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Don't Ever Let it End. by livingitup95
Chapter 1 : Don't Ever Let it End
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 Don’t let it end

Don’t let it end

Don’t ever let it end.

“James. James, promise me wherever we end up after Hogwarts, we will be friends forever?” Whispered my best friend Heidi from under my arm. We were the last ones sitting in the Gryffindor common room, it was our last night ever at Hogwarts, I was mindlessly making circle patterns on her bare arm. Names, James Potter by the way.

“Of course we will Heids, we’re living together with Freddie and Molls aren’t we? Even when we are grey and old we will be together” I smile at her, and I can’t help thinking that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I mentally slap myself for not telling her how I have felt about us since fourth year.

“Good.” She whispers.

It’s a terribly over used cliché but still, I am in love with my best friend and always will be, no one could ever replace her. Even if she chooses someone else, I will always love her. I open my mouth to tell her just that. “Heids, there is something I need to tell you, I –“

“OI! Are you to reminiscing together without us!?” Demands our other best friends and my two favourite cousins, Fred and Molly, now Molly is nothing like Uncle Percy she actually like to have FUN! And not bore us, well occasionally.

Heidi sits up and turns to her best friend and grins at her. “No, Molls we were making out.” She jokes, with a blush creeping on her face. I feel my face heating up and I see Fred smirking at me, I throw a pillow at his face.

Well I got two tickets to the game

It’d be great if I could take you to it this Sunday

Well I’ll walk you home when the whole things done

If you’re there I don’t even care which team won.

“C’mon Heids! Puddlemere and the Wasps! How can you say no to that!? This will be an amazing match, plus it’s the best seats in the whole stadium! Do you know what it took Al to get me these tickets, I mean I practically had to give away my freedom for the next two months!” I ranted at Heidi while she stood there at the kitchen counter giggling, just like she used to in muggle primary school when Fred would get yelled at by Molly for hitting her with a ball. I always loved her laugh, I love everything about her.

Yes it’s been two years since Hogwarts and I still haven’t told her, she just broke up with her douche of a boyfriend, because he was cheating on her. The prick.

“C’mon! I will even walk you home!” I declare grinning and throwing her a wink. She giggles again before pretending to think about it, she would come, she always does.

“Well seeing as you, will walk me home! I just can’t refuse that tempting offer! Never mind that when you walk me home you’re also walking yourself home!” She teases, grinning at me cutting something for dinner.

“So you’re gonna come!!” I ask, jumping up and down a little. She starts to piss herself laughing and nods, I run over to her and pick her up around the waist and spin her in a circle. She starts laughing harder and I put her back on her feet and she leans on me for support, I start to laugh with her and we end up on the floor in each other’s arms. We both stop laughing and look at each other, there is nothing else in the world just us. When Fred yells out, “ANYONE HOME!? YOUWHOO? Heids? James!? Me and Bea are here!” We scramble up into standing positions just as he walks in, looking excited.

“Did she say yes!?” He squeals as his girlfriend walks in behind him rolling her eyes. I nod my head and he starts jumping up and down.

“Puddlemere is going to win.” Heidi shrugs, to annoy me and Fred, avid Wasps supporters.  Fred stage gasps and I play along, knowing if she is there I don’t care who wins.

We could stop at the coffee shop

And make fun of the Auror’s in the alley

We could laugh as we both pretend that we’re not in love and that we’re just good friends

Well, I am tired of pretending, but terrified of it ending

I know if not for you, there’s nothing I could do to ever let it end.

And I know you feel the same way, cause you told me drunk after the game.

And as you pull me near, whispered in my ear- Dont ever let it end.

“Okay James, I am sorry that I ever doubted the Wasps.” She laughs as we sit in a coffee shop in Diagon Alley after the match, of course the Wasps won, we all knew that it would happen anyways.

“As you should be, I mean how could you ever doubt the mighty Wasps!?” I exclaim loudly, attracting the attention on onlookers, she laughs at me. “Hey now, stop laughing at me and make fun of the fact that you’re not at work while those poor shmucks are!” I cry pointing to the Auror’s in the alley looking dead bored with their job. She looks at them and then me and her bright blue eyes dance with amusement her red hair flowing out down on her back her lips parted in laughter.

She is beautiful.

We got back to the flat and had a few shots, she got drunk. I looked after her. Her red hair was now in a loose bun with bits flying out everywhere, as she laid down on the couch next to me, she started to sit up and pulled me in close, I put my arms around her. She whispered in my ear, “I love you, I mean really love you. James Sirius Potter. Always have always will. I love you.” She didn’t slur once, she fell back on the pillows and fell asleep instantly.

