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A Muggle Romance by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9- Watch Your Back
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He lit a fag as he approached, “Hey Draco.”

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I ran into some drunken blokes around my age last night here,” he took a drag and blew out smoke rings before continuing, “They told me my girlfriend does work here so I figured we’d have a few drinks and see if she comes in.”

I didn’t want to show any fear so I nodded. We entered the pub and Seamus raised his eyebrow and I gulped he seemed to get the message. He poured three pints and set them on the bar.

“Good morning gentlemen,” he forced a smile.

“I need to use the loo,” I said heading towards the back.

I walked past the bathroom and out the back door immediately pulling out my cell phone. After three rings she picked up.

“Draco aren’t you at work?”

“Harry told me I had some vacation time I needed to use.”

She didn’t question what I said, “Is everything okay?”

“You need to call out of work today.”

“Draco I can’t I need the money,” she replied.

“Forget money I’ll give you what you need. Colin plans on sitting here all day waiting for you to show up.”

She was silent, “Okay I’ll call Connor bye Draco and thanks.”

She hung up before I could respond. I went back into the pub and began to down my beer. Hours went by and Colin was following through on his intent to sit here all day. Around 2pm the drunk guys from the day Gill passed out came in loud and boisterous. I tried to hide my face but it was no use the same dark haired one saw me.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” he asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about mate.” I replied quite aware of Colin’s eyes on me.


“The cute waitress where is she?”

“You obviously drink far too much.” I returned to my beer.

“You said she was your girlfriend.” He smirked.

“You were bugging some poor girl I lied to get you to leave her be.” I snapped.

“What girl?” Colin chimed in.

“Cute little waitress black hair and dark eyes,” the dark haired guy responded.

Seamus overheard and came over, “We fired her mate so if you’re here to sexually harass someone I’m the only one here.”

The guy moved on to the table his friends were at and I caught on to whatever story Seamus must’ve given Colin after I had departed last night.

“You said the girl who you fired was blonde,” Colin narrowed his eyes at Seamus and then turned to me, “And you said no girl worked here.”

“I said I didn’t recall an American girl working here,” I corrected him and he turned his attention back to Seamus.

“Listen kid we go through waitress’ like underwear here they either quit or get fired sorry if I don’t memorize what they all look like my wife wouldn’t be too happy if I did.” Seamus turned his back to go take the other guys’ order.

I studied Colin trying to see if had bought anything Seamus or I had said.

“He’s lying,” Colin suddenly said to no one in particular before turning to me and pulling a picture out of his pocket, “I should’ve shown you this last night is this the girl that guy was bothering.”

I gulped wishing Harry and Ron were here to help me but I would just have to go with my gut, “That could be her but I can’t say definitely yes or no.”

Colin put the picture back in his pocket but seemed satisfied with my answer, “I guess we can leave she’s obviously not showing up here.”

“Okay what do you want to do?” I asked.

“How about we hang out at your place?” Colin suggested and Pat who was pretty quiet nodded.

This could not get any worse, “Sure.”

I went out back to make another phone call she answered on the first ring, “Change of plans call Connor and come into work for a few hours he wants to hang out at my house.”

“What exactly are you playing at with him Draco?”

“Don’t worry about it I am keeping him away from you get ready and leave.”

“Okay see you later.”

I went back inside, “You guys ready to go?”

Once outside Colin decided to have another fag and when he was done Gill texted me to say she was leaving so I hailed us a cab. I muttered a charm so neither would remember my address or how to get to my house it would leave them mildly confused but I could contribute it to the numerous beers they had downed. Once at the manor they were suitably impressed and were commenting on everything.

“What do you do man?” Colin asked.

“Law enforcement,” I used my same half lie that I used with Gill.

“Well they certainly pay better here than back in the states.” He commented.

They settled onto the couch and began flipping through the channels while I went to grab some more beers since Kye was off taking Gill to work and then she was going grocery shopping. When I returned I found only Pat still in the room.

“Where’s Colin?”

“He went off to find the bathroom,” Pat replied.

I set down the beers and went off to find Colin. He wasn’t in either of the downstairs bathrooms or anywhere downstairs as a matter-of-fact so I went upstairs. He wasn’t in the hallway bathroom there either and then I noticed the door to Gill’s room was open and a pile of her laundry was folded in front of her door as Kye often did. I went into the room and there he was staring at the same picture I had found. I knew there was no story to get me out of this so it was time to be confrontational.

“What are you doing mate?” I asked.

“I knew you were lying so you’re her new boyfriend huh?”

“What would give you that idea?”

“She talks about some guy to our friends all the time how sweet he is and how great he is must be you.”


“We’re not dating but we are friends.”

“No one is just friends,” he sneered.

“Maybe not with you.”

He put the picture back where he found it and stepped up to me even though he was a bit shorter than me, “I came here to bring her back don’t think I won’t.”

“And I’ve been talking to you to keep you as far away from her as possible so I have every intention of keeping you away from her.”

Just then my doorbell rung, shit its Harry, Ron, Gin, and Mione, I thought to myself.

