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Meeting Him by weasleytwins123
Chapter 10 : Epilogue
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It was a perfect day for a wedding. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the air was fresh with the scent of spring.

It was picturesque as I looked out of the window onto the grounds and to the lake, where the ceremony would be taking place later on in the afternoon.

But somehow, I couldn't help but allow a few stray tears to fall from my eyes, because of course, today was an important day in my life. A milestone, even.

Louis and I had gotten married after three years of being together. I'd been twenty-three and deeply and completely head over heels in love with Louis. I still was, even after 27 years of marriage.

Our wedding day still felt like yesterday, how Louis' mother Fleur had spent days waving her wand around Shell Cottage, persuading my future father in law to help her make the beach look beautiful enough for a wedding.

A beach wedding. I'd always wanted one, and Shell Cottage was Louis' favourite spot. Not to mention it felt fitting to say our vows on the beach we'd first gotten together on.

Lizzie and Penny's second child, Alexandra, had been bridesmaids, along with Belle and Rose as my head bridesmaid.

Emily had visited me and apologised for everything a few weeks prior to the wedding, I'd sent her an invitation regardless of the fact she;d refused to be friends with either Rose or I for the past three years. She'd arrived at Louis and I's flat in floods of tears one day, clutching the invitation and spending hours on our sofa apologising profusely.

It had been perfect, and Belle and Jack had been over the moon with the pair of us, teasing us consistently with yells of "I told you so!" during the reception. They'd always said we'd get married, and we'd laughed and rolled our eyes at them as they repeated it to everyone with smug expressions.

"You alright, Mum?" my youngest child, Rory, wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me in for a hug. He was so big now, eighteen and in his last few months of Hogwarts. Time had flown by since I'd met Louis, but I didn't regret a single aspect of my life.

I'd finally gotten a solid, reputable job at the Daily Prophet after three years of working my arse off to improve my articles and position in the Prophet. I'd made Editor five years after Rory had been born, and it'd been hard work with four children and an all-and-any hour job, but Louis and I had coped and we were paying off for it now with our early retirement.

"Yes, sweetheart" I smiled, stretching upwards to give him a kiss. "Just a bit emotional."

"She's feeling a bit nervous, I think" Rory grimaced. "She just had a complete hissy fit at Jenna for coughing whilst having her make-up done."

"I'll see to her" I smiled, patting his untidy hair down and heading towards the door.

"You look lovely today Mum" Rory grinned and I smiled pleasantly back. He'd always been the baby of the family, and it was so hard to remind myself he wasn't ten years old anymore. He was old, he was mature, he was ready to fly the nest as the rest of my children had done years before.

I headed across the manor we'd rented for the weekend to house all the family guests, and knocked on the door to my eldest daughter's rooms.

"Come in!"  a frantic voice called screechily, and I could easily recognise how nervous she was from here.

"Marie, sweetheart" I quickly rushed to my eldest, kissing her on the cheek and settling myself down next to her as the beauty witch fixed her hair. "How are you feeling?"

"Excited" she smiled happily, her eyes sparkling as she faced me. "Can you go and find Jenna for me though? I shouted at her over nothing earlier, and I don't want her to be angry with me when she's my head bridesmaid."

"Sure, sweetie" I agreed, leaving the room to find my other daughter. With three years in between them, my two daughters Marie and Jenna were constantly bickering and upsetting one another, but they were also best friends. There was never any doubt how close the pair of them were, and I loved that, feeling as if the nature of Penny and I's relationship had helped to show them how sisters should be.

My eldest son, Nathan, was Jenna's twin and was also the best friend of the groom. Which meant he couldn't be present to watch his sisters nerves as he was being the best man and calming the groom down. To say Nathan had not been happy when he had discovered his best friend, who was in Marie's year and was our next door neighbour Finn Williams, had been fooling around with his older sister was an understatement.

They'd began to see one another in secret in their last year at Hogwarts, and on the eve of their return from Hogwarts, they'd announced their relationship to both of our families at a joint party in our backyards.

