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Knock on Wood by banshee
Chapter 20 : Memories
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I woke up the next morning to a faint buzzing coming from the table next to Fred’s bed. Suddenly realizing I was still in his bed, I quickly shook him awake.


“Wha’swrong?” He slurred as he tried to pull me closer.


“I have to go into Roxy’s room, I’ll see you in a few hours,” I whispered hurriedly. After giving him a quick kiss goodbye, I threw the blankets off myself and headed for the door. I quickly tip-toed down the hall to Roxanne’s room; but, I couldn’t be so lucky, could I?




I froze with my hand halfway to the door handle of Roxanne’s room as George’s voice came floating down the hall from the living room. I looked up to see him giving me a knowing glance over his mug of coffee, fighting back everything in him not to smile or laugh.


“Good morning Mr. Weasley,” I stuttered, “Umm—”


“I don’t want to know,” He laughed, gesturing for me to get into the room, “Although, Angelina will be awake in a bit to make breakfast; I’d suggest you don’t mention this.”


I gave him a grateful nod before rushing into Roxanne’s room. I pulled the made up blankets down and climbed into the cold sheets. Shivering, I started to debate if being caught would have been worth it to stay in Fred’s warm room. I laid awake for the rest of the morning; after the events of the previous night and this morning, I was in too happy of a mood to fall back asleep. I didn’t realize, but the wedding made it one week of our relationship. We would be taking the train back to school on Monday, and Fred and I would finally be revealing our newfound ‘feelings’ to our classmates and teammates.


I couldn’t help but let my thoughts eventually fall back to Scorpius. I cringed to myself as I remembered the looks he had been giving me the previous night. After a few drinks I hadn’t cared about the scowl that was present on his face as he sat waiting for Rose to be done dancing with her father. I knew he had been shooting them at me because I still hadn’t said anything to him about the Christmas gift. I made a plan to write him a letter before we went back to Hogwarts saying, while I did appreciate the gift, I really wanted things to work with Fred. The only thing I could do was to try and ask him if he’d give me the chance to be happy with Fred like I was letting him with Rose.


Eventually the sun filled Roxanne’s bedroom and I heard a faint knocking at the door. I quickly threw the covers off and sat up as the door knob started to turn.


“Hannah honey, breakfast is almost ready,” Angelina poked her head in and said.


“Thanks Angelina, I’ll be right out,” I smiled back to her. She didn’t seem to be angry as she smiled back and shut the door—George must have not told her after all. I started to pull my things together as I heard a shouting from across the hall; Angelina had been a little nicer waking me up than she had been to her son. I smirked as I reopened the door to hear Fred arguing back. I gave Angelina another innocent smile as she headed back towards the kitchen.


“Hannah, go wake him up, will you? I find aguamenti works well,” Angelina called over her shoulder, laughing to herself.


“No Problem,” I grinned. I left my bag in the hall as I made my way back to Fred’s room. I couldn’t help but laugh; he had buried his face under his pillow after his mum had hollered at him, hiding away from the sunlight. (Not to mention, since I had left his room earlier this morning he had removed the t-shirt he had been wearing—as his girlfriend I had every right to stare this time.) I tiptoed over to him and sat at the edge of his bed. Instead of plugging his nose, this time I went for a nicer method; I simply placed my hand softly on his shoulder and tried to gently shake him awake.


“Go away mummsleeping,” He groaned into his mattress.


I bit my lip to stop from laughing as I leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Guess again,”


He nearly smacked the back of his head into my nose with how much I had frightened him. I started to laugh as he calmed down, joining me with a small chuckle.


“It’s breakfast time,” I smiled as he sat up. I did everything in my power to keep eye contact with him as I added, “Your mum figured I could wake you up a bit better.”


