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Suddenly Forbidden by BellaLuna03
Chapter 2 : Five Years Later
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Ch. 2: Five years later


Rose was patrolling the corridors that led from Ravenclaw Tower to the Gryffindor Tower. As she rounded the final corner, Rose heard the sudden pitter-patter of feet coming from behind her. She turned to see who was coming and saw Scorpuis coming toward her. It was half an hour after curfew and Scorpuis was not a prefect.




It was rather strange to see him coming toward her, especially after dark. Over the past five years, Scorpuis had almost completely stopped talking to her. It was an almost because when they did talk it was always to insult her. When they were around Albus, Scorpuis did not do or say anything that acknowledged her presence. He would sit there looking like a statue. When he was with his other friends and she happen to be around, she would try to ignore him but he would always end up humiliating her.


Rose had figured out rater quickly that it was useless to try to complain to Albus or to try to get information as to why Scorpuis was acting the way he was with her.




After a while, Rose had gotten tired of Scorpuis’ behavior and decided it was time to find some girls to be friends with instead of guys like she usually did. Rose got along with two other girls in her year. Little by little, she started to talk to them. Their names were Abagail Lauren Lune and Isabelle Annabelle LaBelle. Little by little, the three friends grew to be inseparable, Rose knew that this had been a fabulous chance she had taken and was happy that everything had turned out the way she wanted.




“What do you want Scorpuis?” Rose asked impatiently, “Are you here to insult me some more? Wasn’t earlier enough? Now you have to stalk me as well?”




“Is that how low you think of me, Weasley? Really?” Scorpuis sneered, “I was merrily seeking your company.”




“My. Name. Is. Rose. I don’t call you Malfoy, Do I?” Rose said through gritted teeth,




“Why do you of all people, want my company? Isn’t there another chick that is willing to be in your ‘regal’ presence? Of course, I think that low of you. What do else should I expect from you if all you is insult me whenever and however you can?”




“First of all, I know your name is Rose. Second, since you were rude, I decided to be rude to you as well. Actually, other chicks that would be absolutely honored to give me company. However, they would not know were my best mates ran off to, and you, however, would. So you, my lady, have been chosen to be honored with my presence this evening.” Scorpuis answered, “Any more questions? Would you be able to grace me with me accompanying you on the rest of your patrol?”




“That is up to you. I have no objection. However if you insult me, even once, I will turn you into a white bouncing ferret. Why are you talking that way?”




“I am just trying to lighten up the mood. Ok ok, I promise I will try.” Scorpuis said with a smile.




“You have been warned”




As soon as they were done with Rose’s patrol, they headed back to the Gryffindor Common Room. When they were inside, Rose turned to Scorpuis:




“Thank you for coming with me. Now if you don’t mind, I need to start my homework, so you better not bother me when I am trying to concentrate on my work.” She told him as she walked over to her favorite table and took out her books.




Scorpuis did not say anything, and after a few seconds of feeling awkward he walked over to the only chair that was facing the table were Rose was sitting and was next to the fire. He sat down as quietly as he would and proceeded to stare at her.




Everything was quiet, except for the sound of crackling flames and Rose’s quill running across the parchment. The common room was empty except for the two of them. All the lights had been only turned off, giving the room a romantic ambiance.




The only light came from the fire and the small lantern hovering above Rose’s table.




Soon after Rose had started her work, she felt Scorpuis’s gaze burning a hole through her head. Ignoring him, she continued to work but as time went by, it proved to be harder than she had thought it would be. Especially considering the awkward silence that had settled between them.




After ten minutes, Rose could not take it any longer. “Scorpuis! What do you want?! You are making it extremely difficult for me to concentrate!”




“What? Oh, sorry. I was staring into space. I didn’t realize I was staring at you” He then smirked “Does the fact that I’m staring at you bother you that much?” Before Rose had a chance to answer, the portrait door opened and Abagail came running inside.




“Rose! There you are! Where have you been?! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Abby exclaimed as she came running toward Rose. “I’ve been looking and looking and I couldn’t find you anywhere! Seven hours! You just went poof! There was absolutely no trace of you!”




