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Drowning Butterflies by EverDiggory
Chapter 1 : Here we are
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 Author’s Notes: Here’s to my first Ronmione ever—at least one that’s not a mix with a Dramione! Raises Butterbeer! Alright…I’m going to tell you write now that this won’t be a happy story. But please, don’t let that scare you off. But if you’re here for a fairytale, I’d recommend looking somewhere else. Please review and tell me what think!Thanks to everyone at the fourms for Butter’s name!~~Ever



“Rosie!” Ron yelled, running into the kitchen.


Our red headed, four year old daughter looked up from her oatmeal with a bright smile.


“Daddy!” she squealed. I smiled as she hurtled towards him, nearly tripping over her puppy.


He easily picks her up, and kisses the tip of her nose. She giggles, and he tucks her hair behind her ear. She laughs, and squirms out his arms. She skips to her Golden Retriever, which she had gotten six weeks previous for her birthday.


The dog was getting big, so she struggled to get it to Ron.


“Look what I did to Butter, Daddy!”


The poor dog had been put in a pink skirt, and had lots of necklaces wrapped around it’s neck. Butter didn’t really look amused, but the smile on Rose’s face kept me from saying anything.


“Well, she looks like a princess now, doesn’t she?” Ron laughed, patting the dog on the head twice.


I felt the smile creep upon my lips; and Ron’s eyes caught mine. Rose put the dog down gently, and hopped back into our chair.


He moved towards me, smiling too. His arms snuck around my waist, dragging me to him. “Ronald,” I giggled quietly.


He kissed me, and I heard Rose protest in the background, “Mummy! Daddy! Ew! You guys are gonna give each other cooties!”


Ron pulls away from me, and turns to his mini-me. “I promise you, I have given your mother cooties a lot.” He winks at me, and I smack him playfully on the arm.


Rose looks slightly disgusted, and shakes her head a bit. Her read hair falls down to her elbows in uncontrollable curls, and her brown eyes study us closely. She jumps down suddenly, leaving her breakfast uneaten, and runs out of the room laughing joyously.


“Ronald! She’s going to go to your sister’s house and say that you give me cooties a lot! Do you know how bad that will sound?” I laugh, and pile the dirty dishes into the sink.


He smiles a bit wider at this, and replies, “Can I give you some more cooties now?”


I pull away from his grasp, and he tries again. I lunge behind the table. He scowls a bit, and I couldn’t help but laugh. He moves a lot quicker then me, and manages to snag me around the waist this time. He pulls me backwards, and against his chest. I’m still smiling as he turns me around, and he’s shaking his head gravely.


“Do you know what the punishment is for resisting my cooties?” he laughs. I begin to squirm, my sides aching from being unable to stop my laughing. “Tickling!”


His fingers tickle me on my stomach, and I try to double over. I still can’t seem to stop laughing, and I try to escape him.


“Ron! Please!” I laugh. He is unmerciful, and I back up into the wall. His stops, but only to lock his lips on mine. I respond enthusiastically, and not only because the tickling has stopped.


He pulls way, seemingly reluctant, and smiles. He captures my hand gently, and leads me back to the living room.


Rose is sitting on the couch with Princess in her lap. She’s looking through a picture book, unsurprisingly. Ron gives me one glance, then kisses me one last time.


“Bye love, I’ll see you this afternoon,” he says to me, and walks over to Rose. He kisses her on the forehead, his hand lingering on the side of her head. She looks up at him with a glowing smile, and waves at him.  “Bye Rosie!”


“Daddy, will you take me flying when you get home?” she asks excitedly. I’m frowning at this, which Ron notices.


“Eh…ask your Mummy. I have to go. Good bye, my two favorite girls in the world,” he says finally, and I watch him floo away.


My daughter turned to me, her eyes as big as her puppy’s.


“Rosie…you know how I feel about you flying.”


She pouts a bit, and continues to flip through her book. Of course, I completely trusted Ronald with Rosie, but I preferred my daughter to have both feet planted firmly, safely on the ground.


“Yes, Mommy,” the little girl replies eventually. I offer her a smile then leave her to her book. I myself go for my own book.


I go up the stairs, and into our bedroom.


I was greeted by many smiling pictures of the three of us. My favorite had to be the one that hung to the left of the bed; it had been the day of Rose’s first birthday.


Ron was grinning in that boyish way that melted my heart, with tiny little Rose in his arms. They both were covered in cake and icing, it was even in the hair. I sat next to Ron, leaning away, giggling, as he tried to smear some of the icing on me.


I laugh, shaking my head, and walk to the book case. I pull out a book at random, and prance downstairs.




Silence responded.


“Rose?!” I called out, the panic leaking into my voice just a little.


I drop my book, and ran around. I rush into the kitchen, and slip. My back hits the tile floor painfully, and I bite my tongue to keep the curses from flying out of my mouth.


I close my eyes, and put my hands on my face. The pain was quickly creeping up my back, and I knew it was bruising.


“Mummy! Are you okay?”


I open my eyes, to see a guilty looking Rose, holding a half empty gallon of milk. The other half was under me.


“Rosie, I slipped on the milk you spilled,” I hiss, slowly getting up.


When I observe the kitchen fully, I can’t help but groan. Flour is covering nearly every inch of the kitchen, there are broken eggs on the floor, and chocolate chips spilled out all over the counters.


“What in the bloody he—Merlin! Rose Emmeline Weasley! What were you doing?”


I turn to her, with my hands on my hips. I can feel that frown. You know, the one that when the first time it spreads across your face, your dooming fate of being exactly like your mother-in-law sets in.


“I was trying to make you and Daddy cookies,” she smiles innocently. I wantto scowl, send her to her room.


But that smile, and she was trying to do something nice.


“I’m sure Daddy will appreciate it, but perhaps you should wait until you’re a bit older,” I force out in a calm tone.


I had to keep my temper under control, even though I was incredibly cranky because of my aching back.


“Alright, Mummy. I’m sorry,” she replies, and her shoulders slump in disappointment.


“Go play while I clean this mess up,” I sigh. She leaves reluctantly, and I magically clean the kitchen quickly. I grab a bag of peas from the ice box, and press it to my back.


I rest for a few minutes, but ultimately decided that Ron would love some cookies, especially with the extra stress work had been having lately.


I take out a new bag of flour, and other assorted ingredients. I decided to cook them the Muggle way, surprised to find it soothing.


Who knew housework could be some calming at times?


Of course, there were times I had missed my job. But Ronald and I had agreed that I would be a stay at home mother until Rose was at Hogwarts.


Little did he know that we’d have to wait a bit longer, because I was pregnant.


I had meant to tell him, but because of the extra stress at work, I figured it would do best to wait a little bit.


I finish spooning the dough onto the cookie sheet, and I put them in the oven.


I clean while the cookies bake, and then pull them out when they’re done.


I hear a crack, and I smile. I put away the oven mitt, and head off to the living room. Ron’s dropped his brief case, and currently has our daughter upside down. Her hair falls, and the blood is rushing to her face as she laughs. I smile, and Ron looks up to me, grinning.


“Is that cookies I smell?” he laughs.

















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