“Seventeen years and she’s bound to make one good decision,” He shrugged his shoulders and pulled me into a hug. I could feel my cheeks go warm as they pressed against his chest. Still holding on, he pressed a kiss good morning to the top of my head. I started to do that ‘Hannah in a close situation with a boy’ thing where I tried to look around and panic. I could feel my heart start to race as he pulled me in closer. My face was pressed up against my best-friend-now-boyfriend’s bare, perfectly muscly, chest. I was allowed to panic.


“Do you always sleep without a shirt on?” I squeaked as he let go.


He smirked. Honestly, Scorpius would be proud of the smirk he was giving me. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”


“Shut up.” I finally regained my composure and suppressed a grin as I added, “And put a shirt on. Breakfast is probably ready.”


The breakfast with Fred’s parents was anything but boring. It slipped my mind to tell Fred about earlier that morning with his father; every chance he had gotten, George couldn’t help throwing in some knowing smirks whenever Angelina turned her back to grab more toast or coffee. Fred was lost, and I was trying with everything in me to hide the embarrassment as George attempted casual small talk. Remembering what Fred had said on Christmas, this only confirmed that it was the life goal of parents to embarrass their children.


I also had a business-type discussion with George after we ate. Angelina had demanded Fred help her clean the breakfast dishes, so George took the opportunity to lay out more details about what I would be doing at his shop.


“What classes are you in now?” He asked after Fred stopped complaining and left the room.


“Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Divination,” I rattled off.


He quirked up an eyebrow—in the same exact way Fred does when he’s confused—as he glanced back into the kitchen. “You and Fred are in all the same classes?”


I could feel a twinge of color rise up to my cheeks as I let out a small chuckle. “We planned it so lessons wouldn’t be boring.”


He only laughed before he continued, “I’m not the one that should be lecturing about school, and I don’t really give a damn what you get on your N.E.W.T.’s since I didn’t even take mine, but Charms helps. It’s a bugger the pair of you didn’t stay in Potions, but I’m sure you’ll manage fine. Do you have any questions for me?”


I managed to skip over the reason back in fifth year why I convinced Fred to drop Potions to ask, “Yeah, what do you think I will be doing?”


“I’ll have you do a little bit of everything,” He explained, “We’ll work with customers during the day, and I’ll teach you how we created the items in the afternoon. I also have some plans for long term, but we’ll go over those after you’ve started.”


“Sounds great, I can’t wait to start.”


“The help will be great. I was a bit worried I’d only have Fred this summer; my cashier right now is off to healing school in the spring so it was just going to be the two of us.” He explained.


“Fred’s working in the shop too?” I looked up towards the kitchen; the faint noise of the sink running was interrupting the murmurs between him and his mum.


George nodded, “I assumed he told you; we talked about it last summer when we found out Verity would be leaving.” As he explained, he looked up towards the kitchen. I followed his glance as he started to laugh; a very pouty looking Fred had just walked out, arms and t-shirt soaked with soapy water.


“She said I argued too much so she took away my wand. I had to wash them like the muggles,” He muttered. I couldn’t help but laugh as his dad shook his head and left the room. In response, he ran over and chased me through the room for a sopping wet hug.


The rest of the weekend flew by. After the breakfast with Fred’s parents I went home, and enjoyed a quiet day with my parents. I played a few ground drills with my dad in our backyard, took a quick trip into Diagon Alley to stock up on school supplies with my mum, and even attempted to finish my memory charm papers. With the help of my mum I managed to get one of the papers completely written, and the other I could finish on the ride back to school the next day.


The train ride the following morning was uneventful. Al complained, Rose disturbed, and Fred and I cuddled; while we did manage to get a little done with the memory charm papers, it was a fairly dull trip back to Hogwarts.


Finally back at school, Fred and I had the chance to flaunt our new status. While Monday was more of a ‘getting back to school’ day, we started back up in classes on Tuesday. We got to walk from breakfast to Herbology holding hands, work in close proximities on harvesting the oils from the Vervain plant, and even managed to get done with enough time to write part of our paper on herbs with healing properties. We both openly joked about how beneficial being able to snog instead of arguing in class would be to our N.E.W.T. grades.


