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Clinging to the Edge by FoundriaPenguin
Chapter 1 : The Shattered Plan
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The brilliant smile didn’t leave Molly’s face even after the camera flash went off, and she positively beamed as she looked up at David McLaggen’s handsome visage. He’d been her boyfriend since the end of third year, and even at the tender age of thirteen, his cheekbones had been envied by all of his dorm mates in Gryffindor. Molly had to congratulate herself on her excellent taste.




Of course, they’d had their own minor scruples, more so than ever now, but Molly felt confident about her future. Joy bubbled in her chest as thoughts of everlasting true love stirred in her brain. The fact that tonight had gone so well helped Molly gather her courage. She was going to tell him. She was going to tell him that she loved him. And surely, after all they’d been through, David would feel the same way.




Molly could see it playing out in her head: Molly and David graduating from Hogwarts together, Molly and David getting engaged, Molly and David getting married, Molly and David having three perfect children. It was the best plan, the only plan. She couldn’t imagine anything else.




The two of them exited the Great Hall with Molly hanging off of David’s arm, but if her peers observed closely, they’d notice that her counterpart’s smile looked slightly strained. She began to lead him towards the steps that would take them to the Hufflepuff common room below, but David hesitated.




“What’s wrong?” Molly asked, utterly confused by David’s behavior. He was supposed to be the epitome of a gentleman and walk her to her common room. Already her fairytale was splintering before her eyes, but no matter. She could seal that crack shut with a flick of her wand, and all would be well. This night would be perfect.




“Look, Molly…” David glanced around at the groups of people around them saying good night. “Let’s just talk over here.”




He dragged her over to a more secluded corner that wasn’t too noticeable to prying eyes. Strategically placing his hands on her slim shoulders, David took a deep breath and looked straight into Molly’s wide brown eyes. “Molly, look, tonight has been great. And you’ve been great, and this whole thing…this whole thing has been great between us.”




Molly’s heart pounded as she stared into David’s nervous face. She had this sense of foreboding, that something was about to happen, something big. David’s fingers twitched, and Molly was aware that words were coming out of David’s mouth, but all her eyes could focus on were the fingers, those fingers that were, at that moment, moving toward his back pocket.




It took all of Molly’s willpower to stop from shrieking to the high heavens. “Oh my Merlin, he’s going to propose! HE’S GOING TO PROPOSE!” was being thrown about left and right in her brain. Never mind that his preceding few sentences hadn’t used the best adjectives (great, great, and great)! Her eyes widened, and in a few milliseconds she decided on exactly how her reaction would be, right down to how many centimeters open her mouth would be agape (6, to be exact).




“That’s why I think we should stop seeing each other.”




With those ten words, time stopped. Through her shocked haze, Molly noticed how David slipped his hands off her shoulders and took a few steps back from her, as if he expected the Mollybomb to explode. However, his face still loomed in her vision. His jaw tightened, and his eyes determinedly staring back at hers. She knew he wasn’t going to back down, but she had to at least try to get him to see sense.




“David, what are you saying?” A choked laugh escaped Molly’s throat, and she tried to ignore the burn behind her eyes, the sign that tears were approaching. “We’ve had our—our issues, but I hardly think that it warrants something like this—“




He shook his head. “You don’t understand, Molly. Look, it just…it just doesn’t feel right anymore. You’re going to be too busy to see me, anyway, since you have to prepare for your O.W.Ls. I don’t want to slow you down.”




“Don’t be ridiculous—“




“I’m sorry, Molly. We’ve had a good run, but this is it. This is goodbye.”




The pressure behind the waterworks broke, and tears ran down Molly’s face nonstop. “You can’t be—you can’t be serious, David, you can’t. I thought we were happy! I mean, we are happy, can’t you see? Tonight! Look at tonight. Tonight has been utterly perfect.”




A wry smile graced his features as he attempted to retreat further into the crowds near them. “Can’t you see, Molly? I was uneasy the entire night. This has been weighing down on me for ages, and it’s been affecting my marks. I don’t have time for a relationship like this.”




“Don’t you—DON’T YOU BACK AWAY FROM ME!” Molly shrieked, toddling a step forward in her heels. She felt as if the world was slipping beneath her feet. The lights seemed to be getting brighter and brighter as the chatting voices in the Entrance Hall got louder and louder than ever before. “We’re supposed to be in love, you dimwit! How can you be walking away from love?”




“Love?” David laughed, his voice cutting through the air with its sardonic edge. “Well, this love is surely one-sided.”




People began to approach the scene from all sides, tittering and gesturing at the now split couple. It was a sight to see, what with David smiling condescendingly as Molly pointed an accusing finger in his direction, her make-up running down her face. Molly was sure her chest was about to burst. All she could see was white, and she could barely make out the blurred noises around her. She was losing control.




“Farewell, Molly.”




And with that, Molly fainted dead away on the floor of the Entrance Hall.








Molly opened her eyes only to be greeted by a world of white. As it filled all the corners of Molly’s vision, she groaned, tugging at the pillow from beneath her head to cover her face. She’d had enough of that banal color, honestly.




“Get that pillow off your face, dear,” a brisk voice said nearby. “You need that to prop that tender head of yours especially after that fall.”




