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Seeing is Believing by marauders forever xx
Chapter 31 : Love of my life
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a.n. I was in a craaazy mood when I wrote this chapter so it's kind of weird and wacky but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless. Don't forget to review!


~Alexis' POV~

"Sirius," I said as I walked in to breakfast.

"Hey," he grinned lazily back at me. I felt my heart do a couple of backflips.

"Come to Dad's wedding with me?" I asked, if a little nervously.

"I was wondering when you were going to ask," he said with a broad grin, "Sure. Do I have to wear anything fancy?"

"A muggle suit," I said, "No dress robes or Rebecca's friends will think you're crazy."

"Ok, I think I can get a hold of a suit," he nodded as Lily and Alice walked into the Great Hall. I waved Lily and Alice over to where Sirius and I were sitting.

"Liiiily, you have to ask James," I said with my best smile.

"Stop grimacing at me," she said, "And I am not asking James to your dad's wedding."

"Oh and Alice, you can bring Frank," I nodded.

"Wait, when is it?" She asked but I ignored her.

"Lily!" I fake squealed, "That's so great that you're going to ask James!"

"I-" she protested but I cut her off.

"You should ask James as soon as he comes in!" I squealed even louder.

"Ask me what?" A deep voice sounded and Lily visibly paled.

"No-othing," she stammered. James smiled and shrugged but I could tell he was interested.

"Go on, Lily, tell him!" I clapped and bounced up and down. Sirius nudged me in the ribs and mouthed at me, Don't overdo it.

Out of the corner of eye, I saw Alice dissolved into a poorly disguised laughing fit as a coughing fit.

"Yeah, Lily, tell me!" James said, mimicking my over enthusiastic tone. I glared at him but he just smiled back at me.

"J-J-James, would you go to Alexis' dad's wedding with me?" Lily finally managed to spit out.

James' eyes bulged. His face flushed and his breathing speed up. He choked on the piece of toast in his mouth. Remus thumped him on his back but that probably just made it worse, judging by the way James was swatting at his hands. I looked over to Lily to find that she had left her seat and was running out of the Great Hall.


~James' POV~

"Lily, wait!" I cried but it came out more like ,"Eeeeugggh. Uhhh!" Yeah, attractive.

My last thing I saw was my precious Lily flower running out of the Great Hall before I passed out.

I dreamt of a family of sloths. There was a cute baby one that looked EXACTLY like Lily. It had red hair and everything. And there was a mummy sloth who didn't like me and bit me when I tried to put it in the ambulance because it was bleeding. Or that might have been just the natural fur colour. Anyway, I took mummy sloth t hospital in the ambulance while baby Lily sloth sat on my lap.

"James," baby Lily sloth called my name.

"Yes, baby Lily sloth?" I asked back.

"James, wake up," Lily called to me.

"I am awake, baby Lily sloth," I said as my eyes flew open. I saw that I was lying in the Hospital Wing with Lily sitting next to me instead in the back of an ambulance with a bleeding mummy sloth.

"Baby Lily sloth, huh?" Lily said sown at me with a raised eyebrow. Oh shit.

"Oh, it was a ... "James," baby Lily sloth called my name.

"Yes, baby Lily sloth?" I asked back.

"James, wake up," Lily called to me.

"I am awake, baby Lily sloth," I said as my eyes flew open. I saw that I was lying in the Hospital Wing with Lily sitting next to me instead in the back of an ambulance with a bleeding mummy sloth.

"Baby Lily sloth, huh?" Lily said sown at me with a raised eyebrow. Oh shit.

"Oh, it was a ...," I said and sat up, managing to clank heads painfully with Lily who was still leaning over my bed.

"Fuck," I swore under my breath and then managed to look up at Lily. She was clutching her head.

"I'll get Madame Pomfrey," Al announced loudly and then nudged Sirius, "Go get Madame Pomfrey."

"What? Why me?" he whined.

"Because I said so," she said and nudged him again. Sirius left, muttering under his breath. Man, he was whipped.

Pomfrey returned and waved her wand at Lily's head and she stopped groaning.

"How are you feeling, Mr Potter?" She asked after she had dealt with Lily.

"I don't know....I had a really weird dream," I mumbled and looked at Lily. Was it just a dream? Did she really ask me out or was it just my imagination?

'Well, you seem to be fine know, you may go."

"Mate, I had the weirdest dream," I said to Sirius once the girls were out of earshot.

"And that would be?"

"I dreamt that Lily was a sloth," I said as Sirius let out a barking laughing.

"You serious?" he wheezed.

"No, that would be you," I said and shook my head.

"You know what I mean," he rolled his eyes, "But you seriously dreamt that Lily was a sloth?"


"Okay....well, that's not the important question. The important question is whether you will be going to the wedding with Lily,"

"Of course I'm going to a wedding with Lily!"

"No, James. I don't mean your wedding with Lily. I mean Rosie's dad's wedding."


"Yeah, oh."

"Maybe she'll ask me again?" I said, wistfully dreaming of the love of my life.

"Doubt it, Prongs. She already asked you once." Sirius shook his head.


~Alexis' POV~

"Lily!" I said and made a slapping motion, "What the hell was that?"

"Al, it's not my fault he passed out!" Lily squealed. She peered around the corridor to make sure there was no one to hear us, especially not any of the Marauders.

"Yeah, but you could made sure you got an answer from him when he woke up!" I said exasperatedly.

"Well?" She waved her arms around vaguely.

"And anyway," I continued, "he now thinks it was just a dream." I saw Lily's shoulders slump.

"You think he does?" She moaned, "What was with him calling me a sloth, anyway?"

"No idea. Didn't you hear him? He didn't even remember. I think you need to ask James Potter out again, Lily Evans."

"Of course he remembered!" Lily said, shocked.

"Then why wasn't he screaming and laughing and attempting to hug you and screaming that the love of his life loves him back?"

"Al, I am trying to pretend that I didn't just make the guy I like pass out."

"Ohhhh! So you admit you like him!" I screamed.

"You like whio?" Alice materialised next to me.

"Lily likes James!"

"Arrgghh!" Alice screamed and launched herself at Lily, "I'm so proud of you! You finally admitted it!"

"She also made his faint."

"It wasn't my fault!" Lily interrupted.

"Wait what?" Alice said and stared blankly at both of us, "James passed out? Why?"

"Because Lily asked him to Dad wedding!" I laughed while Alice crumbled into hysterics. Lily stood there with her cheeks increasingly turning a more alarming shade of red.


~Sirius' POV~

"So Lily and James, huh?" I said and wiggled my eyebrows at Rosie as she sat down.

"Yup," she said with a laugh, "Never thought Lily would actually fall for him, though."

"Neither did Prongs," I said and pulled her into a hug.

My mind turned to what she had told us about our futures. Would I really end up in Azkaban? Everything seemed so unlikely. Although, if you asked five year old me, I would never have thought I would run away from home.

"Is it really all going to come true?" I whispered into Rosie's hair.


"Are you really going to die before I go to jail?"

"I don't know if it was me you were referring to, Sirius. It could have been another woman," she said and looked up at me.

"No, it was you," I said.

"How can you be sure?"

"Because who else would it be?"

a.n. hooray for the update! Woop woop :P Why not drop me a review on your opinion on James and Lily? Or perhaps James and sloths? And what about Rosie and Sirius?
marauders forever xx

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Seeing is Believing: Love of my life


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