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Witch against the World by Pottergirl7
Chapter 2 : The One with the Panty Heist
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Thanks to Potterwatch124 at TDA for the gorgeous chapter image!

Chapter Two

“Lily! Get your lazy butt out of bed; you’re going to be late!” I awoke to the sounds of my mother’s yells. She’s so polite that woman.

I settled back into my dreamland and was just beginning to fall asleep again.

 “LILY!” Dammit.

“I’M COMING!” I shouted back, as I heaved myself out of bed and eyed the clock cautiously. I cursed myself for forgetting to set my alarm. I always remember and I can’t think why I forgot to. I quickly pulled my bedcovers tight and straightened my pillows before making my way over to my desk. I undressed and carefully folded up my pyjamas, setting them down on the end of the newly made bed. I buttoned up my cream blouse and tucked it into the black skirt which I had hung over my chair the night before. I slipped on my cardigan and shoes and ran a brush through my hair before giving in and just tying it up.

 Before going downstairs, I decided to quickly check my packing list. I grabbed it from my bedside table and opened my trunk and went down the piece of parchment, making sure everything was there. After making a quick trip to the bathroom, I took the stairs two at a time –almost died- and skipped into the kitchen.

“Do I smell bacon?” My dad asked eagerly, coming in behind me. My mum was at the stove with a frying pan in one hand and a piece of paper in the other.

“Yes you do, if you want some grab a plate,” she replied, her eyes flicking over to the paper every few seconds. I looked curiously at whatever it was.

“What you got there mum?” I asked, getting a plate from the cupboard and sitting at the island with my dad. She waved dismissively and put the letter in her pocket.

“It’s a note from Petunia. She’s just wishing you… well, and a good year. She had to shoot off early this morning; you know wedding plans and all.” I rolled my eyes and buttered some toast. I know exactly what Petunia wishes of me and it certainly isn’t my wellbeing. When we were younger, Petunia and I were the best of friends but when I was accepted into Hogwarts she didn’t think it was as cool as my parents did. I always thought that she was jealous but she told me she didn’t care and labelled me as a freak. That’s been my name ever since.

We have such a lovely relationship; we’re always competing against each other for my parents’ attention. When I came home and proudly informed my parents that I had gotten Head Girl; Petunia pushed past me and told them that she was engaged to Vernon Dursley, a whale of a man who was obsessed with the drill company he was working part time for, Grunnings.

Petunia has been engaged almost a year now and is constantly busy with wedding plans. It’s scheduled for some time in April next year and I plan to stay as far away as possible.

The kitchen was silent, so to break it I poked the newspaper my dad was shielded behind.

“Yes Lily?” he asked in amusement, his head covered in thick, red hair appeared over the top. I shrugged and smiled.


“Breakfast’s served.” Mum said, bringing the pan over and lowering bacon onto our plates. “Hurry up and eat Lil, you don’t want to be late for your last year of school.”

It hit me like a dull blow to the stomach. This is the last time I was going to Kings Cross Station. It was the last time I was going to board the Hogwarts Express. I would have to be a grown up, and live by myself, and feed myself and work-

 I froze, mid-bacon.

“Lily you okay?” Dad asked in concern

I frowned. “Yeah, I just realized that this is the last time that I’ll be getting on the Hogwarts Express on the 1st September,” I replied in a sombre tone. Dad patted me on the back consolingly.

“It’s okay Lil; it just means that soon you’ll be moving onto bigger things.” I chewed on my lip.

“What if I don’t want to move on?”

“You will,” Mum said. “You don’t have to just now but when the time comes, you’ll be ready enough.”

“I hope so,” I replied.

“It’s all worth it in the end,” she said, staring at Dad lovingly. I scowled at them as mum kissed him.

“Do you guys have to do that here? I mean it’s a public place and all.”

