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Sketches & Broken Boats by javct
Chapter 1 : Sketches And Broken Boats
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Alice bit down on her nail hard. Why was this so hard? Sketching usually came easily to her; to Alice it was practically second nature. But no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t sketch the lake. Putting her charcoal pencil down she ran her fingers through her short brown hair. “I can do this,” she tried to assure herself. “Come on, Alice. You can do this, it’s only a bloody painting, and it’s not that hard.” Picking up the charcoal again Alice began to draw. Her hand flew across her canvas at a rapid pace. Her muse had returned.

“That’s a mighty fine drawing you have there, Prewett,” Alice was jolted out of her revive. Snapping her head around Alice was ready to hit whoever had made her loose her muse. The stranger sensed her distress and took a few steps back; his hands raised. “Whoa, sorry, Prewett, didn’t mean to scare you,”

“You didn’t scare me,” Alice retorted, “You stopped me drawing that’s all,” giving up on her drawing, Alice stood to her feet. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, you can,” he said, puffing his chest forward. “Have you seen a boat anywhere?”

Alice narrowed her eyes, “A boat?”

“Yes, a boat. You see, I broke it two nights ago and left it by the rocks but I can’t seem to find it anymore. Could you help me?”

Alice laughed, “So let me get this straight: You, whoever you are, broke a boat and instead of fixing it with magic you left it by the lake, and now you’re asking me to help you find it?” There was no cruelness in Alice’s voice, nor was their judgment. Alice found this hilarious.

“Yeah, pretty much,” he shrugged his shoulders and laughed along with Alice. He held his hand out, “I’m Frank Longbottom,”

Alice nodded and shook his head, “I know,” she said, “we're in most of the same classes, not to mention the same house. I’m Alice Prewett.” Alice took a deep breath and smiled. “So let’s look for this boat shall we?” At that, Alice flicked her wand and watched as her utensils were packed away into their compact bag.

“The boat?” Frank said, scratching his head. Then it hit him, “Oh yeah the boat!” Alice shook her head.

They walked along the lake for several moments in silence. “You know,” Alice started sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck, “I’m beginning to think that this boat is imaginary and you just made it up to talk to me.” She playfully hit Frank in the shoulder.

“Well,” Frank said sarcastically, “if there is no boat then what’s that that boat-shaped thing over there?” he laughed, pointing over Alice’s shoulder.

Alice’s cheek burned red when she turned around. Right near the large oak tree sat an old, creaky boat that was covered in holes. “Well…uh…I…uh…sorry?” Alice winced, unable to form a cohesive sentence. Frank laughed.

“That’s okay,” he said, “so do you want to go on it?”

“Do I want to go on your broken boat that I didn’t believe existed a few moments ago?” Alice thought for a moment before nodding her head, “I’d love tom but first we have to get the thing fixed.” She pulled out her wand but Frank stopped her.

“Ah, no,” he said, “we will not be using magic to fix this boat. We’ll be using good ol’ fashioned muscle.” Alice was shocked.

“What! No magic, are you kidding me! And who’s ‘we’? I can barely ride a broom, let alone fix a boat manually.”

Frank narrowed his eyes at Alice, a smile dancing on the edge of his lips. “Come on Prewett, meet me here at three o’clock everyday.” He teased, when Alice shook her head, he continued and stuck out his hand. “I dare you.”

That was it. That was all it took. One simple dare. Narrowing her eyes, she shook his hand. “Your on,” she said.

And so, Frank Longbottom and Alice Prewett met at the rocks everyday at three o’clock until the boat was fixed. Even when the boat was fixed they continued to meet by the rocks and they would talk. Just talk for hours on end. It would be another six months before he puckered up the courage to ask Alice out on a date.

(A love turned-friendship bloomed from a sketch and a broken boat.)


Author's note: This didn't turn out exactly how I had planned it but it happened nonetheless. To answer the reviews, yes in my headcanon Alice is Molly's close relative. To me, they're cousins and are suppose to have the same last name :)
Let me know what you think!
Also, I'm working on a new story that is a James/Lily AU on the Titanic (NOT a time-travel fic but a proper AU, it's also not based around the movie 'Titanic') Let me know if you'd be keen on reading it!

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