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Their Happy Ever After by rbrammer
Chapter 3 : Meeting Al.
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            “So, should we let everyone meet him?” Harry asked quietly, though content to just stare at his wife and his son for a few more hours, he knew that his mother and father-in-law were probably getting worried. Not to mention James. He chuckled.


            Ginny eyed him curiously. “What’s so funny?” She cuddled Albus, smoothing his hair for what seemed like the millionth time since he had been placed in her arms. She sighed exasperatedly. “It never lies flat!” At his mother’s exasperated sigh, baby Albus gurgled happily, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously. Ginny giggled, tweaking the infant’s nose lightly. “You’re going to be a troublemaker, just like your uncles and your daddy, aren’t you? Yes, yes, you are!”


            Harry held back a snort of laughter, grinning at his wife. “I was thinking of James, and how impatient he must be getting. We did sort of promise him a sibling, sometime earlier today.” He tucked a stray lock of fiery red hair behind Ginny’s ear, and she smiled gratefully, before frowning. She did vaguely recall telling her small son something of the sort, but she’d also been in immense pain.


            “Well, go get the lot of them, then,” Ginny said, smiling. Harry shook his head, bewildered; Ginny was getting softer and more girl-like with each birth. Rather than stay and question her, he carried out his orders quickly, bringing in Molly, Arthur, Ron, Hermione, George, Angelina, and the three little tykes: James, Freddie, and baby Rose, hardly a month old, but with a shock of flaming red hair that marked her as a Weasley.


            “Oh, Ginny!” Molly Weasley exclaimed, launching herself at her only daughter, tears in her eyes. She inspected baby Albus, petting his baby-soft hair, exclaiming over his tiny fingers and toes.


            Hermione smiled, cradling little Rose in her arms. “What have you decided to call him? Remus, maybe?” Harry chuckled; only Hermione would remember his determination to honor all of the Marauders.


            “No, I think we’ve decided to leave that one for little Teddy, when he has a child,” Ginny said softly, grinning at the thought of seven-year-old Ted with children. She looked into the faces of her parents, her brother, and her best friend, before announcing, “We’ve decided to call him Albus. Albus Severus.”


            As expected, Ron and George were furious. “You named a kid after that git?”


            “He was a hero, Ron,” Harry said loudly, his tone inviting no argument. As if just remembering, suddenly, he dropped to his knees, scooping up little James, who had been insistently tugging on his robes. “Well, hello, Jamie!” He pressed a kiss to his son’s cheek, laughing when the toddler squirmed to get away.


            “Mumma!” He squealed, reaching for his mother. Ginny smiled, shifting Albus to make room for James. “It’s okay, Harry,” Ginny murmured at Harry’s worried look. “He’ll be fine; James wouldn’t hurt his baby brother.”


            George and Ron exchanged skeptical glances at this, but said nothing; it would do no good to argue with Ginny Potter. It may even get them hexed, something neither of them wished to be. Their sister was notorious for sending men to their knees with the bat-bogey hex.


            James crawled onto his mother’s lap, laying his head on her breast tiredly. “Mumma, Jay s’eepy,” the little boy mumbled, cuddling into his mother’s side. Ginny chuckled, kissing James’s hair. James looked up suddenly, a look of fierce determination on his small face. “Jay miss Mumma. No mo’ b‘scut. Wan’ Mumma.” And, as if deflating, James’s head drooped, falling back onto Ginny’s chest. Not more than a few minutes had passed before a light snore emitted from James’s mouth.


            Harry and George snickered, looking at Ron. Ginny laughed. “He’s just like you!” She exclaimed in a whisper, shaking her head in disbelief.


            Harry chuckled, patting his best friend on the shoulder. “You’ve gone and corrupted my kid, mate. Guess I’m going to have to do the same to Rosie.” He tweaked the infant’s nose, and the baby looked at him curiously. Harry felt a bubble of laughter escape his lips, and he shook his head. “Maybe the next one. Rose is Hermione all over again, isn’t she? Just in a Weasley orange.” Ron and Harry shared a grin, while Hermione rolled her eyes, muttering something that vaguely sounded like, “Boys.”


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