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Fairytaled by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 5 : Simplicity
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Why hello there dear readers. S2 You've made this story quite worth it, I'm absolutely in love with it and I hope you feel  the same way.

A huge thanks to my amazing reviewers from the last chapter: slytherinbadgirl, Annalisabet, natajess, CharmRune.7, Harmonia, HuffGriffSlyRaven, MiSTY_VoLPe, Daisy Duck, We Are Padfoot and Prongs, and of course, Gin-gin06 who reviews each chapter for all of my stories. You guys are so unbelievably incredible. Y'all deserve an ice cream sundae. With whatever toppings you choose o.O Tempting.

Yet another thanks to Bella Bug for being my beta for this story. Love you missy.

Disclaimer: As I'm sure you all can figure out, I'm not JK Rowling. I don't own Harry Potter or these lovely characters. I don't own Beauty and the Beast, credit for that goes to Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve or Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. Y'all are smart and know what's mine and what's not. Thanks for reading.


Light… bright light. I groaned to myself and scrunched my nose, my eyelids fluttering and attempting to remain shut in an effort to block out all light. I slowly opened my eyes and saw sun streaming through the window, bright and illuminating.

I slowly sat up, yawning and stretching my arms above my head. I flopped back onto my pillow, not wanting to bring my body out of the warm cocoon that was my covers. My head throbbed slightly and I remembered what had happened last night, remembering how I’d been brought to bed, Malfoy. I sighed and instantly knew what I wanted… more warmth.

I reluctantly   snapped my fingers and a resounding crack sounded mere seconds later. Dinkie stood at the foot of my bed, curtsying before looking up at me with her large blue eyes. Her eyes sparkled and she nearly radiated excitement for having been called upon.

“Miss Granger! Oh, it’s been so long. Far too long!” She said, “It’s a pleasure to be here, miss.” I laughed, it was just yesterday that I’d seen her.

“Hello Miss Dinkie, can I ask you for a huge favor?”

She nodded fervently, “Of course! You need not hesitate.”

“Can you make me a cup of tea? With a little bit of honey and a spoonful of sugar? Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble a couple pieces of toast with peanut butter and cinnamon?” I’d realized how truly hungry I was when talking about the tea, realizing I hadn’t eaten at all in the past twenty four hours. As if on cue, my stomach let out a low grumbled.

Dinkie’s ears perked up as soon as I’d told her I wanted something and she had something to do. “Of course miss Granger, right away!” She curtsied once more, “I’ll back soon!” With another crack, she was gone. I sighed and lay back slowly, not wanting my head to throb again.

I looked up into the ripples of the white canopy above me and let my mind wander. I wanted to know what my parents were doing and what had become of them since I’d done the spell. I wanted to know if my friends were safe and that I wouldn’t be stuck here too long, although it had already proved to be better than I’d expected in the mere day I’d been here. That is, aside from the whole smacking my head part.

A loud crack sounded once more, snapping me out of my daze. Dinkie was standing right next to my bed, holding a white tray with everything I’d asked for, and then some.

There was a plate with five pieces of the peanut butter-cinnamon toast I’d asked or. My mug of tea sat off to the side of the tray, a glass of what appeared to be orange juice on the opposite side. A steaming plate of eggs sat in the center, a few strips of bacon crisscrossed on top. A single white rose sat in a vase and my jaw dropped as I looked over my mini feast.
“Th- thank you, Dinkie!” I cried, clearly startling the poor thing.

“You are most welcome. I figured I’d give you some extra food. Master Malfoy told me you hadn’t eaten all day yesterday. Don’t worry about not finishing everything, I’m supposed to give whatever is left to the remaining guests.” She said, shivering slightly upon mentioning the others. She handed me the tray, helping me place it on my lap. “Oh, there’s a note from Master Malfoy on there.” She told me, curtsying yet again.

“Let me know if I’m needed once again.” Dinkie said, her voice full of hope. The familiar crack left me alone to focus on the food before me. I stared at all the food in my lap in complete and utter shock. I’d expected a simple breakfast, but this was extraordinary. I inhaled the aroma coming from the bacon, my mouth immediately began to water.

My stomach began rumbling again and I immediately dug in. After eating for a few minutes and calming my stomach somewhat, I picked up the note Dinkie had mentioned.


Hope the breakfast is fine. I probably should’ve asked if you were a vegetarian. My apologies if you are. I’ll be up shortly.


