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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten
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“Stephanie calm down! You are making a big deal out of nothing!”



“NOTHING? I come to wake my boyfriend up so we can eat breakfast together, and I find little miss Quidditch star sneaking out of your common room! What the fuck is going on Lorcan?!”



This is the scene Andi and I stumbled upon. It’s the morning after the Halloween party and we thought we would wake up Lysander so we could get something to eat before he locked himself away in the library all day. Only problem is Stephanie decided to do the same thing, and much to her dismay, she found Lily leaving the Ravenclaw common room as she was entering.



Now I love Lily, and of course I will always defend her if she needs defending, but I have to admit this does look extremely bad. If I found a girl who had been in love with Lysander all her life, sneaking out of his room in the morning, I would definitely assume the worst.



“You think I’m a quidditch star? That’s so nice of you Stephi,” Lily says nonchalantly.



Stephanie is starring daggers at Lily. I am almost certain she is imagining ripping her into a million tiny pieces. Lily, however, just looks bored. After all, last time they fought Lily came out without a single scratch, and Stephanie had a broken nose. Stephanie seems to remember this too because she quickly turns her attention back to Lorcan.



“If you do not explain to me right this instant what is going on I will hex you into oblivion and you can rest assured you will never speak to me again,” Stephanie says through gritted teeth.



“Don’t do it Lorcan, do us all a favor,” Andi whispers into my ear.



“If I would have known all it took for you to disappear was to sleep with your boyfriend I would have done it months ago.” Lily laughs.



“LILY SHUT UP!” Lorcan yells at her.



The hall instantly goes quiet. I notice Hugo, Holden, Lucy, and Zander have found us and they are all looking extremely confused. Holden looks like he has been slapped in the face. It seems like he doesn’t like what he heard Lily say. Poor guy, he looks genuinely upset.



“YOU SLEPT WITH HER LORCAN?” Stephanie shrieks.



“Yes!” (Stephanie gasps) “I mean no,” Lorcan quickly recovers, “Yes, she slept near me, but Stephanie I didn’t have a choice.”



You didn’t have a choice?” Stephanie says slowly, each word is like a dagger slicing through her heart.



“As much as I hate you and enjoy seeing you in pain, you need to calm the fuck down.” Lily replies, again sounding emotionless, “We had these stupid things on remember?” Lily holds up a pair of Weasley Wizard Wheezes handcuffs and shakes them at Stephanie.



Every one exhaled a very long breath they were holding in. I completely forgot about the handcuffs. Obviously they couldn’t leave each other even if they wanted to.



“The spell ended at midnight,” Hugo says confidently.



Seriously Hugo? You would think he wants Stephanie to think there is something going on between Lorcan and Lily. Then again, if Lily is with Lorcan that would mean she isn’t with Holden. I get it now. Well played cousin, well played.



“Ahha. Why is it that you are just now leaving if they have been off of you for eight hours?” Stephanie asks Lily, with venom in her voice.



“Stephi, we fell asleep on the couch in the common room as soon as we left the party. I didn’t even wake up until I heard you scream.” Lorcan says calmly.



“Is that the truth Lorcan?”



“Yes sweetheart, I wouldn’t lie to you.” Lorcan replies and slowly takes her hand in his.



I beg to differ, but who am I to judge? I am curious as to why they even went back to the Ravenclaw common room to begin with. Why not just wait in the Room of Requirement until midnight and then go on their separate ways?



Holden clears his throat. “So, just to be sure…nothing inappropriate happened here last night?”



Lily throws her head back and laughs. I honestly think she has gone mad. I need to write to Uncle Harry and give him a heads up that Lily will need a room in St. Mungo’s very soon. 



“Are you mental?” Lily jokes, “I’ve just acquired the hottest boyfriend in Hogwarts, and I’m not about to willingly sleep with an old friend and ruin it.”



“Boyfriend?!” Lorcan almost yells, causing Stephanie to increase the grip on his hand.



“That’s right,” Lily says with confidence and smiles at Holden. “Now, if you two are done making a scene I say we go get some breakfast because I am starving, and I can assure you Roxy is too. I could hear her stomach growling over Stephanie’s yells.”



Everyone laughs except for Stephanie and Lorcan, who seem to be trying to telepathically murder Lily and Holden.



Honestly I wish Lils and Lorcan would just stop playing games, confess that they love each other, get married, and have millions of babies. Is that so much to ask for?



Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime soon, so we make our way down to the great hall for breakfast (finally).



“So you two are dating now?” I ask Lily and Holden.



“Yes,” Holden replies, beaming at Lily.



“I bet it was that kiss that sealed the deal wasn’t it?” Andi jokes.



“Something like that,” Holden laughs.



Let it be on the record that I do not entirely approve of this new “relationship.” Even though Lils does look the happiest she has been since we got to Hogwarts, I am not going to ignore the reputation Holden has gained. I just don’t want to see Lily get hurt, again. And she belongs with Lorcan.



“Lysander, is there any reason why you’re eating like it’s your first meal in days?” I ask him after I notice he is almost finished eating when the rest of us have barely started.



“I’ve got to start on my Herbology homework Roxy, I don’t have much time to spare.”



“That isn’t even due until next week, you have plenty of time to spare! Why not actually enjoy breakfast with us all for once?”



“I’ve just started mine as well Lysander, do you want to work on it together?” Lucy asks him, ignoring me.



Before I have time to throw another snide remark at them, they agree to meet in the library after gathering their books and leave us all behind while they quickly start a conversation about which plant they would most prefer to have as a pet.



“Is eating breakfast with my boyfriend really too much to ask for?” I snap.



“You can eat breakfast with me every day and I will stay as long as it takes for you to eat all the food you can set your eyes on,” Andi says reassuringly.