His mother Abbie and I had immedietely began to gush about how perfectly romantic the whole thing was, whilst Jenna had smirked and claimed she knew about it all along, and Rory had stared at them cluelessly, as he had only just completed his first year at Hogwarts at the time. Meanwhile, Nathan had gone completely pale and had began to shout at them, before refusing to talk to either of them and holing himself up in his room and only speaking to Jenna, as being twins meant the pair were extrordinarily close and protective of one another.

I found Jenna not too far away, and sent her back to visit Marie with a stern look and had hurried back with her. Marie's other bridesmaids, her best friend Kelly and her cousins Belle, Lizzie and Alexandra, were happy to see her as it calmed Marie down. It seemed fitting that my oldest girl should also have a select amount of my own bridesmaids involved in her wedding, as the Weasley family was all for traditions after all.

Belle was looking radiant, she'd only given birth two months prior to the wedding, and was bouncing a chortling child on her lap presently. Lizzie already had two boys of her own, Penny had been lucky to have grandchildren much earlier than I, and Alexandra was recently married only a year ago.

It seemed odd, to see my beautiful nieces (only some of them, mind you, the Weasley family was HUGE) looking so grown up with children of their own whilst I relied on Louis' uncle to provide me with Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes anti-greys shampoo fairly often.

But I had lived my time, and now it was theirs.


The ceremony was beautiful, and Abbie and I had burst into tears as Finn and Nathan placed themselves at the alter whilst Marie swept down the aisle on Louis' arm. Louis gave Marie away before seating himself beside me and entwining our hands immedietely. We knew how happy Marie was to be married, but it was hard to accept how grown up our children were, and how old we really were.

Jack and David had kept us entertained throughout the reception with hilarious speeches, and Louis' had been particularly funny as well as heartbreaking. He'd spoken of so many of our family memories, the good, when Marie's Hogwarts letter arrived, when we first met Finn when he was only six years old to when the pair first announced their adoration for one another. And the bad, various parties Marie had returned drunk from, several letters come involving Finn leading Marie astray and getting her into trouble with her Professors, and various screaming matches that had been a frequent occurence during both of our daughters' teenage years.

The first dance came on, and Marie and Finn took to the floor with a loving gaze that instantly brought tears back to my eyes. Jenna was whisked onto the floor by one of Finn's handsome friends, of which I was glad as she'd sufferered an awful break up with her boyfriend of three years a few months ago. She seemed happy now though. I watched Nathan get dragged onto the dance floor by his lovely girlfriend Alice, and Louis and I chuckled as Rory headed to the bar and flirted with two strikingly pretty relatives of Finn's.

Louis spun me onto the dance floor a moment later, and I rested contentedly in his arms as I watched our children in all their happiness, reflecting back on our lives as yet another family of Weasleys.

"I love you, Beatrice Weasley" Louis whispered into my ear.

"I love you too, my beautiful husband" I smiled, kissing him gently, yet quickly. "What will we do now that all the kids have left?" I asked him in a vacant voice and returned my gaze to my still gorgeous husband at his devious chuckle.

"Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something" he winked with a cheeky grin. "After all... we have a bedroom that can never be over-used..."

I snorted at his naughty comment and smacked his chest lightly, unable to keep a straight face.

"We did well with them, didn't we?" he mused, his eyes on Marie, Nathan, Jenna and Rory all at once.

"Yes, we did" I smiled, reaching up to kiss him again and laughing against his lips.

I may be old, but I'd lived a perfect life considering I'd been such a screw-up in the beginning.

I guess Louis did save me after all.


ITS DONE!!!! HOLY MOTHER OF MERLIN my second story has been completed! I didn't imagine that it would be done so quickly, or that I would actually like the finished product! I hope you liked this little epilogue, last chapters reviews were so helpful in letting me gather ideas, and I hope I got everyones ideas in there! They were all great! Finally, thank you so much for being such a great readership, you're so positive and I genuinely love each and every person that has ever read Meeting Him!

I'd like to include some self-promotion here, as after all, I put time into this fic and so goddammit I shall reap any possible benefits! ANYWAY, basically my new WIP is a Regulus/OC (I know, so far out of my comfort zone of next-gen!) but it's called Star Crossed and I have MASSIVE plans for it and already have about six chapters written out. It's going to be a fairly longer fic than this one was, probably more like For The First Time, so please do have a read of the first chapter and give your comments, they'd be much appriciated! Thank you so much and love to all of you! :)




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