“Very funny, now go get finished up.” Mum ordered, smiling a little. I quickly shovelled in the bacon and slice of toast and hurried upstairs. Just as I was packing a small handbag full of things for the train, mum yelled upstairs.

“Lily you’re late! You’ll have to apparate!” I looked at my alarm clock and swore very loudly. The clock read five to eleven. I grabbed Frank’s cage with him in it and put him next to my trunk. I turned once on the spot before mum grabbed me out of nowhere. She pulled me into a bone-crushing hug and I blinked away my surprise.

“Lilyflower I’m so proud of you,” she said, stroking my hair. “You’re turning into such a wonderful young woman; I know you’re going to do great things.” I blinked away the tears which pricked my eyes and smiled into my mum’s shoulder.

“I have to go now mum or I’m going to be late.” Mum nodded and straightened my cardigan.

“You’re going to be the best Head Girl Hogwarts has ever seen.”

“Thanks mum.” I gave her one last squeeze and then she released me and I held on tightly to my trunk. I turned around three times on the spot and focused intently on Kings Cross Station. It felt like I was being squeezed through a tight tube and my lungs felt like they were being compressed. Then the uncomfortable sensation was over and I sucked in a deep lungful of air. Before I crash landed behind the ticket office.

“OW!” I yelled as I was thrown into a group of bins. I stumbled to my feet when I was taken out by my heavy trunk, which for some reason had decided to follow me instead of staying by my side. “DAMMIT THAT HURT!”

“I thought I heard your sweet, melodious cursing.” The smooth, suave voice of James Potter came from above. Where in the name of God’s green Earth did he come from? “Need a hand?” He extended an arm just as my owl dropped from the air and a very surprised James managed to nimbly catch the cage just before it whacked him in the head.

Frank flapped around in an irritated manner and James put him on the floor, before lifting my trunk off my chest with ease. I couldn’t help but stare a little at his bulging biceps as he freed me from my trunk. When did he suddenly fill out and stop being so gangly and awkward?

“I’m pretty sure three of my ribs just punctured my lung.” I wheezed, accepting his offered hand and getting to my feet, his biceps forgotten as the pain kicked in. 

“I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be allowed to apparate,” he replied with a smirk. I blushed furiously and busied myself with locating my handbag amongst the bins.

“I was preoccupied.” I snapped back, finally finding it and proceeding to drag my trunk towards the barrier. There was no point in getting a trolley; I was only a few metres away from the train.

“With what?” he asked, keeping up with me easily. We passed through the barrier and onto Platform 9¾. I didn’t reply and instead looked around in awe, taking in the excited kids, the jealous younger siblings, the sad parents and last but not least, the scarlet engine. The Hogwarts Express. Even though I had been taking the same route to Hogwarts for seven years, it still amazed me. Sometimes it was hard to believe my life was real, that I was actually a witch.

“Here let me take that.” James tried to take my trunk.

“I’m alright-”

“-No here let me-”

“I’m fine really James-”

“-It’s no trouble.” We pulled my trunk back and forth until I pulled with a little more force than necessary and it knocked me off my feet. I landed painfully on my butt and my breath left me. I brushed a few stray wisps of hair from my face and realized that my hair had come loose and was hanging down my back. I growled in frustration.

“Did you just growl?” James asked in amusement. I sat with my arms folded and my legs crossed in the middle of the platform.

I sniffed, “maybe.”

“It’s not very becoming.”

“Your face isn’t very becoming.” I replied childishly.

“Now that’s not very mature is it?”

“Your mum’s not very mature.”

“Well she is but that’s neither here nor there.” James commented lightly. He then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift. I let out an indignant squeak. This is ridiculous. I’m head girl, practically an adult. This is so undignified.

“James you prat, watch my skirt!” I said crossly, desperately trying to tug my skirt down to make sure I wasn’t revealing more than my calves. 

“JAMES CHARLUS POTTER YOU PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” I yelled, thumping his back. He charmed my trunk and still angry owl, to follow us. I didn’t need to see his face to know that he was grinning.

