankful Jayne all turned to look at her.

“Amelia!” Ginny said with relief as she engulfed Amelia in a tight hug before pulling away, her own face becoming more ashen at seeing Amelia’s tears. “Where’s James? What happened?”

Amelia wiped her tears again.

“A Dragon shot fire at him,” Amelia managed to say through sobs, Lily burst into tears at her words and hugged onto her father tightly who was looking as pale as Albus. “He got blasted into some rocks...”

“Shit!” Albus cried, running his hand through his hair as he paced slightly, looking like he was trying to fight back tears.

“Healer Spelling is treating him, I was there when he come in and I tried so hard but I ... I couldn’t...I just... seeing him lying there,” she fell into loud sobs again, Ginny wrapped her arms around her, tears in her own eyes. “I can’t lose him, I can’t!”


They were sitting in silence in the waiting room for what felt like days, but had only been under two hours. Amelia was told to go home an hour ago by Healer Spelling but they both knew that she wouldn’t, Spelling understood this and let her stay.

He gave them the news that James was stable, but they wanted to keep him unconscious so they could try and fix the various broken bones in his arm and his broken ribs, although it was likely that they wouldn’t be able to heal them entirely with magic. Amelia nodded knowing that it was routine to try and keep the patient unconscious through this procedure as the pain would be unbearable, telling the Potter’s this.

“This is just like the time when he set his leg on fire because he left his wand in his pocket and it sparked on him,” Lily stated her face blotchy and tear stained.

“He’s such an idiot,” Amelia said with a small smile, the others let out a small chuckle. “He spent most of his stay here trying to get me to go out with him.”

“One of the many times he got admitted here,” Harry said with a shake of his head. “He seems to be extremely accident prone.”

“No he done it so he could see Amelia more,” Albus said knowingly. “He was crazy about you. He kept bugging me to no end about it.”

“It would have been better if he did actually attempt to clean his burn when he was let out instead of letting it become infected just so he could keep coming back.” Amelia shook her head as she laughed at the memory of her husband.

“I knew that was the reason he wouldn’t look after it!” A voice interjected.

They all turned their heads to see Adam and Lucy had entered the room, Amelia stood up quickly and gave her brother a big hug.

“You didn’t need to come down here,” Amelia told him as Lucy went to say hello to her family. Amelia had sent an owl to Adam to tell him what had happened and that she wasn’t able to make dinner.

Adam pulled away from her. “I had to be here, for you and for James. How is he?”

“He’s stable, they’re working on his broken bones but I don’t think they’ll be able to mend all of it, some of them are badly broken, wouldn’t surprise me if they were shattered.”

“He’ll fight it, he’s a very strong and determined guy,” Adam told her, rubbing her arm comfortingly before turning to face the Potters.

“It’s nice to see you again Ginny and Harry,” Adam said giving Ginny a hug and Harry a handshake. “And Lily and Albus look at you two!”

“Yeah I’m fully grown now!” Albus told him, interrupting the hug that Adam was giving Lily by engulfing them both.

“That’s good to know,” Adam said with a laugh as they all moved away from each other.

Adam sat down as he began a conversation with Harry and Ginny. Amelia watched them for a moment as they chatted away about what Adam had been up to since they last saw him, before turning to look at the doorway. How long would it be before they could go see James?


They had been waiting at least three hours before the healers deemed James stable enough for the family to go and visit him. Amelia insisted that the Potter’s go first, not wanting them to know just how scared she was to see him. They each gave her a hug before they exited the room to see James, leaving her with Adam, Lucy had left a few minutes ago so she could let the family know what was happening.

It felt like she had waited years but finally it was her turn to go see James, as she walked to the room James was in she gripped hold of Adams hand tightly, her knees felt weak and she was feeling quite sick. She waited at the door for a moment before she went to walk into the room, stopping when she realised that Adam was waiting by the door.

“You go on, I’ll see him in a minute,” he told her letting go of her hand. “You have your time alone.”

Amelia nodded thankfully as she walked further into the room and sat down next to James, who was still unconscious.

She looked at him carefully, taking in all of the bruises starting to form over his face and the swelling that had started to go down. His arm was in a cast and bandages were wrapped around most of his cut and badly bruised torso.

She raised a hand and pushed his hair gently off his face.

“You’re an idiot you know,” Amelia said to James’s unconscious form as she moved her hand down to his and held it gently. “You just had to get attacked by a Dragon and get sent here didn’t you? Missed me that much hey?” she attempted a joke, but her voice faltered.

“I’m sorry,” she wiped her eyes with her hands as she looked at him. “For everything that happened, I shouldn’t have acted the way that I did. But you needed to know just how much you destroyed me.”

She raised his hand to her face and gave it a kiss, before she rested the side of her face on it, looking at his face to see if he had made any indication that he had heard her but he didn’t even twitch.

“I felt so empty without you though James, even when I thought I was moving on I knew that I never would without you, I’ve realised that now, the holiday and what’s happened now has made me realise that life is too short and I don’t want to be without you in my life anymore,” she moved his hand back down onto the bed before she rested her head on the pillow next to him.She watched him for a while before she let out a sigh, knowing she would have to go home soon so she could sleep before her shift in a few hours.

“I love you James.”


A/N: Poor James, but hey Amelia's admitted to feelings :-D

Just a quick note to say that I love every single one of you! You keep me so motivated to update and your reviews really make my day! You're all the best reviewers in the whole world! Seriously!

Also on a quick note I'm thinking of having the prequel called "To have and to hold" but I'm not sure? I had that or "The year you stole my heart" So which sounds better my faithful reviewers? And as a thank you here's a preview for the next chapter :-D It's not much but here you go.

“Are you going to be staying over?” James asked, Amelia could hear the hope in his voice and she had to stifle the smile threatening to escape onto her lips.

“How else would you be looked after James? I’m the only one who knows what they’re doing,” Amelia stated. “Even though your mother would do a wonderful job if I wasn’t here. I can stay at home if you would like me to?”

“No... Please stay. I’d feel a lot better if you were here,” James told her. “what with you being trained and everything.”

“I knew you were only interested in me for my healing skills,” Amelia said with a small tut at James who smiled up at her.

“Well in my line of work it helps to know people in your line of work.”

“If you weren’t so hurt I would give you a slap,” Amelia said playfully. “Now don’t you get into trouble whilst I’m gone.”

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