“Vervain!” Al suddenly announced from across the table. As Fred and I looked up from our papers, he was lowering his head onto the desk and whining to himself. I was about to pull some kind of sarcastic comment that, yes, Vervain is what we have been studying the past two hours, but he continued to talk into the wooden table. “The bleeding task is in a month and a half. I haven’t gotten any closer on the clue.”


In the excitement about the ball, Christmas, and the wedding, I had completely forgotten about Al’s place in the tournament.


“Do you have the clue on you?” Fred asked.


“Yeah,” He muttered, reaching for his bag and rifling through it. Fred and I snuck a quick smile in towards eachother before Al resurfaced with the worn piece of parchment. He and Sophie read it over for a few moments before sliding it across the table to Fred and I.


Last is second; first is first.
No plants for four; use your heart for three.
Dessert comes last.



“It’s a list,” I tried to point out logically. “It’s a list of—” I counted the number of clues given, “—five things you have to put in order; first through fifth.”


“I thought of that,” Al sighed, “But the only thing I have is a list of six ingredients from the forest challenge.”


“Ingredients?” Sophie leaned forward and questioned.


“Well, items, plants, I don’t know,” Al attempted to correct.


“No,” Sophie shook her head and grabbed the parchment back, “Remember what Fred said, back from the first challenge—he said it was a list of potion ingredients.”


“But it wasn’t, remember?” Fred pointed out.


“That doesn’t mean it isn’t now,” Sophie whispered. The four of us leaned forward to keep our conversation to a whisper as she continued, “What if this is the order for a potion? We should go to the library after Charms.”


I elbowed Fred in the side after he started to whine about doing research, before giving him a small smile. This was our first class together as a couple; pushing aside the stolen glances and hand brushes under the table, I was still perfectly able to put him in his place after he complained about something.


After getting assigned more papers and the never-ending studying in Herbology, we headed towards Care of Magical Creatures. Fred wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we waited for Al to say goodbye to Sophie, who was on her way to Potions.


“I’ll look up some things in class,” She promised as Al let go of her hand. “I’ll see you at lunch.”


After we said goodbye to Sophie the three of us made our way to Care of Magical Creatures. Pushing in between Fred and I, Al immediately changed from task work to talking about the upcoming Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw game.


“If Ravenclaw wins and we win the rest of our games, we’ll play them in the final.” Al reasoned. “If Slytherin beats Ravenclaw, and we beat Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, we’ll play Slytherin in the final.”


“What if Hufflepuff beats Slytherin?” I added.


“What about, if we lose to Hufflepuff?” Fred interjected, shooting me a quick smirk.


“What if Slytherin beats Ravenclaw?”


“What if Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tie?”


“What if we win against Hufflepuff?”


“What if Smith has an ‘accident’ and can’t play?” Fred laughed.


“What about a Matthews ‘accident’?”


“Hannah,” Fred warned, smiling just the same.


This went on for the whole walk to class. To our further entertainment, Al managed to give us a serious Quidditch final game scenario to each one of our questions. As we rounded the hill, the three of us all gaped at the situation before us. Instead of the usual desks covered with snow, there were singed piles of wood littering some scorched grass. Looking further, a fully grown Romanian Longhorn was being fed by a familiar ginger through the bars of a steel cage.


“Dragons,” I whispered, “We’re learning about dragons?”


“Hey, Charlie’s here!” Fred said excitedly, grabbing my hand and dragging me forward. He only managed to pull me a few steps before I planted my feet into the ground and held back. Turning around, he asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Fred, there’s a bleeding dragon!” I pointed towards where Al was now rushing towards Charlie and greeting him. “A real dragon that breathes fire and eats people. No one besides Al—who isn’t someone I’d like to follow with his infinite wisdom—is anywhere near the classroom. Or, what’s left of the classroom.”


“You’re a lousy Gryffindor,” He chuckled.