“How do you know my middle name is Charlus?” James asked.

“Oh because I went into your dorm and- THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT! LET ME DOWN!” I blushed again and resumed my screaming. The whole dorm thing was a dare. A badly thought out dare, which ended with Abi hanging out of the window and Jess trying to pull her back. Never again.

I decided that if I remained good and quiet, then he may let me go.

But I’m a very impatient person. “You let me down right now!” I demanded mere seconds later. James shook his head.

“Nope,” he replied boarding the train, and beginning to stride down the corridor looking for his friends no doubt. Suddenly I spotted a blonde wavy head somewhere near the end of the hallway.

“HELP! I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!” I screamed as loudly as possible. James almost dropped me in surprise.

Target acquired. Jess turned around in surprise and caught my eye. She raised her eyebrow at my predicament but I ignored it and urged her to come over.

“Ninja’s assemble!” Jess shouted and suddenly we were surrounded by my friends.

Abi grinned devilishly and her light hazel eyes glinted. She emerged from a compartment next to us, wand aloft. Nicola strode down the corridor towards us, smirking. Her hair was frizzier than I remembered. Molly stood behind James, her hands on her hips and a smug grin on her face. Jess came at us from the opposite direction, beaming. James looked around wildly, realizing we were trapped.

“I’ll blast my way out!” he threatened, shoving the hand that wasn’t holding me, in his pocket.

“Looking for this?” Molly asked, twirling his wand in her fingers and grinning like a maniac.

“You little- how did you get that?” James asked incredulously. Jess smirked.

“Little thing called magic hon, you should try it.”

“Damn,” he muttered. Everyone seemed to have stuck their heads out of their compartment doors to watch the show. Fantastic. I’m making a great first impression as head girl.

“Well I shan’t give up without a fight! I shan’t surrender the beautiful Lily Evans to you demonic hags!” I rolled my eyes.

“Guys can we keep the noise down? People are starting to stare…” I was paid no attention to.

“Did you just call my girlfriend a demonic hag?” An amused Remus asked from the door of a compartment near us.

“Uh no- well maybe, but uh, she-” James spluttered. I sighed impatiently.

“Is anyone going to get me off this toe-rag’s shoulder already? It’s really very uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure I have a few broken ribs!” I exclaimed. They all looked up at me.

“Oh yeah, sorry Lils forgot you were up there.” Niki replied sheepishly.

“Yeah, got a little caught up in the moment,” Abi added.

“I didn’t!” I remarked irritably as James carefully put me down. I rubbed my stomach and chest gingerly and then smoothed down my skirt and cardigan. “Ow, your shoulders hurt you know.” I informed him.

“Sorry Lily Flower.”

“Remmy!” Jess shouted, flinging herself at Remus and wrapping her arms round his neck. He put his face in her hair and smiled. I’m not sure whether it was being back on the ground the right way up or not but I started to feel a bit sick. Suddenly someone covered my eyes. Panic rose up in my chest until I recognized the overpowering minty aftershave.

“Hayden!” I said smiling and turning around. My tall, gingery friend stood before me. He enveloped me in a big hug and I held my breath. “It’s been too long.” He nodded, grinning. Hayden Spinner and I have been friends ever since second year. He’s in Hufflepuff so we don’t get to see each other a lot. And not once, in all the five years I’ve known him, has he changed his aftershave.

“I know Red, the holiday felt like a lifetime.”

“Are we gonna find a compartment or do I have to stand here and watch Jess and Remus sucking face, Lily and Hayden flirting and James looking like he’s gonna throw a rock at someone’s face?” Abi asked bluntly, hands on hips. I looked over at James in surprise and noticed that he did in fact look rather stony faced.

“We’re not flirting!” I exclaimed.

“It’s the looks that do it,” Sirius replied, coming out of the same compartment Remus had. Peter followed. I scowled at Sirius and he stuck his tongue out at me.