I looked at her in awe. Not knowing what to say, what to do.

Don’t let it end

Don’t let it end

Don’t ever let it end.

Saturday I’m gonna take her out

Because her favourite band is gonna play downtown

Gonna sing the song we’ve all heard, bout the two young friends who should have fell in love

“I am taking you out, tonight. No arguments, dress in jeans and a top and your leather jacket!” I demand as I walk past Heidi in her room, reading a book. She looks up startled but pleased.

“What are we doing!?” She exclaims, getting up and jumping around me, wanting information. “C’mon Jamie! Tell me!? Where are we going? Who is going with us? How long will we be out!?”

“Ask me no questions, I will tell no lies.” I wink dodging out of her way, down to my room. “Go get ready!” I call over my shoulder. I hear her run back to her room and start throwing things everywhere. I chuckle to myself as I get ready. Twenty minutes later I am standing outside her bedroom door waiting for her. She jumps out of her door, breathless but looking great, like normal. Her hair is up in a loose bun again, in her skinny jeans paired with black boots, my old Gryffindor  Quidditch top and a brown leather jacket.

“You look great.” I whisper as we walk out the door. I see her blush a little before she replies.

“You clean up pretty good too.” She winked, looking me up and down. I blush under her gaze. I walk her out of the flat and down the road a little bit.

“C’mon not much further.” I say glancing around before taking her hand and apparating to London. I feel the suffocating sensation only for a little while before I can breathe again. I point out the billboard behind us and her face lights up like a Christmas tree, I can’t help but smile and marvel at the breathtaking person in front of me. She turns her gaze back to me and starts squealing and laughing and jumping up and down.

“Oh Jamie, you’re taking me to see the Weird Sisters!? Eeep!!” She squeals as we walk to the building. “I can not believe you did this James!” She says as she links her arm in mine.

Halfway through the performance, Heids has nearly screamed herself hoarse and I am laughing at her, Heidi’s favourite song comes on. It’s about two best friends who should have fallen in love, but never got the chance.

I notice Heidi looking at me with a wistful look on her face and I vow to myself that I will tell her how I feel before Christmas, two months away. That we will not end up like that song.

Later on we’ll cut through the park

And she can hold my hand cause she hates the dark

And we could laugh as we both pretend that we’re not in love and that we’re just good friends.

Well, I am tired of pretending but I’m terrified of it ending

I know if not for you there’s nothing I could do to ever let it end.

And I know you feel the same way, cause you told me drunk on your birthday

And as you pull me near, you whisper in my ear- Don’t ever let it end.

It’s two in the morning and we are still buzzed from the band, we decided to walk a little bit before apparating back home, Heidi sees swings and wants to play on them.

I chuckle at her innocence and childishness, before we enter the park she takes my hand and squeezes it. I look at her curiously, raising an eyebrow.

She sighs, “I have never told you but, I hate the dark. More than anything, I absolutely hate it.” I smile a little but don’t comment as we make our way to the swings, I only squeeze her hand to let her know I am here, “Hey Jamie? Thanks for tonight, you’re an amazing person, I love you.” She whispers as she sits down on the swing.

I look at her still curious, I want to tell her I love her too but it doesn’t seem right? Somehow?


“So, James. Told Heids you love her yet?” Fred asks as we sit in the kitchen of mine and Heidi’s flat, I shake my head and ignore the glare he is sending me. “You need to tell her, remember your vow? You only have three days left, after that I am going to tell her and you will need to use that Gryffindor courage that you have somewhere.” He says before standing up and walking out, I hear a faint POP, telling me he has left to go home.

I hit the table just as Heidi walks in look gorgeous in her trackies and an old Harpies jumper that is three times to big for her.

“What’s wrong, love?” She asks taking the seat Fred just vacated.

“Nothing, just Fred saying hurtful truths.” I shrug before, getting up and walking out to the lounge room, she follows and sits down on the couch, spreading out so I have to lift her legs and place them on my lap to sit down.  She puts an old muggle movie on, something called “The Notebook.”

Halfway through the movie, she falls asleep. I gingerly brush the hair out from over her eyes and kiss her forehead, “I love you Heidi Renee Grey. Promise, I love you. You’re my One.” I whisper before placing a blanket over her and lighting a small fire in the fireplace to keep her warm and leave her in peace.

