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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 15 : Chapter Thirteen
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Chapter Thirteen

“Sirius you can’t give that to Harry, he’s only one years old!” shouted Hermione appalled that Sirius would think to give Harry a broomstick for his first birthday. He wasn’t even old enough to talk probably let alone ride a broomstick without hurting himself, even if it was only a child’s broomstick that hovered only a centimeter above the ground.

“He’ll be fine love” said James coming up to reassure his wife. She glared at him in response. He knew he wanted to keep him safe and he respected that but his son deserved a little fun and the broomstick was only allowed to hover an inch from the ground, the worse Harry could get was a little bruise.

James paced the garden, Sirius and the others had left, they had had a nice celebration for Harry’s first birthday but it had been seven months since they’d gone into hiding, seven months of being trapped in the same house, seeing the same walls and the same people. It was maddening for James. He longed to walk outside, to escape and do something. Prank somebody. Help somebody. Contribute, fight etc. But he couldn’t, he was like a dead man walking, forbidden from showing his face in case someone spotted him and killed him on sight.

He understood why he was in hiding; he knew he’d made the right decision. He wanted to protect his family from everything, he didn’t want to let Voldemort live. If Harry died the world would be plunged into darkness, if Hermione died James didn’t think he could live. He would live because he’d have Harry but he feared if Hermione died that his light would leave him. He’d never fall in love again if Hermione died.

Dumbledore stopped by later in the day, he seemed to sense that James wasn’t coping with being cooped up so long, he didn’t come bearing good news for James, he couldn’t tell him that he was allowed to leave the house, because the danger was still out there. Instead he came to inquire about James invisibility cloak, James was confused as to how and why Dumbledore wanted it but he seemed unable to refuse the request.

Hermione had no such problems, she knew the Dumbledore of old, she knew he wouldn’t be persuaded away from the Deathly Hallows and without the horcruxes and Voldemort’s knowledge of the Elder wand it really wasn’t a problem. Plus it would insure that James didn’t sneak off to visit the other Marauder’s, yes he promised he wouldn’t but that didn’t mean that he would stick to the promise when he was mind numbingly bored.

Hermione stopped Dumbledore, he wouldn’t be persuaded away but she could warn him against it.

“Sir may I have a word in private?” she asked, who was he to refuse after all she’d done.

“I know why you want to cloak Sir and I have to tell you it will do you no favors”.

“What would you know about the cloak” demanded Dumbledore childishly.

“Don’t speak to me like that Sir. After all I’ve done how could you think I wouldn’t know about the Deathly Hallows” his face paled.

“I know all about your misdeeds Sir. I know about Grindewald, I know about Aberforth and I know about Arianna. I know what you think the Deathly Hallows will bring you but you are wrong they will bring you nothing but grief” she sighed.

“How do you know all of this? Why should I trust you?” Dumbledore spoke without thought, he knew he was being silly but he was lost in a sea of old emotions.

“I know because I’ve seen it before, I’ve seen the damage it can do. Do not underestimate me Sir, or you may not like the end result. If you are asking about trust then you have no earnt it. I came back to the past to make things right, hasn’t everything that’s happened been because of me, because you placed your trust in me. If you cannot trust me now then you don’t deserve the sacrifices that will be made”.

Dumbledore hung his head in shame, Hermione had done nothing to make him behave like this. It was his own fault, since he’d discovered that the Hallows were in fact real, he’d been dying to get his hands on all three. Scarcely any people knew about the real circumstances around Arianna’s death but Hermione seemed to suggest that she did. Did he want the Hallows so he could see her again? It was a part of the reason perhaps, but mostly he wanted what anyone wanted from the three Hallows power and a way to cheat death.

While Dumbledore left the Potter’s to contemplate his life decisions, Voldemort sensed something was amiss and Larry Trumble made a dash for safety.

Voldemort walked the halls of his castle, he was unsure why but he felt as though something was amiss. His subjects still behaved with fear and submitted to his every whim but there was something bothering him. It wasn’t that Hermione seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet; it was true he still wanted to recruit her but he was confident that when she reappeared again she’d come and join his side. His side was the winning side, anyone could tell you that, the dark would triumph over the light and Voldemort would rule over all.

But wait, he remembered – Nagini! He hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Nagini in days, this was unlike her. Voldemort may not have a heart, he may not be able to love or feel any kind of positive emotion but he recognized Nagini was a friend, perhaps the only friend he would ever have. It was strange to put such a friendship in the hands of a snake, were snakes even known for loyalty? You could say a dog was loyal to its owner but would you say the same thing about a snake?

Voldemort paces slowly around his castle drawing attention from every Death Eater of every station. They sensed something was wrong, the more Voldemort moved around the castle, the more anger he consumed until he was in no doubt that something had happened to Nagini. This bought the question, who would do something to Nagini? It couldn’t be as simple as being afraid of the snake. Nagini instilled fear wherever she went but no one would be foolish enough to kill her for fear of being poisoned.

Oh no oh god! He clenched his fists close to his chest; his eyes seemingly empty as he scoured his mind. Had someone found out his secret? They couldn’t have, it was impossible no one knew, not even Dumbledore knew and people believed him to be the greatest wizard of all. No, perhaps he was getting anxious for no reason, there was probably a perfectly good explanation for Nagini’s whereabouts, nevertheless, he sent some lower Death Eaters to search the castle and grounds for her.

Perhaps it would also be prudent to check on his other secrets just to make sure.

Wait, what’s that in the distance?

“My Lord” the servant bowed to his Master.

“Yesss” inquired Voldemort.

“It’s been heard and recorded” replied the servant.