“Hey James, do you want to borrow my rock? His name is Andre,” Molly asked, offering a rather large looking stone to James.

“I’m sure he doesn’t want that.” I said quickly, pushing Molly’s arm back. That’s the last thing we need. “Hayden you want to sit with us?” I asked, blushing slightly under Abi’s watchful gaze. What was with all the blushing? I felt like a hormonal thirteen year old.

“Sure thing Red,” he replied. We walked into the compartment and the Marauders followed.

“Where do you think you guys are going?” I asked, turning to face them.

“-Well that’s my girlfriend.” Remus pointed to Jess. “And also it was our compartment first.” I raised an eyebrow at Remus and he put his hands up quickly in defence. “But you can have it!”

“-That’s my secret lover.” Sirius pointed to Peter by accident and we all turned to look at him. “I meant Molly,” he amended hastily. Molly looked up at the mention of her name and then continued stroking her rock.

“-She’s going to one day bear my children.” Peter joked, gesturing to Abi. I swear she turned a slight greenish colour at the thought of bearing Peter Pettigrew’s children. Poor dear, he was delusional.

My accusing gaze turned to James.                              

“Your excuse?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips. He floundered for a minute, and then smiled confidently.

“I have a way we can pass the time,” he answered with a wink, slipping past me and into the compartment. I scowled at his back and forced myself to stay calm. God he could be so infuriating.

“I’m thinking we slip some laxatives into his drink and see what happens?” Jess asked, grinning at the thought of James Potter being stuck to the toilet for a few hours. Remus put his arm round her and smiled fondly. I will never understand their relationship.

We were just about to enter the compartment when I stopped and looked at Abi.

"Are you sure they have to come?" I whined, jerking my thumb back at the smirking Marauders. Abi put her hands on her hips.

"Yes Lily, the more the merrier," she replied.

*“Wait, no,” I said with a frown. “That’s a false equivalency. More does not equal merry. If there were 2000 people in this compartment right now, would we be celebrating? No, we’d be suffocating.”* I replied irritably. Everyone looked at me oddly.

"What?" I said defensively. "It's true."

"Doesn't make it nice," Sirius muttered before stepping past me and settling into a seat.

I rolled my eyes and joined him. I sat down opposite Sirius and Hayden and James immediately sat either side of me. I feel like a hostage. There is so little room between us that I found myself pressed against both of them uncomfortably.

Nicola sat in the corner by the window next to James. Sirius, Molly, Abi and Peter occupied the seats opposite and Jess and Remus were left standing at the door.

“Oh well,” Jess grinned saucily. “Now I have an excuse to sit on your lap,” she said to Remus. He grinned but blushed a little. We all groaned as Jess sat on Remus who was on the floor by the window. He put his arms around her and they settled back comfortably.

“Oh guys, you don’t mind if I let Beelzebub out right?” Jess asked, getting off of Remus, shoving Sirius out of the way and standing up on the seat to look for the cage. She pulled down a cat carrier and settled into Remus again. My eyes widened in fear as Jess opened the cage door and a white, fluffy head appeared.

The devil incarnate.

The cat slunk out of the cage and hissed at Sirius and Peter and then pounced onto Nicola’s lap and curled into a ball. I gingerly tucked my legs underneath me and out of harm’s way. That cat is evil. Pure evil.

“So go on then, what are we doing?” Abi asked leaning forward. Or she may have been leaning sideways away from Peter, who had snagged the window seat next to her. I reluctantly tore my eyes away from the devil cat and focussed on the group.

“Hold on,” James said. He reached into his pocket and brought out a wrinkled and scrunched up piece of paper. He opened it out and quickly scanned it before looking over at me. “Lily don’t forget we have to be at the prefect carriage at twelve.” I frowned in confusion.

“What do you mean we?” I asked. He grinned.