“You’re a lousy boyfriend,” I retorted, smirking. His only response was to sneak in a kiss on my cheek before Professor Hagrid called up the hill to us. I leaned over to Fred and whispered, “I swear if he says, ‘got a real treat fer yeh’, I’m going to drop out of the class.”


Fred only laughed, before adding, “Bit of extra credit if yeh end up in the hospital!”


“Come on then you lot! Dragons can be very nice creatures!” Professor Hagrid called, waving the wary class down towards where Al and Charlie were standing. I shot Fred a smirk, before letting him drag me down the hill.


I wish I could say the dragon wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be. After a few minutes of Hagrid’s explanation efforts, the dragon attempted to scorch him for being too loud. I turned to look after a few stifled snickers came from behind us; I shot a glare after I noticed Capella and one of her friends rolling their eyes at Professor Hagrid. I then looked over to Teddy; giving him a small smile, he returned it happily with a quick wave.


After the class was over I left Fred to visit with his Uncle Charlie while I went and talked to Teddy.


I smiled, “Good holiday?”


He let out an unamused laugh as he shook his head.


“What happened?” I asked in a concerned tone, glancing around. Scorpius and the rest of the Slytherins were off in a group near the top of the hill; by the looks of it none of his other friends seemed too concerned for him.


“I met Emmy’s family,” He sighed. “Never met a more pureblood hyped family since I met Scorpius’ grandparents. Even they weren’t as bad as Emmy’s dad.”


I gave him an apologetic smile. “Her mum too?”


“Her mum went along with whatever her dad said;” He sighed, “It’s always like that with those old families.”


“Well,” I tried to offer him some advice, but I had no experience on the topic to share wisdom.


“She said not to worry about it; that her dad will understand in time.” He let out another sigh as he continued with another unamused laugh, “You should have seen the looks he shot at my mum when she dropped me off. I swear he looked at his house elf with more admiration.”


“Your mum’s a muggle born?”


“Half-blood; should be close enough, right?” He shot up an eyebrow waiting for me to nod. After I motioned for him to continue he added, “Not for Mr. Donavan.”


“I’m sorry Teddy.” I patted him on the back, “She seems like she likes you, I wouldn’t give up just yet.” I didn’t know if what I was telling him was even remotely true since I had never actually met Emmy. She seemed happy at the ball so I assumed she must like him at least a little.


“She calls me Teddy too,” He finally let a genuine smile show, “Emmy does.” After he gave me another small nod, he left with Scorpius and the rest of his Slytherin classmates. Avoiding the eye contact Scorpius was attempting to catch, I looked back over to where Fred and Al were saying goodbye to their uncle. I gave a polite smile to Charlie before grabbing ahold of Fred’s hand and making our way back up to the castle.


I did write back to Scorpius on Sunday. My letter, while I was polite in thanking him for the bracelet, I made sure to tell him I was happy with Fred and hoped the both of us could put things behind us and try to be happy with Fred and Rose. He hadn’t written back, but the somber expression on his face through Care of Magical Creatures told enough.


Our first lunch together began the questions. It started out with Noelle and Shelby running up to us all the way from the front of the Great Hall.


“When?” Shelby demanded, gesturing to our intertwined hands. Noelle was smiling to herself; only being on the team for this year, she wasn’t as open with us as Shelby. Truth be told, there really wasn’t anyone as direct as Shelby.


“The Yule Ball,” we laughed together.


“Was it the bloody love potion?” Shelby asked with an obvious grimace. After Noelle let out a small snort, Fred and I shot a look towards eachother. Knowing Shelby, we figured it wouldn’t be the best to tell her the punch was thanks to us.


“I warned her,” Noelle leaned into us and whispered after Shelby had slumped off. “I saw the pair of you by the punch bowl; there was no way I was drinking it after I saw you two up there laughing. She still hasn’t talked to Lucas Doyle about why she walked up and snogged him in the middle of his group of friends.” With another small laugh, she followed Shelby back to their friends.