Voldemort’s eyes lit up, “Give it to me” the commanded, forcing the servant to hand over the small vial containing a silver liquid memory.

“At lasssst” Voldemort whispered to himself.

In his quarters he dived headfirst into the memory and heard the fabled prophesy;

                 “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…”

Voldemort smiled gleefully to himself, it was all coming together after all.

August 15th 1981 and Beyond

This was definitely the hottest summer in the history of summers. Hermione had taken to wearing bikini’s or small t-shirts around the house because anything else became too sweaty and clung to her – not that James was complaining. Though they were house trapped as it were it was nice to spend time in the garden, with the hot sun beating down it made being confined almost disappear. Harry seemed to love the outdoors, he loved it when James transfigured small balls so that he could throw and catch them. His favorite pastime at the moment was to pick up clumps of grass and eat them, it had been a habit that Hermione was trying to stop, James however thought it was amusing, which made Hermione simply glare at him in an annoyed manor.

As time moved on Hermione became more anxious. She knew the killing of the final horcrux was taking place as right that second but she longed for the moment that she would get word that it was done. She was ready she knew she was ready; she just needed it to happen, all this waiting around was what caused her anxiousness to appear and it would not do to be anxious when the time came.

Away from Godric’s Hollow and into one of the Order’s newest safe houses things were heating up by the minute. It seemed – thankfully – that Voldemort had yet to work out what had happened to all his horcruxes, so they were at least safe for now. Unfortunately however, in an attempt to scare the Wizarding and Muggle population he had begun terrorizing, torturing and killing muggles in earnest. Not a day went by without the announcement of some poor dead soul.

The muggle deaths were displayed all across The Daily Prophet day after day, the pictures never showing the gruesome way they died, the words trying to skim around the true nature of the deaths but everyone knew what was really happening. Everyone knew how these people had died and that it probably was a long and painful death, befitting as Voldemort would say for a Mudblood that shouldn’t be walking the earth.

Dumbledore had called the Order to a meeting of great importance, though he could not tell them what was going to happen, he could tell them that the end was near. They thought this was preposterous, how could he announce that the war was soon the be over yet not tell them why it was soon to be over. The old ‘You are just going to have to trust me’ faze wasn’t holding strong anymore so Dumbledore had to fill in the gaps with explaining – without naming names – that there was someone within their ranks who was waiting patiently for the right time to strike and when they striked it would signal the end of the war. All they could do in the mean time was try to corner off, capture and kill as many Death Eaters as they could, wait patiently and hope that an unsung hero would soon return.

The meeting ended and everyone was getting up to leave, as was the way of things, fate chose this moment to transport Larry Trumble back into the arms of safety. A loud crack sounded throughout the house, it was known that you couldn’t apparate directly into a safe house yet somehow Larry Trumble had managed it, perhaps he had managed to apparate inside just from sheer desperation to find somewhere safe.

“Larry can you hear me?” muttered Dumbledore as he crouched near Larry’s form.

All he got in response was a mumbled reply. Dumbledore leaped into action, transfiguring a nearby table into a bed and levitated Larry Trumble onto it. Potions and medication were immediately bought to the room. A trained healer bustled over and started treatment on Larry, it seemed he wasn’t very outwardly hurt, he had suffered a few burns and scrapes but that seemed to be it, however it was noted that he had suffered several bouts of the cruciatus curse. It didn’t seem as though he would have any lasting injuries but at present he was very much hurting.

“Dumbledore…” croaked Larry.

Dumbledore moved closer, he hoped that even in his state Larry was aware that there were several people in the room and wouldn’t reveal too much.

“It is done” whispered Larry, Dumbledore nodded. “He doesn’t know, he was suspicious but his suspicions were halted when the prophesy was heard” he finished, this throat all scratchy.

Dumbledore left him to be healed, motioning for the rest of the present Order members to follow him out of the room and leave poor Larry Trumble to recover. Many people had many questions for Dumbledore but he didn’t seem willing to answer and it didn’t seem the right time to ask them.

Godric’s Hollow

James stormed around the house driving Hermione insane. He was bored, he’d spent time with Hermione, he’d learnt new spells, he’d played with Harry, he’d done everything he could possibly think of but still he was bored silly.

He was behaving like a little child, trying to claim the position from his young child. Hermione was beyond annoyed at his childishness, oh she knew what James was like but was hoping he wouldn’t be this bad, she hoped he would change after the war because war had the ability to change almost anything.

Hermione thought the time was right; it was closing in on the date that would end the dire situation the world was currently in. Hermione wrote a letter to Sirius, Peter and Remus, she spelled it so it could only be read by one of those three and if somebody else tried to open it the letter would explode into ashes.

Dear my favorite Marauders,

The time has come my dear friends. I know we spoke of this many years ago, though you may not remember the finer details. I once asked for an unbreakable vow so I could inform you of some things that I had to do, I could not tell you all for your own safety. I still cannot tell you everything though I wish will all my heart that I could.

James is getting restless; I know that without his invisibility cloak he has no chance of escaping the house. On the eve of October 31st I need you to come by the house and take James out for the evening. Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies. Don’t fight me on this; James needs to be away on this evening, it is essential to everything that is going on.

Please don’t forget, October 31st Godric’s Hollow, 4pm arrive and take James away, take him anywhere as long as it is far from Godric’s Hollow. How I wish I could tell you more but you know I cannot. Only trust in what I tell you and remember that when the time comes I will reveal all.

Forever your trusting friend and Sister,

Hermione Potter 

It all heats up from here on in, I finished the story on Easter Sunday, there are only 3 chapters to post after this one. Enjoy! ~ Zyii

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