“Oh didn’t I tell you? I’m the new head boy.” My eyes widened in both horror and surprise. “Isn’t it great? I was so surprised when I found out but when I heard that you were head girl, I couldn’t be happier.” Happy was not the emotion which coursed through my veins and made me feel slightly ill. The amount of work I’m going to have to do. Of course James won’t stick with it, he’ll have fun for the first few days until he gets bored and I’ll be forced to pick up the slack. I sighed.

“Yeah great,” I replied thickly.

 “Okay so… truth or dare!” James exclaimed, looking round at us excitedly. I shook my head.

“No!” I said firmly. “No, no no no no no!”

“Aw but Lily, it’ll be fun,” Abi pleaded.

“Count me out. These things always end in tears,” I said wisely. Niki threw an apple at me. “Um ow?” She jolted Beelzebub slightly and the cat hissed before settling down again. I flinched and stared at the cat wearily until Niki spoke again.

“Dude, don’t be a spoilsport. It’s a harmless little game of truth or dare, what could go wrong?”

“Famous last words,” I muttered irritably. They continued to stare at me so I sighed in defeat, “fine.”

“Yay!” Molly clapped her hands. “Me first!”

“No I came up with it, me first!” James argued. Molly whipped out her wand and pointed it threateningly at his throat in one fluid motion.

“Me. First.” James paled and leant back as far as possible in his seat.

“Got it,” he squeaked. Molly grinned.

“Okay um,” she looked around, eyeing each one of us. It felt like she was looking for signs of fear. Hayden recoiled and shifted as far back in his seat as it would allow. Then Molly’s gaze stopped on someone.

“Peter truth or dare?” she asked, looking over at a now very sweaty Peter.

“Erm, uh… umm-”

“Pick one already Pete!” Sirius exclaimed. Peter’s cheeks reddened.

“Dare!” he said quickly, evidently not thinking. No one in their right mind would accept a dare from Molly.

“Dude are you crazy?” Remus asked incredulously, voicing my thoughts. “You do realize you just accepted a dare from Molly right?”

“Oh no! No! No I take it back, truth! Truth!” Peter shouted hysterically. Molly smiled devilishly.

“Too late Petey. Now, what shall I make you do?” Molly tapped her chin thoughtfully and kept her eyes on Peter, drawing out his suffering. “Ah, I dare you to climb onto the roof of the train!” she announced, looking very pleased with herself.

“NO!” All of our voices echoed at once.

“Peter is not jumping out of the train,” Abi said.

“I didn’t say he had to jump out I said he had to jump on.” Molly corrected.

“Still not happening,” Niki said.

“Fine!” she said sulkily. Molly paused and then her face lit up again. Am I the only one who heard those warning sirens? “Steal a pair of Lindsey Greene’s panties.”

 I shuddered.

I tried to think of something nice to say about Lindsey Greene but all I could come up with was that she has a nice figure. Lindsey is one of those Ravenclaws who should have been sorted into Slytherin but for some unknown reason, she wasn’t. She is pretty and witty but sharp and mean as well. She has a pretty face but it’s unfairly misleading. Lindsey’s two friends are twins, Kelly and Shelly. They’re intelligent and pretty but I always thought that they were afraid of Lindsey so they followed her around.

“I can’t do that!” Peter replied in shock. “That’s got to be crossing some sort of moral line.”

“No I don’t think so.” Jess said, pretending to think. “So go on Pete, it’ll be the first pair of female underwear you’ll ever have held,” she laughed.

“Like you’ve done better!” Peter shot back.

“Well I don’t like to kiss and tell,” Jess grinned. “But Rem and I don’t just spend our time kissing.” My face wrinkled up in disgust.

“That is horrible, why would you say that!” I groaned. Jess winked and snuggled into Remus.

“Moving on,” Molly said firmly. “To make things a little fairer Pete you can take Lily along with you to help.”

