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Albus Potter and the Phantasm Orb by Crystalline Iridescentia
Chapter 1 : The Stirring of Evil
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 ~Albus Potter and the Phantasm Orb~

Book 1

Based on the ideas and places of JK Rowling.


Author's Note: This is my fanfiction of Albus's adventures. Please review and tell me your thoughts, including compliments or criticisms. There will be seven books, and I should finish them all. I have planned Books 1-5 in detail, and I have a very good idea of what happens in Books 6 and 7. I posted this a few months ago, but forgot to update it here, so I'm reposting it. The first and second book are both completed on a different site. As long as I remember to update it on this site, there will be updates every weekend. 


Here's a little summary, a bit more in-depth than the one you clicked on:

Albus Severus Potter, second son and middle child of Harry Potter, wishes for nothing more than to prove himself worthy of his name. He has always been the outcast of his family, the one who is forgotten, ignored, and looked over. Still, Albus desperately wants to show the world that he is a hero, not a loser. But this is made difficult when his Sorting goes terribly wrong, and all the bullies in the school make him a victim. Even as he tries his hardest to prove himself as someone who is not the 'bad egg' or 'black sheep' of his family, he is thrown back in his efforts, doomed to always be the disgrace and disappointment.

But now, danger is rapidly approaching, and darkness is returning to the long-peaceful wizarding world. An ancient evil that has been biding its time for one thousand years is stirring, preparing to drag the wizarding world back into an abyss of terror. This enemy, one that has slumbered for uncountable centuries, is now waking up, and vengeance is on its mind. Its goal is to destroy the world... and rule the new one that rises from the ashes. Meanwhile, Albus is learning that his destiny rivals that of his father, and that it is up to him to save the world from this terrible evil—an evil greater than anything seen before it.

In his first year, Albus has to deal with prejudiced professors, a cruel brother, vicious bullies, his feelings for a girl that is way out of his league, his uncontrollable magical powers, and a school that wants to kick him out because of the name of his House. In the midst of all this, Albus learns of an object hidden at Hogwarts—a very dangerous object that can grant the wish of the one who possesses it.

But someone's trying to steal it—and their wish is terrible enough to plunge the world into irreversible darkness.


There are plenty of 'parallels' between this fanfiction and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, and those similarities are done PURPOSEFULLY. Meaning, I tried to make it similar, and tried to make an obvious parallel between Albus's and Harry's adventures. The first book might seem overwhelmingly like SS/PS, but the MAIN story of the entire series is different. Please don't be put off by how similar it is and give it a chance. The story breaks away from the parallel eventually.



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-Chapter One-

The Stirring of Evil

One could not see anything very odd about the calm country road, except for the fact that a man had just appeared there out of nowhere. With a look left and right, the man walked down the lane, his blood-red cloak billowing around him. But why would anyone wear such a stifling cloak on such a warm summer's day? Strangely enough, this did not seem to be a matter of concern for the heavily dressed man, as he simply ignored the uncomfortable warmth and continued on his way. However uncaring he seemed about the stifling heat, the same could not be said for the street. He kept looking around, his keen eyes scanning the immediate area for intruders every few seconds. After several minutes of dead silence, he had apparently arrived where he wanted to be, and stopped in his tracks.

The red-cloaked man gazed at his destination quietly for a moment, which seemed to be an ordinary cottage. A few wilted flowers on the window ledge shook with a weak gust of wind. But, despite its normal appearance, this was not an average cottage at all. The red-cloaked man walked towards the hut, his robes flowing around him in an impressive manner. He waved his hand over the lock imperiously, causing it to click open.

The man with the blood-red cloak stepped in, finally taking off his hood. His face was utterly horrifying. The man's expression was devoid of human emotion, and his skin gave off an eerie, bluish glow. Though the rest of his face was nightmare-provoking, his eyes were the worst feature. They were ice-cold, hateful, and resembled the darkness of a moonless and starless night.

The establishment he had entered was far grander on the inside than it was on the outside. The floors were polished, and the marbled hall stretched on endlessly. Thanks to the limitless powers of magic, their Dark society could meet in secret in this seemingly innocent cottage. More people stood in the hall, also wearing blood-red cloaks and robes. The whispering in the 'cottage' ceased, and everyone turned their eyes on the newcomer. The man nodded coldly to them and swept down the stone hallway, keeping his eyes fixed firmly in front of him.