Fall? Molly slowly peeled the pillow off her face to reveal a very confused expression. “Madam Pomfrey, I don’t remember falling anywhere…”




“I was so sure you didn’t have a concussion earlier, but now I could be wrong,” muttered the old nurse, coming over to Molly’s bedside from the other end of the hospital wing.  “Sit up, dear. Do you feel any lumps or bumps of any sort on your head?”




After patting the back of her dirty blonde hair for a few moments, Molly shook her head. “Everything feels normal to me.”




“Well, I was told you fainted with a resounding crash on the Entrance Hall floor after the All Hallows’ Eve dance, so you’re staying here in the hospital wing overnight, and if you’re all to do in the morning, I’ll release you,” Madam Pomfrey told her sternly. “Obviously, you’ve been under a lot of stress. Not surprising since it’s your O.W.L. year and all.”




With a groan, Molly fell backwards onto the mattress. David had said the same thing, hadn’t he? She’d be too busy with her O.W.Ls to commit to a relationship, apparently, along with many other painful, painful things to remember. And in front of everyone in the Entrance Hall, too! Molly simply wanted to die of embarrassment and grief. How could David possibly say such things? She felt tears falling down her face again as his words, “Well, this love is surely one-sided,” echoed through her brain. Now, she’d be stuck here the entire day with her depressing thoughts and nothing else to distract her.




She turned to lie on her side, and the night table next to her came into focus. No gifts, no flowers, no nothing. Molly sighed as she realized that she had been hoping for David to come bearing all sorts of goodies as a form of his apology to her. He’d write a card in perfect poetry, preferably akin to a Shakespearean sonnet, and instead of waking up to Madame Pomfrey’s voice, she’d have woken up to David clasping her hand benevolently, gazing adoringly into her wide brown eyes. The words coming out of his mouth would be along the lines of, “Oh Molly, I do love you so, more than Hagrid could ever love his pumpkins, so please take me back, last night was a mistake! I want to be with you for eternity! Our woven fairytale will be as legendary as the true love story of James and Lily!”




Being the ever so gracious young woman that she was, Molly would consider the options: reject her one true love and spend the rest of her life with a thousand kneazles, or be swept off by David and ride into the sunset. The choice was quite obvious: she’d take the kneazles.




Of course, that was a joke, and Molly chuckled at her own hilarity. She wasn’t a Weasley for nothing, after all. The fact that she was the daughter of Percy Weasley, the most mundane of all the Weasley children of that generation, was a minor technicality.




“You look awful,” an amused voice remarked to Molly’s left. She rolled over only to see her oh-so-comforting younger sister, Lucy, sitting in a lovely looking armchair.




“Ugh, I really do not need this right now,” Molly complained.




Her younger sister raised her eyebrows. “Do you even know what time it is? Considering I’ve been your only visitor so far, what do you think that says about you? Obviously no one cares about your well being besides your kindest, most generous sister. I should get more credit for this.”




An unattractive snort escaped from her elder counterpart. “What a liar you are, Lucy. I’m sure I’ve had other visitors because I do have friends, you know. And it’s obvious that you just came in here to make fun of me,” Molly said accusingly. “Well, get on with it. I’m an idiot, yes, and I need to get a life.”




“Not to mention your head meeting the Entrance Hall floor was quite entertaining.” Lucy grinned, revealing a few crooked teeth. “Your hair blended in with it quite nicely. What a convenient rebound after that whole bit with David, hitting on the Entrance Hall floor. Perhaps it was meant to be.”




Molly’s eyes narrowed, and she chucked her pillow at Lucy’s head. Unfortunately, Lucy had the athletic ability that she always lacked, so she dodged it easily. Cackling, Lucy leapt out of the chair gracefully and pranced out of the room, waggling her fingers in farewell.




Lucy just didn’t understand, Molly told herself. She was just so immature and so obviously younger than she was. Evidently she had no knowledge of matters like love. She just didn’t know what it felt like, this painful ripping apart of the heart.




Molly felt herself sinking deeper into despair. How could David have turned into such a heartbreaker? He had been such a charming boy back in third year.  And now here she was, sitting in a ridiculously white hospital wing while David was probably off gallivanting with some other girl. Because that’s what he meant, wasn’t it? He didn’t have time for a serious relationship with her, so now he was free to go shag girls in broom closets. Who would even want to shag someone in a broom closet? It was absolutely dirty and musty and altogether had the wrong semantics. Shaking her head, Molly resolved that she would never let David make love to her in a broom closet.




Oh wait – Molly slapped a hand to her forehead. She and David were no longer together.




This was going to take a while to get used to.


A/N: YAY, a new story! Wow, it's been so long since I've written anything. I'm definitely out of practice. Any shippers yet? I'm a fan of Molly/Entrance Hall floor right now. ^__^ What do you think of Molly? You either love her or hate her, I think. She's that irrational girl that we all know and make fun of, which I'll be doing often throughout this story. :P  Also, many thanks to Gina (justonemorefic) for listening to me ramble about this idea ages ago.

Reviews are lovely. Hopefully I can get the next chapter written soon! I love you all <3

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