I smiled at Molly’s kindness and then realized what she said. My smile vanished and I snapped my head up.

“What?” I shrieked. “No way! You know that girl hates me.” I whined.

“But Lily if you think about it logically, Lindsey hates you right-” Jess said. I squinted suspiciously and nodded slowly, on the lookout for trickery.

“-And Peter doesn’t have enough charm to get her panties by himself right-” Molly continued.

“I object to that-” Peter tried to interject.

“So logically, you’re the perfect distraction!” Jess finished, ignoring Peter. I sighed. I had so been looking forward to sitting on the train and reading my new book.

“But I- he could- I mean why do- oh never mind! Fine I’ll do it! You win!” I raised my hands in defeat.

Molly clapped her hands together happily. “Great, off you go then. We’ll watch from the door.” I groaned and wriggled out of the tight space and thick cloud of male testosterone I’d been subjected to for the last ten minutes.

I decided to be positive. Even though I feel like I’m walking to my death. I linked arms with a pale looking Peter and we skipped yellow-brick-road-style to the compartment of doom. From the door, Abi and Sirius gave us a thumbs up and winked. Gits.

Releasing Peter from my skipping death grip I started to formulate a plan.

“Okay Petey old pal, this may be our last ever mission so let’s go out with a bang.” I whispered, pushing him into the conveniently empty compartment next to the Beasts’.

“What do you mean our last mission?” he asked worry etched all over his face.

“If this plan fails and it might, we could die.” I said seriously.

 I wasn’t exactly joking when I said it may be our last mission, considering that its Lindsey Greene’s underwear we’re about to steal.

“Okay, I’m going go in there and be friendly. I’ll just smile and that should be enough for her to want me dead. Then, I’m going to run. There could possibly be a duel to the death I’m not quite sure yet so while I’m keeping them busy, you sneak in there in super stealth mode and snatch those panties. Holler if you need a hand.” I instructed making the plan up as I went along. Impromptu is what I do best.

“Um okay,” Peter said sounding unsure. “We should have a code word though. You know, in case I need help?”

“Good idea Pete I don’t think the plan will work if you start yelling about how you can’t find her panties.” I thought for a minute. “How about… cheeseballs?”

“Like the crisps?” Peter grinned.

I nodded. “Okay; ready steady, let’s go get us some panties!”

“Of the frilly variety I hope.” Peter muttered under his breath. I don’t think I was meant to hear that. Gross.

I crept out of the compartment and braced myself for impact. Taking a deep breath I slid open the door with a flourish.

“Lindsey? Oh this is your carriage?” I feigned surprise. “Goodness it’s been so long since I’ve seen you! How are you girls?” Lindsey and the twins immediately stopped their conversation and stared up at me curiously.

Lindsey was taking up an entire seat because she had spread her legs along it, so I did the smart thing and picked her legs up then dropped them on the floor. Sitting down in the now vacated seat, I fluffed my hair and looked around smiling at the three very confused girls. I wanted to laugh so much but I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from giggling.

“So what are we chatting about? Oh Lindsey I meant to say, I love your jeans! They are absolutely gorgeous!” I gushed as if my heart depended on it. Lindsey looked at me as if I had just sprouted antennas and turned into a ladybug.

“Why are you looking at my legs?” she demanded. Trust Lindsey to take a compliment and horrifically twist it.

“I wasn’t!” I amended hastily.

“Then how did you see my jeans?”

“Well I- erm well I wasn’t- um-” I stumbled. “I was just making conversation.”

“About my legs?”

“Well yes, it would appear so.”

She grinned broadly, practically beamed. Cold shivers went down my back.

“Oh Evans, I didn’t know you felt this way about me,” she smirked.

“Felt- what- oh damn.” Comprehension dawned on me slowly and painfully. “No! I do not feel that way about- oh God no-” She held a hand up.

“Please Evans don’t embarrass yourself further. Just go,” she smirked. My mouth opened and closed like a goldfish.