“Trust me I was leaving anyway, but Draco,” he paused as he glared at me, “Watch your back.”

I just laughed, “You can’t do anything to me or for that matter her anymore.”

He stormed off and I followed to make sure him and Pat both left. I opened the door to find only Harry and Ron who eyed the two men trying to leave and I just nodded from behind them. Harry and Ron walked into the manor without leaving enough room to let the other two out.

“We were just leaving,” Colin said.

“No stay have a few beers our wives decided to stay home and we have heard so much about you; its Colin right?” Harry smiled.

“And who the fuck are you?”

“No one you know,” Harry replied.

I smirked, “Now Colin you were just telling me to watch my back?”

He tried to hide how uncomfortable he was which made me smirk wider. Sensing they had done their job Harry and Ron let the two muggles leave as I muttered a charm again to make sure they wouldn’t remember my address or how to get here. Harry and Ron chuckled as we headed to the living room.

“Guess he found out then?”

“Bastard went snooping about and found her room.” I snapped.

“Its fine Draco I heard your charm he can’t find his way back here.”

We sat talking for about twenty minutes when my phone went off I yanked it out of my pocket and saw the call was from Gill.

She was hysterical, “Draco you need to come here now!”

Suddenly it dawned on me I let them leave here and they just ran right back to her job, “Harry, Ron, and I are coming.”

The guys jumped up and we apparated to an alley near the pub. The three of us rushed out of the alley and to the pub entrance where Seamus was fighting to keep Colin out while Connor had Pat easily pinned.

“Go inside Draco take care of her these two came barging in and she went into hysterics.” Seamus said as he pushed Colin closer to the street.

“She’s my girl Draco you’ll see this will only last so long!” Colin called after me and the guys.

Once inside I couldn’t see her anywhere but I could hear her crying so I followed the sound to kitchen where the cook was standing looking quite distressed at how to calm her down. I was assuming he had tried to console her by rubbing her back or hugging her and she had freaked out so I walked over to relieve him. He nodded at me and left the kitchen hopefully to go help the guys out front.

“Gill,” I approached her cautiously.

She sniffled and wiped her eyes as her head snapped up, “Draco?”

To my surprise she jumped off the stool she was on and hugged me tightly but burst into tears again.

I tentatively rubbed her back, “Shhh calm down I’m here, Harry’s here, Ron’s here, and Seamus and Connor are not letting those two back in here. You are safe now I am so sorry.”

“W-w-what happened I thought they were with you?”

“They were until Colin went through the house while I was in the kitchen; I think he suspected something the entire time because he found your room. Again I am so sorry I never should have just let them leave.” I shook my head and hugged her.

“It’s not your fault,” then she paused, “He knows where I uh we live?”

“No trust me I made sure to take him the most ass backwards ways and he stormed off so angry there is no way her remembers.” I promised and her body became a little less tense.

I wanted so badly just to apparate her home and Harry could tell what I was thinking and just shook his head. I continued to rub her back and she finally sighed.

“Maybe I should just go back with him stop all this madness.”

“You will do no such thing,” it was Ron who spoke before I could.

She looked over at Ron and I was expecting tears or screaming but she just smiled at him.

“I’ll kill him before I let you leave with him,” I said.

She turned her attention to me and just stared into my eyes for a minute; without warning she jumped up and was kissing him. I recovered from my shock quickly and kissed her back and then I heard Harry clearing his throat.

“We should get out of here before they get past the brute squad.” Harry reminded us of the situation that was currently going on.

She was blushing furiously, “Draco I uh I’m so sorry.”

I looked down at my feet, “Nothing to apologize for.”

Harry and Ron chuckled and then we heard a commotion out in the bar area.

“Shit!” We all exclaimed.

Gill clutched my hands and I looked down her knuckles were turning white and my fingers were going numb.

“Gillian get out here now!” it was Colin.

“Come on let’s go out the back.” Harry said pointing towards the back of the kitchen.

We followed Harry and Ron out back and made our way out of the alley the back door led to. We decided to walk a couple of blocks before hailing a cab. Once we were finally home I had Kye put on a kettle of tea and I helped Gill to the couch and covered her in a down comforter.

“I’ll be right back,” I said to her and she simply nodded in return.

“What am I gonna do?” I asked the guys once out of her earshot.

“I don’t know but how long can they possible stay here?” Ron asked.

“As long as he wants I’m sure he seems pretty determined.”

“Just take the vacation time you are on Draco and watch out for her, if you need us you know where to find us,” Harry paused, “But Draco I saw that look earlier NO MAGIC unless she is in absolute mortal danger.”

I nodded, “Yeah Harry I know.”

“We’re gonna go take care of her.”

I nodded again, “Thanks guys.”

Kye brought out two mugs of tea just as I was coming back from showing the guys out. Gill inhaled deeply over her cup of chamomile and seemed to relax. I handed her the remote and she began to quietly flip through the channels. 

“Draco,” she said turning the television off.


“About earlier…” she trailed off.

“You don’t have to say anything,” I replied getting a sinking feeling.

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