“Sounds like Andi would make a better boyfriend than Lysander,” Holden jokes.



“You are probably right,” I mumble and forcefully stab another sausage with my fork.








The next two months came and went faster than anyone expected. The teachers decided it would be a good idea to suffocate us in homework to prepare us for the exams at the end of the term in December. I think they enjoy watching us snap under the pressure.



Andi and I spent all of our free time practicing Quidditch (Gryffindor is in the lead for the Quidditch cup after destroying Hufflepuff in our last game), visiting Hogsmead to see my dad, and of course cramming for exams at the last minute.



Much to everyone’s surprise (and Stephanie, Lorcan and Hugo’s dismay), Lily and Holden are still going strong. They actually make a nice couple. Holden has brought Lily out of her shell more and she finally started dressing cute, fixing her hair, and even started wearing a touch of makeup (Lorcan nearly dropped all of Stephanie’s books the first time she came to breakfast looking like this).



Andi and Frank decided to just be friends. He was a pretty bummed about it, but she insists that the chemistry just wasn’t there for her. I figured he would stop making an effort to hang around us like he was doing, but he actually is trying even harder now. I think he is believes he can win her over if he tries hard enough.



I hate to admit it, but Lucy (who dumped Zander after just a few weeks of dating) spends more time with Lysander than I do. Come to think of it, they spend pretty much all of their free time together. It’s rather annoying actually.



Lysander quickly gave up on our nightly walks once we started getting more homework. He says he will make it up to me over Christmas break, but this is a really important time for him at Hogwarts, and blah blah blah (I stopped listening after a while).  



All I know is that I am entirely thankful for having Andi. With Lily spending all her time with Holden, and Lucy with Lysander, I would feel very alone and depressed all the time without her.



Christmas break starts tomorrow, and for once in my life I am not looking forward to it that much. You see, Andi is going back to America to spend the holidays with her family, so I won’t be seeing her until terms starts back up. I thought about begging her to come and stay with me but I know how much she has been missing her brother.



She did invite me to stay a week with her, but my mum already nixed that plan. She sounded quite furious in her reply. “The holidays are for family Roxanne!” “Your family misses you Roxanne!” “You see your friends every day at Hogwarts Roxanne (you would think I forgot my name with how many times she said it), what about your father and I? Blah blah blah…” (I stopped reading after a while). To be honest, I see my father quite a lot as it is so I wouldn’t be missing out on too much, but still, I am forced to spend another holiday with a hundred cousins, and a handful of aunts and uncles. Splendid.



I am looking forward to being able to be around Lysander again (without Lucy and their piles of books). His family always spends quite a bit of time with ours over the holidays. Plus I always enjoy seeing the strange gifts they came up with. Last year Lysander’s mum Luna gave me an “interesting” pair of earrings that looked unmistakably like radishes. Fred and I laughed about them for a good ten minutes when we were alone. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. Maybe I should be thankful that my mum wouldn’t let me go with Andi, holidays with the Weasleys and friends are always ones to remember.



“What are you smiling about Roxanne?” Lily  asks me from across the dinner table.



Lysander skived off early so he could return all his library books before the term ended.



“Just thinking about Christmas, it’s going to be a great year I imagine,” I reply enthusiastically.  



“Are you kidding? I am going to have a horrible holiday. Two weeks without Lorcan is going to be torturous,” Stephanie remarks with a frown on her face.



“Are you going on Holiday somewhere Stephanie?” Andi asks.



“No I’ll be stuck at home with Brittani and my parents. Lorcan’s family gets to go to Egypt though!” she exclaims, sounding envious.



Lorcan’s family is going to Egypt?! No. I must have heard her wrong. Possibly she just meant Lorcan and maybe his dad, surely not the whole family though. Lysander would have mentioned it to me.



“What’s Lysander going to be doing when you’re gone?” I ask, trying to sound nonchalant but failing miserably.



“What do you mean? He will be coming with us of course. Didn’t he tell you?” Lorcan asks skeptically.



“No, he didn’t! Must have slipped his mind, I daresay...”



“Of course he told you!” Lucy says matter-of-factly, “It’s all he has been talking about for weeks.”



“I think I would have remembered if my boyfriend told me he was going to bloody Egypt!” I snap.



“Maybe he just thought he told you, but forgot. He has been a bit crazy lately with exams.” Andi offers.



“Huh, yeah. Maybe.” I reply, forcing calmness. “I think I will go find him and ask him now.”



“Roxanne, you look extremely upset. Maybe you should wait until tomorrow?” Lily says.



“No, I think I’ll do it now. After all he will be leaving for another country tomorrow.”



I gather my things off the table and walk as quickly as I can towards the library before I break into a run. I don’t understand why he would keep this from me. He obviously told Lucy! Lorcan told Stephanie! So why the fuck wouldn’t Lysander tell me? I’m his girlfriend!



How could he leave me behind for two weeks? Okay, so his family wants to travel instead of spending the holidays with family and friends, whatever, they are weird and I’m over that. What pisses me off the most is that every night for the past two months I have been begging him to spend time with me and he keeps blowing me off saying he will make up for it over Christmas break.



Is this how you make it up to someone? Plan a trip that is going to last the entire break and then “forget” to mention it to her. How many times did he tell me that we would spend alone time together during the holidays when he already knew he had no intention of doing so.

I am irate. He better hope he has a damn good excuse because if he doesn’t, he may just be spending his wonderful holiday in Egypt as a newly single bloke!



A/N: So sorry for the long wait. I'd like to pretend I was way to busy to get it posted, but I'd be lying. I was just extremely lazy and had a bit of writter's block. Let me know what you thought of the chapter. Thank you so much for those of you who read my story regularly and leaves reviews. You're the best. :)

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