Fred and I only exchanged small smiles before we headed over to Al and Sophie.


Charms class was after lunch, and Professor Flitwick was waiting at the door to receive our memory charm essays. After we gave him our papers, Fred and I slumped down into the table behind Al and Sophie. Again, I ignored the eye contact attempt from Scorpius as he cleared his throat from across the classroom. As I escaped it by digging through my bag for my textbook, Professor Flitwick started the lesson.


“I hope all of you enjoyed writing these papers over your break,” Professor Flitwick squeaked from a stack of books in front of the classroom. We all gave him unenthusiastic murmurs as he waved his wand. As he continued to talk, four stone basins flew out from the cabinet behind him, followed by clear vials for each of us. “As you have become familiar in your papers with preforming a memory extraction, we will be executing this today. Remember, much like the patronus charm, you must focus fully on the memory you are attempting to extract. Let what you remember about the moment fill you as you pull your wand slowly away from your temple. If you yank it away like a baboon brandishing a twig, your memory will be distorted. When you believe you have extracted a memory well enough, bring it up to the pensive and have a look. Any questions?”


Rose raised her hand and asked, “Professor, are there any memories in particular we should focus on?”


“Yes Miss Weasley, thank you,” He smiled happily towards her, “Today I would like you to focus on the memory of your sorting.”


I instantly smiled as I remembered back to being eleven. As the class dispersed, some to study the process from the textbook, some to discuss the paper quietly, and still others to attempt extraction immediately, I brought my wand up to my temple and silently focused on my first day at Hogwarts.


I was the last student waiting. Everyone but me had someone else waiting with them, but I was left alone. I had just watched ‘Weasley, Fred’ and ‘Weasley, Rose’ both rush off to the Gryffindor table. I remembered sneaking in one final glance at Scorpius at the Slytherin table. He was grinning back, and he had a space between himself and another boy, waiting for me. I remembered giving him a small laugh before Professor Flitwick had squeaked out, “Wood, Hannah!”


I remembered the sorting hat having a problem deciding if I should be in Hufflepuff, “just like Marie, her loyalty shows in you”, but it ended up putting me in Gryffindor saying, “the daring, however.” The hat had went on to echo “Gryffindor!” through the Great Hall.


I headed over to the Gryffindor table, shyly taking a place across from ‘Weasley, Rose’. I met her family, as a well as an acquaintance of their family, ‘Longbottom, Sophie’.


I focused on the moment as a whole as I pulled my wand away from my temple. I watched out of the corner of my eye as a silvery wisp of light pulled away from my forehead; I quickly moved it so I could get it off my wand and into the vile. Memory in hand, I made my way to the front of the classroom to test it out.


“Miss Wood!” Professor Flitwick squeaked happily as he gestured towards the empty pensive to his left. The other three were taken up by students bent over viewing their successes or failures of extracting their first memories. “Feel free to discard your memory if you are unhappy with it. As you view your own thoughts in the third person, keep in mind you may notice things you missed as it happened to you. With a very powerful memory extraction you may even be able to keep in tune with others conversations you may have previously missed. Your memory self won’t be able to see or hear you, but you will see and hear everything they say and do.”


I nodded to all of his instructions as I unstoppered the vile. I shot one quick glance back to Fred, and after he mouthed, “good luck”, I poured the contents of the vile into the swirling liquid. With a deep breath, I leaned forward and into the pensive. Just when it felt as if I would be splashed with the watery substance, I fell into an image of the Great Hall. I spun around and immediately started to laugh; I couldn’t believe I had let my mum put my hair into plaits with bright golden bows for my first day. I kept up behind myself as I watched the ceremony. As the younger versions of my classmates got sorted one by one, I started to look around. I was amazed when I could hear Professor Longbottom discussing his pride in his daughters sorting to Gryffindor to Professor Josephine.


I waited impatiently for my younger self to be called up to the hat. Patience not being one of my strong points, it was probably just another reason I wasn’t sorted into Hufflepuff.


