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Something Like That by TOXICKISSES
Chapter 1 : something like gold shorts
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"One beer." I pleaded. The man next to me just grinned before nodding.

"One beer." He agreed. I watched as he tapped his fingers against the bar as we waited for our beer, and possibly my last chance.

"Good." I said finally sitting back in my seat taking the brief moment to relax. I casually hummed along to the song the jukebox had playing until I felt his watchful eyes on me.

"You are something." He pointed out picking up the beer that just arrived.

"If I had a knut every time I heard that." I mumbled taking a swig of my beer.

"Why me? Why is Ireland so dead set on pursing me?" He asked, watching me again. It was simple, logical even. He was the best.

"Because you are a hell of a player. We want to snatch you up before someone else does."

"I just announced ending my contract with United. You've been on my tail weeks before hand." He pointed out. Again. Logical.

"Us sports types talk. United mentioned you hesitated when it came to signing again. Again, we wanted you." With good reason. Oliver Wood would soon be.a Quidditch legend. He could easily take us to the World Cup, something we hadn't seen in several years.

"Reasonable.  Don't you have a keeper?" We did, yeah. Kyson Atridge, young bolk, pretty decent too.

"Atridge would move to reserves. Unless he wishes to end his contract, which in this case we will allow." I took the final swig of my beer. I noticed Oliver was done with his.

"Let me buy you one more beer." I offered. He looked like he was gonna argue with me.

"One more." He finally agreed.  I took it as a good sign. Once again I watched as Oliver tapped his fingers against the bar.

"You know, when I refused to sign again, I planned on taking time off." He started. I mentally groaned. My career depended on signing Oliver. I needed to win him over.

"Yeah?" I said biting.

"Her name was Ariella. She was beautiful. Met her when we played Bulgaria." He took a swig of his beer, eyes glued to the coaster in front of him. "I thought taking a year off would give us time to connect more, actually be together. But my absence already took toll. She ran off with another. By then I already resigned from United. I didn't think other teams would chase me."

"Hey, I'm sorry about Ariella. Sometimes we gotta swing with the punches. You have a gift Oliver Wood, you are excellent at quidditch.  It'd be a shame to waste a gift like that. I'm telling you that as a sports fan, not an agent." I offered him a smile and was well surprised when he returned it.

"You win, Oakleigh Beadle, where do I sign?" I just grinned and finished my beer. Then somehow talked Oliver into one more. Then two more after that.

"You signed Oliver?" My sister Fallon asked in disbelief. I just nodded, I knew the excitement was written all over my face.

"I am taking the contract over later." I practically squealed. Signing Oliver Wood was great. The owner of the team was gonna be thrilled when he got word. Besides, it was huge career placement for me. I had never been so happy when it came to my job.

"That is amazing." She said popping some of the raisins on the counter in her mouth. I was jealous of Fallon almost all my life. She was taller then me, she as leaner then me, she got our mother's chocolate eyes, and Denny Utten wasn't her date for the yuleball in sixth year. Everything seemed to come easy to her, while I struggled chewing bubble gum and walking.  She as blessed with luck. The only luck I managed to have was bad luck. We were complete opposites.

"I know, right? I can't believe it." I said also eating a few raisins. Last year after my roommate got married I moved in with Fallon. At first it was weird and her boyfriend Roger came over all the time. I actually came home to find a tie around our apartment door.

"He as cute as he was back then?" Yes. Sometimes I forgot Fall and I both attended Hogwarts with Oliver long before he was famous. I was a year behind him while Fallon was a year ahead. She was the same house as him. I wasn't though. I was in Ravenclaw. The house Fall's new boyfriend was in.

"Yeah. He's a good looker. I however didn't sign him for his looks." I grabbed us both a beer from our usually empty fridge. Fallon and I were both awful cooks. Even magic couldn't help us. So we ate out all the time.

"Well, no. Seeing as the team is owned by a male. However if I owned a team, let me tell you." Men are usually the pigs. They are the ones who make crude comments. However Fallon is far worse then any male. She loudly makes comments, or even whistles at men.  It usually hysterical,  but it makes her a pig. She however could care less.

"Let me guess. Little shorts for an uniform on a all boys team?" I asked. She just shot me a grin. Okay, I could be a bit of a pig too.

"What else would they wear. I'd want them gold." She hopped up on the counter.  I could see the wheels turning in her sick little head.

"Fallon, only muggle strippers wear gold shorts. " she just shrugged at me.

"Strippers b,y night, Quidditch team by day. Who am I to judge?"

"You are awful." I said throwing a raisin at her.

"Nu-uh. I am a dreamer." She retorted. I just snorted before putting our now empty bottles in the sink. "What are you gonna wear when you take the contract over? It should be that cute little black shirt I always try to let you borrow."

"I am taking him a contract,  not sleeping with him." She just rolled her eyes.

"I don't see why not. You both are grown-ups." She jumped down from the counter and put her hands on my shoulders. "I can only live wildly for the both of us for so long. Be free, little Oak." Little Oak. The nickname my grandma and Fallon used for me. I'd hex anyone stupid if they ever called me that.

"I am free, Fallon. I just don't sleep around." She was starting to get bored. I could tell when she twirled her hair around her fingers.

"I don't either. And why not? I'm not free. I'm tied down. See what I am saying."

"I am not having sex with him. Some of us are still professional. " I said and she just shot me a look before flipping over the side of the couch, a copy of witch weekly in her hand.

I loved Fallon. She was my sister, we shared blood and a middle name. For some reason my mother used Grace for both of us. Anyway, we shared a lot.  However values wasn't one of those things. Maybe if I was as pretty as Fallon I'd sleep around, but I didn't get hit with the pretty stick. Not like she did.

"I'm off." I called heading out the door. I found myself outside Hogs Head, the place we agreed to meet.

"Let me buy you one beer." He greeted me. "But only one. I don't want another hangover cause you can't count." I just grinned.

"One beer." I said putting the papers down. He flipped through them.

"Remind me why I agreed to this?"

"Cause I perused your ass off?" I offered. He chuckled before signing his name. 

"Welcome to Ireland.  Hope you look well in green ." I laughed. We drank our beer,  then several more. As the night went on, and I got drunker and drunker,  I realized Oliver Wood would look great in gold shorts.

Why do I keep starting new stories. I probably should stop. But I have more I am working on. First draft of this story Oakleigh was a bitch and Oliver perused her for United. However, nice Oaks works better.

Review? ??

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Something Like That: something like gold shorts


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