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It's Called Summer by applesugar33
Chapter 4 : A Kiss?
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 It had been 2 weeks since the carnival and basically every day since everyone would gather at Hermione’s and then they would head off. They had been to beaches, malls, theme parks, movie theatres, and basically everything else. The group had found a new hangout in a café down the street from Mia’s home.  Hermione and Draco were also getting really close. Hermione would constantly find herself in his arms joking around with him.

Today they were all planning on meeting up at the café at noon. Hermione and Emily were sitting at her kitchen table eating when Emily asked, “So, whats going on with you and Draco?”

“What do you mean?” Hermione questioned, her eye brows tilted.

“Come on, it’s obvious that you guys like each other,” Emily laughed at her friends stupidity and denial.

“Well you have a nice little imagination it would seem. Draco and me are nothing, but friends,” Mia answered simply.

“Sure,” Emily said under her breath ending the conversation.

The girls arrived at the café at 12:05, Josh and Draco were already seated at a table outside.

“Mia! Tell Josh that he is stupid!” Draco yelled when he saw her.

“Why?” She laughed taking a seat beside him.

“Nevermind,” Draco pouted giving up his argument.

            Soon enough the last 2 showed up taking the empty seats. They all ordered smoothies before paying and walking around the neighborhood.

            “My parents messaged me this morning, they said I needed to come home for the weekend,” Draco said annoyed. “They ignore me for a little under a month and expect me to just come flying home.”

            “Really? How long are you going home?” Aubrey asked.

            “Just the weekend. They are probably just having important guests over and don’t want to look like they don’t have a son,” He laughed sarcastically.

            “Well at least it’s only a weekend.” Hermione said sympathetically.

            “It’s going to be one long weekend,” he muttered.

            They all ended up at the bowling alley. They sat down at 2 table right next to each other girls against guys. Even though Draco had never played before he was really getting the hang of it. He had the highest score of all. After 3 games Draco was gloating and Hermione pouting. Draco had beaten her in the last game by five points and she said he must have used magic. When they got back to her house she was giving him the silent treatment until he decided to tickle her sides. Hermione was crying out for him to stop, trying to plead with him. 

            “What do I get in return?” He asked, as he tickled her more.

            “Anything! Please!” She continued to beg. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “A kiss?”

            He looked into her eyes and she tilted her chin towards so her lips were on his. They were kissing softly until someone in the background coughed. They separated, both of them blushing. They both sat up and muttered apologies to their friends. Inside their heads the both knew this was going to get complicated. 

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