I think I hear her mumble something but I turn around and she is fast asleep.

Don’t let it end

Don’t let it end

Don’t ever let it end.

Greatest tines we ever had, was crazy nights just looking back we can laugh

You never know where life’s gonna go, cause we’re the only ones who will ever know

About Sunday night, just her and I

Sitting side by side in the full moonlight

I pulled her close just to hold her tight, the both of us could tell it just felt right

She looked at me in the sweetest way

Like she could tell what the hell I was about to say

Must have took a while just to find the words cause she cut me off and finally said it first.

It’s one day until Christmas and Heidi and I are sitting on our balcony looking out to the city lights just thinking, we are sitting on a porch swing, I throw my arm around her and hold her close, she puts her head on my shoulder and sighs contently.

I keep thinking how I am going to tell her, I need to tell her tonight. Not because of Fred but because of us. I need for her to know how I feel. I turn my head to face her to see she is looking at me with a small smile on her face, she looks scared and excited at the same time.

How I wish I could just plant a kiss on her soft, pink lips. I look at her and I know what to say.

“Heidi I just wan-“

“No James, my turn to talk. You listen, don’t you worry you’re pretty little head.” She interrupts me laughing, I give her a frustrated look. I was going to tell her I love her and she interrupts me!? The audacity of it all! She notices my pout and laughs before continuing. “Ever since we were little, I knew we would be in each other’s lives forever . Ever since I was thirteen, I started to realize that I liked you much more than I should. I would think of any excuse to talk to you and to have alone moments with you. It was just before our seventh year when I realized that I loved you.

“I knew I had to tell you but I just couldn’t, what if I lost your friend ship, no don’t interrupt.” She says as I go to tell her I love her. “So now, I going to tell you, it only took me two and a half years to tell you. But I love you James Sirius Potter. I love you like, like peanut butter loves jelly. More than anything else in this world. I have tried telling you but you don’t notice or listen enough.”

She goes silent and watches me. I blink taking the information in, before I reply.

“Heidi Renee Grey, I have loved since I was fourteen. You took the words right out of my mouth. Every time I tried telling you, you would interrupt me or someone else would. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives. I love you and I regret not doing this sooner.”

“Doing what?” She asks looking confused and ecstatic at the same time, I capture her face with my hands and place my lips on hers, what started out as a soft gentle kiss, ended up in a heated song her lips roam over mine and I open my mouth letting her in. I place my hands on her waist and lean her down on the swing, before moving my hands up over her flat stomach underneath an old hoodie of mine, right up to her breasts, when I notice that she isn’t wearing a bra. I groan with longing as I feel her hands exploring my chest under my shirt.

“James.” She moans, I start to kiss her along the jaw line as my hands roam her breasts and body. Unexplored territory. She goes to remove my shirt , when.

“Well fucking finally!” Is shouted from above us, I kiss her lightly on her lips before sitting up and bringing Heidi with me. I look up to see Fred and Molly laughing at us, I throw my arm around Heidi’s shoulder and kiss her temple. She relaxes into me and I can’t help but smile like a giddy fourteen year old. Fred smirks and Molly is close to tears.

“What are you two doing here?” I ask not moving from the swing, to greet my two favourite cousins.

“To have Christmas dinner at Uncle Harry’s and Aunt Ginny’s?” Says Molly confused. I feel Heidi start to shake with laughter, I grin along with her.

“We will be there in twenty.” I tell my cousins, they throw my disbelieving looks but apparate out of our flat nevertheless. I turn to face Heidi ad take her face in mine again, and peck her on the lips.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” I whisper.

“Only if you be my boyfriend.” She teases back and gets up off the swing and drags me inside to get dressed.

“Nothing in the world could stop me.” I say and pick her up around the waist and spin in circles. She laughs and kisses me.

Well I am tired of pretending, but terrified of it ending

I know if not for you there’s nothing I could do to ever let it end.

And I know you feel the same way, cause you told me drunk on your birthday

And as you pull me near, you whisper in my ear- Don’t ever let it end.

Don’t let it end

Don’t let it end

Don’t ever let it end,

Don’t let it end

Don’t let it end

Don’t ever let it end,

Don’t let it end

Don’t let it end

Don’t ever let it end.


NOTE: I do not own this song, this song belongs to the band Nickelback, just as I do not own any of Harry Potter I only own Heidi

I hope you relly enjoyed my first song fic (: leave your thoughts. 


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