Rose didn’t believe her best friend. Abagail had the tendency of being a Drama Queen and loved to exaggerate anything she possibly could.




“I’m sorry! I told you earlier that it was my turn to patrol,” Rose told her, “why have you been looking for me? Is something wrong?! Did someone get hurt?!”




Abagail looked around the room to see who else was there. She saw that they were not alone. Scorpuis was there too… How odd… Not wanting to be rude, she said;




“Oh! Hi Scorpuis, I didn’t see you. I thought you would be with Albus.”




“Oh yeah! I was just going to go meet him at the Astronomy Tower. Bye Rose, bye Abagail see you later!” Scorpuis got up as quickly as he could and bolted for the portrait door. As he was about to exit. He heard Rose scream from behind him.




“YOU BASTARD!!! YOU ARE A LIAR Scorpuis Malfoy!!! You told me you didn’t know were Albus was!” she shouted, “I am never going to believe what you tell me ever again!!!




Turning to Abagail, and with a much calmer voice said, “Let’s go take a walk around the lake. I don’t want to be anywhere near this liar.”




With that, Rose and Abby ran past Scorpuis and out the portrait All poor Scorpuis could do was stare at the now closed door in shock at her sudden outburst.




* ‘Look at what you did this time, you stupid boy! You’ve ruined your chance to make amends for the thousandth time!’ Scorpuis thought, ‘I may as well go to the Astronomy Tower. Maybe Rose will go looking for me later after she calms down a bit.’* He set off down the corridor hoping not to be caught by any patrolling Filch or Professor.




 (the * detones the begining and ends of thoughts)












As Rose and Abagail were walking around the lake, they started talking about what had just happened in the common room. Or more specifically, Rose was ranting about Scorpuis and Abagail was starting to think there was something that Rose was leaving out. She was determinant to get it out of her before they went back inside.




“Why did he lie me? He’s such a stupid liar! What, did he think I wouldn’t eventually find out he was lying to me?! Do you know why he did this, Abby?” Rose fumed, “There are times when he makes me so mad I want to curse him into next century! But most of the time, I wish things were the way they used to be when we were in first year,” she sighed, “Or even that I had never met him. I don’t need the stress of being a teenager right now. My life is falling apart already without this.”




“There’s something I don’t understand though. Why are you so hurt? I have no idea why he lied to you. However, I have a theory I have been working on for a while…”




“How long is a while?” Rose asked suspiciously.




“Ummm, since you first and only fight you guys had back in first year,” Abby replied meekly, “However, before I tell you what it is, I want you to answer my question honestly. Pinky promise that you will.”




“Ok, I pinky promise that I will answer your question honesty,” Rose and Abagail proceeded to link their pinkies.




“Don’t you dare lie Rose Weasley. You know that I’ll be able to tell when you are lying,” she paused, “Do you like Scorpuis?”




Rose looked shocked for a moment before she answered. “Abby, how about we compromise? You tell me what you think the answer is and I’ll tell you if you are correct.” Rose was afraid of admitting her feelings, even if it was only to one of her best friends.




“Ok, whatever. There’s no time to argue because its getting pretty late. I think you really like him, and if you gave him a chance, you might even find your soul mate in him. I would not be surprised if it turned out that he liked you too.” Abagail told a shocked


Rose, “So am I right?”




“Yes you are right, but how did you know? And how will I know if he really is my soul mate? What if I just delude myself into thinking that he is?” Rose asked, “ok so what’s your theory? Do you know where Albus really is?”




“Just by the way you act when you are around him. You tend to take everything he tells you too seriously. As for if he is your soul mate, only you will know that when the time comes.” Abagail told her, “Ok, my theory is that Scorpuis likes you too. He hardly ever talks when you are around and that’s also the reason he insults you so much. You probably make him nervous and he says that pops into his head! Satisfied?”




“For now, but you didn’t answer my other question. Do you know where Al really is?”




“Oh yeah! Well he could be in one of two places: plotting his next escapade with his chums, or he could be with Iz in some nice dark corner doing naughty things” Abagail said with a wink.