The path finally stopped at a single door. The man entered a gloomy chamber, which seemed to glow blood-red. His eyes scanned the room, stopping once he had caught sight of the side wall. This wall was different from the rest—it was a dark red shade and rippled strangely, distorting and swirling. The man walked over to it and placed his palm on it. The effect was instantaneous. His hand was sucked inside and the blood-red wall glowed brightly, illuminating the previously dim room. The man could hear people coming inside as the wall shone brighter and brighter, nearly blinding him. With a horrible squelching noise, the man withdrew his hand from the wall and turned around to face the people who had entered. The red light died down.

"Welcome," he hissed to the crowd of red-cloaked people assembled in front of him. If his face was terrifying, it was nothing compared to his voice, which was dry, shuddering, and blood-curdling. The people in front of him barely held back shivers. The man continued his introduction. "My dear fellows, you are here today at the our headquarters to confirm the rumors you have all surely heard."

Some people nodded, looking eager for news.

The man turned once more the wall. He stared at it, and his dark eyes momentarily flashed red. The wall glowed in response. "What you see in front of you," the man said, gesturing to the wall, "holds the secrets to Dark Magic."

A few people stirred, though most looked as if they already knew this.

"Soon, darkness itself will come from within this wall and walk into this world, destroying it."

The eyes of the people in the crowd shone hungrily, as if the prospect of world destruction pleased them.

"The leader of the darkness, the very embodiment of evil himself, will also be awakened, and he will lead—with us as his loyal servants—the armies of his creatures through this world, ravaging everything in his way. He is the Paradox, the only one with the power to truly destroy the world. He is our Master, and the Blood Lord."

The people listened to every word, waiting for the man to confirm the rumor that Dark Wizards all across the world had been hearing. "You had previously thought that only the Paradox has the power of pure darkness and evil, but there is now one other boy who has the same abilities..."

There was silence. Everyone in the room held their breath. Surely, it couldn't be possible. Nobody could match the power of the Paradox, who had plunged the world into terror a thousand years ago before he had been trapped once more into the Realms of Darkness—the very origins of magic. All mention of him in history had been erased so that the wizarding world of a thousand years later would be unprepared for power of his scale when he rose again—a power ten times more terrifying than anything wizardkind had ever encountered before.

"And these rumors that you have heard are true," the man said. "Another boy made of darkness was born a month ago. The very balance of good and evil has shifted, and I can detect this new boy's unmistakable presence. Where he is and who he is... well, that is a difficult question."

The people muttered to each other, unable to believe it. What did it mean for them—for everything they had been working toward since the start of time?

"He is our Paradox's opposition, and he is the only one able to stop us. As of now, we do not know who he is, because we cannot track his presence. But do not worry. We have nothing to fear if our only obstacle is a month-old boy. He will be a teenager by the time he has full control over his power. Obviously, he cannot compare to an evil essence that has been learning from the wars of wizardkind and has practiced with his power for a thousand years."

The people in the crowd looked a bit more assured. Some of them laughed. The idea of a mere boy having the power to defeat them was ludicrous.

"In eleven years time, I will send spies to Hogwarts and every wizard school in the world. Even if this child poses no real threat, we will still find out who he is, hunt him down, and stop him from saving this ruined world. It is likely that the Ministry will find him and kill him for us because of his dark powers, thinking that he is a threat to their precious order. Once he is dead and out of our way, we will destroy this world and rebuild it from the ground up—exactly in the way we please," the man said, raising his fist.

The people in the room nodded in agreement, relieved that the news of the second, smaller Paradox was not as worrying as they had expected.

"You ask when we will finally be able to release the first, greatest Paradox. Well, it will take many years of planning. However, I think our time is quickly approaching. Only a little longer..."

The man turned back to the blood-red wall, which seemed to be glowing brighter than ever before. The wall of Dark Magic swirled and distorted, sending shivers through everyone in the room. They could all sense an ancient, evil presence from behind the wall, threatening to burst forth and tip the world into an absolute and endless night.

And these people in the blood-red cloaks—people more ruthless and cruel than the Death Eaters—knew one thing: To win the greatest war of the ages, they would have to fight darkness with darkness.

This, strangely enough, was true for both sides—evil and good.

Author's Note: Please review.

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Albus Potter and the Phantasm Orb: The Stirring of Evil


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