“I- wait, what? I-” I threw my hands up in defence and began gesticulating wildly. My wand flew out of my hand and rolled across the floor, coming to a stop at Shelly’s feet. Lindsey and I both looked at one another before diving for my wand at the same time. I rolled across the floor and managed to grab it before Lindsey could. She reached out for it and succeeded in clawing Shelly’s bare leg. Shelly howled in pain and whipped her legs up and onto the seat, accidentally kneeing Lindsey in the nose. My eyes widened and I jumped back and ran for the door.

“Holy cwap!” Lindsey shouted, clutching her bloody and suddenly swollen nose. Well at least she’s angry. “You’re so dead Evans!” Ah too angry. She got up and tried to throw herself at me but I dodged and almost fell into the twins. They also tried to grab at me but I scrambled up and bolted from the compartment, leaving behind what felt like a chunk of hair in Shelly’s claws.


“I THINK NOT!” I shouted in response. I saw Peter in the other compartment and I gave him a hasty thumbs up as I passed. I flashed my hand to signify that he had five minutes before I gave into my doom.

A flash of green shot past me narrowly missing my shoulder. Holy shit she’s really trying to kill me! I didn’t think she meant I was dead literally.

“Impedimenta!” she screeched from behind me. I dived down onto the floor as it shot past where my head had been previously and rolled along the corridor.

“I said I’m sorry woman!” I yelled as I got back on my feet and continued running. “FORGIVE AND FORGET!” I looked around and realized I needed some support. “SOMEONE! ANYONE!” I stumbled and tripped over what looked like a bag. Landing on my shoulder, I managed to turn the fall into a roll and scrambled to my feet again, tears pricking my eyes.

“CHEESEBALLS! CHEESEBALLS!” I screamed, narrowly avoiding a small boy as he threw himself into a wall to avoid me. Suddenly I was joined by Jess and Niki, they ran alongside me.

“What’s going on?” Nicola asked, deflecting a spell with a flick of her wand and shooting a wordless one over her shoulder.

“Where did you guys come from?” Nicola gave me look that said ‘really, we’re doing this now?’ I grimaced. “Lindsey, legs, mistake, fight, DEATH!” I huffed, slowing down slightly. I was highly unfit. When this was over, if I made it out alive, I was definitely going to take Abi up on her offer of morning runs around the lake.

“Furnunculus!” Jess shouted but the spell missed Lindsey and the twins, instead shattering one of the sliding doors. “I really have to work on my aim,” she muttered.

“Where are the others?” I asked. Jess and Nik shared a glance and looked at me.

“Well, Molly and Sirius are locked in the luggage compartment, Abi and Remus are trying to get them out and James and Hayden are trying to kill each other.” Jess replied in one breath. “LEVICORPUS!” We glanced back and Jess punched the air as Shelly was blinded by a white light then strung up by her ankle and left behind.

“And you just left them? Never mind.”

We were coming to the end of the train. “Guys we need a distraction.” I panted. Damn them and their fitness, just because they played Quidditch.

Quidditch is a stupid sport. A very stupid sport.

“Leave it to me.” Nik replied smiling. “Oppugno, oppugno!” she shouted a little too eagerly and blindfolds appeared on the two murderous girls’ faces. They stopped so suddenly they fell over each other and landed in a heap on the floor.

“Quick in here,” I said throwing myself into the compartment next to us. I crawled to a seat, panting heavily. “Oh hell,” I muttered. Suddenly the door flew open and I was on my feet again instantly, wand pointed at the intruder. It was Peter and he was triumphantly holding up a pair of pink, lacy thongs.

“Got ‘em!” he announced.


A/N- I sincerely apologize for the length, it's awful I know. Reviews are appreciated!

Edit- 08/04/13  - Ohmyrowling it's my OneYearAversary of fanfiction writing!!!! Today I've officially been writing for one whole year!!!!! 


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