“Oh, ok. Wait…WHAT?!... ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT ISABELLE AND ALBUS ARE GOING OUT?!?! Why didn’t anyone tell me?! When did this happen?” Rose asked, “or better yet, why didn’t either of them tell me?”




“Well Iz didn’t tell you because she was the first to notice that you had a crush on Scorpuis. I told her that we should tell you but she said you had enough on your plate right now… Does she know something I don’t know? Oh, and she didn’t know how you would take it,” Abagail said, “As for Albus, I don’t really know since I don’t talk to him very much. But I’m willing to bet three galleons that he was thinking along the same lines.”




“I guess that makes sense. It’s a little weird that one of my best friends and my younger cousin are going out. However, I’m not very surprised, it should have happened long ago,” Rose said, “So… when did it happen?”




“Ummm… about a month after school started” Abagail replied timidly.




“Man! That was five months ago! I’ve been really wrapped up in my problems!” Rose exclaimed, “I really need to start keeping an eye on what’s going on around me!’




After their third walk around the lake, they decided to go back inside before someone locked the main doors. They creped cautiously through the castle towards Gryffindor Tower. When they were safely back inside, Abagail went straight to their dormitory, ready to get some sleep, or as she called it, some ‘beauty rest.’ Rose, however, decided to sit in front of the fire and ponder on the day’s events. It was a little after midnight when the portrait door opened, but no one came in…or so it seemed.




Rose was sitting in her favorite chair in front of the fireplace rereading her favorite book. She paused for a minute and called out: “Good night Al. Night Isabelle. See you upstairs when I’m done reading.” She heard two pairs of footsteps walking away from her and shortly after, two doors closing.




When she was sure that she was alone, she took out her ipod and started to listen to her favorite song ‘Listen to Your Heart’. Nearing dawn and after a few hours of the same song and countless tears, Rose was finally tired enough to go to sleep.




When she opened the door to her dormitory, she noticed a piece of paper sticking out from under her pillow. She quickly ran to her bed to see what the paper was about. As she unfolded the paper, she saw that it was the letter her mother had sent her a few months earlier shortly after school had started. She began to read it once more, even though she already had it memorized.                                                                                        


                                                                                                  16 September 2023 


Dear Rose,

          Happy 16th Birthday darling! I hope you have a fabulous day. I haven’t heard from you or your brother since my birthday two weeks ago. Are you guys ok? You know that I’ll always be there for both of you. I passed on your greeting to Ma and Pa Weasley. They send you lot’s of love and joy for years to come. Pass on a greeting to everyone, Luna, and Professor McGonagall as well.




Rose didn’t want to read any further. She knew what was coming, but she couldn’t help but hope for a different outcome.


          Rose, I have something to tell you, but I don’t want any of your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents to find out. I have reasons to suspect that your father is cheating on me. Before I do anything dramatic, I am going to hire some detectives to find out if he really has to work so late every night and have to start work so early.

          I have told you before, ever since you first started Hogwarts, my relationship with your father became a little tense and began to deteriorate. Lately, things have gone from bad, to worse. I hate to give you such bad news on your birthday, but since you hadn’t written to me in so long, I couldn’t tell you before.

          I’ve decided that if your father is cheating on me, I am going to divorce him. I’m going to give your father until March and then I’ll see what the detectives have to say before I make my final decision. I felt like I had to tell someone what was going on and I trust you the most not to take this too hard or to not tell anyone. I’m sorry. I hope I'll hear from you more often. 

Lots of love,




As much as she wished for the contents of the letter to change, they never would. Rose crawled into bed, crying over what her father was doing to her beloved mother. At least March was a week away and her mum’s questions would soon be answered. No matter what happened, nothing would ever be the same.










Sorry for not updating this sooner, i was having issues trying to figure out how to get this chapter Validated. so far the total has come to 4 regections but i think i"ve fixed the problem now. Well, Thank You to all my readers and it would really make my day if you reviewed, just so that i know somebody out there is reading this and it may just prompt me to update more often :) well, Until Next Time!

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