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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 15 : Consumed by fear
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"How did you?, How?!?" I screamed, i threw whatever was in reach at him. I scrambled backwards as he moved closer.

"How? i knew him, the most treacherous, disgusting man i have ever met, and you? your his daughter yet you are consumed by fear and totally and uncontrollably weak!" I scowled at him trying to show none of my fear.

"I also knew your mother, the sweetest, most brave and most beautiful Gryffindor, complete opposites they were...yet an arranged marriage cannot be avoided"

I began to lean in closer, my clowded past could know be revealed yet i was curious, but unsure if i wanted to know or not. I looked at him questionally and he began to speak once more. "After their seventh year of Hogwarts, an arranged marriage between the most successful Gryffindor and the most successful Slytherin had to take place, this was thought to unite the houses! to ensure less hatred"

I listened as my mind wondered and my iagination soared, a wedding came into view at the great hall. Candles everywhere my father and mother standing together hand in hand, yet scowling at each other. I pictured the tapestries coloured in both red and green as Snapes voice intruded once more.

"Your mother wanted a better future or you, so she made Dumbledore promise that he would, to the best of his ability, do anything he could to get you into Gryffindor"

"So the hat was tipped off" I watched as Snape nodded firmly. "So i am suppose to be in Slytherin?"

He looked at me curiously "Who knows, maybe both?" I looked at him confused before asking him another question

"Why are you here?" He smirked and slowly began to fade away. I stood shocked beore springing into action. "WAIT! what am i suppose to do know?!?" I screamed over and over again. Tryng furiously to bring him back, but slowly his smirk began to fade, as well as his silky black hair and robes until all that was left was a damp disgusting dumpster.

I took a deep sigh, thinking about what had happened. It was time to come clean, clean to the world and clean to Draco. I knew what must be done, even if he would never talk to me again.

Draco's Point of view

I exited my fathers study, i hadnt seen Scarlett in the past two days. Yet i wasnt worried, love, is a distraction!! i thought bitterly. I have to start taking the dark mark seriously and begin my life as a deatheater.

My back slid across the wall as i sat down, my head inbetween my knees. I accidently let a single tear out of my eyes. It hit the ground in a tiny splash, i knew this isnt what i wanted to be. I knew know this is what i had to be and there was nothing i could do about it.

I stood up strongly once more and shook all my emotions off. Before carefully wiping away the tears from my eyes. As i headed into my room, tho once i opened the door i realised it wasnt my room. But Scarletts old one, i glanced around. The bed still neatly made, The cupboard still filled with all her clothes. The scent of her perfume still lingered around the room.

I would have attempted to look for her, yet father disagreeded. Love is a distraction, and that is all it will ever be. I took one last glance around the room, feeling tears return to my eyes. Before shutting the door and leaving.

Lucius's point of view

I had been looking for her for ages. I held my head up rom the desk in fustration. She is the key, to the beginning of the new deatheaters. She is the new dark lord.


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I cannot love a Gryffindor : Consumed by fear


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