I couldn’t help but let a small smile grow as I watched eleven year old Fred rush up to the stand. He only had to wait for a few moments before the hat shouted “Gryffindor!”


“Whitley, Theodore,” The hat then called. I spun around from watching Fred rush over and take his place across from Al to watch the eleven year old Teddy take the stool. I didn’t know Teddy enough at the time to realize he was sorted directly before me. He was nervous; he was attempting to wipe the sweat off his palms as the hat seemed to give him a lengthy speech about why he would be placed in Slytherin.


Then it was my turn. I watched as eleven year old me glanced around to realize I was the only one left, before taking my place on the stool in the front of the Great Hall. After the hat sent me to Gryffindor, I looked over to little Scorpius. His expression, full of obvious disappoint, quickly changed to emotionless as he turned to the younger Teddy. Filling the gap between them, Teddy and Scorpius immediately started an in-depth discussion about the Wimbourne Wasps.


I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched myself interact with Sophie, and Rose; I looked terrified by the sheer number of Weasleys she was introducing me to. Just as I remembered, Al and Fred were launching corn at eachother.


I tried to see how far I could push my memory to hear new things as the feast ended. I lost sight of myself walking in between Rose and Sophie as I walked next to Al and Fred.


“What was that girl’s name?” Fred asked; to my surprise he pointed towards me.


“Wood something. Her dad must be Oliver Wood, the Keeper for Puddlemere,” Al guessed.


Eleven year old Fred nodded, not paying attention to Al discussing Puddlemere’s flying patterns; instead he watched me. “Hannah, right?” he leaned over and whispered to Al.


“Yeah, Hannah Wood,” Al remembered.


With a small smile, Fred whispered, “She’s pretty.”


Just as I started to laugh, I felt the walls of the castle fade away from around me. Taking in a deep breath, I pulled my head out of the pensive and looked up to Professor Flitwick. He waved his wand over the pensive to recollect my memory, before asking, “Would you like to turn in this memory, or attempt another?”


I turned around and looked to Fred. With the smallest smile I could manage, I said, “I’ll keep this one.”




The Library is boring. This is my conclusion on why I am not getting brilliant grades in my classes, why I didn’t want to be a champion, and why I’m currently swishing through pages of a large generic potions book pretending to help Al.


“You’re not even looking at the names of the potions,” Sophie pointed out a few moments later. With a small laugh she added, “We’re looking for the ingredients on the list; if you don’t even read the names how are you going to find them?”


“Because I don’t think Professor McGonagall or Professor Josephine would give the champions a potion that could be found in—” I closed the book to read the title, “—One Hundred Potions Every First Year Should Know,” I smirked towards her.


“We’ve nearly looked in every other Potions book,” Al reasoned, “It could be challenging because it’s so easy.”


“Or maybe,” I said in a painfully bubbly sarcastic tone, “It’s not even in these books, and Professor Josephine just invented it to screw with you all!”


Sophie and Fred only rolled their eyes and laughed, slumping back into the wooden chairs. I started to pretend to leaf through the book again. I only got to the third page before Al’s hand slammed onto the book and stopped my flipping.


“Your bloody sarcasm finally did you some good,” Al grinned as he reached for his bag. He pulled out the two worn pieces of parchment and laid them side by side. “It’s a list, I have to put the items from the first task in order for some sort of potion for the second task.” He and Sophie quickly busied themselves trying to crack the clue.


“I said that earlier today,” I leaned over to Fred and whispered. “I told him that same exact thing in Herbology, and he still insisted we spend the last four hours flipping through bloody Potions textbooks.”


“Let him have his moment,” Fred smiled back. I crossed my arms and let out a huff, watching Al happily compare the clues to Sophie. Fred only laughed as he scooted his chair around the table and draped his arm around my shoulder. I felt my stomach flutter as he pulled me closer to him, and I let my face soften into a smile.

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