I felt myself smile involuntarily; I suppose it did sound like me to be vegetarian. I shook my head, this man would be the death of me. He’d already shown that he’d thought of so much. The extra food and excess shampoos proved that much.

A knock sounded from my door and I froze instinctively. “Granger?” called Malfoy’s voice from behind the door. I shook my head, the note had said shortly and it was mere minutes since I’d read the note.


“Are… are you decent?” he asked and I laughed, suddenly remembering last night once more.

“Well, I’m still in bed… and I’m dressed. But if you’re wondering whether or not you can come in, yes you may.” I replied, trying to hide the lingering smile playing at my lips at the thought of how uncomfortable he was obviously feeling.

The door opened slowly as Draco made his way in, closing the door quietly behind him. He looked at me questioningly before his eyes flicked to my food tray and back up to my face. He smirked.

“Something funny, Malfoy?” I spat at him, instantly regretting it. It had been too rude, too harsh, and he’d been nothing but kind so far.

His smile faltered for a moment, “No, just glad to see you’re eating well.” I glanced down to my food tray and realized I’d eaten everything aside from a few bites of the eggs. I guess I’d been far more hungry than I’d originally thought.

“Well, I wouldn’t have been so hungry if you’d fed me yesterday.” I said, my eyes narrowing slightly. Truth be told, even if he had offered me a bite of food yesterday, I would’ve refused. Again, I instantly regretted what I’d said, but wasn’t able to stop myself. All my pent up anger was being released towards him, all because he was there.

“You need only ask, Granger.” He paused, “Besides, I like a girl with a hardy appetite.” I felt heat rise to my cheeks and I picked up the tray, playing it on the nightstand to the side of my bed. I glanced out the window and away from Malfoy.

“Did you need something, Malfoy?” I asked more calmly this time, trying to control my tone.

“Just making sure your head was alright. I’d been worried but didn’t want to disturb you. Truth be told, I was happy when Dinkie told me you’d asked for food, so I told her to make plenty extra. I hope it wasn’t too much.” He stopped and looked as confused as I felt.

“Oh, well, my head hasn’t really bothered me all that much. It throbs if I move too quickly, but that’s about it. The food was incredible, please thank Dinkie for me if you see her before I do. The toast especially was utterly delicious. I know, it’s simple, but it was perfect.” He smirked once more.

“That was me actually.” He said, smiling, “Dinkie came and told me what you wanted when she told me you wanted food. And, well, that’s how I eat my toast as well and I was in the middle of starting some for myself so I offered to make yours while I was at it. She obliged and said she wanted to prepare some eggs and bacon for you. She also squeezed the orange juice herself and prepared your tea. Glad the toast lived up to your standards though.” I felt myself staring at him in disbelief, my eyes wide. He gave me a full smile this time, “I’ll take that as further confirmation that it did.”

“Absolutely not! It was simply awful.” I countered, suddenly feeling childish for having said anything, let alone that. “Sorry, it was wonderful… thank you.” I nearly whispered. It felt so odd thanking Malfoy after all these years of torture. He merely nodded as if accepting my thanks was just as odd for him.

“Well, as I said, I came up to make sure you were okay and your head wasn’t bothering you. Everything seems to be n order, I’ll be out of your hair now. Summon Dinkie if you need anything, or if you need me.” He turned around and began walking towards the door, I could’ve sworn I heard him mutter ‘not that you ever will,’ but I coulddn’t be sure.

“Oh… right, of course.” I didn’t really know quite what to say, so I watched him walk out. He opened the door but quickly shut it behind him, turning to face me once more.

“Take care of that rose.” He said, pointing to the one on my food tray. It’s… special.” He made his way across my room and picked it up. He picked up the tray and set the rose back down, gently before walking away with the tray.

Before I could ask, he quickly opened the door. Click. I was left alone once again, wondering what he could possibly mean by special.


 Soooooo, thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Predictions?! 

What could this mysterious rose be? Why is Draco so adament about her protecting it? WHAT HAVE THE NARGLES DONE THIS TIME?! 

Feed that box. It wants food. It's screaming at you to feed it. IF YOU DON'T FEED IT, IT WILL STARVE! DON'T LET THE POOR BOX STARVE! WHAT DID IT EVER DO TO YOU?!

*end rant* but please, review. And you too could have a sundae with your choice of toppings. ;P 

Until next time,



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